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Does Vitamin E Keep Mosquitoes Away

The Theory About Vitamin B Has Been Tested Very Very Thoroughly And It Doesnt Hold

Nutrition & Diets : Do B Vitamins Keep Mosquitoes Away?

Karl-Martin Vagn Jensen

While some believe that it is in fact sour blood that keeps the insects at bay, or that the mosquitoes can detect blood disease, others are convinced that vitamin B provides protection against mosquitoes.

However, there is no indication that any of these theories are correct, says Jensen:

There is no truth to that. The theory about vitamin B has been tested very, very thoroughly, and it doesnt hold.

Perhaps taking inspiration from popular fiction, there are also those who swear by garlic as an excellent repellent against the winged bloodsuckers. According to the researcher, though unsubstantiated, this strategy may not be entirely fruitless:

Why Do Mosquitoes Bite

Before we launch into a discussion on what keeps mosquitoes away, lets talk about why mosquitoes bite in the first place.

Contrary to popular belief, mosquitoes do not bite because they need to feed on human blood. Mosquitoes bite in order to get enough protein to produce eggs.

The more blood they get from you, the more blood-sucking baby bugs they can spawn. Yet another reason to avoid mosquito bites!

Youve probably noticed that mosquitoes seem to prefer some people more than others. I know they love me more than anyone else in my family!

On any given outdoor excursion, you can see a cloud of mosquitoes hoovering above me and only me. I have always wondered why this is.

Some people believe mosquito attraction has to do with how many bananas or onions you eat, but research has found that it has a lot more to do with the carbon dioxide you produce.

People with high metabolisms and heavier people produce more carbon dioxide, and they are likely to get bit more.

This is not the only reason you might be more prone to mosquito bites than the guy next to you. There seem to be a variety of factors than researchers are only beginning to discover, from the amount you sweat to the temperature of your body.

Whatever the case, mosquitoes are easily attracted and hard to keep away. People have been trying for millennia to combat these tiny monsters!

What Else Can Reduce The Risk Of Mosquito Bites

Mosquitoes can bite at any time of day, but the one that transmits Zika prefers midmorning and early evening, says Strickman. If possible, stay indoors in screened-in or air-conditioned buildings during those times.

Since these particular mosquitoes breed in standing water in containers like plant pots, old tires, buckets and trash cans, people should rid their immediate area of things that can collect water. “Swimming pools, unless they’re abandoned, are OK,” says Rey. The chemicals used to keep pools safe for swimming also keep mosquitoes away. It takes some close looking to find every possible breeding ground for mosquitoes. “I’ve seen some developing in a film of water next to a sink, or in the bottom of a glass people use to brush their teeth,” says Strickman. Cleaning up all those areas of standing water can greatly reduce the number of mosquitoes. “It’s up to individuals to make their own backyards safe,” says Rey. And their front yards and as much of their surrounding environment as possible.

The more people do that kind of basic cleanup, the fewer mosquitoes there will be. “It may not be perfect, but you’ll lower the number of mosquitoes tremendously,” says Strickman.

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It Fires Up Your Fuel Tank

You should think of B vitamins as the oil that keeps your machine running smoothly. Theyre absolutely essential for keeping a whole host of bodily functions working as they should. For example, Vitamin B-1, known as Thiamine, provides us with energy by helping to convert the food e eat into glucose. It also boosts our immune systems and helps protect the body from stressful conditions.

B Vitamins are also responsible for stimulating the production of certain hormones within the body, such as Vitamin B-6, which is known for guarding against progesterone deficiency. Our bodies require B-12 and B-6 to produce dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine. In other words, B vitamins are directly responsible for your happiness.

The Claim: Vitamin B Can Ward Off Mosquitoes

AJUSTE UV SPRAY : Keep the Sun and Mosquitoes Away
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Mosquitoes are more attracted to some people than to others that much is known from several studies.

But more recent studies have shown that assertion to be a myth. In a study published in 2005 in the Journal of the American Mosquito Control Association, scientists had a group of subjects take vitamin B supplements every day for eight weeks, while a second group took vitamin C and a third took no supplements. Once every two weeks, the scientists used swarms of mosquitoes to examine whether the supplements were having any effect. Although each subjects attractiveness to the mosquitoes varied considerably, over all there was no evidence that vitamin B did anything to help.

Another study by scientists in Brazil tested it by administering vitamin B droplets to animals and exposing them to female mosquitoes . They found no difference in attractiveness between the vitamin B group and control groups.


Studies suggest that vitamin B is not an effective mosquito repellent.

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This Vitamin Will Keep Mosquitos Away All Summer Long

Using a mosquito insecticide is the first thing that comes to peoples minds in preventing the bites from those annoying insects. Unfortunately, most of the commercial sprays in the markets are full of harmful chemicals that affect peoples health. You are lucky today because there are a few natural homemade techniques that can help you relax your summer and keep mosquitos away.

Individuals with higher amounts of acids like uric are attracting mosquitoes more than others. The uric have the ability to trigger the sense of smell for mosquitoes. Also, overweight people or pregnant women are attractive to mosquitoes. Generally speaking, if you are involved in some physical activity, you will generate more CO2.

The official statistics say that there are almost 200 different mosquito kinds in the US, and their number is certainly not decreasing. In general, mosquito bites are harmless, but they can rarely transfer certain diseases or viruses like Rift Valley Fever, West Nile, Zika, Dengue, Malaria, Chikungunya, Snowshoe Hare Virus, Jamestown Canyon Virus and La Crosse Encephalitis.

Keep Mosquitoes Away By Eating These Foods

Mosquitoes are probably summers most hated pests, and that means well do just about anything to keep them away from us. Sprays, candles, oils, repellent clip-ons you name it, somebody has tried it. But, some people have turned to a more unconventional method of mosquito repellent: food. Yes, some people believe the food you eat can make you invisible to mosquitoes. Mosquitoes cant stand certain smells and are deterred by chemical compounds found in select foods, which makes them ideal dishes to try if you want to avoid mosquito bites. Ready to kick mosquitoes to the curb just by eating lunch? Read ahead to discover which foods help repel mosquitoes.

Beans, Lentils, Tomatoes

Beans, lentils and tomatoes are all rich in thiamine, also known as vitamin B1. This vitamin has been thought of as a natural mosquito repellent because once its excreted by the skin, it helps to mask the natural human odors that are attractive to insects.


Grapefruit is a refreshing summertime treat packed with vitamin C and antioxidants. But when it comes to repelling mosquitoes, a compound called nootkatone is a hero because it can be used in multiple ways to get rid of mosquitoes. Not only can you snack on grapefruit, but you can use grapefruit oil on your skin, too.

Garlic and Onions

Apple Cider Vinegar

Chili Peppers


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Does Creamy Baby Oil Keep Mosquitoes Away

Baby oil is a mineral oil with added fragrance. Many parents use it to moisturize their babys skin. Some people claim an unlikely secondary use for baby oil to keep away mosquitoes. The reasoning behind this theory seems to be that the oil makes it difficult for insects to bite your skin or even suffocates them. In addition, people say that mosquitoes may avoid landing on oily surfaces altogether.

On the popular motherhood forum, What to Expect, several moms say that baby oil is a safe and effective way to prevent mosquitoes from biting. In addition, commenters on the natural family blog, Wellness Mama, say theyve had success with homemade mosquito repellents, including baby oil.

ABC 13, the local ABC affiliate in Houston, Texas, asked their Facebook fans to share their favorite mosquito repelling secrets. Two women say that Johnson and Johnson creamy baby oil is particularly effective for keeping mosquitoes away.

Will Vitamin B1 Scare Mosquitoes Away

How To Make The Ultimate Mosquito Repellent

Mosquitoes can put a real damper on enjoying the outdoors. When we were on our honeymoon, many years ago, we were camping in Grand Teton National Park. Even before we opened the car doors to set up our tent and camp stove, there were enormous mosquitoes hovering in large numbers to get a bite of our blood. Quite intimidating!

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It Can Keep Pesky Mosquitoes At Bay

Many tout Vitamin B12 as a simple, healthy repellent for mosquitoes. Anecdotal evidence suggests that taking a Vitamin B12 supplement could ward off mosquitoes by making you smell less attractive to them.

This exciting possibility still needs further conclusive studies, although many people already swear by the practice. If youre particularly prone to mosquito bites, its best to back up this method with a mosquito spray or patch, just to be safe.

How To Keep Mosquitoes To A Minimum

  • Eliminate mosquito breeding sites on your property. They need standing water to breed, so empty those puddles, old cans, buckets, and plant pots. If you have a pond, dont worrydragonflies love ponds, and they are a big mosquito predator. Just dont hang around standing water yourself!
  • It is thought that certain plants repel a broad spectrum of insects. , chrysanthemums, asters, and pyrethrum daisies, as well as herbs such as basil, anise, and coriander, are all thought to repel insects. See more plants that repel mosquitoes.
  • Citronella candles are not proven to work in studies, however, cintronella smoke repels mosquitoes. Or, burn a little sage or rosemary over coals to repel mosquitoes.
  • Add a bat house to your home! Did you know that one small brown bat can eat as many as 600 mosquitoes in one hour? Check this page for more information on bats and other creatures that eat annoying pests!
  • If you are camping outside, use mosquito netting around bedding. Spraying the netting with insect repellent is a good idea.
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    Ways To Keep Mosquitoes Away

    How to prevent the insects from spoiling your time outdoors

    It only takes a few minutes outdoors, particularly at dusk, to develop a deep-rooted disdain for mosquitoes. And as if buzzing incessantly near your ear and feasting on your exposed arms and legs arent enough, mosquitoes can transmit a number of infectious diseases, a fact that elevates the insects from a nuisance to an outright health risk.

    The West Nile virus, by far the most common mosquito-borne illness in the U.S., afflicts thousands of people across the country each year. It has been responsible for more than 2,000 deaths since 1999.

    Laura Goodman, a veterinarian and senior research associate in Cornell Universitys department of population medicine and diagnostic sciences, specializes in infectious diseases spread by ticks, which also transmit infectious diseases. But theyre not her main concern on a personal level.

    While everyone else is worrying about ticks, she says, Im worried about mosquitoes.

    Sure, you can buy a plethora of devices designed to repel, capture, and kill the bugs. But as satisfying as bug zappers and electrified insect swatters may seem, few, if any, of these products are effective when it comes to controlling the mosquito population in your yard.

    It Can Rapidly Heal Wounds


    Vitamin B1 and B5 have been shown to play a strong role in wound healing. A study on diabetic mice showed that those given a high-potency vitamin B supplement displayed accelerated wound closure when compared to the mice who went without. Many healthcare providers now recommend a high dosage of B vitamins to promote accelerated healing of different wounds.

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    Get Your Natural Mosquito Solution Today

    As you can see there are many reasons to protect you and your family from mosquitoes but DEET and other chemicals can be just as dangerous. Luckily there are many natural supplements on the market to help give you and your family a protective barrier against mosquitoes. Use them so you can avoid itching, scratches, and even worse. Get the right supplements now to make a difference this mosquito season.

    What Is The Best Mosquito Killer For The Yard

    The Best Mosquito Control Gear for Your Patio or Yard

    • Our pick. Thermacell Radius Zone Mosquito Repellent Gen 2.0. The best for mosquito control.
    • Runner-up. Thermacell MR450 Armored Portable Mosquito Repeller. Not as convenient, durable enough for camping.
    • Budget pick. Pic Mosquito Repelling Coils. Cheaper, but smoky and smelly.

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    Do Garlic Capsules Prevent Mosquito Bites


    Herein, do garlic pills help with bug bites?

    Taking as an over-the-counter garlic supplement, is also believed to repel insects. You will not smell very good but it will keep the bugs away.

    Furthermore, what can you eat to prevent mosquito bites? These 7 mosquito repellent foods can be easily incorporated into your normal diet to combat your persistent insect bite problems.

    • Garlic and Onions. How it works: Garlic is perhaps the most well-known food linked to deterring mosquitoes.
    • Apple Cider Vinegar.
    • Beans and Lentils.

    Regarding this, what vitamin can you take to repel mosquitoes?

    The theory with vitamin B-1 is that it changes the chemistry of the blood and alters one’s smell to make it less attractive to mosquitos.

    How do I stop getting bitten by mosquitoes?

    How to avoid mosquito bites

  • Avoid mosquito hotspots.
  • Avoid certain times of day.
  • Wear appropriate clothing.
  • Scientific Proof Of Baby Oil Mosquito Repellent

    Keep mosquitoes away with this 1 weird trick!

    While this anecdotal evidence is great, unfortunately, there is no factual evidence that baby creamy oil works as a mosquito repellent.

    The University of Californias Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources explains that oil can suffocate mosquito larvae and pupae if it is present on the surface of the water where they are living. The oil forms a barrier and effectively drowns any aquatic insects that need air to breathe, including mosquitoes. They dont mention anything about the effectiveness of baby oil against adult mosquitoes and their bites.

    One 1990 study from a senior biology student at the University of Notre Dames Environmental Research Center found that baby oil did not repel mosquitoes. Different repellents were tested from May until July. The study noted that the mineral oil did not repel mosquitoes. Other ineffective repellents besides baby oil included citronella candles, repellent coils, bug barriers, bug shield, Mosquito Hawk, and Skeeter Beater.

    Johnson & Johnson lists aloe vera and Vitamin E as its active ingredients.

    A full list of ingredients for Johnson & Johnson Creamy Baby Oil include:

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    Mosquitoes Are Attracted By Carbon Dioxide And Heat Which Everyone Gives Off But Mosquitoes Are Also Attracted By Certain Scents

    Karl-Martin Vagn Jensen

    According to Jensen, it has not yet been established exactly what the scents in question are. But research does indicate that some scents are more attractive to mosquitoes than others.

    All the lab employees rubbed petri dishes against their stomachs. In that way, their scents were deposited on the dishes, which were then put in an enclosure full of mosquitoes, he says.

    The mosquitoes repeatedly landed on some of the petri dishes, but didnt go anywhere near the others.

    Vitamin B does not scare off mosquitoes

    The experiment is one of several to squash one of the many myths concerning the unfortunate art of mosquito attraction.

    It Helps Maintain Muscle

    B vitamins can play a crucial role in how strong you are and how well you respond to exercise. Vitamin B-6 enables your body to maintain muscle mass and to make use of the energy in your muscles when needed, by allowing the release of glycogen stores during strenuous exercise. Without it, you wouldnt be able to pull anything from your main energy stores.

    Vitamin B doesnt just help with gaining muscle for aesthetic or athletic reasons. It can also be incredibly beneficial for children that are affected by slow development. Vitamin B deficiency has been linked to developmental issues in infants and children, so taking a B-vitamin supplement can help ensure that children grow strong and healthy.

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    What Lotion Keeps Mosquitoes Away

    Sawyer Products 20% Picaridin Insect Repellent

    • Sawyer Products 20% Picaridin Insect Repellent.
    • Amazons Choice.
    • Ultrathon Insect Repellent Lotion, 34% Deet, Up to 12 Hours of Protection, 2 oz.
    • Avon SKIN-SO-SOFT Bug Guard PLUS IR3535® Insect Repellent Moisturizing Lotion SPF 30 Gentle Breeze, 4 oz.
  • Keep mosquito nets ready.
  • It Supports The Nervous System


    Each of the B-vitamins serves a specific function in the nervous system, and among the most important is B-12. Vitamin B-12 essential for protecting your nerve cells and creating the fatty acids that allow your nerves to function well. B-12 also regulates the cranial, spinal, and peripheral nerves. An individual deficient in these vitamins could experience numbness, muscle weakness, poor reflexes, or even seizures. In old age, an individual with a deficiency is more likely to develop dementia.

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