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Is Vitamin B Complex Good For Tinnitus

Tinnitus: Difficult To Treat

Vitamin B Complex for Anxiety

The exact path of tinnitus is hard to trace, which makes this condition difficult to treat. While tinnitus is thought to be caused by hearing loss when cochlear hair cells are damaged, pinpointing the exact region of the damage has proved elusive.

Vitamin B12 may help because cochlear function depends on good vascular supply and the normal functioning of nerve tissue. Low levels of vitamin B12 may cause damage to the protective myelin sheath around neurons in the cochlear nerve. The protective myelin sheath surrounds nerve fibers in the brain, optic nerves and spinal cord. When it’s damaged, nerve impulses can slow or stop, causing neurological problems.

So the damaged myelin sheath around the cochlear nerve neurons may cause the degeneration and death of the neurons. The longer the condition goes without treatment, the more chance there is of permanent damage.

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How Can Vitamin Deficiencies Be Treated

Vitamin B12

Symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency can be treated with vitamin B12 tablets or injections. There are two types of B12 injections:

  • Hydroxocobalamin or vitamin B12a: This is a vitamin found in foods such as meat, fish, eggs and milk and can be used as a dietary supplement.
  • Cyanocobalamin: This is a synthetic form of vitamin B12. Like hydroxocobalamin, it can be used to treat nutrient deficiencies in people who have difficulty getting enough vitamin B12 in their regular diets.
  • Low levels of vitamin B12 may be caused by:

    • Pernicious anemia, a condition where a persons immune system mistakenly reduces their ability to absorb the vitamin.
    • Conditions affecting the stomach or intestines that interfere with the absorption of vitamin B12, such as malabsorption syndromes and tropical sprue.
    • Poor diet or lack of vitamins in the diet.
    • Certain medications, such as metformin used for diabetes.
    • Excessive coffee drinking, smoking etc.

    Vitamin D

    Vitamin D can be taken as a capsule every week for three months, or administered intramuscularly.

    Vitamin B12 Deficiency Could Contribute To Tinnitus

    A vitamin B12 deficiency is more prevalent in people who reach 60 years old and above. Have you been hearing a ringing in your ear? It could be a sign you’re lacking the nutrient.

    Vitamin B12 is found in the foods you eat. Normally, the protein is absorbed in the gut to be used by the body. However, if you have a ringing in your ear, there may be a problem.

    Ringing in the ear is known as tinnitus. The sound has otherwise been described as buzzing, whooping, humming, hissing, throbbing, music or singing.

    It’s possible to hear these noises in one or both ears, which may come and go.

    Tinnitus could be a neurological symptom of pernicious anemia an autoimmune condition that prevents a person from absorbing vitamin B12 from their diet.

    The Pernicious Anaemia Society explained people with the autoimmune condition don’t have the necessary protein to absorb vitamin B12.

    Intrinsic factor is made from the parietal cells found in the lining of the stomach.

    The parietal cells also create hydrochloric acid, which enables B12 to be released from food while the intrinsic factor enables absorption.

    When the body produces antibodies that attack the parietal cells, intrinsic factor and hydrochloric acid isn’t readily available.

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    What Vitamin Deficiencies Cause Tinnitus

    Scurvy was traced back to a specific vitamin deficiency: Vitamin C. So is there an identified deficiency that causes tinnitus? Researchers have been attempting to discover the answer to that question for years, though no clear favorite has been identified. Some research suggests that a vitamin B12 deficiency is related to tinnitus.

    Other research suggests that zinc levels tend to be lower in those who have non-hearing loss-related tinnitus. Zinc is technically a mineral .

    Unfortunately, its difficult to draw a single, clear path from either of these deficiencies to tinnitus. In part, thats because tinnitus itself is a rather fluid ailment the ringing and buzzing in your eareven when not related to hearing losscan have a myriad of causes.

    But people think of vitamins as if they were the same thing as a pain medication. When youre in pain, taking pain medication typically helps. But if you have tinnitus, taking a specific vitamin will only help if its both true that you have that vitamin deficiency and thats whats causing your tinnitus.

    What Does The Medical Research Say About Vitamins And Mineral Supplements For Tinnitus

    Natures Aid Vitamin B Complex 100

    If you’re wondering what the medical literature reveals, I recommend the article The Allure of the Magic Pill: What Science Says About Dietary Supplements to Help Tinnitus by Dr. Cláudia Barros Coelho, MD, PhD, a Brazilian otolaryngologist who has specialized in the management of tinnitus and hyperacusis for over 20 years.

    “If youre determined to try … then you should have blood work done to determine if you have vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and discuss with your physician which supplements would be appropriate based on those results,” she advises.

    Her article summarizes the evidence for gingko biloba, zinc, vitamin B12, melatonin, flavonoids, and magnesium. While nothing stood out as very effective, in some cases a diet lacking in certain vitamins and minerals can lead to tinnitus, so it’s important to see your doctor first, she said.

    “If youre determined to try them … then you should have blood work done to determine if you have vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and discuss with your physician which supplements would be appropriate based on those results,” she advises.

    The good news is that the search for new tinnitus treatments and therapeutics continues, with exciting research happening all over the world.

    But we also dont need to wait for the next big breakthrough, because valid treatments already existjust not in a bottle of supplements or ear drops.

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    The Truth About Otc Tinnitus Cures

    Tinnitus is a bothersome ringing, roaring, whistling, hissing, humming or buzzing sound in the ears with no external source. Symptoms vary from person to person and can range from a mild nuisance to a debilitating experience. While most people with tinnitus wish for a magic pill they can pick up from Athens Pharmacy that can make their symptoms disappear, sadly this does not exist. We review more about over-the-counter tinnitus cures below.

    Vitamin B For Tinnitus Show Me The Proof

    If my tinnitus is caused by ear damage, then how can vitamin B help? Thats a common question that people have about natural vitamins, minerals, and herbs for tinnitus and hearing loss. To answer, its important to understand the cause of tinnitus, and the underlying factors that may be prolonging your symptoms.

    Sometimes, underlying health conditions such as a vitamin B12 deficiency can trigger symptoms that lead to tinnitus.

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    So Should I Keep Taking Vitamins

    If youre having trouble managing your vitamin and mineral levels, it might be worth speaking to a physicianfirst to confirm you have deficiencies and to find out the best way to address those deficiencies.

    Whether supplements are the right approach to treat your tinnitus depends on a wide variety of factors, including your diet, your overall health, and the severity of your symptoms. Making those treatment choices is a decision you should make with your specialist. Usually, getting your vitamins and minerals from natural food sources is preferred.

    And thats the truth about vitamins and tinnitus.

    Treating Chronic Tinnitus With B12

    What are the uses of Vitamin B Complex?

    Through a randomized double-blind pilot study, researchers hoped to determine the role B12 plays in the treatment of chronic tinnitus.

    A total of 40 participants between the ages of 16-60 with chronic subjective tinnitus were enrolled. In order to be considered chronic, the sensation of hearing a ringing in the ear must be frequent and severe, with symptoms lasting for more than six months.

    Participants were randomly assigned to one of two groups. Group A received parenteral intramuscular therapy of 1 ml Vitamin B12 every week for a six-week period. Group B received a placebo injection of saline on the same weekly schedule.

    Prior to treatment, all participants completed:

    • Pure tone hearing test
    • Pitch and loudness tinnitus matching
    • Vitamin B12 level test

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    Does B Vitamin Cause Tinnitus

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    One day I woke up with a constant ring that was over two years ago every day my ears ring off the hook with very little relief. So anytime I feel like something is even help me for a week or a day I think its worth taking the time and sharing and helping others will get some relief.

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    However, there are no useful vitamins for ears ringing other than vitamin B. Since its such a widespread problem, a cure as simple as taking a vitamin or mineral.A new study on the cause of tinnitus leads sufferers to hope that vitamin B12 may be an essential key in reversing frustrating ear ringing and phantom sounds caused by noise-induced tinnitus. Here are the results of the study, which focused on damaged nerve cells of the inner ears.

    Tinnitus cure on the horizon We know.Researchers dont have a lock on possible causes of tinnitus, but vitamins D and B12 are the only supplements thought to have any link at all to the condition. List of Vitamins That Cause Tinnitus |.

    1969 6:553-67.Vitamin B-12. Unstable Blood Sugar. Ginkgo.

    Nutrition may help reduce the impact of tinnitus, like many chronic diseases. Zinc and magnesium are a pair of minerals important for proper ear.

    B12 Tinnitus Pilot Study

    The double-blind, placebo-controlled pilot study followed 40 participants for six weeks. Participants were between the ages of 18 and 60 who were diagnosed with chronic subjective tinnitus. This means participants had frequent episodes of severe tinnitus lasting more than six months.

    The participants were randomly assigned to two groups. Group A received intramuscular therapy of 1 ml vitamin B12 weekly for the duration of the study. Group B received a placebo injection of 1 ml of saline.

    Before treatment started, participants had their B12 levels measured, completed a pure tone hearing test and filled out a self-report tinnitus severity index questionnaire. These tests were completed again one month following their six-week treatment period.

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    The Link Between Tinnitus And Vitamins For Ear Health

    There are many ear health supplements that claim to treat tinnitus, but studies are mixed on whether taking supplements or vitamins for tinnitus can actually improve symptoms. That said, magnesium has been shown to relieve the severity of tinnitus symptoms. In another study, men with tinnitus who had a vitamin B12 deficiency experienced significant improvement after receiving intra-muscular injections of the vitamin. Zinc is another nutrient that is sometimes touted to improve symptoms of tinnitus, but studies have failed to demonstrate a significant link between zinc supplementation and tinnitus relief.

    Should You Take Supplements For Your Tinnitus

    Spring Valley Super Vitamin B

    While some preliminary research on dietary supplements shows promise, there is more research to be done. You should never start taking a dietary supplement to treat an auditory symptom without talking to your doctor first, as drug interactions may occur, and some medical conditions can make certain supplements dangerous. For information about tinnitus treatment options or to schedule an appointment with a tinnitus expert, call the Georgia Hearing Center at ENT of Athens today.

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    What Are Treatment Options For Tinnitus

    There is no cure for tinnitus. However, treating an underlying cause may help relieve tinnitus symptoms.

    Other possible treatment options include:

    • Acoustic therapy or sound therapy. Sound therapy involves the use of sounds to help the brain refocus and reduce the emotional distress caused by tinnitus.
    • Hearing aids. Even if there is no hearing loss present, hearing aids can be equipped with a tinnitus-masking feature to help block out noise and provide much-needed relief. These can be used in collaboration with hearing loss treatment as well.
    • Maskers. An electronic device called a masker may be worn to distract the wearer from the ringing sensation. Maskers fit in the ear similarly to hearing aids and produce low-level sounds. In addition to maskers, bedside sound generators and other devices can help eliminate the perception of ringing.
    • Tinnitus retraining therapy , also known as habituation therapy. This treatment combines sound therapy and counseling with the goal of retraining the brain to perceive tinnitus in a different way. The process alters the brains neural signals and weakens the perception of ringing.
    • Cognitive behavioral therapy. This type of counseling helps change the bodys emotional reaction to tinnitus by altering negative thought patterns and reducing stress.

    Tinnitus And Vitamin Deficiency

    Heres the thing: if you arent getting enough vitamins, or the right vitamins in the right quantities, your body may suffer for it. That seems to be the case with some forms of tinnitus, for example. Evidence suggests that a lack of certain vitamins can cause the development of ringing and buzzing in the ears.

    That finding tracks with a long and documented history of vitamin deficiency-caused ailments. For generations, sailors around the world would suffer from scurvy on long voyages. Eventually, someone discovered the healing properties of citrus. Today, we know that scurvy is caused by a severe vitamin C deficiency, a property which the citrus delivered in abundance.

    The connection between tinnitus and vitamin deficiencies is not all that different. When your body, for whatever reason, does not receive the vitamins it needs, normal processes can break down. Sometimes the root cause may be biological in other cases, the root cause may be environmental .

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    What About Avoiding Certain Foods

    Although no specific foods or beverages have been scientifically proven to worsen tinnitus, feel free to experiment and see if dietary changes have any effect. Each case of tinnitus is individualized, so the contributing factors may differ from person to person.

    “If you have an anxiety component to your tinnitus, you may want to eliminate caffeine, which is a stimulant and might exacerbate anxiety,” Dr. Kari says. “Other people say alcohol makes their tinnitus worse.”

    A November 2017 study in Drug and Alcohol Dependence suggests that excessive alcohol consumption increases depression, which in turn can intensify tinnitus.

    Folate Fights Free Radicalsfolate Fights Free Radicals

    Why is Vitamin B Complex Important and Where Do I Get It? | Healthline

    Low levels of folate have been linked to higher incidence of hearing loss. In one study, steady supplementation of folic acid resulted in a slower rate of hearing lossparticularly in the frequencies associated with speech.

    How does folate improve hearing? A few things seem to be at play. First, folic acid appears to help the body metabolize homocysteine, an amino acid that can reduce and impair blood flow to the inner ear . Research strongly suggests that proper metabolization of this amino acid plays a significant role in the development and progression of sensorineural hearing loss.

    Folates are also an antioxidant that helps fight off free radicalsthose pesky little molecules that have gained a reputation for causing a whole host of issues in the body over time. Free radical activity can reduce blood flow to the inner ear, as well as damage our ears delicate sensory cells needed for healthy hearing. And once those cells are destroyed, they cannot grow back.

    What sparks free radical production? Often, its a stressor on the body, such as excessive or loud noise. Research has shown exposure to loud noise triggers an increase in formation of these damaging free radicals.

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    Mighty Minerals For Ear Health

    Minerals are substances found in water and soil, which plants then absorb. When we consume plant products , our bodies get to reap the benefits of these nourishing nutrients.

    Magnesium and other minerals have been shown to help or improve common hearing conditions such as age-related hearing loss, ear infections and tinnitus . Heres a closer look at a few of those minerals.

    Zinc Fights Off Bacteria And Viruseszinc Fights Off Bacteria And Viruses

    This micronutrient is known for its immune-boosting powers and ability to help fight off colds. Zinc helps activate and produce T-cells our bodies defender cells that are specifically designed to recognize and destroy bacteria, viruses and other invaders. While studies have shown mixed results on whether this mineral actually prevents ear infections, its not a bad idea to fuel up on foods rich in this anti-inflammatory mineral for your hearing health. One hearing-related issue that zinc has been shown to help is sudden hearing loss. Research shows zinc supplementation can help recover and improve hearing for those experiencing sudden sensorineural hearing loss .

    Note: Check with your doctor first before adding zinc supplement to your routine, especially if you take antibiotics or diuretics, as zinc can negatively interact with these types of medications.

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    Is Vitamin B Helpful For Ringing In The Ears

    Is it recommend to take Vitamin B shots weekly for ringing in the ears? Or could this be too much and harmful?

    Hi , welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I wonder if or might have some information for your related to vitamin B and tinnitus .

    You might also like to connect with others who are sharing tips on dealing with ringing in the ears here: Controlling Tinnitus: What works for you?

    Spandie, have you been told that you have a vitamin B deficiency?

    Hi , welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I wonder if or might have some information for your related to vitamin B and tinnitus .

    You might also like to connect with others who are sharing tips on dealing with ringing in the ears here: Controlling Tinnitus: What works for you?

    Spandie, have you been told that you have a vitamin B deficiency?


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