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Redoxon Vitamin C And Zinc

Zinc Essential For The Production Of Antibodies

Redoxon Vitamin C and Zinc Review : Is This The Best Effervescent Vitamin C ?

Zinc has many different functions in the body and one of them is to strengthen the immune system. It influences the development and function of our immune cells and is essential in the production of new antibodies . Zinc supports communication between immune cells, helping the body to mount an appropriate and efficient immune response. Zinc is also anti-inflammatory and works against oxidative stress.

Waktu Terbaik Dan Aturan Minum Vitamin C

Vitamin C yang juga disebut sebagai asam askorbat bukan hanya bisa membantu memperkuat sistem imun kita, namun juga penting untuk membantu produksi kolagen, mempercepat penyembuhan luka, dan bertindak sebagai antioksidan untuk melindungi sel-sel tubuh dari bahaya radikal bebas .

  • Diminum sebelum makan
  • Tahukah kamu, kalau vitamin C dapat larut dalam air dengan mudah? Kamu bisa mengonsumsi suplemen vitamin C di pagi hari atau sebelum makan, selama tubuhmu memiliki toleransi yang baik. Meminum vitamin sebelum makan membuat tubuhmu mencerna nutrisi ini terlebih dahulu sebelum menyerap zat lain dari makanan .
  • Jika kamu juga mengonsumsi vitamin C dari makanan seperti buah dan sayur, pastikan keduanya tidak dimasak dengan suhu yang terlalu tinggi karena vitamin C yang berasal dari sumber makanan akan cepat hancur oleh suhu panas .
  • Konsumsi vitamin C saat atau setelah makan
  • Kalau kamu memiliki maag atau tidak kuat mengonsumsi sesuatu yang bersifat asam saat perut sedang kosong, sebaiknya kamu meminum vitamin C bersamaan dengan makan. Pasalnya, konsumsi vitamin C dengan makanan dapat membantu mengurangi potensi efek samping gastrointestinal yang disebabkan oleh tingkat keasaman yang tinggi . Dengan begitu, perut kamu akan terasa lebih nyaman.
  • Bisa diminum dengan vitamin penambah zat besi.
  • Agar lebih maksimal, minum vitamin C dengan zinc.
  • Simpan suplemen vitamin C di tempat sejuk.
  • Redoxon Vitamin C + Zinc Tablets

    • A daily dose of vitamin C in effervescent orange and lemon flavored tablets
    • Helps maintain your body’s natural resistance to bacterial infections
    • Increases Vitamin C/antioxidants levels in your body for up to 24 hours
    • Helps body create collagen, which strengthens muscles, tendons, cartilages and skin

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    Aturan Minum Vitamin C Yang Benar Sudah Tahu Belum

    Siapa yang tidak kenal vitamin C? Mengonsumsi suplemen vitamin C baik bagi orang dewasa maupun anak-anak sangat berguna untuk membantu menjaga kesehatan dan daya tahan tubuh secara menyeluruh. Faktanya, meminum suplemen vitamin C secara rutin terbukti dapat membantu mencegah penyakit, dan kekurangan vitamin C bisa membuat tubuh kita menjadi lebih rentan terhadap infeksi .

    Namun, bagaimana sebenarnya aturan minum vitamin C yang benar? Dan kira-kira, berapa jumlah takaran dosis vitamin C yang aman untuk diminum setiap hari? Yuk, kita sama-sama mempelajari kapan jadwal minum vitamin, berapa jumlah dosis yang tepat dan cara minum vitamin C yang benar di bawah ini.

    Redoxon Triple Action Effervescent Tablets

    Redoxon Double Action Vitamin C &  Zinc 30

    Redoxon® Triple Action is a combination of high strength Vitamin C, D and Zinc to help keep your immune system – your body’s natural protector – on top form. When you have a busy lifestyle and you need to be at your best, some occasional support is always helpful.

    Vitamin CVitamin C is an essential nutrient that, among other things, helps to support our immune system.Our bodies cannot make Vitamin C and we must therefore get it from our diet by eating foods which are rich in Vitamin C like fresh fruit and vegetables. Sometimes it can be good to get a little extra Vitamin C, which is where Redoxon® can help.

    Vitamin DVitamin D is primarily formed through the action of UV sunlight on the skin and helps to support the immune system. Getting your daily dose of sunlight is not always possible. Top up your Vitamin D with Redoxon® Triple Action. Redoxon contains the daily UK Department of Health and Social Care recommended intake of Vitamin D .

    ZincZinc helps maintain your skin – the body’s first line of defence. Zinc is a mineral which helps to support your immune system as well as an antioxidant which contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress. It has a wide range of functions in the body, including contributing to the maintenance of bones, normal hair, nails and skin.

    Free from sugar. Suitable for vegetarians.

    The convenient effervescent tablets quickly dissolve in water.Adults and Children over 12 years old. Dissolve 1 tablet per day in a glass of water.

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    What Is High Dose Vitamin C

    Vitamin C is a key nutrient that humans must ingest from food or any other dietary supplements. Vitamin C cannot be made in the body. When the body does not get enough Vitamin C, many of the key processes in the body begin to fail and the development of scurvy, lethargy and blood thinning occur.

    High Dose Vitamin C therapy is the infusion of a large load of Vitamin C directly into the bloodstream to kick-start the physiological processes that prevent the conditions named above from occurring. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that prevents high levels of oxidative stress, one of the major causes for illness and disease. Free radicals jump around the body destroying DNA, thus causing mistakes when our cells replicate. What happens after DNA is damaged inside of a celland the immune system is unable to detect the cell with damaged DNA?

    Oxidative stress occurs as a result of psychological, physical and environmental stress. It is also a natural process that occurs in our body when our mitochondria creates ATP from oxygen and water. The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell and has shown to be Key to the activation of the immune system in response to foreign pathogens.

    What are the possible side effects of High Dose Vitamin C Infusion therapy?

    Patients who have a history of kidney stones should not undergo High Dose Vitamin C therapy.

    Other possible side effects: Diarrhea-Nausea-Vomiting-Heartburn-Abdominal cramps-Headache-Insomnia

    They are exactly the same.

    Vitamin D Activates Immune Cells

    Vitamin D is one of the most effective immune boosters, and is primarily formed through the action of UV sunlight on the skin. In addition to its beneficial effect in bone health, vitamin D helps in maintaining normal immune function. It activates immune cells and stimulates the production of antimicrobial substances, helping the body effectively fight off invader microorganisms.

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    Vitamin C And Zinc When Pregnant Or Nursing

    Women who are pregnant or nursing have specific nutrient needs, which can be supplemented with the Vitamin C + Zinc double-action of Redoxon®.

    A healthy lifestyle is something everyone should strive for. When a woman is pregnant or nursing, however, the stakes are higher, as shes looking out for two. Among the most important nutrients for our overall health are Vitamin C and Zinc, which pregnant women can obtain through a number of healthy food sources and/or from vitamin supplements, depending on their Recommended Intake . New or expectant mothers can glean many benefits from both Vitamin C and Zinc depending on their recommended intake .

    Benefits of Vitamin C for pregnant women

    Vitamin C is an antioxidant that everyone needs, as it strengthens the immune system, helps us better absorb iron, and helps heal wounds and tissues, all of which are even more important during pregnancy. Its also necessary for the production of collagen, a crucial cartilage protein, tendons, bones, and the skin. Additionally, some researchers believe that Vitamin C deficiency in mothers impairs their babys mental development.

    Benefits of Vitamin C for women who are nursing

  • Fortifies breast milk Most of what a new mother gets passed on to her baby through breast milk. Vitamin C provides many benefits for the infant and improves the mothers antioxidant levels. It also increases milk supply and helps provide a steady flow.
  • Foods rich in Vitamin C

    • Leafy vegetables

    Zinc Benefits

    Zinc food sources


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