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Side Effects To Prenatal Vitamins

But What About The Side Effects From Prenatal Vitamins

Prenatal Vitamins Side Effects

Prenatal vitamins may be good for you and baby, but they can also trigger unpleasant side effects. Some of the most common side effects are constipation and other digestive issues, which many women experience.

You need healthy red blood cells to bring oxygen to you and your baby. The iron in prenatal vitamins helps make red blood cells, but this mineral also causes constipation and other symptoms, such as:

  • Hard or difficult-to-pass bowel movements
  • Dark-colored bowel movements

The good news is that you can prevent constipation and other digestive symptoms while taking prenatal vitamins. Talk to Dr. Morales for personalized recommendations, and eat lots of fiber-rich foods and drink water throughout the day to stay regular.

Less frequently, the higher doses of vitamins A and E cause side effects. Vitamin A can leave you with dry, peeling, or itchy skin and minor hair loss. And you may bruise or get a rash more easily from the extra vitamin E.

But most women who take prenatal vitamins dont experience side effects. Dr. Morales can help you find the right combination of vitamins and minerals to keep these effects at a minimum if you find youre sensitive.

What You Can Do About Nausea

Many people experience nausea in the first and early second trimester again, a side effect of the progesterone circulating in the body to support the pregnancy. This can make it even more difficult to swallow a prenatal vitamin. For nausea in early pregnancy, try Natalist’s Good Morning Tea made for nausea relief, ginger or Vitamin B6 and doxylamine succinate . Vitamin B6 at 10-25mg orally every 6-8 hours can help with nausea. The addition of doxylamine succinate can enhance the treatment of nausea and vomiting for people that arent getting relief from Vitamin B6. Nausea is also improved with small, frequent snacks . If the nausea and vomiting persists, talk to your doctor about prescription medication options.

And, as alwaysif youre struggling with the side effects of prenatal vitamins, talk with your doctor about what to do. You might be able to switch vitamins, or find another solution that will help you through the preconception and pregnancy timeframe.

But Why The Sudden Weight Gain

If you experience sudden weight gain at any point throughout your pregnancy, visit your doctor as soon as possible. If combined with a severe persistent headache, visual changes, or right upper abdominal pain, this could signify preeclampsia .

Preeclampsia is nothing to mess with. It can have severe effects on both you and your baby, such as low birth weight, miscarriage, stillbirth, seizures, and even maternal death.

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Why Should I Take Prenatal Vitamins

During pregnancy, there is so much going on in your body. A woman’s body must not only support itself through all the changes that pregnancy brings, but also support the baby growing in the womb. Because of this, many women need more vitamins than just what is found in their typical diet.

  • Folic acid: Helps support baby’s brain development and prevent neural tube defects
  • Iron: Helps make red blood cells, which are needed to carry oxygen to the baby
  • Calcium: Critical for preventing bone density loss in mothers which can occur as a baby requires the calcium for their own bone growth
  • Iodine: Critical for women’s thyroid function during pregnancy as deficiency may cause miscarriage, stillbirth, severe mental disability or deafness in the baby

Side Effects Of Stopping Prenatal Vitamins

New Chapter Perfect Prenatal Multivitamin, Prenatal Vitamin for Mom ...

If your prenatal vitamins are making you sick, you may be tempted to skip them and spare your stomach. But you should keep taking your vites to get the nutrients you need for a healthy pregnancy.

Your nutrient needs increase during pregnancy . And nausea and appetite changes can make it even harder to get all the vitamins and minerals you need from food alone.

Theres also evidence that taking a prenatal vitamin before and during pregnancy reduces the risk of severe nausea during pregnancy.

According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, heres a rundown of the nutrients you need to support your pregnancy and help your bébé grow:

  • calcium for building bones and teeth
  • iron to help your red blood cells deliver oxygen to the baby
  • iodine for brain-building

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Schedule Your Appointment Today

Taking prenatal vitamins and following a healthy diet can lead to a healthy pregnancy and support your babys growth. There are various prenatals to choose from, but Dr. Ellman will be happy to find a prenatal vitamin that works best for your body.

Dr. Ellman is a high-risk OB/GYN doctor who established his medical practice in South Florida over 25 years ago. Book your appointment today.


Folic Acid Helps Prevent Some Birth Defects. .

Shmerling, R. H. & Shmerling, A. . Fertility and diet: Is there a connection? Wilson, D., et al. . Pre-conception Folic Acid and Multivitamin Supplementation for the Primary and Secondary Prevention of Neural Tube Defects and Other Folic Acid-Sensitive Congenital Anomalies .

Dr. Ellman has practiced Obstetrics and Gynecology in the Boca Raton area since 1995. In addition to treating patients at West Boca Hospital, Dr. Ellman also treats patients through his own private practice, Womens Healthcare of Boca Raton, located on the West Boca Medical Campus.

What You Can Do About Constipation

For some, constipation in pregnancy is problematic. At the beginning, much of this is influenced by the high levels of progesterone in the body slowing down the intestines, and the iron in prenatal vitamins doesnt help. Make sure youre eating a high-fiber diet and drinking plenty of water. Pears, figs, papaya, and prunes are all high in fiber. You can also take over-the-counter fiber supplements and add stool softeners to your daily regimen.

Shop Fiber supplements

And dont underestimate the power of the Squatty Potty! A footstool on the floor in front of your toilet can change the posture so that you are in a squatting position: an easier position to facilitate bowel movements. My friends know — I give them as housewarming gifts!

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Which Prenatal Vitamin Is Best

Prenatal vitamins are available over-the-counter in nearly any pharmacy. Your health care provider might recommend a specific brand or leave the choice up to you. Apart from checking for folic acid and iron, look for a prenatal vitamin that contains calcium and vitamin D, vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin E, B vitamins, zinc, and iodine. In addition, your health care provider might suggest higher doses of certain nutrients depending on the circumstances.
But in general, avoid taking extra prenatal vitamins or multivitamins with dosing in excess of what you need on a daily basis. High doses of some vitamins may be harmful to your baby. For example, extra vitamin-A during pregnancy can potentially cause harm to your baby.

How Can You Find A Trusted Prenatal Vitamin

Dr. Neda: Prenatal Vitamins and Pregnancy

There are many options to choose from, and the best prenatal vitamin for you is the one that you will take regularly. You need one that provides the nutrients you need at a cost you can feel good about. Be sure to talk with your healthcare provider about whats best for you and your baby. If you have specific nutritional needs during pregnancy your healthcare provider may prescribe you a prenatal vitamin.

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When To See A Healthcare Provider

Disruptive symptoms like nausea, vomiting, constipation, and skin changes that persist after changing vitamin brands may warrant a conversation with your provider, according to Dr. White. It could indicate a problem that has nothing to do with the vitamin, she says, adding that prenatal vitamin side effects should be mild and short-lived.

Prenatal Vitamins For Hair Growth

Some notice that their hair growth increases when they take prenatals that include biotin, a nutrient thats part of the vitamin B family. There isnt enough evidence that prenatal vitamins are responsible for hair growth in these cases. Dont take prenatal vitamins if your primary goal is hair growth. Instead, chat with your primary care provider about other ways to support hair growth.

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Why Do Prenatal Vitamins Make You Feel Sick

Most women experience morning sickness during their pregnancy â it usually peaks between weeks four to nine.

Unfortunately, some types of prenatal supplements have been known to worsen morning sickness or trigger nausea. But why does this happen?

A lot of prenatal vitamins contain iron which can cause stomach irritation and make you feel unwell.

Some women might be more prone to feeling sick if they have a history of certain health conditions such as acid reflux, migraines or thyroid disorders .

Other studies have shown that tablet size might also have an effect on nausea symptoms â the bigger the tablet, the worse you may feel.

While nausea is the main side effect people report when they start taking a prenatal vitamin, some women may also experience constipation and other gastrointestinal problems.

It’s easy to be put off by the idea of side effects and supplements making you feel worse, but it’s important not to cease taking your prenatal vitamin.

Instead, you can learn how to manage or get rid of these side effects, while still making sure you and your baby are healthy.

The Benefits Of Prenatal Vitamins

Prenatal Vitamins Allergen Free Mama S Select Mama S

Pregnancy can place a huge toll on the body. Even completely normal and healthy pregnancies change your body. You can adjust to your body’s changing needs by supplementing a healthy diet with the vitamins you and your baby need. Managing your prenatal vitamins can do everything from helping prevent birth defects to supporting a healthy growing baby.

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Tips To Avoid Nausea From Prenatals

Pregnancy is often about finding the balance between feeling crappy and doing the things both your body and your bébé need. Welcome to parenthood!

Even if taking your prenatals makes you wanna ralph, its important to keep taking them so your growing babe gets enough vital nutrients.

Here are a few tips to help you take your prenatal vitamins and avoid the pukes.

How To Manage Side Effects

The easiest way to sidestep prenatal vitamin side effects is to try a different brand.Not every prenatal vitamin is the same, Dr. Valent says.

If that doesnt cut it, change up when you take the vitamin: It might go down better in the afternoon than in the morning when youre more reactionary, or after a meal that contains good fats or citrus, which help optimize the absorption of some nutrients, she says.

You can also halve your pills and take one half in the morning and one half in the evening, orwith your healthcare provider’s approvaltry taking the pills every other day, Dr. White suggests.

But at the end of the day, if you simply find it challenging to swallow larger pills, you can always take individuals, Dr. Valent says. Just talk to your healthcare provider about which ones you need in addition to folic acid.

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When To Take Prenatal Vitamins

Its best to take the prenatal at the same time every day so you dont forget about it. You can adjust the timing when to take prenatal vitamins to address some of their side effects. For instance, if you have nausea, you can take the vitamin with food.

You can also take them before lunch A prenate pill that consists of iron, calcium, and folic acid is absorbed better if you take it on an empty stomach, as iron cant properly absorb if you have just eaten dairy food.

Which Prenatal Vitamins Are Best

Are prenatal vitamins hurting you?

Because every woman and every pregnancy is different, theres not one best prenatal vitamin. The right prenatal vitamin for you may differ from the prenatal vitamin thats right for someone else.

Thats why its best to discuss prenatal vitamins with Dr. Morales. She reviews your blood work, medical history, and other relevant information to give you personalized prenatal vitamin recommendations.

In general, reach for prenatal vitamins with at least 600-800 micrograms of folic acid and 27 milligrams of iron to stay at optimal levels for fetal development and your health during your pregnancy.

In addition, look for vitamins that contain:

  • Calcium and vitamin D
  • Vitamins C, A, and E

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Prenatal Multivitamins Side Effects

Generic name:multivitamin, prenatal

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Note: This document contains side effect information about multivitamin, prenatal. Some of the dosage forms listed on this page may not apply to the brand name Prenatal Multivitamins.

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Are There Any Side Effects Of Prenatal Vitamins

Prenatal vitamins, especially if they contain iron, can cause gastrointestinal side effects such as:

Many parents may already experience these symptoms from pregnancy. But, its important to talk with your healthcare provider if youre experiencing any unusual symptoms and you think your supplement could be to blame.

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Vitamin D And Prenatal Vitamins

Vitamin D is critical for bone development, hormone balancing, supporting the immune system, and brain health. During pregnancy, vitamin D is not only healthy for the development of the baby but can also prevent complications of pregnancy in the woman such as pre-eclampsia. Coined the “sunshine vitamin” because our bodies synthesize it from sun exposure, it is well-recognized that many women are deficient in vitamin D and even with sun exposure do not get enough for the needs of pregnancy. A prenatal vitamin should contain at minimal 600 IU of vitamin D.

What Are Prenatal Vitamins

The 8 Best Prenatal Vitamins of 2020

If you are pregnant, as part of your prenatal care, your doctor, OB/GYN, or midwife may recommend taking prenatalvitamins to supplement nutrient requirements needed for fetal development. Prenatal vitamins are a combination of vitamins and minerals that a woman needs before, during, and after her pregnancy for her health the development of her baby. These vitamins and minerals include folic acid , calcium, iron, vitamin D, and iodine in various amounts. Prenatal vitamins also contain vitamins A, E, C, B, zinc, magnesium, and thiamine. All of these are important nutrient components needed for good dietary health

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What Should I Avoid While Taking Prenatal Multivitamins

Avoid taking any other multivitamin product within 2 hours before or after you take prenatal multivitamins. Taking similar vitamin products together at the same time can result in a vitamin overdose or serious side effects.

Avoid the regular use of potassium supplements or salt substitutes if your prenatal multivitamin contains potassium.

Avoid taking prenatal multivitamins with milk other dairy products, calcium supplements, or antacids that contain calcium.

Do Prenatal Vitamins Have Side Effects

A lot of people wonder about about prenatal vitamins side effects. Some people get nauseated or constipated from taking prenatal vitamins. If this happens to you, talk with your doctor about changing brands or the types of vitamins youre taking.

Prenatal vitamins come in tablets or capsules, so finding the kind that works best with your body can help ease side effects. Your doctor or midwife can help you find a prenatal vitamin that will work best for your body.

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Are There Side Effects Of Prenatal Vitamins

As with anything you put into your body, you may experience side effects while taking prenatal vitamins. These are typically mild but can affect many different parts of the body. In addition, a prenatal vitamin may worsen some of the symptoms your body is already facing due to pregnancy.

  • Digestive system: Some prenatal vitamins can cause nausea, constipation, stomach cramps, bloating and gas.
  • Skin and hair: Some women may experience hair loss, skin dryness and itchiness, easy bruising or even skin rashes.
  • Mouth: Teeth staining and sore teeth and gums may occur.

Be aware that taking in too much of certain vitamins and minerals can be harmful to both mom and baby, so it’s important to discuss with your doctor which vitamin you should be taking and how much each day. Never take additional prenatal vitamins without your doctor’s guidance.

Dha And Prenatal Vitamins

Iron Supplements in Pregnancy

Omega-3 fish oil, specifically docosahexaenoic acid , is an important nutrient in the development of a babys brain, eyes, and nervous system. This essential nutrient cannot be synthesized by the human body and therefore must be obtained from diet or supplementation. Because many women often dont eat enough fish during pregnancy, getting this nutrient from additional supplementation is often critical. For vegan women, there are adequate DHA supplements made from algae both independently and in prenatal vitamins options. Two hundred milligrams of DHA daily is recommended during pregnancy. Not all prenatal vitamins contain DHA, so it is important to think of this nutrient when choosing your vitamin.

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When Should A Woman Stop Taking Them

A good rule of thumb is to continue taking prenatal vitamins for up to 4-6 weeks postpartum or until finished breastfeeding, which depletes your body of nutrients.

If you are experiencing any negative side effects from taking a prenatal vitamin, be sure to talk to your OB/GYN doctor to see whether or not you should continue taking it. If you have any questions, contact our experienced staff at All About Women today by calling our Gainesville or Lake City, Florida offices.


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