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Vitamins To Increase Female Lubrication

Chasteberry For Relief Of Menopausal Symptoms

Natural Lubricants For Vaginal Dryness Made With Ingredients From Your Kitchen

You could take chasteberry extracts to help improve vaginal lubrication because it has an estrogenic effect on the body.

A small trial found that chasteberry essential oil helped to give menopausal women strong symptomatic relief from their symptoms.

One laboratory study found that taking chasteberry supplements could help improve vaginal health and prevent dryness. Chasteberry increased levels of progesterone and estrogen and increased uterine weight.

Find out why chasteberry extracts could be a good supplement to take if you suffer from premenstrual syndrome.

How To Boost Female Lubrication Naturally

Vaginal dryness is a condition that is more common than you think. The right vaginal pH is between the range of 3.8- 4.5. It is always necessary to take good care of the lady v to stay away from all the discomforts we could face there.

  • Vitamin A, D, C, and also supplements like beta carotene, sea buckthorn oil, fish oil, etc are crucial for good vaginal health.
  • Foods like cranberries, sweet potatoes, apples, avocados, leafy vegetables, greek yogurt are some things that can keep you feeling fresh and healthy down there.
  • Hydration also has an important role when it comes to our health. Water helps to flush out all the bacteria that cause dryness and irritation. Substitute regular tea and coffee with plain water for fast desired results.
  • Reducing the consumption of alcohol also helps greatly.

What Are The Symptoms Of Vaginal Dryness

The symptoms of vaginal dryness can vary, and a woman may not feel them all at the same time.

The most common symptoms include:

  • Dryness, stinging, burning, or itching in the vaginal area
  • Loss of libido or sexual interest
  • Discomfort during intercourse
  • Lubrication is reduced during intercourse
  • Bleeding following intercourse
  • Urinary tract infections

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Natural Ways To Increase Female Lubrication

Conceive Plus Women

Its possible that using supplements to boost vaginal lubrication isnt for everyone. Fortunately, there are natural techniques to boost vaginal lubrication:

  • Maintain a sexually active relationship with a partner or by yourself. Any sexual activity may boost blood flow to the vaginal area, helping to maintain the tissue around your genitals healthy.
  • Make your body move. Exercise, in any form, may assist to keep hormones in check.
  • Keep yourself hydrated. Drinking enough of water may aid in the maintenance of bodily moisture.
  • Use lubricants that are water-based. These lubricants may aid in the reduction of discomfort during sexual activity.
  • Engage in stress-relieving activities. Vaginal dryness may be exacerbated by stress and worry. Reduce your stress levels by practicing meditation or yoga.

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Causes Of Vaginal Dryness

Vaginal dryness, also known as atrophic vaginitis, can occur in various degrees to all women as they age.

Natural female lubrication is mainly driven by the hormone estrogen. Estrogen plays an important role in both vaginal and sexual health.

While estrogen levels decline as women age, vaginal tissue can become dry, thin, and fragile, making sex uncomfortable.

Women of all ages may experience vaginal dryness however, it is more common in those who are menopausal.

Other causes of vaginal dryness may include:

  • Hormone fluctuations related to menstrual cycles, childbirth, and breast-feeding
  • Cancer treatment including chemotherapy, radiation, and hormone therapy
  • Surgical removal of the ovaries
  • Hormonal contraceptives
  • Frequent urinary tract infections

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Natural Remedies To Improve Libido In Women

  • Essential fatty acids: Essential fatty acids, such as omega-3 and omega-6, are beneficial for sexual health in addition to overall health. Essential fatty acids affect how the body converts food into energy, as well as increases physical performance and brain function. All these factors can contribute to improved sex drive.
  • DHEA: Dehydroepiandrosterone is a hormone that is produced naturally by the adrenal glands and metabolized in the body to create estrogen and testosterone. According to one study, DHEA may play a role in increasing sex drive, arousal, and lubrication in older infertile women. However, more research is required regarding the effectiveness of DHEA in treating low libido in women.
  • Zinc: Studies have shown that zinc supplementation may enhance sexual desire, arousal, pleasure, and vaginal wetness during intercourse, as well as the total sexual function score. Zinc supplementation may also boost testosterone levels and sexual performance in postmenopausal women. Further research is needed, however, to determine the effect of zinc on testosterone and sexual function.
  • Soy: Soy and soy products may improve libido in women. While there is no definitive proof that soy increases estrogen levels, preliminary research suggests that it does.
  • Fenugreek: Fenugreek is used as an herb in cooking and available in the form of supplements as well. According to some studies, fenugreek may be an effective medication for increasing female sexual desire.
  • Need Some More Help Heres Your Lube

    Vaginal Dryness â What you need to know | Dr. Sudeshna Ray

    A little vaginal lubricant is often enough to create a WAP. Theres more than one kind of lube on the market, so be sure to pick one that works best for you and your bits.

    • Water-based lubricants. These are often the cheaper options in your local pharmacy. They may or may not contain glycerin . A few downsides: Glycerin may contribute to yeast infections, and it could make dryness worse when warmed up .
    • Silicone-based lubricants. They cost a bit more, but silicone-based lubes have their perks: Theyre fine to use with condoms, they last longer, and theyre hypoallergenic. They may leave a little residue, but they get the job done!
    • Oil-based lubricants. You can choose between natural oils and synthetic oil-based lubes . Big warning , though: Dont use them with latex condoms, because those condoms will get destroyed.

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    Look Into Estrogen Treatments

    There are two types of estrogen treatments for vaginal dryness:

  • Systemic hormone therapy: This treatment comes in pill, skin patch, ring, gel, cream, or spray form and is absorbed throughout the body. Women with a history of clotting issues or breast cancer should avoid using it.
  • Low-dose vaginal estrogen products: This treatment option comes in cream, tablet, or ring form and has an added advantage of lowering the risk of hormone-sensitive cancers because there is less danger of too much estrogen being absorbed into the bloodstream. “There is estrogen absorbed into but it’s not measurable,” Sadaty says. “In general, it is considered safe. Even women who’ve had breast cancer can use it judiciously.”
  • Tips On How You Are Going To Talk With Your Doctor

    When visiting the doctor, this can be an embarrassing topic to bring up. There are a couple of things you can do to help. The first is to write down what you want to discuss so that you dont forget or get flustered. Please remember that while you may feel embarrassed, this is what doctors do. The Winona physicians are specially trained to discuss your most important concerns and will ask for clarification if there are any doubts.

    Dont wait to be asked. Raise relevant concerns as much as you can. Vaginal irritation is an extremely common problem for women approaching menopause and beyond. There are many options to choose from that are easy, healthy, and safe ways to optimize vaginal health and lubrication. Seek help if the vaginal discomfort lasts beyond a few days or if you experience discomfort during sexual intercourse. If left untreated, vaginal dryness can cause sores or crack in the vaginas tissues.4

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    Ways To Help Increase Vaginal Lubrication Without Hormones

    Vaginal dryness is a common affliction for many women, and it can be uncomfortable day-to-day, cause pain during intercourse, or be mentally distressing.

    Vaginal dryness tends to stem from a reduction of estrogen in the body, whether from menopause, post-pregnancy, stress, medications, or certain medical conditions. Because of this, one of the most common prescription treatments for vaginal dryness is a prescription estrogen cream to be applied to the vaginal area.

    But, there are many women who would rather not or cannot use estrogen therapy for a variety of reasons who still need help when it comes to personal dryness. Below, we will cover 7 ways to help enhance your vaginal lubrication using non-hormonal methods including lifestyle and diet changes, certain exercises, or temporary hydration from lubricant enhancing products.

    Hyaluronic Acid Is A Kind Of Hyaluronic Acid

    Conceive Plus Fertility Lubricant 8 x 4g Pre

    Hyaluronic Acid is a kind of Hyaluronic acid is a transparent, sticky substance that the body produces naturally.

    The main function of Hyaluronic Acid is a kind of hyaluronic acid is to retain water to ensure your skin and surrounding tissues are moist and well lubricated.

    One 2016 study compared the effectiveness of a Hyaluronic Acid is a kind of hyaluronic acid vaginal cream versus conjugated estrogen for the treatment of vaginal atrophy.

    The study found that both Hyaluronic Acid is a kind of hyaluronic acid and conjugated estrogen can improve the symptoms of vaginal atrophy.

    However, Hyaluronic Acid is a kind of hyaluronic acid was more effective and is a better treatment option for women who do not want to or cannot receive hormone therapy.

    A 2021 systematic review of the literature also found that Hyaluronic Acid is a kind of hyaluronic acid has efficacy similar to vaginal estrogens for the treatment of vaginal atrophy.

    Researchers suggested that the use of Hyaluronic Acid is a kind of hyaluronic acid is an attractive alternative for women who cannot or choose not to use hormonal treatment.

    Hyaluronic Acid is a kind of Except for individuals who are allergic to it, hyaluronic acid is harmless for most people. Before using any supplements, always with your doctor.


    Hyaluronic Acid is a kind of Hyaluronic acid may assist enhance lubrication by retaining moisture in the vaginal region.

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    Are There Any Science

    It seems like theres a supplement for everything, so you may find yourself wondering if that includes vaginal dryness. Turns out there is some research linking supplements, such as vitamin D and DHEA, to female lubrication but more data is needed to prove this theory.

    A recent systemic review on the effect of Vitamin D on vaginal health found that vitamin D decreased dryness and improved vaginal health during menopause. Another small study had similar findings among older women.

    Researchers have also studied vitamin E and fish oil as supplements for increasing female lubrication. One small study found that a vitamin E could improve symptoms of vaginal atrophy .

    And we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention DHEA, or dehydroepiandrosterone a hormone involved in estrogen production. DHEA naturally declines with age and there are studies investigating its role in improving female lubrication and reducing dryness.

    Vaginal Dryness: What Causes It

    Vaginal dryness, commonly known as atrophic vaginitis, affects all women to varying degrees as they become older.

    The hormone estrogen is primarily responsible for natural vaginal lubrication. Both vaginal and sexual health are influenced by estrogen.

    As estrogen levels fall, vaginal tissue can become dry, thin, and fragile, making sex uncomfortable.

    Vaginal dryness may affect women of all ages, although it is more frequent among menopausal women.

    Other Vaginal Dryness: What Causes It? may include:

    • Menstrual cycles, childbirth, and breast-feeding all cause hormonal variations.
    • Chemotherapy, radiation, and hormone therapy are all used to treat cancer.
    • Ovaries are surgically removed.
    • Excessive anxiety
    • Depression

    Many of these symptoms might indicate the presence of additional underlying issues. Always consult your doctor to determine the best course of action for you.

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    Other Natural Remedies For Female Lubrication

    Want other ways to keep things au naturel in the name of lubrication? These natural remedies may help your vag go from the Sahara Desert to the Pacific Ocean:

    • Avoid *certain* products. Soaps and feminine hygiene products with fragrances and dyes can dry out your vag. Your hoo-ha is self-cleaning, and soaps can eff with all the good bacteria. Oh, and skip the too.
    • Dont skimp on foreplay. Taking the time to get the blood flowing and boost arousal can help with moisture production.
    • Stay hydrated.Alcohol can cause dehydration, which means less fluid for lubrication. If you regularly hit happy hour, make sure to also drink plenty of H2O.
    • Nosh on phytoestrogens. These estrogen-like compounds found in plant foods like soy, tofu, nuts, and yams *might* help get your levels back on track to get things flowing.
    • Check your birth control. If youre on hormonal BC like the pill, it may be the reason for your dry downstairs. Check with your doctor to see if switching to a nonhormonal option might help.

    Who Should Not Take Osphena

    What’s In Your Cupboard? DIY moisturizing lubricant

    Osphena should not be used if you have unusual vaginal bleeding, have or have had certain types of cancers, have or have had blood clots, had a stroke or heart attack, have severe liver problems, are allergic to Osphena or any of its ingredients, or think you may be pregnant. Tell your healthcare provider if you are going to have surgery or will be on bed rest.

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    Incorporate Vitamin E Into Your Diet

    This is another vitamin that can help promote vaginal lubrication. A small 2016 study of 52 postmenopausal women showed vitamin E vaginal suppositories helped the majority of subjects with symptoms of vaginal atrophy, including dryness. Vitamin E can also be ingested from various foods, including plant-based oils, nuts, seeds, fruits, and vegetables.

    “Foods like pumpkin and sunflower seeds are all good for dryness,” Sadaty says. When sourced naturally through food, vitamin E carries no risk. But in supplement form, high doses of vitamin E might increase the risk of bleeding by interfering with the blood’s ability to clot. This could potentially lead to a hemorrhagic stroke, or bleeding in the brain, though this is rare.

    Vitamins For Vaginal Dryness

    Both hormonal and nutritional factors can influence vaginal secretions. When it comes to vaginal health, proper immune activity is crucial.

  • Vitamin B complex
  • Vitamin B complex, a supplement, contains all eight forms of vitamin B and promotes immune function.
  • Vitamin B can be consumed as a supplement or absorbed through foods, such as poultry, fish, potatoes, and bananas.
  • However, too much might be hazardous. It can cause muscular weakness, gastric problems, and painful sores.
  • When you are exposed to sunlight, skin cells naturally synthesize vitamin D .
  • According to research, vitamin D may aid in vaginal lubrication.
  • Some studies reported that taking vitamin D pills or using suppositories may help with vaginal dryness and wellness throughout menopause.
  • Using vitamin D as a suppository for eight weeks improved the production of vaginal lubricant.
  • Vitamin E comprises eight fat-soluble antioxidant-rich components. It is important for eye, brain, and skin health, but it may help with lubrication and alleviate vaginal dryness.
  • Research reported that using a vitamin E suppository for 12 weeks increased the health of the vaginal walls.
  • Other studies found that using vitamin E suppositories and other supplements containing vitamin D and A relieved symptoms of vaginal atrophy in cancer patients.
  • Studies reported that omega-3 fatty acids may improve lubrication, particularly during menopause.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids may help hydrate and moisturize the skin.
  • Sea buckthorn
  • Probiotics
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