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What Vitamin B Is Good For Anxiety

High Calorie Malnutrition = Thiamine Deficiency

Vitamin B Complex for Anxiety

High calorie malnutrition = eating tons of calories but still starving your body of essential nutrients.

A.k.a eating the Standard American Diet with way too much processed foods, refined sugar and fats/seed oils and not nearly enough nutritious whole foods.

This way of eating WILL cause thiamine starvation.

You see:

1. As weve discussed, metabolizing large amounts of sugar, refined carbs and fats requires vitamin B1.


2. Processed junk foods have been stripped of most nutrients,including vitamin B1.

It doesnt take a rocket scientist to see the problem here!

This is how a high calorie/thiamine ratio,over a long enough period, will inevitably lead to depletion of thiamine stores in the body.

And as mentioned, if your diet contains lots of booze this will further speed up the rate of depletion.

As a side note, this is one of the reasons why I think some people report doing much better on a keto/low-carb diet. Its not that carbs are bad its that reducing empty carbohydrate calories can spare thiamine needs and make you feel better.

Can B Vitamins Help With Anxiety

B vitamins are a group of eight different nutrients that work together to manage many processes in the body, including stress levels.

  • A 2017 study found that people who had lower blood levels of vitamin B-12 were more likely to have depression or anxiety.
  • A 2018 study found that people who ate foods high in B vitamins, such as yeast-based spreads like Marmite and Vegemite, had lower anxiety and stress levels than those who did not. This was especially true of vitamin B-12-fortified spreads.

Taking B complex supplements can help a person get enough of all the B vitamins.

Causes Of Vitamin B Deficiency

The causes of vitamin B deficiency may vary from one person to another. The most common causes include the following:

  • Physical, spiritual and emotional stress
  • Malnutrition, eating processed foods and refined sugar intake
  • Prescription drugs
  • Frequent exposure to toxins from personal care products and from the environment.

Do You Have A Vitamin B Deficiency?

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Does Vitamin B Help With Anxiety

Using a good vitamin B complex for anxiety can actually work better than many think. Take a look at the video below to learn more.

For one of the better vitamin B supplements, like I talk about in the video, you can check out this brand on Amazon, which my friend use for her anxiety and panic attacks. That brand has been around for many years and is well know for its excellent quality. I highly recommend it.

Thiamine Deficiency Causing Chronic Fight

Is vitamin b complex good for anxiety and depression ...

As the informercials say:

But wait theres more!

Thiamine deficiency can also mess with your brain and nervous system and put you in state of chronic low-grade anxiety/fight-or-flight response.

First of all, lets go over some of the basics of the stress response.

In the face of any perceived threat , the brain and nervous system work together to trigger the stress, or fight-and-flight, response.

This leads to an activation of the sympathetic nervous system which causes the adrenals to start pumping out stress hormones, increasing your heart rate, blood pressure and breathing

making you feel more alert and anxious.

Of course these physiological changes are intended to help you respond appropriately in an acutely stressful situation.

But anyone that has some experience with chronic anxiety and/or panic disorder knows that it certainly doesntfeel very helpful when your body is in a panicky and fearful state for seemingly no good reason.

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Best Overall: Country Life Coenzyme B Complex Caps

  • Contains added sugars and additives

  • Taste and consistency may not be for everyone

Adults and children over the age of 12 can obtain their B vitamins from Natures Way Alive B Complex Gummies. These cherry-flavored gummies contain two grams of added sugar per serving from cane sugar and tapioca. Two gummies provide all eight B vitamins as well as vitamin C.

These gummies are made with pectin instead of animal-derived gelatin, making them vegan and vegetarian-friendly. Unlike many gummy supplements out there that use synthetic dyes, Natures Way Gummies get their red color from plants. If you are looking for an easy, sweet way to lift your mood and energy levels, these gummies might be your best bet.

Form: Gummy | Type: Cyanocobalamin | Dosage: 2 gummies daily

To Aid Those With Acute Anxiety: Rescue Remedy

Rescue Remedy, a combination of five flower essences, is designed for immediate relief from stress or some kind of trauma, says Lindsay F., former homeopath at our Santa Fe store. The formula includes essences of rock rose, clematis, impatiens, cherry plum and star of Bethlehem and is designed to restore a sense of balance to the body.

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Natural Vitamins For Anxiety

Its a well-established, scientific fact that what you eat can dramatically impact your mood. Nutritional deficiencies can exacerbate mental health disorders, while a nutritionally complete diet can help alleviate symptoms. Certain natural vitamins or vitamins obtained by consuming whole foods are thought to positively affect anxiety. While most natural vitamins also exist in supplement form, theyre more effectively absorbed by the body when ingested by eating whole foods.

Some of the most common natural vitamins for anxiety include:

What Supplements Can Help With Your Anxiety

Vitamin B For Anxiety | WHAT!? Does Vitamin B Help With Anxiety !?!
  • What Supplements Can Help with Your Anxiety?


Anxiety cant be cured but there are ways to keep it from becoming a serious problem that affects your life and relationships.

Patients who have severe anxiety disorders can undergo psychotherapy sessions and apply healthy coping strategies.

On top of that, there are certain nutrients that are known to reduce the effects of severe anxiety. Here are a few of them:

Vitamin B-Complex

When it comes to treating cognitive performance, vitamin B-complex has to be the most sought-out. But more than just helping you focus on mentally exhausting tasks, this nutrient also works well against the onset of stress and anxiety attacks. In one study that analyzes the effects of a vitamin B-complex supplement in individuals with depressive disorders, the substance is found to be effective in improving mood and suppressing anxiety. But the best part is that vitamin B-complex is found in most foods, including meat and eggs.



Magnesium has hundreds of different applications, from being used to manufacture fireworks to removing sulfur in molten iron. Within the realm of medical science, magnesium helps with regulating blood pressure and optimizing nerve functions. What is often overlooked in this mineral, however, is its potential as a treatment for anxiety disorders. Despite a lack of existing literature, one study suggests that magnesium supplements will have a beneficial effect on mild-moderate anxiety.


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Viva Naturals Premium Non

This is the best vitamin C brand for preventing oxidative stress in the body, which triggers anxiety. Viva Naturals is one of the very few brands that offer consumers a high-quality serving of Scottish Quali-C, which is made by one of the worlds leading manufacturers of this essential nutrient. This supplement is formulated with an ample amount of antioxidant support derived from citrus bioflavonoids and rose hips, which helps consumers be confident that this product is effective.

Each batch of this product is third-party tested to ensure quality and provides a strong dose of 1,000 mg of immunity-supporting vitamin C. The vitamin C blend that is used includes citrus bioflavonoids and rose hips, which offers users even more antioxidant support with each serving. These capsules are also non-GMO and vegetarian, which makes them an easy addition to anyones diet.


  • Best vitamin C to prevent oxidative stress.
  • It contains a high-quality European vitamin C.
  • Supports collagen production, helping improve the health of your hair, skin, and nails.


  • It contains rice powder, which many are opposed to.
  • Large pills are hard to swallow.
  • May turn urine bright yellow.

A Closer Look At Vitamin B12

There are eight different types of B vitamins, but for today, lets look at just one closely. Vitamin B12 deficiency is always a suspect in the case of anxiety symptoms, as an estimate of between a quarter to almost 40% of the population may be deficient, particularly among the elderly. However, most doctors only test B12 levels when pernicious anemia is suspected. Here are some of the symptoms which may be found in those who are B12 deficient:

  • Brain fog
  • Sexual problems/infertility
  • Digestive issues/leaky gut
  • B12 is available in 4 forms. Generally, a sublingual type of B12 is best absorbed. Two types are an active form, bioavailable without further conversion in the body.

  • Cyanocobalamin
  • Methylcobalamin
  • Adenosylcobalamin
  • Hydroxycobalamin
  • Its not possible to diagnose your individual issue and suggest corrective actions in a brief article, but if youre suffering from anxiety symptoms or other challenges, please consider booking an appointment with our office if youre in Hong Kong. That will allow us to choose a strategy and recommend supplements appropriate just for you, if thats the best option.

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    What Happens During A Niacinamide Deficiency

    What happens if you do not have sufficient levels of niacinamide/NAD+?

    Energy production will slow down

    and without adequate energy, the cells throughout your body are not going to function properly.

    A wide-spread niacinamide deficiency resulting in a systemic energy deficiency will negatively impact many different organs in the body.


    The most common symptoms of a severe vitamin B3 deficiency are diarrhea, dermatitis, dementia, and death a.k.a the four Ds.

    So a vitamin B3 deficiency is definitely bad news.

    What Are The Risk Factors For A Vitamin B

    Jamieson Jamieson Vitamin B Complex 100 Mg Timed Release ...

    Some people are at an increased risk for vitamin B-12 deficiency. The highest sources of vitamin B-12 are animal products, like meat, fish, or diary. People who follow a vegetarian or vegan diet are at an increased risk for B-12 deficiency and may need to add a B-12 supplement to their daily diet. Some foods are fortified with B-12. So if you have a mostly plant-based diet, check food labels and pick grain products that are fortified with B-12.

    You may also have an increased risk for vitamin B-12 deficiency if you:

    • recently had weight loss surgery, because the operation interferes with your bodys ability to extract B-12 from food
    • have been diagnosed with Crohns or celiac disease, conditions that can affect the way your body absorbs nutrients
    • are over the age of 50, because the stomach beings to produce less acid as you age, and this acid helps with B-12 absorption
    • take prescribed heartburn drugs, which reduce acid production in your stomach and may affect B-12 absorption

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    The Exact Form Of Vitamin Is Important

    However, youre probably not going to get good results supplementing for anxiety with vitamins you buy at the local drug store. Most grocery and drug store vitamins are made with cheap, synthetic, and less effective forms of the B vitamins needed. For a person with the MTHFR genetic mutations, for example, taking a store vitamin with folic acid instead of methylfolate actually may do more harm than good. Both are types of vitamin B9 , but only one is bioavailable to people with that particular gene mutation.

    The same is true of the mineral magnesium. The magnesium oxide commonly available in most on-the-shelf supplements has very low absorption. Its been estimated that only 4% of what is taken is absorbed, and this is one of the reasons many doctors describe vitamin and mineral supplementation is creating expensive urine. However, there are many forms of magnesium available, and finding the correct form for your health issues can make a huge difference. An example is magnesium malate, an excellent form for those having gall bladder issues. The malic acid in the formulation helps keep the gallbladder from accumulating sludge that may form more gallstones.

    Other supplements that have provided good results for some people experiencing anxiety include lithium orotate and L-theanine. The herb holy basil is also frequently mentioned as helpful.

    Best B12 Vitamins To Use As A Supplement

    According to Dr. Edward Group, there are four types of B12 supplements.

    Methylcobalamin or the most active B12 in the body, protects the cardiovascular or nervous systems.

    Cyanocobalamin is a synthetic version of the vitamin.

    Hydroxocobalamin is created by bacteria, and is most often found if food sources of B12. It converts to methylcobalamin in the body.

    Adenosylcobalamin is the least stable of all four forms.

    Because vitamin B12 is often not absorbed from food sources, when taking the supplement, it is best to choose the most absorbable kind, which is methylcobalamin.

    One natural, non-GMO B12 supplement is affordably sold by MegaFoods. If you are interested in a liquid kind instead, there is also vegan methylcobalamin B12 by the Garden of Life.

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    Best Vitamins For Anxiety Stress And Mental Health

    Anxiety rates are at an all-time high. Support your braincare with nutrition to ease stress and reduce anxiety.

    If youre feeling anxious today, youre not alone. Mental Health First Aid England reports that anxiety and other mental health concerns are at an all-time high, and one of the main drivers for this sharp increase has been our collective health and safety worries during a global pandemic.

    Youve likely heard the stereotypical de-stressing advice recommended by wellness experts ad nauseam . But many people are missing one essential step: providing the right vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to reduce anxiety levels and support a healthy mind and a balanced nervous system. These essential vitamins include:

    All B vitamins play a beneficial role in reducing anxiety and improving your mood. For instance, a study published in the Journal of Functional Foods found that people who ate B vitamin-rich foods saw significant improvements in their anxiety and stress scores compared to those who didn’t eat B vitamin-rich foods.

    However, when it comes to vitamin B for anxiety, vitamin B12 is especially powerful for managing your mood. For instance, there’s a strong correlation between low levels of B12 and increased rates of anxiety and depression. B12 also offers additional braincare benefits, such as increasing your ability to focus and remember information.

    Daily nutrient reference values for vitamin B12:

    • Adults: 2.4 g/day

    Top food sources for vitamin B12:

    How Effective Is Vitamin B12 Supplementation In Mood Disorders

    Vitamin B12 for Anxiety Relief and Depression!

    A lot of research has been done on how Vitamin B12 supplementation may benefit individuals with mood disorders. In one randomized controlled trial, researchers examined the effectiveness of Vitamin B12 supplementation in patients with major depressive disorder. These patients had low normal B12 levels and showed an inadequate response when previously treated with SSRIs.

    There were 73 patients examined 39 were randomized to the control group, in which they were given SSRIs 34 were randomized to the experimental group, in which they were administered SSRIs and Vitamin B12 injections. Additionally, the patients in the experimental group had higher depression scores, as measured by the HAM-D score. The researchers determined that a 20% reduction in HAM-D score, or Hamilton Depression Rating Scale score, from the baseline score would be the primary outcome.

    The results?

    When the researchers followed-up with patients three months after treatment, 100% of the patients in the experimental group showed a 20% decrease in HAM-D score, compared to 69% of patients in the control group who showed a 20% decrease in HAM-D score. 44% of the patients in the experimental group showed a 50% decrease in HAM-D score only 5% of patients in the control group showed a 50% decrease in HAM-D score. The researchers believe that this indicates that combining Vitamin B12 supplementation with conventional antidepressants may be effective in decreasing depressive symptoms.

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    What If We Don’t Get Enough

    A lack of B12 can result in folate deficiency anaemia. This is a condition where the body produces abnormally large blood cells. These have low levels of haemoglobin, which is the stuff that carried oxygen around the body. So, it’s really important.

    Symptoms of a deficiency include:

    • Tiredness and lack of energy
    • Pins and needles
    • Memory problems

    American Standard Valerian Root

    In contrast to its pungently aromatic origin, Valerian is a graceful flower with a sweet fragrance. Although the roots have a strong odour, they have been used in traditional Western herbalism for centuries for their health-promoting properties. The dried roots are widely used in herbal preparations and are infused as valerian tea or blended into herbal formulations and herbal tea blends. Valerian root is also available in tincture or capsule form. Valerian capsules are a simple to use preparation that may be beneficial to those with a more refined palate.

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    Best B Complex Without B12 And Folate

    Because some people cannot tolerate active forms of vitamin B12 or folate, these nutrients must be supplemented individually.

    Furthermore, B complex vitamins without these vitamins are perfect for people who need to customise their folate and vitamin B12 dosages and forms, such as people with specific genetic variants.

    Things To Consider Before Buying A Best Vitamin B Complex Brand For Anxiety

    18+ Best Vitamins For Anxiety and Stress

    There are many benefits to purchasing a Best Vitamin B Complex Brand For Anxiety. Buying the right product is not an easy task you have to check many things to select the best one in the market. After all, here we are including an in-depth buying guide that will refine your purchasing decision.

    Suppose youre new to ratings and reviews or have plenty of experience selecting a product, searching for a new product that can seem like an overwhelming experience. This is true when you dont know what factor to consider before buying a product.

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