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What Vitamins Are Good To Take For Menopause

Do Menopause Supplements Really Work


Some products contain herbal ingredients that help regulate hormone levels, boost hair growth, or improve your bodys response to stress, all of which can be beneficial during menopause.

Though these supplements are unlikely to completely resolve symptoms of menopause, they may help manage and reduce the severity of certain symptoms.

Complete Balance: For Menopausal Relief

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Do Menopause Supplements Work

As already mentioned, menopause supplements may work for some women, but because the studies on these products and their ingredients are inconclusive, we cannot know for sure.

What we do know is that women taking these supplements claim they offer relief and these claims often come from clinical trials.

Menopause supplements containing black cohosh are most likely to work, but so are those containing other botanicals that affect the hormones, and neurotransmitters.

Some of the botanicals used in menopause supplements address anxiety and depression symptoms, which might directly impact the severity of menopause symptoms.

This is because the severity of hot flashes and night sweats can become worse as a result of depression and anxiety as found in one study published in the journal Menopause.

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What Research Has Been Done On Supplements For Menopause

Overall findings there have been several medical studies and research articles written on the efficacy of taking supplements for the symptoms of menopause. In general, the results show that, whilst its very unlikely that taking supplements alone will make symptoms disappear completely, supplements have been shown to help to make them more manageable. This seems especially the case in relation to hot flushes and anxiety or low mood.

Do doctors recommend supplements? if they dont suggest medical treatment , most doctors will say that the best approach to dealing with menopause symptoms is a rounded, well-balanced approach to your lifestyle, incorporating several different approaches:

  • Supplements

The NHS does recommend supplements for specific symptoms.

Supplements are better with other treatments supplements are shown to have the best effect when used in combination with the above lifestyle changes, and also in combination with medical treatment. Dietary supplements are not proven to be effective in treating specific symptoms of menopause caused by a hormonal imbalance.

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Ashwagandha: For Stress And Anxiety In Menopause

Menopause Support 50 Tablets

Hormonal changes in menopause can make whatever stress you have feel that much bigger by exacerbating the physical effects of stress on your body. Suddenly you have less energy, more anxiety, mood swings, and maybe even depression.

Ashwagandha is one of the best herbs for stress and anxiety in menopause. Ashwagandha ranks hight among natural mood enhancers for menopause because the herb is an adaptogenanother normalizerwhich makes it a great tonic for the adrenal glands. Ashwagandha can also boost a sluggish thyroid, and it counteracts depression and makes your brain function better, especially for memory issues due to stress.

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Magnesium For Hot Flashes

Magnesium plays a critical role in a wide variety of bodily functions, but many women arent getting enough of this essential mineral from food. Magnesium supplements can help prevent deficiency and have been shown to reduce the frequency and severity of menopausal hot flashes.4

Since magnesium isnt readily absorbed by the body, look for a magnesium complex that contains multiple sources for increased bioavailability.

Black Cohosh 540 Mg: Traditional Support For Overall Menopausal Health

Black cohosh is a supplement traditionally used to provide nutritional support for menopause. * This ingredient is made from the root of the North American black cohosh plant that has been traditionally used to support the physical changes that occur in a woman’s body over time, including the changes experienced leading up to and in menopause.*

Buy one 540 mg jar of Black Cohosh and get one free for $16.49.

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Natural Menopause Relief With Fourfive Vitamins

Were here to help you through your menopausal journey to continue to live an active and full life. Subscribe to our Pro CBD Oil infused with Vitamin D3 today. Pause, change or stop your subscription at any time, but order today to give yourself the best possible preparation for menopause with our easy to dose, 100% natural products.

Calcium Vitamin D And Menopause

Vitamins for Menopause – 120

You are at increased risk of bone fractures and osteoporosis at menopause. This is because the drop in oestrogen at menopause can speed up bone loss. Having enough calcium and vitamin D is important as you need calcium for building bone, and vitamin D to help your body absorb calcium.

After menopause you need 1,300 mg of calcium per day. Ideally, this should be from high-calcium food such as milk , canned fish with bones, yoghurt, spinach, broccoli and almonds. If you cant achieve this amount with diet alone, you may need calcium supplements.

There is inconsistent evidence about the association between calcium supplements and risk of cardiovascular disease. Concerns have been raised that supplements over 1,000 mg daily may increase the risk. However, there does not appear to be an increased risk of heart attack in people who obtain their calcium from diet alone.

If you are taking calcium supplements , do not stop taking them without first consulting your doctor.

Vitamin D is important for bone health, as it helps calcium to be absorbed. The main source of vitamin D in Australia is the sun however, many Australians do not have adequate vitamin D levels. In fact, about one third of all Australians over 25 years of age are vitamin D deficient. Vitamin D deficiency has been observed in nearly two thirds of Australian women.

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Herbal Medicines And Menopause

More research is needed to understand how effective herbal medicines are in managing menopause symptoms.

The best way to use herbal medicines is to have them prescribed by a trained natural therapist. This is because herbs are medicines.

Some complementary medicines, such as St John’s wort , may interact with other medication you are taking, causing potentially harmful side effects.A herbalist or naturopath may prescribe one of many remedies to help manage menopausal symptoms such as:

  • sleep disturbance
  • hot flushes
  • night sweats.

A herbal medicine prescription is made to suit your needs, rather than being a ‘one size fits all’ formula available to everyone.

Read more about Menopause and herbs.

Helping You Through The Menopause

Youre going through a transition. Its a big part of life for a woman, and if youve been especially active it can come as quite the shock when your body changes, AGAIN. Its natural to ask yourself What vitamins should I take for menopause?. During this transition, your body will go through many changes. How you handle menopause will impact your health for the rest of your life.

Menopause is a big part of every womans life, and learning which vitamins can help for menopause symptoms will help you get through this time stronger than ever before. So what vitamins are good for menopause in the UK we took a look at Vitamin D.

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Protecting Against Weak Bones

You can try to:

  • exercise regularly, including weight-bearing exercises, where your feet and legs support your weight and resistance exercises
  • eat a healthy diet that includes plenty of fruit, vegetables and sources of calcium, such as milk, yoghurt and kale
  • get some sunlight on your skin as this triggers the production of vitamin D, which can help keep your bones healthy
  • take vitamin D supplements

Read more about preventing osteoporosis.

Taking HRT can reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

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Ginseng For Improved Cognitive Function In Menopause


If you are looking for an herbal remedy to prevent menopause mood swings, hot flashes, and depression, then taking ginseng could provide you with needed menopause relief.

The results of a review of randomized controlled trials found that taking ginseng as herbal supplement can help treating menopausal issues. Researchers found that ginseng can help to address some symptoms of the menopause such as sexual dysfunction, hot flashes, depression, and mood swings.

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Red Clover: Natural Hormone Replacement

Red clover is a natural hormone replacement that acts like weak estrogens in your body. Because they complement your own, more potent, estrogens, they can help even out both erratic levels of both highs and low estrogen. According to a study published in Obstetrics and Gynecology International, red clover also helps with other menopause-related symptoms like low libido, anxiety/depression, sleep troubles and fatigue. And theres more scientific good news: red clovers compounds relieve PMS and improve both womens heart health and the appearance of skin and hair as we age.

How Menopause Affects Your Body

Before you determine the best vitamins to take during menopause and post-menopause, you should familiarize yourself with what symptoms supplements can minimize or eliminate. The symptoms of perimenopause and other menopausal transitions can mimic the symptoms of other diseases and conditions, so you should always speak to your TopLine MD Alliance affiliated doctor for a formal diagnosis. The common indications and symptoms of menopause include:

  • Hot flashes
  • Irregular menstruation
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Burning sensation in the mouth
  • Memory trouble
  • Mental health challenges like anxiety and depression
  • Hair loss or thinning
  • Weight gain
  • Incontinence when laughing or sneezing

Some of these symptoms can be uncomfortable and stressful, so many women may take vitamins to reduce discomfort.

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Vitamin E And Heart Disease

When it comes to what vitamins are good for menopause, vitamin E is near the top of the list. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that can help eliminate dangerous free radicals from the body. Antioxidants have also been shown to help lower your risk of numerous diseases, including cancer and heart disease. Some studies show that antioxidants have a reverse effect on anxiety and depression, so increasing vitamin E consumption can decrease mental health symptoms. Aside from consuming vitamin E in pill form, you can also consume it through eating:

  • Almonds and peanuts
  • Orange juice

Learn Aboutbonafides Vitamin B Complex Which Contains Just The Right Amount Of All Eight Essential B Vitamins To Support Your Health & Wellness*

Vitamins to take during menopause

Remember, it’s always best to speak with your doctor or healthcare provider before starting a new supplement, no matter what it is. They know your medical history best and can better advise on what to consider.

Whether through your diet or a nutritional supplement, B vitamins can help provide your body with the support it needs to enable you to thrive during menopause and beyond.


1. Milart P, Woniakowska E, Wrona W. Selected vitamins and quality of life in menopausal women. Prz Menopauzalny. 2018 17:175-179. doi:10.5114/pm.2018.817422.

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Align Probiotic Supplement 24/7 Digestive Support

Price: $21.99

Align Probiotics supplements contain a probiotic strain of Bifidobacterium, along with other ingredients, such as gellan gum, magnesium stearate, and sucrose.

They are gluten-free and soy-free and are suitable for people following a vegetarian diet.

They claim to reduce abdominal discomfort and bloating and support the digestive system. Abdominal pain and discomfort are people experience during and after menopause.

Each container includes 14 capsules.

Menopause Weight Loss Combo

During perimenopause and menopause, women tend to gain more midsection fat and have a harder time losing weight. This is due to hormonal fluctuations that 1. increase fat deposition around the midsection and 2. slow down metabolism. This double trouble is why your old diet tricks don’t work. Until you address underlying hormonal imbalances, extra pounds are going to stay stuck. So that’s why we’ve combined Herbal Equilibrium, for menopause symptom relief and hormonal balance, and M-Boost, our metabolic formula for weight loss, cravings and metabolism support, into an easy to take Menopause Weight Loss Combo. Weight gain in perimenopause and menopause is different and our support gives you the tool to finally shed this stubborn weight.

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Are You In Perimenopause

Perimenopause is the period before menopause and has over 30 symptoms. Find out what age these symptoms start and how long they last.

Another type of deep acting hormonal support is red clover blossoms. Multiple studies have suggested that this may be beneficial for alleviating perimenopause symptoms like hot flushes, anxiety, depression and vaginal dryness.1,2,3,4,5,6

Key features

  • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians
  • 430mg of red clover extract per capsule
  • Take one to three tablets a day preferably with meals

What our customers say:

Neen 5/5 stars GreatThis product is amazing, works really well for me. I was struggling with peri menopause symptoms and Red Clover has taken my symptoms away. I feel normal again.

Kathryn_T 5/5 stars Fewer hot flushes! I’ve definitely been aware of improvement in menopause symptoms since taking this regularly, and I only take 2 or 3 during a day . Certainly recommend giving it a try.

  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
  • Take one to three a day preferably with meals

What our customers say:

These are great and I think they’ve really helped reduce perimenopausal symptoms.

kd47 5/5 stars Hormone tamer! The discovery of this product stems from the lack of black cohosh and I’ve never gone back. Very useful for keeping a female hormones under control. Would recommend.

Our expert nutritionist Alexander Thompson does highlight however that there may be some limitation with the above three supplements:

Should I Choose Supplements Or Medication

One A Day Women

Its up to you the choice of dietary supplements or prescription medication is completely up to you, as is the decision to try treatment for your menopause symptoms in the first place. Not all women choose treatment to relieve their symptoms of menopause, but many find it very helpful, especially when their symptoms are particularly difficult to manage.

Medication is more effective than supplements current medical opinion considers dietary supplements to be less effective at treating menopausal symptoms, especially those that occur due to hormonal imbalance. However, popular opinion is generally quite positive, and the results vary greatly between users.

Medical treatment options the main treatments are currently medical. They include hormone replacement therapies , of which there are two types . However, there are now more options than ever for treatment, and there is an increasing trend for using dietary supplements or natural alternatives to relieve menopause symptoms.

Medication is effective but not always preferred HRT has been medically proven to be very effective at relieving symptoms like hot flushes and night sweats, and there are still many more studies into medical treatments than dietary alternatives. Many people prefer not to take HRT, however, because they dislike the idea of taking extra or synthetic hormones.

Side effects of medication other than personal preference, the main drawback are the possible side effects of HRT. These include:

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Are Menopause Supplements Safe

Menopause supplements often contain a blend of herbal ingredients and are generally considered safe when used as directed.

However, there are always risks and potential side effects associated with any supplement. Therefore, its best to talk with a healthcare professional before adding supplements to your routine, especially if you have any underlying health conditions or are taking other medications.

How Vitamins Can Help Menopause Symptoms

When your body is going through changes, giving it the right nutritional support is important. Incorporating vitamins for menopause and post-menopause into your diet can ensure that you have the proper fuel and compounds needed to smoothly get through the menopausal transition.

So, what vitamins are good for menopause? Some of the best vitamins for menopause include vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin C, B vitamins, and vitamin A. There are also numerous vitamins for menopause to treat both general symptoms and specific menopause symptoms.

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Menopause: How Vitamins And Supplements Can Help Its Symptoms

Perimenopause, menopause, and post-menopause are all natural processes that can take a tremendous toll on your body. As your hormones fluctuate, you may experience a broad range of side effects, including hot flashes, mood swings, and night sweats. Taking vitamins during and after menopause can ease symptoms and make you more comfortable. Since you can still experience symptoms after menopause, taking supplements post-menopause can also be effective.

That being said, what vitamins should you take during menopause?

Vitamins That Could Help Manage Perimenopause And Menopause Symptoms

Top 5 vitamins EVERY woman needs to take in menopause/perimenopause to stay healthy.

It is important to remember that menopause is not a disease or an illness. It and the lead-up to this period are merely times of transition. However, the changes might still be difficult for some women to handle. Hormone therapy might help with managing menopausal changes, but it is not necessarily suitable for everyone. Ideally, you should make conscious lifestyle choices like adopting a healthier diet and turning to vitamins that could help supplement your changing body. Here are our top picks from Puritan’s Pride:

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