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What Vitamins Help Knee Joint Pain

Garlic And Root Vegetables

Best Vitamins for Joint Pain in Knees Relief

Garlic, onions, ginger and turmeric have anti-inflammatory properties. Various studies have shown that these pungent root vegetables can be useful in treating symptoms of arthritis and other joint pain. Incorporate these vegetables into meals for added flavor. Plus, theyre all available in a supplement.

How Rosehip Supplements Reduce Knee Pain

Rosehips contain a pain-killing complex of galactolipids which have an aspirin-like ability to inhibit two enzymes involved in the generation of pain and inflammation. They do this through a different mechanism to aspirin so rosehips do not cause the same intestinal side effects.

Galactolipids isolated from rosehips also inhibit the activity of inflammatory white blood cells, and lower levels of inflammatory markers in the blood. Reducing the movement of inflammatory cells into joints can reduce both pain and stiffness.

Natural Supplements To Consider

1. Turmeric

A plant from the ginger family, turmeric is often used in South Asian cuisine, such as curry. It contains curcumin, the key ingredient that can help decrease inflammation. To be effective as either a supplement or food and not simply metabolized and excreted turmeric should be absorbed with fatty oils, such as avocado or olive oil, and black pepper, which most supplements contain.

I recommend making turmeric a part of your daily diet for three to six months to gauge any benefits. Turmeric supplements can be expensive, and inflammation can be treated in other ways. So, if your pain hasnt decreased after this amount of time, we can try something else

2. Cherry juice extract

Anthocyanin supplies both the red coloring and anti-inflammatory benefits in cherries and other red fruits and vegetables. Most of my patients who say cherry juice helps relieve their pain drink about one glass a day, but you can eat a handful of cherries daily or take supplements that contain the pure juice extract cherries are high in anthocyanin. However, because of its high sugar content, I do not recommend cherry juice for diabetic patients.

3. Omega-3 fatty acids

Most patients I see have taken these supplements before without good results. For better absorption I recommend incorporating omega-3s into your diet through foods such as tuna, salmon, sardines, tofu, walnuts, and flaxseeds.

4. Collagen

5. Chondroitin and glucosamine

6. Boswellia

7. Cannabidiol oil

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Treating Osteoarthritis Of The Knee: Popular Supplements Dont Work

Osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis, affecting 1 in 10 Canadian adults . The knee is one of the most common and most symptomatically affected joints, causing knee pain in many people. They often try over-the-counter remedies to help the pain, and to avoid knee surgery. Amongst these treatments are the supplements glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate, which are very popular.

Because glucosamine and chondroitin are building blocks of cartilage, and because osteoarthritis is related to cartilage degradation, many believe that adding these building blocks to the diet of a person suffering from osteoarthritis will help rebuild cartilage and lessen pain. While on the surface this may seem logical, in reality these supplements do not provide effective pain relief. Heres why:

These popular supplements dont work.

Many studies have shown that glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate do not help to relieve pain from arthritic knees. People who take the supplements often report less pain or swelling of their joints. But people get similar results if they take a placeboa sugar pill with no active ingredients. Pain relieving drugs, such as acetaminophen and ibuprofen , help a lot more.

The supplements can be dangerous.

You arent always getting what you think.

To make matters worse, often the labels on the bottles are misleading. In 2013, Consumer Reports tested 16 joint pain supplements and found that seven had less chondroitin than the label listed.

Use drugs carefully.

Bioscience Nutrition Joint Support

Top 8 Best Supplements for Knee Joint Pain in 2020 ...

BioScience Nutrition has a pretty solid joint supplement thats got all the usual suspects. The ratio of glucosamine to chondroitin is a little greater than some of the very best supplements, and it doesnt have any unusual or interesting ingredients, but its still a solid joint support supplement with a strong dosage.

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Knee Pain Relief 6 Natural Treatments Including Exercises

Reviewed by Ron Torrance, DO, FAOASM

Next to back pain, knee pain is one of the most common complaints among both older adults and younger athletes. Knee injuries are one common cause of knee pain, but you dont have to fall, trip or get into some type of accident to hurt your knees.

What can cause knee pain without injury? Arthritis, overuse, osteoporosis, certain types of exercises like running, and repetitive movements are all potential causes of knee pain.

How do you relieve knee pain? Identifying the underlying cause of your pain is the first step. Treating health conditions that might contribute to inflammation , exercising appropriately, maintaining a healthy weight, stretching and doing certain knee exercises can all greatly help you find relief.

How Effective Are Cherry Supplements For Knee Pain

A group of 58 people with osteoarthritis of the knee were asked to drink either tart cherry juice or placebo juice for 6 weeks. Then, after a week of no treatment, they swapped over to take the other juice for another 6 weeks so acted as their own controls.

Their knee pain, knee stiffness and knee joint function were assessed before and after each treatment, and scores decreased significantly after the cherry juice treatment but not after the placebo treatment.

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Hydrolysed And Unhydrolysed Collagen Supplements

The form of collagen found in joints is found in the diet, particularly in meat. The collagen used in supplements is either derived from marine sources , or from animals cartilage . Marine collagen peptides have a higher concentration of the amino acids needed for the production and repair of human cartilage .

Supplements can contain collagen in its original state , or in a hydrolysed or solubilised form.

  • Unhydrolysed collagen contains large collagen molecules which must first be digested before they can be absorbed and used in the body.
  • Hydrolysed collagen is in a body-ready form as it is pre-digested by protease enzymes to release small fragments that are more easily absorbed and used.

When you take a hydrolysed collagen supplement, it is rapidly absorbed into the circulation from which it is extracted by cells that need these building blocks and cartilage where it acts as a signal to trigger the synthesis of new collagen fibres.

As well as supporting joint health, collagen supplements have benefits on skin suppleness, elasticity and hydration to reduce the formation of skin wrinkles. Collagen also offers benefits for people with thinning bones as it is a bone scaffold protein on which calcium salts are laid down.

Take Care Of Your Hair Skin And Nails

BEST Supplements for Knee Pain! (Speed Your Recovery and Cure Patellar Tendonitis FAST)

Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the bestproducts, and articles are reviewed by healthcare professionals for medical accuracy. Youcan learn more about ourreview process here.We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.

Verywell / Sabrina Jiang

Collagen is the main structural protein of connective tissues such as bone, skin, cartilage, and tendons. Collagen peptides are the broken down elements of the longer protein chain and are more bioavailable and absorbable by humans in this form. It has been hypothesized that if humans ingest collagen from outside sources it will support and optimize our health and address physiological needs posed by aging and exercise.

The primary function of collagen is to help tissues withstand stretching. Although collagen loss starts between the ages of 18 and 29, after age 40, the body can lose around one percent per year at around age 80, collagen production can decrease 75 percent overall in comparison to that of young adults. This is where supplements come in. By taking a supplement, you can replenish some of the collagen your body has lost, and hopefully, see the real effects of adding this supplement to your diet.

Here, the best collagen supplements:

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Zenwise Advanced Strength Joint Support

Zenwise makes an excellent joint supplement that covers all of your bases. With regards to glucosamine, the most widely-studied joint supplement, each tablet provides 500 mg, alongside chondroitin, MSM and hyaluronic acid, which are considered the mainstay ingredients in joint supplements.

For fans of herbal remedies, it also includes boswellia and curcumin, which is derived from turmeric. Both of these are anti-inflammatory extracts that may be able to relieve joint pain in the short term.

Collagen Supplements For Knee Pain

While glucosamine and chondroitin give cartilage its flexibility and resilience, it gets its strength from a strong, fibrous protein known as type II collagen. Collagen is a protein composed of long chains of amino acids. Every third amino acid is glycine, with proline, hydroxyproline and hydroxylysine appearing in between. These last two amino acids are not found in any other human proteins.

Long chains of collagen come together in threes. Hydroxyproline, which needs vitamin C for its synthesis, has a unique shape which allows collagen fibres to twist around each other and form long triple strands for extra strength

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Pure Nature 100% Pure Curcumin Extract

Made by a reputable company, the Pure Nature Supplement is made from 100% pure natural curcumin extract that helps to improve joint health. The product relies on turmeric to provide nutrients to your joints.

Bioperine is the active ingredient found in this supplement that allows you to take full advantage of the supplements antioxidant properties.

Pure Nature has built a reputation for producing a good range of all-natural products and among its most popular products is this turmeric curcumin supplement.

They claim that this supplement also works as a dietary supplement thats formulated with organic ingredients. These ingredients work well in improving ones health and wellness, most especially the joints.

Taking this supplement can help improve your mobility by enhancing the lubrication of your joints. It can also enhance cartilage production, which helps in improving the overall health of knee joints.

Turmeric, which is the supplements main ingredient, has been proven to be effective in reducing inflammation, which means this supplement will treat knee joint pain.

Hmc Ultra Flex Glucosamine Max Strength Joint Supplement

Top 8 Best Supplements for Knee Joint Pain in 2020 ...

This joint health support supplement delivers maximum strength for relief from knee, back, and joint pain. Mobility is increased and cartilage becomes more lubricated. The formula is designed to reduce inflammation, increase flexibility, and reduce stiffness in the joints. The supplement contains a powerful antioxidant as well as anti-inflammatory properties for joint support.

HMC Ultra Flex Glucosamine Max Strength Joint Supplement

Key Ingredients

  • Helps to rebuild healthy cartilage


While glucosamine and turmeric are healthy supplements to take, when added to the other ingredients it provides a powerful pain relief formula. The tablets do not have any smell or taste and are easy to swallow. Flexibility is increased and pain in the joints significantly reduced.

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Does Glucosamine Actually Help Joint Pain

There have been countless trials on glucosamine to see whether it helps our joints, and they often compare glucosamine with painkillers or placebo pills, to see which treatment seems to relieve pain more.

Some of these studies found glucosamine seemed to help patients, others found it was no better than a placebo pill in relieving pain.

In 2010 the British Medical Journal published a meta-analysis where they pulled together the results of thousands of patients in many glucosamine trials, and the authors were unable to show any conclusive benefit from taking glucosamine but they did go on to say that patients taking it often are convinced of its benefit, and as it wasnt doing them any HARM, they could continue to do so.

On the other hand, other similar reviews come to the opposite conclusion, and say that glucosamine may have some benefit.

So what is the truth? Is it effective, or no better than placebo? Or could it be both?

What To Take For Knee Pain

What can I do to make my knee pain go away? is an all too common question. As knee pain becomes more prevalent in todays society as people live longer and with higher BMIs, myths and cures for the ailment have exploded. Supplements, in particular, have become extremely popular in recent years as people try and find alternative ways in dealing with often very painful knees. Word-of-mouth, the rise of alternative medicine, distrust in our healthcare system, and ease of access are also contributors to their increasing popularity. And so even if you, as a patient, are proactive in doing your research on supplements and medications, it is difficult to differentiate fact from fiction and you end up staring at an aisle of hundreds of pill bottles at your local drugstore without a clue and leaving with your wallet a little emptier and your mind still not much at ease.

NSAIDs are over-the-counter medications with overwhelming support for their effectiveness in managing knee pain and other osteoarthritis symptoms. However, many negative side effects are attributed to their use, and increasingly so at high doses and with long-term use, and so it is important to take care in choosing which one is best for you and to talk with your doctor before starting one of these medications.


Reduce inflammation


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New Chapter Zyflamend Joint Supplement

New Chapters Zyflamend takes a decidedly different tack. Its more of an herbal supplement, with no less than ten different herbal extracts. Some, like green tea and turmeric, are familiar, while others are quite obscure.

Many of these ingredients dont have solid clinical evidence behind their usage, so most people should stick with a joint supplement that includes clinically validated ingredients like glucosamine.

Collagen Might Also Offer Relief From Some Arthritis Aches

BEST Joint Supplement – Supplements for Joint Pain

If youre dealing with more than basic joint pain caused by wear and tear on your joints , collagen might be able to help.

Research shows that collagen may have a positive effect on different types of arthritis pain. A 2016 study examined the effects of collagen supplements on individuals with osteoarthritis results showed that collagen reduced pain, stiffness and mobility. A 2009 study that involved participants with rheumatoid arthritis also showed that taking collagen improved pain, morning stiffness, tenderness and swelling. While the effects werent as strong as typical treatment options , improvement was possible.

The Arthritis Foundation warns that more research is needed to determine just how beneficial collagen could be for various types of arthritis. But one thing is certain: this protein holds promise for joint pain and other symptoms, including swelling and stiffness.

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How Krill Oil Reduces Knee Pain

While plainomega-3 fish oils and cod liver oil are popular for preventing and treating knee pain, krill oil has the advantage of supplying long-chain, omega-3 fatty acids plus antioxidant pigments for an enhanced anti-inflammatory effect.

The long-chain omega-3s, EPA and DHA, are processed in the body to reduce formation of inflammatory substances known as leukotrienes. These omega-3s reduce inflammation, stiffness, swelling and, in people with different types of arthritis can reduce the number of painful joints, and the long-term need for pain killers.

Both the omega 3s and the antioxidants found in krill oil have an anti-inflammatory action which help to reduce joint pain, stiffness and swelling in people with rheumatoid or osteoarthritis. In a trial involving 90 people with inflammatory conditions such as rheumatoid or osteoarthritis, levels of inflammation were reduced by 19% within 7 days, in those taking 300mg krill oil a day, and by 30% within 2 weeks. In those taking placebo, levels of inflammation increased.

As well as helping your knee pain, krill oil is beneficial for the heart and circulation, too.

Are There Vegan Sources Of Collagen

Most collagen supplements are made with animal tissues, but there are collagen supplements for vegans. There are collagen booster and collagen builder supplements and vegan hydroxyproline supplements on the market, but it is difficult to find clinical research proving the benefits of these products. Some ingredients of these supplements include vitamin C, minerals, and amino acids.

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How Much Does It Cost For A Cortisone Injection

Spendonhealth reports that cortisone injections into the knee joint can cost anywhere between $100 300 USD. These costs likely vary a lot by region and country. Since cortisone shots are a well recognized medical treatment much of the expense may be covered by your health insurance should you have it.

How To Choose The Best Joint Pain Supplements

Best Vitamin For Knee Joint Pain

Choosing the best joint supplements or best joint support supplements is not easy. This is mostly because there is an abundance of joint pain supplements, joint reliefs, joint pills on the market with most of them not offering any true measurable benefits.

Because most of these products are designed as dietary supplements, they dont undergo rigorous FDA testing making their ingredient safety and efficiency highly debatable.

Furthermore, the studies on common ingredients in supplements for joint pain are inconclusive and contradictory, as stated in a review on bone and joint supplements published in Pharmacy and Therapeutics.

So choosing the best joint pain supplements will largely depend on your own research and trust regarding these products.

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Foods That Help Reduce Joint Pain

Ben Franklin was right when he said: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. We agree, so our orthopaedic specialists encourage patients to adopt dietary and exercise habits that support strong bones and joints.

Your everyday routine can have a big impact on the health and longevity of your joints. For example, choosing foods that build bone density, strengthen connective tissue and reduce inflammation can help you prevent injuries and preserve your joints for a long, active life.

We often see patients who are curious about making lifestyle changes to reduce joint pain. Yet our orthopaedic doctors recognize that its hard to change everything at once. Therefore, taking a look at your diet is a great place to start.

Heres our take on 10 foods that may help reduce pain and increase mobility in the joints:


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