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Will Prenatal Vitamins Help Get Pregnant

Are Fertility Supplements Evidence

can prenatal vitamins help you get pregnant

An evidence-based practicewhether it be a medication, intervention or therapy, complementary treatment, or even the way a provider communicates about careis a practice thats been thoroughly examined via appropriate research and found to make a significant difference in patient outcomes. Evidence-based is the gold standard in healthcare. Are fertility supplements evidence-based? Overwhelmingly, no.

Fertility supplements, like all nutritional supplements, are not regulated by the Food & Drug Administration or any other regulating body. That means that no one is keeping track of whats in these supplements, let alone checking that they actually do what they claim to do. Unlike over-the-counter or prescription medications, fertility supplements are not required to prove their effectiveness via clinical trials .

In one review of 39 womens fertility supplements available on the market, researchers found that not a single manufacturer provided any reasonable scientific substantiation that its products help women become pregnant. To quote those researchers:

So, whats a savvy consumer and hopeful parent to do? Remember that, when it comes to fertility supplements, you and/or your doctor will need to do your own research into the evidence to support the use of particular ingredients. This guide is a great place to start.

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Side Effects Of Prenatal Vitamins When Not Pregnant

February 12, 2022 by Melinda Godfrey

The job of prenatal vitamins is to help provide the essential needs the body requires to help the expectant mothers baby grow right and have a healthy development. For those planning to get pregnant, it provides all the necessary nutrients the body needs to get pregnant.

Even with vitamins that help nourish the body, there can still be someone or two hiccups that would come and go. So, the question is what is in the prenatal vitamins that make it have minor annoying side effects, such as itchiness, bloated belly, cramps, and the likes.

A spread like rumor flying around has made most women believe that whether they plan to get pregnant or not, this prenatal vitamin will help them with fast and healthy growth for their nails and hair with extra nutrients for healthy living.

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Benefits of prenatal vitamins when not pregnant

  • Taking prenatal vitamins without being pregnant prepares your body for the future even when you dont plan to be pregnant at the moment, it gives your body the nutrition that it needs when you are read, say in the next five to ten years. The best thing to give oneself is getting pregnant without having any deficiencies with nutrients and giving your body quality nutrient needed ahead of time.
  • Do Prenatals Improve Chances Of Pregnancy And Boost Fertility

    Will prenatal vitamins make you more likely to get pregnant? Find out by reading our detailed guide and get tips to improve your chances of conception naturally.

    Youve likely already heard a lot about prenatals, and thats because taking a daily prenatal vitamin is so important for your already developing baby. So you know that theyre good for youbut what goes in a prenatal vitamin? And can prenatals improve your chances of getting pregnant?

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    When To Contact A Doctor

    A person should talk with their doctor before taking any new supplements. The doctor can advise on whether the supplement may interact with any current medications. They may also recommend other lifestyle or dietary adjustments that a person can make to increase their chances of conceiving.

    People who have difficulty conceiving should consult their doctor. About 6% of married couples cannot conceive after 1 year of trying. As age can affect fertility, if the person trying to conceive is over 35 years old, they should seek medical advice after 6 months of trying.

    A doctor can check both partners to help determine the cause of infertility. They may suggest treatments, such as IVF or medications to help people conceive.

    Are There Prenatal Supplements For Vegetarians Or Vegans

    10 Best Prenatal Vitamins That Can Help Get Pregnant ...

    Vegans and vegetarians often have gaps in their diet, due to a lack of meat or animal products. An example of this is vitamin B12 which is mainly found in animal products and iron is rich in meats. For this reason, they may benefit more from a broad prenatal plus individual vitamin tablets, such as iron tablets. Some prenatal supplements cater to vegans and vegetarians, with vegan sourced ingredients and tailored micronutrients.

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    Rainbow Light Prenatal One Multivitamin High Potency

    • PRENATAL HEALTH: This comprehensive multivitamin in a 90 count supply, delivers scientifically researched ingredients in potencies that meet or exceed daily values of key ingredients for prenatal care.
    • NUTRITIONAL SUPPORT: One tablet daily supports the nutritional needs of pregnant and nursing moms with the recommended amount of folate, calcium, choline and iron.
    • WHOLE-BODY HEALTH: Potent vitamins A, C and D as well as Iron, promote blood, bone, skin, cell and immune health and energy throughout the day.
    • DIGESTIVE BALANCE: Vegetarian and gluten free, these prenatal multivitamins contain a digestive support blend and plant-sourced enzymes and are gentle enough to be taken on an empty stomach.
    • PURITY SAFEGUARD: Made with purity-tested ingredients and no artificial preservatives, colors, flavors or sweeteners and contains no gluten, wheat, milk, tree nuts, peanuts, eggs, fish or shellfish.
    • These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

    How Prenatal Vitamins Help You Get Pregnant In 2021

    Okay guys, I tried to keep it short so that I could give you a quick answer on whether prenatals can help you get pregnant faster but it turned into this article that covers pretty much all you need to know about prenatals when youre planning to have a baby!

    This is a MUST read if youre trying to get pregnant as it covers everything from the different ingredients, to when you should start taking them, their benefits, and which brands are best.

    And, as always here on Storkacademy you get my unfiltered, scientific opinion. Because I may be a scientist, but Im also just a 30-something year old who actively remembers how stressful it was to frantically compare brands and ingredients, trying to decide if that $50 bottle of prenatals would be significantly better than the $3 version I have sitting in my kitchen cabinet.

    If youre trying to conceive youre probably aware that prenatal vitamins are crucial in protecting the health of your baby. But hey, youre not pregnant yet. So theres no baby to protect yet, right?

    Well, prenatal vitamins do a lot more than just protect your baby. Prenatal vitamins are crucial for your fertility too!

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    Potential Risks And Side Effects Of Prenatal Vitamins

    There are no risks to taking a prenatal vitamin daily as long as consuming only the recommended amounts of the vitamins and minerals, says Dr. Purdie. She adds that some people may experience nausea or constipation as a result of their prenatal vitamins, but simple lifestyle changeslike taking vitamins with food and increasing water and fiber intakecan help mitigate these side effects.

    Cut Down Your Caffeine Intake And Cut Out Other Vices

    Re: Can prenatal vitamins help if I am trying to get pregnant?

    Theres a whole host of studies showing that too much caffeine and alcohol can derail your campaign to conceive. So if you really want to get pregnant soon, limit your caffeine intake to about 200 milligrams per day which is the equivalent of about two cups of coffee.

    But cut out alcohol altogether it can do a number on both female and male fertility. And though it probably goes without saying, nix nicotine now if you havent already. It can cause major cell damage to your eggs and increase the chances of miscarriage once you do get pregnant.

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    Protect Your Pregnancy Before You Conceive

    Many women know they need to take extra care of their health during pregnancy. But if you know you want to try to have a baby, its a good idea for you and your partner to start making some changes about 6 months before you actually get pregnant.

    That creates the foundation for a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby, says Sherry Ross, MD, an OB/GYN at Providence Saint Johns Health Center in Santa Monica, CA.

    Go through this to-do list as youre getting your body ready for baby.

    Folic Acid Calcium Iodine And Iron

    Folic acid

    If getting pregnant is a possibility for you, you should take folic acid. It can prevent birth defects that affect the babys brain and spinal cord. Neural tube defects develop early in pregnancy, before many women know theyre pregnant half of all pregnancies are unplanned. This is why doctors recommend that any woman who could get pregnant take 400 micrograms of folic acid daily, starting before conception and continuing for the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.

    If youve had a baby with a neural tube defect you should talk with your health care provider about folic acid. Studies have shown that taking a larger dose at least one month before and during the first trimester may help if youve had a baby with this defect. But talk to your doctor about whats right for you.

    Foods that have folic acid include:


    Iron helps your body make more blood red cells. These blood cells carry oxygen to the baby that it needs to develop.

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    What Pills Help You Get Pregnant

  • Taking clomiphene citrate by mouth, it stimulates ovulation by releasing more FSH and LH, which stimulates the growth of ovarian follicles containing eggs.
  • The effects of gonadotropins are described here
  • The drug metformin is used to treat depression
  • I am taking letrozole.
  • The medication bromocoumarin is used to treat acne.
  • The Importance Of Prenatal Vitamins For Pregnant Women

    Do Prenatal Vitamins Help You Get Pregnant

    Prenatal vitamins are a vital part of a womans diet during her first trimester, when her body is most trying. In this time of need, as well as at other times, there are importance of taking in enough vitamins and minerals to avoid any harm. Vitamins are important for four main reasons:

    • Adult
    • formulation
    • feature keywords

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    Where To Get Pregnancy Supplements

    You can get supplements from pharmacies and supermarkets, or a GP may be able to prescribe them for you.

    If you want to get your folic acid from a multivitamin tablet, make sure the tablet does not contain vitamin A .

    You may be able to get free vitamins if you qualify for the Healthy Start scheme.

    Find out more about the Healthy Start scheme.

    What Are The Most Important Nutrients In Prenatals Especially For The First Month Of Pregnancy

    While its important to have a well-rounded balance of vitamins and nutrients during pregnancy, some are truly MVPs because they actually help your baby form vital organs and body systems, many of which begin developing in the earliest weeks of pregnancy.

    According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists , these are the most important nutrients you need:

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    Do Vitamins Have Other Benefits

    Taking a prenatal vitamin not only helps you prepare for conception and pregnancy, it also helps you receive more than the minimum amount of vitamins and minerals necessary to prevent deficiency diseases.

    Many of us do not get the all the required vitamins and minerals we need from our diet. Even when we eat a healthy balanced diet it is hard to get everything we need to prevent disease, let alone achieve optimal health.

    Whilst taking a supplement is not a replacement for eating a healthy balanced diet, supplements can provide you with key nutrients that are hard to get from food.

    Mark Hyman, MD a practicing physician and a pioneer in functional medicine said 92% of the population in the U.S. are deficient in one or more vitamins, when asked if we need vitamins or not, he said

    Mark goes on to say In todays world, everyone needs a basic multivitamin and mineral supplement. The research is overwhelming on this point.

    Morning sickness relief According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, taking a supplement with vitamin B6 can also help combat morning sickness symptoms.21

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    Do Prenatals Help You Get Pregnant

    Can Prenatal Vitamins Help You Get Pregnant

    If youre wondering when to start taking prenatals and whether they can boost your fertility, read on. Youll find answers to questions like: Do prenatals help you get pregnant? Do prenatal vitamins make you fertile?

    Prenate pills do not increase fertility, but they can help you experience a healthy pregnancy and prevent complications.

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advice women on when to start taking prenatals. Women who are planning to get pregnant should take their vitamin three months before conception.

    Here are the benefits of taking prenatal vitamins before pregnancy:

    So, do prenatal vitamins make you fertile? A recent study does mention that vitamin B, folic acid, omega-3 fatty acids and healthy diets may increase fertility, and you can find some of these ingredients in the Conception Fertility Prenatal Vitamins Product.

    The Conception Fertility Prenatal Vitamins can help regulate your cycle and prepare your body for pregnancy.

    Suppose youre already pregnant and havent been taking prenatals. You can work closely with your doctor so they can advise on when to start taking prenatal vitamins and whether the Conception Fertility Prenatal Vitamins product is right for your body.

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    The Good The Bad And The Ugly

    If you have decided to start taking a prenatal vitamin, there are some things you should know. Weve said it before, and well say it again: prenatals are great and super important for your health and the health of your baby. Its been shown that taking prenatal vitamins can significantly reduce infant morbidity and mortality, and all the vitamins and minerals youre taking are creating the brain, spinal cord, bones, and teeth of your mini-me.

    So, what could possibly be the bad or the ugly? Its unlikely, but prenatals can also bring negative side such as constipation or nausea. If youre worried about any negative effects, you can learn how to manage them here.

    When Should You Start Taking Prenatal Supplements And Why

    Its recommended that you start at least three months before conception.


  • Helps ensure your body has all the required nutrients available prior to conception.
  • It takes over a year for an egg to develop, with most of the maturing occurring in the three months prior to ovulation, so its important that you get all the required nutrients during this development stage.
  • Your baby needs these nutrients to be available at the point of conception, not afterwards.
  • Improve fertility Prenatal vitamins can actually improve fertility.
  • More on these points below.

    Unfortunately, many women trying to conceive are not aware of the importance of starting BEFORE seeing a positive pregnancy test. Ovulation Calculator asked 81,156 women who were actively trying to conceive if they were taking a prenatal vitamin, the result was alarming. 68% said No.

    We then asked the same women how long had they been trying to conceive. As you can see in the graph below, the results ranged from 74% for women Just Starting, to 62% for women that had been trying for 12 months or more.

    These numbers may seem unbelievable, but it just goes to show we are not well informed when it comes to the importance of nutrition before conception.

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    Best Overall: Thorne Research Basic Prenatal

    If you’re looking for an excellent overall prenatal, Thorne’s Basic Prenatal is the top pick, particularly for its highly absorbable form of folate. Adequate intake of folate is known to support the healthy development of the fetuss organs and tissues. In addition, it is especially critical for the closure of the neural tube, which is the precursor to the brain and spinal cord.

    Though many foods like cereal, bread, and grains are enriched with folic acid and other b vitamins, supplementation is still recommended for pregnant women, as their need for this nutrient becomes 50 percent higher.

    It is recommended that women consume 600 micrograms of supplemental folic acid, in addition to the folate found in food. Thornes Basic Prenatal contains 1,000 micrograms of metabolically active folic acid283 percent of the recommended daily intake for folate. In addition, this prenatal is gluten-, dairy-, soy-, and artificial flavor-free.

    Thornes facility is NSF- and cGMP-compliant and they rigorously test for 760 contaminants to verify the identity, potency, and purity of each ingredient listed on their product labels.

    We Do Know That The Micronutrients In Prenatal Vitamins Can Support A Healthy Pregnancy*

    Do Prenatal Vitamins Help You Get Pregnant

    Micronutrients play important roles for a whole range of physiological processes, including reproductive function and theres no shortage of lab studies on how micronutrients may affect processes that are crucial to conception. One prenatal micronutrient in particular, folate, is backed by decades of lab research as well as real-world effectiveness.

    Multiple randomized controlled trials have demonstrated the efficacy of supplementation of folates synthetic form, folic acid, for supporting fetal neural tube development.* In fact, in the mid-1980s, researchers started running a study on folic acid supplementation around the time of conception, spanning 33 centers and seven countries. Their goal was to study 2,000 people, but they ended up stopping the study early because folic acid supplementation had such a large positive effect they thought it was only right to give it to all participants. Thats when it was first discovered just how crucial folate is for fetal neurodevelopment.*

    These findings spurred the creation of mandatory food-fortification campaigns. Folic acid began getting added to things like grains, whole grains, cereal, and flour in the US in 1996, and a decade later, the World Health Organization and United Nations published guidelines to help countries determine their folic acid fortification strategies. After folic acid enrichment of grains was mandated in the US, the prevalence of infants born with neural tube defects decreased by 36%.

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