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What Is Vitamin B12 Good For Weight Loss

Whats Vitamin B Complicated


The vitamin B complicated incorporates eight B nutritional vitamins:

  • B1 is also called thiamine
  • B2 is called riboflavin
  • B9 is also called folic acid
  • B12 can also be referred to as cobalamin

Every of those important nutritional vitamins helps your physique operate correctly.

B nutritional vitamins are important for sustaining wonderful well being and happiness. B nutritional vitamins instantly affect our vitality ranges, cognitive operate, and cell metabolism. Thus, theyre the constructing blocks of a wholesome physique. As well as, they contribute to most of the important capabilities of our physique.

How Does Exercise Help You Lose Weight

Losing weight naturally involves burning more calories than you take in. This results in what is known as a caloric deficit and, in theory, this will help you lose weight as your body is forced to turn fat into energy to make up for it. This is where vitamin B12 comes into play.

The faster your metabolism is, the more fat your body will be able to turn into energy. It can be extremely difficult to seriously limit your caloric intake in an effort to create a larger caloric deficit necessary for weight loss. Instead, receiving vitamin B12 can ensure your metabolism is capable of burning as much fat as possible while maintaining a diet that meets your bodys needs to maintain proper functioning.

How Much B6 Should You Take A Day

A vitamin B-6 deficiency is usually coupled with deficiency in other B vitamins, such as folic acid and vitamin B-12. The recommended daily amount of vitamin B-6 for adults 50 and younger is 1.3 milligrams. After age 50, the recommended daily amount is 1.5 milligrams for women and 1.7 milligrams for men.

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Symptoms Of B12 Deficiency

B12 deficiencies can arrive at any age, but are rarely seen in youth. Symptoms tend to appear mostly when people are middle-aged or older. People who are especially at risk of B12 deficiencies include:

Those with HIV Vegans and vegetarians Those with Crohns Disease or pancreatic disease Anyone else with complications absorbing nutrients

Having a B12 deficiency can slow down your life in a lot of ways, since your body isnt producing red blood cells and supporting the nervous system as it should.

Some symptoms of a B12 deficiency include:

Feelings of fatigue Tingling sensation in the digits Diarrhea and numbness, among other things

These are just some of the common symptoms. And this is not to be mistaken for a comprehensive list.

May Stop Important Congenital Disabilities:

Vitamin B12 Sublingual

Vitamin B12 ranges should be sufficient for a wholesome being pregnant. In keeping with research, a foetus mind and nervous system require sufficient vitamin B12 from the mom to develop.

Due to this fact, vitamin B12 deficiency throughout the first trimester of being pregnant would possibly increase the prospect of beginning abnormalities. Akin to neural tube defects. Moreover, an absence of vitamin B12 within the mom could end in a preterm supply or miscarriage.

In keeping with analysis, ladies with vitamin B12 ranges beneath 250 mg/dL are 3 times extra possible to present beginning to a toddler with beginning abnormalities.

Nevertheless, the chance is 5 occasions larger for girls whove a vitamin B12 deficiency with ranges beneath 150 mg/dL.

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Low Levels May Be Linked To Obesity

Interestingly, several studies have found that having adequate vitamin B12 levels may be associated with a lower risk of weight gain and obesity.

According to one large study in 9,075 people, having higher blood levels of vitamin B12 was associated with a lower risk of obesity .

Similarly, another study in 976 people showed that having low levels of vitamin B12 was linked to a higher risk of overweight or obesity .

Whats more, a study in 256 children showed that children with lower levels of vitamin B12 tended to have a higher body mass index , which is a measure of body size determined by height and weight .

However, keep in mind that while these studies show an association between vitamin B12 status and body weight, they dont take other potentially contributing factors into account.

Therefore, it cant be concluded that vitamin B12 causes weight loss. More research is needed to determine whether vitamin B12 directly affects body weight or BMI.


Some studies show that lower levels of vitamin B12 may be associated with a higher risk of overweight or obesity. Further studies are needed to determine whether other factors may also be involved.

The Basics Of Vitamin B12 And Weight Loss

If weight loss were a question, there would be a lot of given responses. The problem is identifying which is the right one. According to some, Vitamin B12 falls into the category of correct answers.

The use of Vitamin B12 for weight loss is part of a growing trend of supplementing deficiencies to allow the body to correct and effectively manage itself. The ratio behind it is that if you give the body what it needs, you will have the proper tools to get optimum performance from it.

Vitamins are considered prime resources for weight loss because of how they help the metabolic processes of the body. In this case, here is a rundown of the role of Vitamin B-12 for weight loss.

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How Vitamin B12 Injections Aid In Weight Loss

B12 injections can help with many functions of the body related to weight loss and metabolism. It assists in digestion, boosting the bodys efficiency in breaking down the food you eat and converting it into energy. Additionally, B12 assists in cell respiration, which is the metabolic process that takes place inside a cell to convert biochemical energy from nutrients into chemical energy that the cell uses.

B12 can help restore energy levels in people who are feeling a lack of motivation or experiencing lethargy. It can boost concentration, improve your mood, and keep your metabolism moving efficiently.

What Happens When B12 Is Too High

Do B12 injections have an effect on weight loss?

However, it is important to note that too much vitamin B12 can cause problems in some cases. In some people, high levels of B12 can cause gastrointestinal problems such as gas and diarrhea. And if you have high blood pressure or poor cardiovascular health, too much vitamin B12 can further complicate these problems.

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Elevated Vitamin B12 In Blood

High levels of B12 in the blood can indicate a possible liver or kidney problem, undiagnosed diabetes, or another blood disorder. You will be asked to stop taking all B12 supplements for a while to determine if the high value is a result of the supplements or your body. In general, you should stop taking supplements after 6 months.

Signs Of Vitamin B12 Deficiency

  • It could trigger irreparable and extreme hurt over time, notably to the neurological system and mind.
  • Deficiency signs comparable to unhappiness, disorientation, reminiscence points, and weariness are signs of barely lower-than-normal vitamin B12 ranges. These signs, nonetheless, are inadequate to establish B12 insufficiency.
  • Constipation, lack of urge for food, and weight reduction are additional indicators of vitamin B12 insufficiency.
  • Neurological abnormalities, comparable to numbness and tingling within the limbs, would possibly happen.
  • As well as, some individuals could have hassle conserving their equilibrium.
  • Infants poor in vitamin B12 could exhibit unusual actions comparable to facial tremors and reflex points, feeding issue, irritability, and growth issues.
  • Vitamin B12 deficiency places your nerves and mind at risk of extreme hurt.
  • Individuals who dont get sufficient vitamin B12 usually tend to develop psychosis, mania, and dementia.
  • Anaemia is one other symptom lack of vitamin B12 may also trigger.
  • Fatigue, shortness of breath, and an irregular heartbeat are essentially the most frequent indicators of anaemia.
  • A painful mouth or tongue, weight reduction, pale or yellowish pores and skin, diarrhoea, and menstruation points are all signs of anaemia.
  • As well as, vitamin B12 deficiency makes individuals extra liable to sickness.

Though human analysis is proscribed, a number of research present that vitamin B12 could affect physique fats and metabolism.

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Effects On Body Fat And Metabolism

Although research in humans is still very limited, some studies suggest that vitamin B12 could affect body fat and metabolism.

One review concluded that vitamin B12 plays a key role in fat metabolism, noting that a deficiency could be linked to increased fat accumulation and obesity .

Another animal study found that severe vitamin B12 deficiency led to a significant increase in body fat percentage and cholesterol levels in pregnant mice .

Whats more, one animal study showed that administering B vitamins to rats fed a high fat diet reduced weight gain and increased levels of several enzymes that influence metabolism, compared with a control group .

However, current evidence is lacking, and additional high quality studies are needed to determine how vitamin B12 may affect metabolism and body fat in humans.


Some animal studies suggest that a deficiency in vitamin B12 may increase body fat percentage and alter metabolism. More research in humans is needed.

What Is The Best Time To Take Vitamin B1 B6 B12

Can Vitamin B12 Really Help You Lose Weight?

Water-soluble vitamins absorb best on an empty stomach. That means taking them first thing in the morning, 30 minutes prior to eating, or two hours after a meal. Water-soluble vitamins dissolve in water so your body can use them. Vitamin C, all B vitamins, and folate are water soluble.

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B12 Shots For Weight Loss Forms And Dosage

Pure B12 shots for weight loss come in four different forms: methylcobalamin, adenosylcobalamin, hydroxocobalamin, and cyanocobalamin. While they are all essentially very similar to one another, there are some differences in how the supplement is administered.

  • Methylcobalamin is an active form of B12 that works with several enzymes to create amino acids, produce red blood cells, repair DNA, and assist with other essential physiological processes. This form of B12 is typically administered through injections and oral supplements.
  • Adenosylcobalamin is very similar to methylcobalamin and typically reacts the same in the body. It should be noted that this form of a B12 supplement is very hard to find because the molecule is unstable.
  • Hydroxycobalamin is a natural type of vitamin B12 that is produced by bacteria in the digestive tract. Sourced from food, this form of B12 can be engineered in a lab but isolating it from test cultures. It is easily converted into the body and is the generic form of injectable B12 shots.
  • Cyanocobalamin is an artificial form of B12 that contains an inconsequential amount of cyanide meaning it does not harmfully affect or negatively impact the human body. Cyanocobalamin is the most predominant form of oral, intramuscular, and intravenous B12 supplements.

May Help To Prevent Osteoporosis And Support Bone Health:

Vitamin B12 deficiency can harm your bones. Therefore its essential to keep your levels up. A study of almost 2,500 adults found that vitamin B12 deficient people have lower than average bone mineral density.

Reduced mineral density in the bones can cause them to become brittle and fragile over time. Therefore the risk of osteoporosis increases. In addition, low vitamin B12 levels lead to poor bone health and osteoporosis, particularly in women, according to research.

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If Youre Feeling Sluggish Check Out Our Signs You May Need A B12 Boost:

  • Youre Tired: Fatigue is one of the first signs of a B12 deficiency. Since B12 helps make red blood cells, a dip in production will mean less oxygen to keep your cells going.

  • You Feel Weak: If you can barely get up the stairs or lift your groceries, your muscles may not be getting enough oxygen.

  • Youre Anxious or Depressed: Low B12 levels can wreak havoc on our emotions, possibly because B12 is necessary for the production of neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin.

  • You Have Brain Fog: If youve felt like youve been losing your mind lately, and can never find your keys, low B12 may be to blame.

  • Youre Losing Weight: About 50% of people with a B12 deficiency lose the little bumps on their tongues – or papillae – some of which contain taste buds. This can lead to a decreased appetite and weight loss and may appear as a smooth, swollen, red tongue.

  • Youve Been Getting a Lot of Colds: B12 is an important player in our immune system, helping to produce white blood cells.

  • Youre Hands and Feet Have Pins and Needles: Over time, a lack of B12 can lead to nerve damage, causing numbness, weakness and balance issues.

  • B12 may be nicknamed the energy vitamin, but it does so much more. This important nutrient helps make the DNA in every cell of our bodies, maintains nerve cells, and is integral in the production of oxygen-carrying red blood cells.

    May Prevent Major Birth Defects

    Day 9: B12 injections for weight loss, my positive experience.

    Adequate vitamin B12 levels are crucial to a healthy pregnancy.

    Studies show that a fetuss brain and nervous system require sufficient B12 levels from the mother to develop properly.

    Vitamin B12 deficiency in the beginning stages of pregnancy may increase the risk of birth defects, such as neural tube defects. Furthermore, maternal vitamin B12 deficiency may contribute to premature birth or miscarriage .

    One study found that women with vitamin B12 levels lower than 250 mg/dL were three times more likely to give birth to a child with birth defects, compared to those with adequate levels .

    For women with a vitamin B12 deficiency and levels below 150 mg/dL the risk was five times higher, compared to women with levels above 400 mg/dL .


    Appropriate vitamin B12 levels are key to a healthy pregnancy. Theyre important for the prevention of brain and spinal cord birth defects.

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    How Does Vitamin B12 Shots Help You Lose Weight

    If you want to get rid of that stubborn belly fat but dont know how, Simply Slim Medical in Bethesda, Maryland can help. We offer state-of-the-art lipoplex, lipotropic, and Vitamin B12 shots for weight loss that can melt the fat away and give you back the figure that youve always wanted. If you want to get a gorgeous figure and lose your spare tire without having to go under the knife with invasive surgery, we can help.

    At Simply Slim Medical, we treat every patient like an individual, putting a special emphasis on care and compassion as well as personalized results. We dont believe in cookie-cutter solutions when it comes to our treatments, so you can be assured that you are getting a one-on-one experience that was designed specifically for you. If you havent been getting B12 in your life, you are definitely missing out. It can aid you with weight loss and so much more.

    May Benefit Your Brain By Preventing The Loss Of Neurons

    Vitamin B12 deficiency has been associated with memory loss, especially in older adults.

    The vitamin may play a role in preventing brain atrophy, which is the loss of neurons in the brain and often associated with memory loss or dementia.

    One study in people with early-stage dementia showed that a combination of vitamin B12 and omega-3 fatty acid supplements slowed mental decline .

    Another study found that even vitamin B12 levels on the low side of normal can contribute to poor memory performance. As a result, supplementing with this vitamin may improve memory, even in the absence of a clinically diagnosed deficiency .

    More research is needed to make sound conclusions on the effect of vitamin B12 supplements on memory and cognitive function.


    Vitamin B12 may help prevent brain atrophy and memory loss. More research is needed to conclude if supplementing with this vitamin can improve memory in those without a deficiency.

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    Health Benefits Of Vitamin B12 Based On Science

    Vitamin B12, also known as cobalamin, is an essential vitamin that your body needs but cannot produce.

    Its found naturally in animal products, but also added to certain foods and available as an oral supplement or injection.

    Vitamin B12 has many roles in your body. It supports the normal function of your nerve cells and is needed for red blood cell formation and DNA synthesis.

    For most adults, the recommended daily intake is 2.4 mcg, though its higher for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding .

    Vitamin B12 may benefit your body in impressive ways, such as by boosting your energy, improving your memory and helping prevent heart disease.

    Here are 9 health benefits of vitamin B12, all based on science.

    Get The Vitality You Deserve

    Best Vitamin B12 For Hair Loss

    Vitamin B12 plays an essential role in numerous bodily functions, including aiding in an efficient metabolism, the creation of red blood cells, all of your cells ability to produce energy, and maintaining proper mental functioning. A deficiency in B12 can lead to numerous adverse health effects, many of which can be reversed by taking vitamin B12 injections.

    If youd like to lose weight but just dont have the energy or motivation, or if you think you may be suffering from a vitamin B12 deficiency, contact Nubo Spa in Berkely, CA today to learn more about how we can help. A medical professional is available to answer any of your questions or to schedule an appointment.

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    Vitamin B6 As A Weight

    As is the case with vitamin B12, there does not appear to be any strong evidence supporting the role of vitamin B6 in weight loss.

    If one were to look at the functions of vitamin B6, it is evident that it is required to break down food and burn excess fat by stimulating the metabolism of lipids.

    The problem, of course, is that getting excess vitamin B6 can actually be harmful as it can over-stimulate the thyroid gland. By doing so it can actually cause weight loss but this is an unhealthy way to go about doing it.


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