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Ju Poppin Vitamin E Oil

How Ju Poppin Is Helping Women Regain Their Self

Ju Poppin Growth Stimulating & Vitamin E Oils Follow up Product Review

Healthy hair is a matter of pride for any woman and a reason to be envied by others. Beautiful and strong hair is no longer common among women. There are so many challenges for women to have healthy hair. This is where Ju Poppin has stepped in to help women regain their self-esteem with healthy hair that will naturally complement their beauty.

Ju Poppin is an organic hair care brand launched and owned by master hairstylist and serial entrepreneur Gillian Garcia. Her love for healthy hair is evident from the wide range of products she introduced through Ju Poppin. The products include hair oil, healing scalp mist, soothing oil, foaming lotion, shampoo, conditioner, and grooming oil. All the products are made using pure organic oil sourced from genuine suppliers across the world. The quality of the sourced raw materials is verified in Canada and finally blended in the U.S to produce the best hair care products.

Gillian Garcia launched Ju Poppin in March 2020, the same time when the world went into a lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. There was a slim chance for the brand to grow amidst all the restrictions and economic setbacks. But Ju Poppin managed to grow and gain a large following. Thanks to its quality products that have caught the attention of a lot of users, the brand has been able to grow massively within a short period of time. Ju Poppin scaled big almost immediately after its launch and earned a lot of positive reviews.

Ju Poppin Shares How To Rod Set Natural Hair

Hair enthusiasts know that there are many ways to achieve perfect spirals and bouncy curls, but nothing can top the rod set. It can be done regardless of the texture of the hair and doesnt expose it to intense and prolonged heat to do the job. To rod set natural hair there are hair styling products that aid in achieving the desired curls better and make them last longer. The Ju Poppin foaming lotion is one styling product that can make this happen. It can be ordered online from the official website of Ju Poppin. It is perfect for defining your natural curl pattern,its a must have for fingercoils. Perfect for your rodsets,giving you the right amount of hold and shine. However, without the proper technique, the perm rod and the foaming lotion will not be able to achieve defined curls. Ju Poppin is here to guide people on how to rod set natural hair the right way through helpful videos on their YouTube channel.

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How Ju Poppin Is Bringing Back Healthy Hair

By: Evan Arroyo|June 4, 2021|

Haircare brand Ju Poppin by hairstylist Gillian Garcia has a range of products that helps bring back healthy hair. Launched right before theCOVID-19 lockdown, the brand has seen groundbreaking success despite the many challenges. Updates regarding the products and upcoming new products are available regularly on the brands official website.

Born out of the desire to make healthy hair the norm once again, the brand is close to Gillian Garcias heart. Ju Poppin wants to revolutionize the beauty industry with its natural products. Gillian is a master hairstylist and an influencer on various social media platforms. Through her products and services, Gillian ensures that her passion shines through. It is evident in the enthusiasm that can be seen in her work.

All Ju Poppin products are made from raw materials sourced from the best places around the world. These are then checked for clarity and authenticity in Canada. The materials are blended locally by Gillians team. The product line includes shampoos, conditioners, and other styling products for both men and women. Top sellers include the Scalp Healing Mist, Growth Oil, and Vitamin E Oil.

The Hair Growth Oil is a serum that has English lavender to slow down hair-thinning in both men and women. Other ingredients like black cumin seed and ylang-ylang extract restore hair damage and reduce hair shedding.

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How To Properly Care For Hair With Ju Poppin Products

While healthy and shiny hair is something that can truly make a person stand out from the crowd, a lot of people do not know how to properly care for their hair. The proper care needed for hair to shine at its absolute best can make a person more confident and boost self-esteem. Ju Poppin has made it its goal to introduce hair care products that bring back healthy hair.

Ju Poppin is a popular new brand in the beauty world. It was launched by Gillian Garcia, a hairstyling expert, entrepreneur, content creator, educator, and philanthropist. Her expertise in hairstyling and unmatched skills has made it possible for Gillian to be featured in elite magazines like Oprah and Essence. Ju Poppin has a constantly growing YouTube Channel with over 100k subscribers

Before Gillian began her career as a hairstylist, she did not have any aspirations of being a hairstylist. However, she felt that it was her calling to become a hairstyler when she was introduced to it. Gillian came to America from Trinidad and Tobago in 1993 with only 50 dollars and a Big Dream.

The motto of Ju Poppin is to make people look good and feel good. Through hair care products, the brand is establishing itself as a leader in the beauty industry. Gillian received her initial education from a hair school in San Fernando, Trinidad. She also attended mastermind classes with Natalie Ledwell, Grant Cardone, and Marisa Peer.

Ju Poppin Scalp Healing Mist Spray


This organic healing spray serves two purposes: to heal and stimulate hair growth. It contains aloe vera and rose oil, the perfect combination to combat any form of inflammation and other scalp problems. The healing spray also contains lavender and tea tree oil, both of which are proven to stimulate the growth of healthy and strong hair.

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Francine Gillian Garcia: A Wonderful Entrepreneur And An Even Better Personality

Francine Gillian Garcia who is the owner of the famous haircare line Ju Poppin is a Master Stylist, Visionary, Philanthropist, Serial Entrepreneur, and Educator.

Since childhood, Francine is a very spiritual, kind and genuine person. Francine was born in Trinidad and Tobago. As a child, she attended Vessigny government secondary school. Later, she took educational classes at Brooklyn college for receiving GED. She is quite a believer in God. She said God is always there to guide each and every person and shows the path to everyone and lead them towards it as God did for Francine. Growing up, Francine never thought of becoming a hairstylist. She believes it was Gods will. She joined Hairanns hair school in San Fernando, Trinidad to started her education on hair. After completing her schooling, she has worked with several famous companies like Matrix, Patric Bradley, Loreal and Najah. She also attended mastermind classes with Natalie Wedwell, Marissa Peer and Grant Cardone.

Francine believes it is quite important to give back to the community she belongs to. The love and protection she provides to her children and grandkids show her love for them. She is a woman of God with words of wisdom that touches so many souls. She always put others feeling before her own.

Through many ups and downs, she was able to fulfil her dream and currently is quite established in the industry. To know more about Francine Gillian Garcia, visit her website:

Ju Poppins Oils Are Life

Are you worried about your damaged hair, wondering whether it will ever heal again? Are you tired of all the chemical loaded products that are available online and in supermarkets, guaranteeing full transparency and use of organic ingredients yet proving to be absolutely useless? No more worries- now you can entirely rely on Ju Poppin for most of your growth and healing process because their products are not only guaranteeing complete recovery but also offering you natural ingredients that do not have any side effects.

There is one particular advantage of having organic ingredients in your products, and it is entirely poison-free! To list down the main reasons why organic products are healthy, we can bunch them up as an improved system that can have a lot of long-lasting effects, nourishing and promoting good hair quality, having better results that are going to last longer, and you are also contributing to environment-friendly products, what could be better than that! Let us not forget how your products are entirely free of synthetic irritants or chemicals, after all, Ju Poppin has 100% transparent items so that you can be sure that they are not putting in any extras that can hamper your growth process.

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Ju Poppin Is Here To Start You On Your Healthy Hair Journey:

Previously, having a healthy crop of hair was a norm but in recent years after the launch of mass-produced, chemically loaded products and the trend of colouring hair, it has decreased everyones hair quality. Ju Poppin is such a brand that works hard to create products that help to improve your hair quality and make it healthier.

Ju Poppin as a brand represents the healthy hair journey. The owner of the brand Francine Gillian Garcia is a master stylist, visionary, philanthropist and haircare educator. Even though Francine launched this brand in the heart of the pandemic, her business has seen tremendous growth and success ever since its start. This is because, through years of work, Francine has been able to win the trust of many and help several people regain their confidence. Having an already huge loyal fanbase has given her brand the push it needed.

On asking Francine if there is any secret ingredient behind her brand success, she simply answered their brand has nothing to hide. And there is no such secret ingredient. All the ingredients used are simply organic products, chosen after much research, which is why they have so many good results and amazing reviews of all of their products from everyone who has used it.

The key ingredient of Ju Poppin growth oil is English lavender which is a scalp stimulator for growth, Black cumin seed which is for a healthy scalp and ylang-ylang which prevents shedding of hair.

If You Are Looking For Hair Products That Will Help You Grow Healthy Hair Then Ju Poppin Products Are The Answer

Ju Poppin Hair Oil Initial Product Review

In todays world, everyone is so busy with their work that they cant manage time to take care of their hair. The hair gets damaged due to pollution, regularly apply of heat on hair while straightening or curling, also while colouring ones hair, there are different chemicals which are also another reason for hair damage.

Francine Gillian Garcia during this pandemic lockdown has launched her new product Ju Poppin. Even in the lockdown, the brand has got a lot of positive reviews and everyone is happy with her products.

The aim of Ju Poppin is to bring back healthy hair and their motto is to look good and feel good. No one likes frizzy, dry and unhealthy hair. The brand focuses on bringing back healthy hair with its products to both men and women. They have a huge range of products which include hair oil, healing scalp mist, soothing oil, foaming lotion, shampoo, conditioner, and grooming oil. The quality of the raw materials is checked in Canada which gets blended in the U.S to make the best hair care products.

Gillian Gracia with her education has skills and understanding of hair care and she is a hairstylist, educator, philanthropist, and serial entrepreneur. With her innovative ideas, she has given the community the best products.

Ju Poppins top-selling products are listed below:

  • Hair Growth oil.
  • Scalp Healing Mist.
  • You can click on the link below to know more about Ju Poppin and its owner Francine Gillian Garcia:

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    Top 3 Ju Poppin Products To Achieve Healthy Hair

    Ju Poppin is a haircare brand launched and owned by Gillian Garcia. She is a hairstylist, content creator, and rising entrepreneur.

    Top 3 Ju Poppin products to achieve healthy hair. Image credit: Supplied

    Hair is the crown of glory for every individual. A lot of people associate gorgeous hair with feeling more confident and a boost in self-esteem. With many hair care brands available on the market, consumers have a lot of options to choose from. However, these days, healthy hair seems to be rarely seen. Many envy the person who has healthy hair. One new and popular brand wants to reverse the trend and bring back healthy hair, that brand is Ju Poppins.

    It is a brand that stands for healthy hair. This promising brand recently gained a lot of media attention and is being loved by hairstylists and beauty enthusiasts. Ju Poppin has a YouTube Channel with over 100k subscribers and regularly releases useful videos on hair care and styling.

    With organic materials sourced from the best places around the globe, Ju Poppins ensure high-quality products that deliver results. Their products can be bought online from their official website. Through a number of trials and errors, they have produced three bestsellers that are sure to put anyone on the right track to achieving healthy hair.


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