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Do Beard Growth Vitamins Work

Which Is Better: Biotin Shampoos Or Biotin Supplements

Do Beard Vitamins Work? | Eric Bandholz

Because biotin has to be ingested to affect keratin infrastructure, shampoos are unlikely to provide any significant results. While research does show that biotin intake can improve keratin production, there isn’t enough evidence that proves any beard growth supplements or biotin-infused shampoos are effective for people who don’t have underlying conditions that affect hair and nail health. Some biotin shampoos can improve scalp hair texture and beard hair density. They do not, however, promote enough growth to fill in bald spots or reverse hair loss. Beard hair thickness can be improved with the right hair products, like a high-quality wash. Oils and balms can help you achieve greater volume and a rich texture that’s strong without being dry, wiry or brittle. While biotin intake is one element of healthy hair, it isn’t everything. You’ll need to monitor your vitamin b levels with the rest of your nutrition, get enough exercise and focus on lowering stress and improving sleep quality.

Amazon Solimo Mens Generic Vitamin

Solimo is a generic low-budget brand from Amazon.

Their Mens One Daily Multivitamin can be used as a beard vitamin for those who want the cheapest possible solution.

One bottle comes with 100 tablets, and since you take it once per day, the cost per tablet is as low as $0,08.

This is amazing, considering that dedicated facial hair supplements like Vitabeard or Beardilizer usually have ingredient lists pretty much identical to this one, but with a cost per capsule that is somewhere around $1 per capsule.

Choosing a dedicated beard vitamin would mean that you pay about 10x more just to have the word beard on the label. .

Key Specs and Details

  • Extremely cheap and works well for tight budgets.
  • Contains the most important vitamins and minerals.
  • No proprietary blends, all ingredients clearly visible.


  • Not the highest-quality ingredients, as to be expected.
  • Could be called a basic kitchen-sink multivitamin

Where to Buy it: Amazons own brand can, of course, .

Bottom line: If you want the cheapest beard vitamin possible, look no further. With just $0.08 per tablet, this price is hard to beat and the ingredients are decently good.

Okay, so we finally got to the first beard supplement here that actually says beard in it.

Its the VitaBeard facial hair support formula from Do Vitamins brand.

Is it any good you ask?

Not really, its decent but grossly over-priced.

Key Specs and Details

Where to Buy it: The Vitabeard facial hair growth formula is

So Are There Beard Growing Vitamins

The short answer is yes. The long answer is more complicated, but still yes. Vitamins are essential chemicals that the body needs to perform optimally.

A deficiency in any of these can cause poor health, healing or growth. Healthy levels of vitamins and minerals will let your body work at its best.

Bear in mind that taking a multivitamin supplement will only keep you at 100%.

Taking vitamins and minerals beyond your daily requirements wont make you better than you are meant to be.

All the vitamin A in the world cant give you super eyesight, just your best possible eyesight.

A beard vitamin supplement will help you grow the hair you were meant to, not more than that.

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How Do Our Beard Vitamins Work

Beardilizer Facial Hair Complex is a multi-vitamin which has been specially formulated to stimulate facial hair growth. It is a 100% natural dietary supplement that includes beard growth vitamins and botanical extracts which are known to improve the appearance of hair and skin.

The beard supplements program starts with an intensive 10-day period, which prescribes nine capsules a day, taken with each meal. After that, the dose goes down to three capsules a day, and in no more than six months, you will be sure to have the thick, luxurious beard youve been wanting. Try our beard growth vitamins today!

Beard Vitamins For Facial Hair Growth: Do They Work

Do Beard Growth Supplements Work

Can you use beard vitamins for facial hair growth? Most of us at GentlemanHQ.com like to change up our facial hair styles a lot: stubble, stache, clean shaven, etc. We also like to grow a mean beard, so we went ahead and reached out to Brandon at Grow a Beard NOW! and jumped right in.

So I wanted to find out: do beard growing supplements really work? If so, what are some good vitamins for beard growth? Are there other ways to stimulate beard growth? You get the idea. Im sure theres not a super secret beard growth formula, but I know from experience that vitamins can work wonders in other areas. So, Im very excited that Brandon stopped by to enlighten us!

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Do Beard Growth Vitamins Work The Big Question

Welcome to the most detailed answer to that big question thats been pandering your mind for a while now Do Beard Growth Vitamins work?

At 23, as a freelance blogger and full-time civil engineer, I was living my supposed best life then. Owned a duplex, two cars, had a loving girlfriend although she nags a lot, in a nutshell, I was living my best life. But still, I felt incompleteness withing me. Over and over again I get to ask myself why my chin and the facial part of my body in general, take the synonym of a desert.

You see, I wasnt that concerned at 23 and 24 years of age tho until I clocked 25 and the plot of my beard story still isnt changing. Although even with my lovers nagging nature, she doesnt complain about my inability to grow beards, still I was personally worrisome about it.

On my quest for a solution, I got introduced to loads of pills, natural herbs, they were all shits! They basically carted away with my money without giving me a desirable end product.

The storyline remained the same until a few weeks to my 26th birthday. On a Tuesday evening, I was on a particular blog , when I stumbled upon an article highlighting the various importance of beard oils, beard balms, beard shampoo, and the beard growth vitamins present in them.

Right from that moment, my miracle started! all I needed was to be educated. And what exactly is what Im making you get too, this moment.

Beard Grow Xl Facial Hair Supplement

The Beard Grow XL Facial Hair Supplement is a completely vegan formula for hair growth. Its also a completely natural formula free of hormones.

This is a great choice for everyone as well. It doesnt specifically cater to a single hair type or benefit some hair types more than others. The results are made to be equal across the board.

On top of being vegan, this is also a gluten-free option. This makes it a great choice for anyone whos interested in trying this formula out.

Each bottle also includes a full 30-day supply. This means that you wont have to worry about having to restock too often to keep a full and luscious beard.

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Do Commercially Available Beard Growth Vitamins Work

We now know that vitamins do have their role in beard/hair growth. But, we also know that they arent needed in massive quantities and usually our requirements are met through dietary means.

As long as a beard multivitamin is coming from a reputable brand, you can trust it and they do work and if you need them. Therefore, a better question to ask would be whether you need beard growth vitamins.

You may have some vitamin deficiency that is adversely affecting your beard growth and here you would need beard growth vitamins. But, it is difficult to pinpoint such deficiencies and their effect on your beard growth.

Nonetheless, it must be kept in mind that vitamins dont have the ultimate say in the growth of your beard. It is genetics that determines the state your beard would eventually be in. Yes, you can improve your beard condition to some extent, but if your dad and grandad did not have fuller and richer beards, you are going to struggle to have something opposite to that.

Can Minoxidil Or Rogaine Help Me Grow My Beard

Beard Grow XL Review – Do Bear Growth Vitamins Work?

There are specialized topical beard growth products to consider as well, though they arent without their own set of drawn-backs. Chandler Sterling of California Beard Company is knee-deep in all things beard-related.

He admits to a lot of beard research on Reddit, explaining, from what Ive seen monitoring the /r/beards subreddit community is that internal beard growth products dont really work in the long term.

Other products like Minoxidil* may cause your beard to come in more fully, but once you stop using it, you likely lose all those beard gains.

Sanders agrees stating, some have turned to chemically enhanced topical creams and foams to help stimulate hair growth.

Rogaine in specific is a very popular drug known to help stimulate hair growth in men but it comes with the downside of causing irritation and inflammation on the skin when used regularly.

Topical creams are probably the closest to a guaranteed beard booster. However, come with their own drawbacks.

They may be a good fit for the man who is truly committed to growing a beard or a guy who wants to boost his beard for a special occasion like an upcoming wedding.

Pro Tip: If youre dealing with a patchy beard, a topical solution like Rogaine or Minoxidil may help it fill in, but only as long as you stay consistent with usage.

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Can You Increase Beard Growth With Supplements And Vitamins

If key to a thick, bushy beard is a matter of hormones, can a guy improve his hormone levels through supplements?

Diet and Hormones:

Dr. Stagg explains, while there are no controlled studies that examine actual nutrients in the diet and beard growth, we can only theorize about dietary factors that can impact testosterone and DHT levels which would then potentially affect facial hair growth.

For example, zinc is a mineral required for testosterone production, so making sure the diet includes foods rich in zinc like nuts, beans and shellfish may be helpful.

Beard Supplements:

Some men have indeed found success through beard supplements. I spoke with Hammer Stern, Stern Healing who explained, I tested the more popular compounds like silica*, l-methionine*, and a multivitamin with extra biotin*. Instead of buying the pre-made formulas, I bought all the ingredients individually and dosed them for maximum efficacy for three weeks.

However despite the rigorousness of his test, he admits, the results were disappointing. Nothing changed at all except I grew tired of taking all those pills every day!


Eventually, he did find a method that worked, he explains, the good news is that I eventually was able to find success in DHEA*. DHEA is a complex hormone that is a precursor to testosterone.

By combining DHEA and DIM*, a compound that lowers estrogen and therefore, by a process involving complicated sciencey stuff, increases free testosterone.

Buyer Beware:

Can Acupuncture Help Accelerate Beard Growth

A less conventional approach to beard growth is acupuncture. Halina explains, our Acupuncturist and Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner is an interesting, not often thought of, option.

With these modalities, you can target stress balding and hormonal.

However, she also warns, obviously it has the limitations of your genes. If strong beard growth has never been anywhere in your family genes, youre not going to see Viking results, but you can see some increase in quality.

Pro Tip: Acupuncture can potentially help boost the appearance of a beard through stress and hormonal regulation.

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Manufacturer Information And Claims About Beard Growth Spray

Beard Growth Spray is manufactured by beardActive. The secret behind the potency of Beard Growth Spray lies within its ingredients. All the ingredients works synergistically together and thats what make this product so special.Although beards have been around since the creation of man, it is until some years back that science behind beard growth has really taken off on the market. Since then, the market has been flooded with supplements designed to help in the beard development.According to the manufacturer, there is concrete evidence that this product supports beard growth.This supplement functions exactly as its name implies, you are required to spray the formula on areas where you need to see more hair development. This product has been formulated by natural substances, hence consumers should not worry about supplementing a product that could potentially cause negative effects on their skin.

Do Vitamins Boost Hair Growth

Do Beard Growth Vitamins Work?

The answer to whether beard growth vitamins work is they can if you’re deficient in certain nutrients. Poor hair growth and even hair loss can happen when you lack certain vitamins and minerals in your diet. Such nutrients include B vitamins, selenium, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc, and iron — all of which are common ingredients in beard growth vitamins. However, if you’re not deficient in these vitamins, you may not notice a boost in growth.

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Vitabeard Facial Hair Support Formula

As one of the first brands to introduce beard vitamins to the industry, VitaBeard is seen as a pioneer of sorts in facial hair supplements. The companys hair growth multivitamin is formulated with vitamin D3 and zinc to prevent hair loss and minimize beard itch by regulating sebum production in the skin hidden beneath the beard. Fuel your facial mane with non-GMO additives and other fertilizing ingredients to generate thicker threads.

Promising review: Love this product. Been taking it for several years now. Could already grow a full beard in about six months, but ever since starting Vitabeard I have gotten a full beard, thick enough to retain water, in half the time. It’s like steroids for your beard! Also, works great as a daily multivitamin. – Dustin

Should I Try Biotin For Hair Loss

Yes, you should. It is worth the try, especially if there is proof that you already lack in biotin. Note that an insufficient supply of biotin in the body can cause problems with hair growth. Biotin can be a huge help with that. You may also want to use a biotin serum with extra strength as you can expect it to have adequate support in strengthening and growing your beard fast.

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What Products Really Work For Beard Growth

Beards do not just happen by themselves, they take commitment and regular upkeep. From day one when the decision is made to grow a beard, whether its a tightly cropped beard close to the face, or a massive two-foot masterpiece, the process begins.

This post may have affiliate links, meaning we earn a small commission on purchases through the links . This does not change our opinion but does help support the site. Thank you!

What Are The Side Effects Of Beard Growth Pills

Do Beard Growth Oils & Pills Work? | Eric Bandholz

After much as being said & explained before now, it is safe to outline the side effects of these beard growth pills available around you. Side effects of beard growth pills can either be temporary or in extreme cases permanent.

However, I would like to bring to your notice, that these side effects outlined below are gathered from studies and researches.

Thus, as a disclaimer, this information enclosed below shouldnt principally be taken as medical advice or what-a-view.

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Is Vitamin C Serum Good For Beard Growth

Vitamin C serum is appropriate for beard growth since it contributed to the creation of a protein that is known as collagen. This component is crucial, and it is part of the hair structure. Vitamin C also plays a vital role in helping the body absorb iron, and this is a mineral that is essential for hair growth. Vitamin C also helps in promoting the production of testosterone, a male hormone that is responsible for improving beard growth.

If We Compare The Costs Between Beard Growth Pills And Multivitamins Does Beard Supplements Really Worth The Candle

As mentioned above, pills to grow beards and multi-vitamins contain substantially the same ingredientsHowever, these two types of product are sold at completely different prices.Generally, you’ll pay for beard growth pills between $ 25 and $ 35. While for the same quantity of multi-vitamin that also contain biotin or vitamin B7 , you’ll pay around $ 15, which is almost half of the price. What we suggest if you want to save some money, is to opt for both multivitamins in combination with Biotin. Alternatively, you can go for simplicity and opt for beard growth pills that contain all the vitamins and minerals that your metabolism need.

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Which Biotin Vitamin Is Best For Beard Growth

At the Bearded Chap, we’re all about living as good as we look. That means finding the right products, eating the right diet and looking after ourselves so our facial hair is a reflection of a good lifestyle. If you’re looking to take biotin, you may want to consider vitamin B complex. This type of product features eight individual B vitamins that assist in a variety of functions, like fatty acid production, hormonal production and red blood cell growth. We also suggest that you look at your diet and sleep. These are the two greatest factors that negatively impact hair growth and can be fixed on your own. Hair follicles are active while you sleep, so having eight to nine hours of sleep each night is important for facial hair growth and combating hair loss.

Your diet should be balanced, focusing not just on your B vitamins intake but also your overall nutrition. Every man has different needs, and your daily intake of food will vary based on your weight, height and activity level. You may want to talk to a doctor or licensed nutritionist about healthy eating habits. This is always better than trying to go off instinct or information you find on the internet.


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