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How To Use Vitamin C Powder For Face

Use The Right Concentration Vitamin C For Your Skin Type And Concerns

THE ORDINARY 100% L-ASCORBIC ACID POWDER – How to use and vitamin C powder review. DIY glow facial.

Different products may contain a wide variety of concentrations of vitamin C. In general, they range from below 5% all the way up to 30%, Dr. Hogan says, and this ingredient can have different effects at those concentrations.

Those with dry or sensitive skin probably want to stick with lower concentrations, around 5%, which are less likely to be irritating. But those with more oily skin or with more extensive pigmentation issues to tackle can handle higher concentrations. However, as SELF explained previously, the effects begin to plateau after 20%, so theres usually no need to go higher than that.

What To Mix With Vitamin C Powder For Glowing Skin

Vitamin C is an extremely potent skincare ingredient that single-handedly can bring about a remarkable change in your skins texture and clarity, provided you use it correctly. It works as an excellent antioxidant neutralize the harmful effects of free radicals, preventing wrinkles and premature ageing. Vitamin C is amazing at fading acne scars, blemishes, and hyperpigmentation, it improves skin texture and makes it flawless. There are various vitamin C serums available, but such serums lose their potency within a short period of time if not stored properly. However, powdered form of vitamin C or L-ascorbic acid, can be used to make face packs and work more effectively to clarify and improve skins texture. This powdered vitmin C also has antioxidants that prevent wrinkles, fade away blemishes, dark spots, hyperpigmentation, and improve overall quality of the skin.

Vitamin C Acts As An Antioxidant

Vitamin C is the most abundant antioxidant in your skin. Your skin cells store vitamin C to prevent damage from environmental factors. UV rays, pollution, and smoking can all damage your skin by creating free radicals. Free radicals are unstable molecules that pull electrons from your cells and cause damage.

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Notice If The Product Has Changed Color

Your vitamin C serum should be colorless or a light straw color, Dr. Hogan says. If it is oxidized, it becomes yellow or brown and is likely going to be less effective.

You can still use it if you want, but it wont do as much for your skin and, very rarely, oxidized vitamin C products can even cause slight yellow discoloration of the skin, Dr. Hogan says.

So consider getting rid of any vitamin C products that have dramatically changed color since you bought them. Especially if it is brown, I would say to toss it, Dr. Lamb says.

Vitamin C Ultra Fine Quali

Secret About Vitamin C Serum: How to use, Benefits and ...

This one is a made in UK Vitamin C powder that claims to be 100% pure. It is much expensive compared to many other Vitamin C powders available in the market but it actually offers great quality. It is one of the finest Vitamin C powders available and the brand claims that the purity of this product has been tested by third party labs in order to ensure the maximum reliability to their customers.

The product is free from GMO and comes in an opaque tub packaging that is easy to carry and store as per requirements. The packaging also ensures that the content is safe from humidity, sunlight and heat which can reduce the effectiveness of Vitamin C over time.

User Experience

According to the users, if you have used this Vitamin C powder once, you are hardly likely to settle for any other options. It is expensive, but as you need only minimum amount of Vitamin C for daily cosmetic use, a single package can last you over a year, giving you full return on your money.

The Vitamin C powder comes in a crystalline form but it dissolves rapidly into water, glycerin and even in alcohol without any need of vigorous stirring. It works as a wonderful ingredient for making 20% Vitamin C serum and for any other DIY Vitamin C cosmetics used for topical application. This Vitamin C powder helps in brightening the skin, helps in removing marks and spots. It improves the overall skin texture and reduces appearance of wrinkles.



  • The product is quite expensive.

Final verdict

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Use It In Diy Cosmetics

If you are planning to mix Vitamin C powder with your regular lotion or moisturizer, it is important that you first ensure that the ingredients of that cosmetic will not react with Vitamin C. Unless the instructions of the cosmetic explicitly mentions that it can be used with added Vitamin C powder from the same or different brand, it is only wise to prepare your own DIY Vitamin C serum or moisturizer instead of adding it to a formulated cosmetic product.

Vitamin C Powder For Skin Care: Uses Diy Serum Recipe And More

July 5, 2019 By Maya Khamala

  • Vitamin C offers a range of skin care benefits, from firmer skin to fewer wrinkles and dark spots caused by sun damage and aging.
  • The L-ascorbic acid found in many vItamin C serums is prone to breaking down when exposed to air, light and heat, and can also cause skin irritation at high concentrations.
  • Vitamin C in its powder form does not break down as easily, and can therefore be stored with more flexibility.
  • Vitamin C powder is also a popular choice as concentrations can be customized in DIY vitamin C serum recipes.

While vitamin C serum has known skin care benefits, this powerful antioxidant is prone to oxidation it breaks down when exposed to air, light or heat.

Although there are vitamin C derivatives available that are less prone to degrading, theyre not as powerful as pure vitamin C, or L-ascorbic acid . Vitamin C powder however, has been presented as a viable solution.


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How To Use Vitamin C Powder

We are excited about one of our new products the Vitamin C + Beauty Boost formula. Its a powdered Vitamin C formula that weve created. As you know that Vitamin C when you put it into a liquid form or you add it to a skin serum or moisturizer, it can often oxidize. Oxidation can make the solution turn brown or yellowish in color and the smell can be odoriferous as well. Vitamin C is not very stable in a solution form. So we start thinking about ideas to keep this from happening. We were exploring the concept of producing Vitamin C in a powder form and allowing people to mix it in the palm of their hand. Could we do that and provide the kind of benefits that people want?

To use the product, take the Vitamin C powder and put it in the palm of your hand. Next, apply a pump or two of your favorite skin serum to the Vitamin C in your hand. We like to use our Pure HA Skin Serum. Next, mix it into the palm of your hand with a clean finger. It blends right in.

You now have a solution, with Vitamin C, which can be applied to your skin. The Vitamin C Beauty Boost is a powdered form that allows you to mix it with your serums in the palm of your hand daily.

Our feedback has been very positive. People love this Vitamin C powder because its a unique concept. It is very compatible with all serums, lotions, and moisturizers. Of course, we tend to think that it works well with Hyalogic®s Pure HA Skin Serum.

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How To Use Vit C Powder On Face

I Used Vitamin C powder on my Face and see what happened within 5 minutes.

Nope, it’s not just all about eating your oranges! Vitamin C is a necessary element our bodies need, but have you ever thought about applying it to your skin? Well, we’re here to tell you that youdefinitelyshould. Just as your body needs vitamins to help maintain the right balance, so does your skin. Vitamin serums and treatments are hot items in the skincare world at the moment, and for good reason their effects are incredible.

So, why is Vitamin C so important? Also known as ascorbic acid, this compound is the key to cell regeneration and the production of collagen. All skincare buffs will know that the more collagen our skin has, the more plump and youthful-looking it appears. By applying this in serum or powder form to the face, your complexion will look brighter, have more elasticity, and fine lines and wrinkles will be blurred.

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How Long Does This Diy Vitamin C Serum Last

With light protection, Ive found that it gets slightly yellow after a week, and noticeably yellow after 2 weeks, so I think 2 weeks is the upper limit here. The pH is low enough that most bacteria wont be able to thrive so microbial growth isnt a big worry, especially when you wont be keeping the serum for very long.

There you go! You can get fancier if youre feeling less lazy , but this is an effective, inexpensive vitamin C serum thats easy enough to make that even lazy skincare addicts like me can remake it regularly.

Once youre used to the process, I reckon youll be able to make it in under 5 minutes!

How To Make Your Own Anti Aging Creams With Vitamin C

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Vitamin C is well-known for strengthening the immune system. However, it is also an essential nutrient responsible for the production of collagen. Vitamin C and collagen work to rejuvenate the skin by healing damaged cells, and making the skin firm and supple. You can create your own vitamin C anti-aging cream at home simply and easily, using one of the two methods below.

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Make Sure To Store Your Vitamin C Products Correctly

In topical skin-care products, vitamin C is sensitive to light and air. When exposed to these factors, it becomes oxidized to dehydroascorbic acid, which is less stable and less efficacious, Dr. Hogan explains. So these products should be stored in opaque containers that are either air-restrictive or air-tight, she says, like an airless pump rather than a tub or dropper bottle that requires being opened all the way.

Luckily, many vitamin C products already come in opaque containers for this exact reason, Dr. Lamb says.

When To Use In Your Daily Routine

PREMIUM Vitamin C Serum For Face with Hyaluronic Acid ...

Its true that the market is currently saturated with many vitamin C skincare products. However, board-certified dermatologist Dr. Y. Claire Chang, MD explained that its more important to know when to use them.

For example, vitamin C products can be used once daily in the form of serums and essences, she said. But if you want to see noticeable results from your products, she said it can be helpful to up your usage to up to two times a day.

I recommend using vitamin C products twice daily for maximum benefits, Dr. Chang said. If used in serum or essence forms, it should be applied after cleansing and before your thicker moisturizers and creams.

Similarly, Dr. Zeichner explained that vitamin C products can also fit into your daily routine by being applied underneath your sunscreen. This helps boost your blocks effectiveness, shielding your skin from the suns harmful rays, he added. Think of vitamin C as an insurance policy on your sunscreen, Dr. Zeichner said. It helps neutralize the effect of any UV light that penetrates.

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The Solution: Diy Vitamin C Serum

All these issues can be solved by using a DIY vitamin C serum that you remake every week or so. I generally find DIY a bit of a pain the minimum orders of the ingredients are too large for me to use up personally so I end up spending way more money than using a pre-made product, and theres the horrible feeling of wastage when you chuck out expired, barely-used ingredients.

Theres also the time required to cook up your product, the failed batches, and the dreaded washing-up afterwards. But its hard to find a downside to this DIY serum:

  • All the ingredients and materials are easy to get and inexpensive
  • It takes about 5 minutes to make with no special equipment required
  • It can be more effective than a store-bought product you dont have to deal with delivery times and distribution networks and having your vitamin C sit on a store shelf slowly degrading for an unknown period of time
  • You can easily adjust the amount of vitamin C in your serum add more LAA to ramp up the effectiveness, or use less LAA to decrease irritation
  • Its cheap enough that I dont feel bad spraying it all over my face and chest and body

For an effective vitamin C serum, you need 5-20% LAA at a pH less than 3.5. Above 20%, the effectiveness of LAA doesnt increase but the side effects do.

Vitamin C Powder Benefits For Facial Skin

Not all forms of vitamin C can pass through your skin. In order for your skin to use vitamin C, it needs to be in a form called ascorbic acid. However, ascorbic acid is unstable and breaks down when exposed to heat, oxygen, or light.

The ascorbic acid in powdered vitamin C is than other forms, and its thought to retain more of its benefits than vitamin C found in serums or lotions.

Some of the benefits of applying vitamin C to your face include:

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Why Doesnt Diy Vitamin C Serum Need Preservatives

In DIY communities, the usual mantra is that all water-based products need added preservatives which isnt quite accurate. Low pH, or high hydrogen ion concentrations, is in itself a preservative. For example, vinegar is self-preserving, and can be used to preserve other foods.

In general, products with a pH below 4 or above 10 wont need a preservative.

Of course, extreme pH doesnt work for a lot of formulations like emulsions. But this only has an aqueous phase .

Theres also the fact were only keeping this product for a few weeks before throwing it out, so the low pH will be sufficient to keep it preserved for that length of time.

How To Identify If Your Vitamin C Product Is Oxidised


If your vitamin C product is not stored in a cool, dry place where it is not affected by light, the chances are that it will get oxidised over time. You will know that this has happened if your cream, lotion or cleanser has turned a little yellow. Throw it out if this happens. To increase the shelf life of your vitamin C products, keep them sealed well and out of light or any other extreme conditions.

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Right Way To Apply Vitamin C Serum On Your Face

First of all, choose your vitamin C serum carefully. You can also make a serum at home. According to experts, the serum that you choose should have an L-ascorbic acid concentration of at least 10%.

Wash your face with warm water and a mild cleanser. While your skin is still damp, apply vitamin C serum on your face and neck using your fingertips. Gently massage it into your skin, and leave for 3-5 minutes until it dries. Now, apply a moisturizer containing sunscreen. Doing this will increase the efficiency of the sunscreen and will keep your skin protected against damage. Repeat this process two times in a day.

How To Apply Vitamin C Powder To Your Face

When applying a vitamin C powder to your face, its important to make sure that youre using a powder meant for topical use. Applying crushed-up vitamin C meant to be eaten as a supplement likely wont be effective.

Heres how you can apply powdered vitamin C to your face:

  • Add a small amount of powder to the palm of your hand. The package will likely give you specific instructions on how much to use.
  • Mix the vitamin C powder with a serum or lotion in the palm of your hand. has found that for vitamin C to be beneficial, it needs to make up at least 8 percent of the solution. A concentration higher than 20 percent may cause skin irritation.
  • Apply the solution either to your entire face or as a spot treatment.
  • As with any skin care product, its a good idea to test a small amount of powdered vitamin C on a small section of your skin in a less-visible spot 24 hours before applying it to your whole face. This way you can see if youre allergic to it.

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    Dont You Need To Use Cosmetic Grade Ascorbic Acid

    Pharmaceutical grade ascorbic acid is generally purer than cosmetic grade ascorbic acid. Since L-ascorbic acid is a pure compound, there isnt much variation in composition. Its possible that cosmetic grade ascorbic acid might dissolve more easily, but you can grind up the ascorbic acid to help it along, or wait a few more minutes for it to dissolve.

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