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Is Vitamin E Oil Good For Your Skin

Vitamin E As A Hair Stimulant

How To Use Vitamin E Oil | Hair And Skin Care

The foundation for healthy hair is a healthy scalp. Scalp health is determined by a number of elements such as the pH levels, oil production, blood circulation to the scalp, and follicle health. When your scalp becomes dry, the sebaceous glands start over-performing, making your scalp more oily than necessary. The excess oil clogs hair follicles, causes itching, dandruff and hair fall. Vitamin E helps by providing moisture and soothing the oil glands, rebalancing the various elements, ensuring that the scalp is revived and hair grows out healthy and strong.

Where Does Vitamin E Oil Come From

The natural version of the fat soluble vitamin is usually extracted from vegetable oil. These days vitamin e oil for face typically comes from soybean oil, although wheat germ oil was once a common source. On labels, its often called tocopherol. Theres also synthetic vitamin E, made from petrochemicals and best avoided for skin care purposes.

In A Nutshell: What Can Vitamin E Do

Found in many of the foods we eat and in vitamin E supplements, vitamin E helps foster healthy skin, and acts as a barrier against harmful UV rays.

But reaping the maximum skin benefits from vitamin E goes beyond just loading up on sauteed greens and salmon or downing sunflower seeds by the fistful.

And stocking up on foods rich in vitamin E also doesnt mean you should skip the sunscreen. Although a diet rich in the vitamin helps, it can be beneficial to incorporate vitamin E oil into your daily skin care routine.

With the recommended daily allowance and the addition of topical vitamin E oils, you may see a reduction in skin irritation and an overall improvement in the appearance of your skin.

And when combined with other vitamins and skin care ingredients, its especially likely that youll notice an improvement in your skins appearance.

Every day, your skin is exposed to environmental pollutants, and studies have shown that as an antioxidant, vitamin E can reduce some of that damage, and provide protection.

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Free Radicals And Antioxidants

Free radicals in the body are molecules with an unpaired electron, which makes them unstable. These unstable molecules interact with cells in the body in a way that can cause damage. As the process snowballs, cells can be damaged, and youre made vulnerable to disease.

Our bodies can create free radicals as we age or through everyday factors like digestion or exercise. Theyre also caused by exposure to external things like:

  • tobacco smoke
  • environmental pollutants
  • radiation

Antioxidants, like vitamin E, neutralize free radicals by donating the missing electrons that destabilize them. Antioxidants are found in many foods and are also made in our bodies using the vitamins and minerals found in foods.

Preventing Aging And Wrinkles On Your Face

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Vitamin E is high in antioxidants, and it affects blood circulation. That might be why people notice a difference in the firmness and structure of their skin after topical use of vitamin E oil.

A tells us that vitamin E and other natural ingredients rich in antioxidants are generally accepted as a treatment for delaying wrinkles, also called photoaging.

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Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil

Intensely nourishing and hydrating, the Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil is a versatile formula that immediately alleviates dry skin on the face and body. Enriched with vitamin E, it has been found to smooth and firm your skins texture and doubles as a conditioning treatment for your hair and cuticles.

E In Action: Choosing A Vitamin E Oil

There are multiple types of vitamin E available, including topical and oral solutions, as well as sprays, and oils intended for specific areas of the body. Choosing the right vitamin E for you comes down to your specific need, and what you hope the vitamin E can do for you.

When deciding on a vitamin E product, its crucial to read the labels and do your research about any product. Some sprays are noted to be used for hair only, while some oils are intended to be mixed in your favorite moisturizer.

When using a topical vitamin E, there is a risk of side effects, including rashes. Although rashes are not commonly reported, it is important to seek with a trusted healthcare professional if you notice an adverse reaction.

Vitamin E oil is available in multiple forms, and choosing which to use comes down to your purpose in using the product.

Straight vs. carrier oil

If youve ever cut open a vitamin E pill and rubbed it on your skin, you know its thick and messy. It delivers 100 percent of the vitamin to your skin, but can also potentially cause skin irritation which is why carrier oils are helpful.

Carrier oils dilute the amount of vitamin E you receive. Experts commonly recommend using vitamin E diluted in a carrier oil, which means looking for oils that combine vitamin E with other ingredients like jojoba, argan, rosehip, or apricot kernel oil.


Oil vs. hair oil


While they range in price, most of the oils on this list are under $10.

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Vitamin E Precautions And Safety

Vitamin E isnt an effective remedy for everyone. If you experience frequent breakouts or have pores that clog easily, applying topical vitamin E oil could aggravate your symptoms.

Taking oral vitamin E supplements for a short duration is safe for most people, but taking them for over a year can cause vitamin E to accumulate inside of your body. Too much vitamin E in your bloodstream can result in a reduced platelet count and blood thinning.

If you take blood thinners or if you have a bleeding disorder, speak with your doctor before starting vitamin E oral supplements.

Vitamin E Oil For Wrinkles

How i use vitamin E Oil for my Mature skin

Wrinkles come from age, free radical damage, improper skin care and poor habits such as smoking and drinking alcohol in excess. Vitamin E oil may prevent the formation of wrinkles by blocking free radical damage.

According to board-certified dermatologist, Erum Ilyas, M.D., vitamin E applied to the skin does have an emollient or hydrating effect. “By hydrating the superficial layers of skin, it can minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles,” she says. “It’s not necessarily ‘reversing’ the signs of aging, it is more likely hydrating the skin effectively to minimize the appearance of aging.”

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Vitamin E And Epidermis: Molecular Aspects

-Tocopherol levels exceeding those of -Toc in human skin, inhibits the production of PGE2 and nitric oxide, and also prevents sunburn cell formation, ultraviolet B-induced lipid peroxidation and edema, wherefore it has a role in epidermal protection from oxidative stress. Vitamin E also has a role in photoadduct formation and immunosuppression.

Jody Braverman Cpt Fns Ryt

Aloe vera and vitamin E feature prominently in beauty products designed to moisturize and soothe the skin. Research shows that both vitamin E and aloe vera may have several dermatological uses when applied topically however, aloe can be toxic when ingested.

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Aloe vera and vitamin E can protect the skin, soothe burns, promote wound healing and potentially aid several other dermatologic conditions.

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How To Apply Vitamin E Capsules On To The Skin Directly

Our body needs various vitamins and tablets for proper functioning of the body. There are individual benefits from each vitamin such as vitamin B whose supplement is becosules benefit overall development. In the same manner, Vitamin E not only promotes a smooth and healthy skin but also gets rid of burns, stretch marks,and scars.

Its daily use can help rejuvenate the skin by giving it a younger and healthier look. It might even be a better treatment than that expensive anti-ageing creams that you buy from departmental stores. However, what most people dont know is that vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant, and fights those nasty free radicals which can damage your skin and not mention, your body.

These ten vitamin E skin benefits will blow your mind.

Vitamin E oil is quite a powerful antioxidant that is fat-soluble and can help rejuvenate the skin as well as overall body health. The oil found in its purest form can be quite versatile. In that, it can be swallowed as a pill or applied as an oil. These are just some of the benefits that vitamin E oil provides us with.

Skin nourishment

Vitamin E nourishes the skin from within by making the nerves stronger. To have a soft, smooth and radiant skin, all you need to do is burst open the vitamin E capsule using a pin, and then, apply it onto your face.

Easy stretch marks remedy.

Applying vitamin E onto the skin helps increase nutrient levels and reduce stretch mark if applied on a regular basis.

It treats scars too

The Best Products With Vitamin E

How to Use Vitamin E Capsules For Glowing Skin And Beauty ...

Rouleau’s treatment offers 14% stable, no-sting vitamin C to lighten brown sun spots, prevent blackheads, even out skin tone, lift discoloration from blemish scarring, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. The vitamin E comes into play offering hydrating and skin-comforting antioxidants.

For a daily dose of vitamins, apply this oil-free moisturizer. It’s lightweight, intensely hydrating, and pH balancing for any skin type, but especially sensitive skin.

Packed with antioxidants including vitamin E, organic shea butter, pomegranate, and sea kelp, this nutrient-rich formula nourishes to reduce puffiness and helps to smooth fine lines.

This $15 jar is amazing because it can be used for your face, body, and hands. Derma E helps to soothe irritated and dry skin, while also adding loads of hydration to the targeted areas. The 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and paraben-free product is also infused with licorice to help combat hyper-pigmentation.

Very rarely do you come across a product as recommended across the board as this one. It’s remarkably pricey, but of course it isyou’re paying for a product with top-quality ingredients and science backing it. In fact, it’s so in-demand that people go through the trouble of counterfeiting it.

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Vitamin E Oil For Skin: Everything You Need To Know

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble antioxidant, which is found in nuts, seeds, fruits and seeds. If your body cant absorb nutrient from your diet, you must take vitamin E supplements. Oil extracted from vitamin E i.e. vitamin E oil is applied to your skin because it promotes skin smooth skin, soothes and softens skin, removes stretch marks etc. Thus it nourishes the skin. This article will tell you how to use vitamin E oil for skin care.

Article Contains

Derma E Vitamin E Skin Oil

Stop dryness in its tracks with the Derma E Vitamin E Skin Oil, a potent source of vitamin E that works with hydrating safflower seed oil to moisturize, soften, smooth and nourish your skin from head to toe. Enriched with linolenic acid and omega fatty acids, this therapeutic oil has a revitalizing effect on the skin and has been found to reduce the common signs of skin aging.

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Wait Is Vitamin E Or Vitamin C Better For Brightening Skin

Youve most definitely heard of vitamin Cand, hey, you might already be using something filled with itbecause its the cool kid on the beauty block right now. In the hierarchy of Very Important Vitamins, where does vitamin E fit in?

Heres the gist: On its own, vitamin E is a rock star . But when vitamin E and vitamin C come together, the antioxidant effects of both are actually boostedits kind of like a double shot of espresso but for your face.

Together, vitamins E and C are an antiaging powerhouse, protecting your skin from the damage caused by UV rays while promoting healthy skin-cell growth. They also help brighten your skin tone, minimize free-radical damage , and boost your collagen production . Sign me up. Ideally, youd find a serum with vitamins C and E together, but you can also try doubling up your products in the morning, layering on a moisturizer over a serum or an oil over a moisturizer, or just saving your vitamin E serum for night and using your vitamin C serum in the morning.

Coconut Oil And Vitamin E Oil For Skin


Coconut oil is a natural moisturizer for your skin. It has antibacterial and anti fungal properties, which kill germs from your skin. It has multiple uses for your skin.


  • Puncture vitamin e capsules and mix vitamin e oil with coconut oil
  • Apply to your skin
  • Leave it overnight
  • Next morning, rinse with water

How it works: this mixture strengthens fingernails, treats your foot, and eliminates toenail fungus. It reduces cold sores.

Repetitions: 3 times a week.

Best time to apply: before going to bed.

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How Do Vitamin E Capsules Work

“Here is where science and cosmetics blur,” Akridge explains. “Vitamin E has many benefits in the body. It helps cells function, it can help boost your immune system, and it is thought to help skin health from within. Many believe that by applying it to the skin it can have the same benefits, but while vitamin E capsules may help neutralize radicals when immediately applied, the other benefits I’ve mentioned might not necessarily apply when applied topically.”

Plus, there’s the fact that the gel housed inside the capsules we buy aren’t pure vitamin E. Instead, as Akridge explains, they also typically contain carrier oils like soybean oil or glycerin. Of course, the combination of vegetable oil and the antioxidants of vitamin E won’t hurt you at the very least it will likely hydrate the skin, but that could be as far as the benefits go.

Our suggestion? Experiment with both straight vitamin E gel from a capsule and an expertly formulated E-infused skincare pick to see what works best for your skin concerns.

That said, if you’re going to apply the vitamin E directly to the skin on your face , Zeichner advises paying heed to your skin type. Since vitamin E is oil-soluble, it can be lusciously hydrating , but because it is a heavier oil, Zeichner only recommends the oil to his patients with dry skin.

If you have oily or acne-prone skin, it’s recommended to avoid the use of vitamin E since heavier oils may cause new or worsen existing breakouts.

It Can Help Tackle Dark Under Eye Circles

As weve just mentioned, Vitamin Es antioxidant makeup means its a powerful free radical fighter that can help tackle the signs of ageing , as well as help lighten dark under-eye circles.

At night, gently massage a drop of Vitamin E oil into your dark circles. Leave it overnight to soak in and then rinse off in the morning with warm water. .15

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Side Effects Of Vitamin E

“When used in its pure form, in a capsule, and applied directly to the skin, vitamin E may cause dermatitis-type reactions,” warns Rouleau, “especially for the thinner and more sensitive skin around your eyes.” If you’ve ever had dermatitisthe technical, blanket term name for inflammation of the skinthat was caused by skincare, you understand that using it in this area without a patch test is a bad idea.

It could also potentially clog pores and, for those who are prone to acne and breakouts, add to the problem. According to Rouleau, using products with vitamin E is best suited for “normal” and dry skin types. That’s not allMacGregor makes a point to note that “some develop an allergy to it when it is used topically.”

How To Use Vitamin E Oil

Excellent Substitute of Vitamin E Capsule, Serum

When using vitamin E topically, at night is the preferred time since the oil can be quite thick and greasy. If youre using the pure oil, it only takes a few drops massaged into the area of concern to see positive effects. Putting some vitamin E oil on your face overnight is especially a good idea because it can make your face appear very shiny and also make it difficult to put makeup on. For areas like your cuticles, you can do use anytime of day.

You can puncture vitamin E capsules and squeeze out the pure vitamin E oil onto your fingertips for immediate use or into a small container for later use. Using vitamin E oil capsules provides a pure concentrated form of vitamin E. If you have sensitive skin, you can look for a vitamin E oil that also includes other natural oils.

To use vitamin E oil for facial concerns or for anywhere on your body, you can use either vitamin E oil or vitamin E cream. You can also try adding a few drops of vitamin E oil to one of your favorite lotions to increase its antioxidant and moisturizing power. Another option is to use wheat germ oil for hair and skin since it is a rich source of vitamin E.

Is vitamin E oil good for your eyelashes? Some people say they like to use vitamin E oil on their eyelashes to promote growth however, there isnt any scientific evidence or even many qualified testimonials of using vitamin E on lashes. Plus, you could very easily end up getting the oil in your eyes.

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