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What Vitamins Aid In Weight Loss

Basics On The Health Functions Of Vitamin D

Doc Weight Loss – B Vitamins and Weight Loss

Good news if youve been taking more socially distanced walks outside this summer: Vitamin D is produced in your body when the suns UVB rays hit your skin, according to Harvard Health Publishing. The vitamin is then processed by your liver, followed by your kidneys, so that its actively ready for your body to use.

This crucial vitamin is known as a key player in keeping your bones healthy, according to the Mayo Clinic. The reason? Your body only absorbs calcium, the main component of bones, when vitamin D is present.

And vitamin D helps with more than just bone health. According to the National Institutes of Health , your muscles need vitamin D to be able to move, and your immune system also needs vitamin D to fend off viruses and bacteria.

While getting a little sun is a great way to help you get your vitamin D, you can score some of the vitamin through food. Diet isnt the best source of vitamin D, but you can find it in foods such as egg yokes, mushrooms, and fatty fish like salmon and tuna. Also, vitamin D is often added to milk, breakfast cereals, and orange juice, the NIH notes, so check your food labels.

Supplementing your diet with vitamin D is another route to reach the NIH-recommended amount of 15 micrograms, or 600 international units , per day, for people ages 1 to 70. According to the NIH, you can find vitamin D2 and vitamin D3 supplements in the vitamin aisle, and both can raise the vitamin D level in your blood.

Can You Take Too Much B12

Because vitamin B12 deficiency is such a common complaint and can have disastrous consequences many people believe that taking high doses of B12 can be more beneficial than sticking to the RDI. But is there any truth to this approach, and will you suffer side effects if you take too many vitamins B12 for weight loss?

Thankfully, there is no identified maximum dose of vitamin B12 due to its low potential for toxicity, making it highly unlikely that you can suffer side effects from overdosing on B12. While we recommend sticking to the recommended daily intake set out by the NIH, there is little evidence to suggest that youll suffer serious side effects if you go over the recommended amounts.

Don’t Forget Your Diet

In addition to taking in vitamin B complex for weight loss, focus on adopting a balanced diet. Fill your plate with plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fat-free or low-fat milk and milk products, lean proteins, and avoid saturated fats and added sugars, per the Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2015-2020. By eating these foods, not only will you be able to meet your weight-loss goals, but you’ll also be meeting your B vitamin needs and enjoying vitamin B benefits.

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Vitamin Fortification And Obesity Prevalence

Although there are few studies linking the increased prevalence of obesity to vitamin fortification, existing evidence suggests that high-risk populations are those who are most likely to have an increased intake of synthetic vitamins and decreased vitamin elimination, e.g., populations in fortified countries, individuals with low SES in developed countries or with high SES in developing countries, formula-fed infants, and those who live in fortified countries with less rigorous physical activity.

The prevalence of obesity varies from country to country. It seems that this variation may be related to different food fortification policies and standards among countries. As shown in Table , the ranking of countries according to their prevalence of child obesity is similar to the ranking by the fortification standards of B vitamins. Evidently, flour fortification prohibited countries have a low prevalence of obesity, while countries with high flour fortification standard have high rates of obesity. Over the past few decades, food fortification has spread from developed countries to developing countries. Therefore, it is possible that the spread of obesity from developed countries to developing countries may reflect the time sequence of implementing food fortification with vitamins.

Follow The Sun To Increase Vitamin D

Best Vitamin To Help Weight Loss

A 2011 study showed overweight adults who took vitamin D and calcium lost more fat from their abdomens than those who didnt. Vitamin D, which is a hormone, helps your body absorb calcium. To increase your levels, get sun exposure daily. You can also obtain vitamin D from a supplement or foods, such as salmon, tuna, egg yolks, and fortified milk, yogurt, and cereals.

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Do Weight Loss Supplements Really Work

Youre right to be skeptical about using a supplement for weight loss, which is why its important to choose safe supplements supported by functional medicine.

The body has hundreds of reactions and metabolic processes going on at any given time, and supplements for weight loss that work facilitate processes involved in fat oxidation , steady energy levels, and the healthful use of body fat for fuel.

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There are several mechanisms we can influence when choosing the best weight loss supplement. Berberine, for example, promotes a healthy response to insulin, which, when it remains high promotes the storage of body fat.

Some amino acids also spare glucose during the breakdown of fuel sources, allowing the body to opt for easier fat burning.

Controlling cravings and appetite play a significant role for many chronic snackers. To quiet those cravings, we can use ketogenic supplements for weight loss like MCT, spirulina, or collagen peptides.

Theres a functional weight loss supplement to support every goal when used properly, and integrative medicine can show you how to leverage the best dietary supplements for weight loss to help you reach your goals.

Increased Vitamin Intake From Animal Sources

The consumption of animal-based foods significantly increased in developed countries in the second half of the last century. Dietary patterns in developing countries have been shifting to a more meat-centric diet over the past few decades. Such a nutrition transition has increased the intake of vitamins from animal-based foods. For example, United States per capita consumption of total meat showed an increasing trend between the 1930s and 2000 ,1B), which increased the daily intake of meat-derived nicotinamide from 6.8 mg in the 1930s to 11.4 mg in 2000, according to the data on meat contribution to daily niacin intake.

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Big Claims Slim Evidence

When you scan the supplement shelves at your local drugstore, you might see weight loss touted as a benefit of many products. For example, some people claim that vitamin B12, calcium, omega-3 fatty acids, and green tea supplements can help you lose weight.

The purported benefits range from revving up your metabolism and flipping a switch in your body to signaling your cells to burn fat.

However, scientists have found little evidence to bolster these weight loss claims.

Diets Supplements And Sun: How Should You Take Vitamin D

What are the best vitamins for weight loss?

When looking into the connection between vitamin D and weight loss, researchers often use supplements in their studies, rather than tracking a subjects sun exposure or food.

Thats because pills are standardized and can be given in high doses to quickly up a study participants vitamin D level. For example, a study published in July 2018 in the International Journal of Preventive Medicine gave subjects who were overweight or had obesity 50,000 IU of vitamin D each week for six weeks. Researchers found in this small study that the subjects weight, BMI, waist circumference, and hip circumference all decreased significantly, and their vitamin D levels increased significantly, after taking this high vitamin D supplement regime. However, thats not a safe amount of vitamin D to take for weight loss in the real world.

Although scientists havent done much research on eating vitamin D-rich foods and weight loss, theyre definitely still worth consuming. What we know is that foods high in D tend to be healthy anyways salmon, mackerel, mushrooms, vitamin D-fortified milk, which are part of a healthier diet, versus processed foods so consuming these would likely help with weight loss, says Agarwal.

And while researchers dont typically track sun exposure, getting a little sun the old-fashioned way isnt a bad idea, but its important to not overdose on sun, which can up your risk of skin cancer, according to Harvard Health Publishing.

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Vitamins Can Help You Lose Weight And Achieve Better Health

The 13 essential vitamins and the essential minerals are necessary for a reason theyre all tied to numerous aspects of your bodys functioning. You cant go without any of them and making sure youre getting the recommended daily values of each can impact your health in more ways than can be explained here.

With knowing what vitamins help with weight loss, figure out some new meal plans that incorporate foods rich in vitamins and minerals. Since they occur in a wide variety of foods, you shouldnt have any problem making up some tasty, healthy dishes. Dont neglect other factors that can help you boost your metabolism, too, such as getting daily exercise and spending time outdoors. As explained above, some vitamins like vitamin D and C are best paired with physical activity and sunlight.

Losing weight and reaching your metabolism goals requires a multi-faceted approach, so dont miss out on easy wins such as vitamins and other supplements.

Excess Vitamins Cause Insulin Resistance

Insulin resistance, a characteristic of obesity and type 2 diabetes, is a condition in which the tissues of the body do not respond appropriately to normal levels of insulin. It is known that glycemic and insulin responses are related to food. Foods can be classified by their glycemic index . Figure shows the different glycemic and insulin responses to low GI food and high GI food. The typical glycemic response to high GI foods is a biphasic response, with an initial significantly higher blood glucose and insulin level followed by significantly lower blood glucose level . Postprandial reactive hypoglycemia stimulates appetite and may lead to increased caloric intake. Therefore, it may be particularly important to understand how high GI foods induce a biphasic glycemic response.

Typical glycemic responses to ingestion of a high glycemic index food and a low glycemic index I food. This figure is based on literature data. GI: Glycemic index.

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Best Vitamins And Supplements For Weight Loss

Even after training every day and following a weight loss-friendly diet if you are unable to lose weight then its quite clear that you need vitamins and supplements to boost your performance

People often consume a diet that makes their body deficient in one or more macronutrients which affects their overall results. For instance, deficiency of vitamin B12 will make you feel fatigued and weak all the time

Moreover, most of the time, these deficiencies are the main reason why you are unable to break through the plateau. Why you are unable to lose belly fat even after training so hard

Supplementing your daily diet with the right nutrients can really help you in the short term weight loss as well as in maintaining a healthy weight for a long time

Here are the 14 best vitamins and supplements that can help you with weight loss. You can utilize one or more to boost your performance

Vitamin D Dosage For Weight Loss

Vitamins To Help Lose Weight

According to the National Institutes of Health, adults need at least 600 IU of vitamin D each day.

Still, its not exactly a one-size-fits-all situation, since a decent amount of research suggests the ideal dosage should be based on body weight.

Researchers in a 2012 study adjusted vitamin D levels for body size, calculating that 32 to 36 IU per pound is needed to maintain adequate blood levels.

So, depending on your body weight, this level could be much higher than the current standard upper limit of 4,000 IU per day. Doses of up to 10,000 IU have also been reported without any observed negative effects.

Keep in mind that vitamin D can still cause toxicity when consumed in large amounts, so its a good idea to talk with a healthcare professional before taking more than the upper limit of 4,000 IU per day.

Psssst: Check out our Greatist vitamin D supplement picks, from gummies to softgels, and even vegan vitamin D options!

Need more big D energy in your life? Heres how to get it.

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Vitamins To Lose Weight Vitamin C

Glassman says studies have shown that people who arent getting enough vitamin C might be more resistant to weight loss than people who have adequate levels. So supplementing vitamin C is a possibility there . However, she also says more doesnt always equal better because vitamin C is water soluble, any extra will simply leave your body after you use the restroom. In short: When using vitamin C for weight loss, dont overdo it! But if you feel that youre not getting enough, here are a few one-a-day vitamin C supplements you can take.

Vitamins And Weight Loss

Food is one of the top factors when trying to lose weight. Poor diets can prevent the body from performing at optimal levels. Cutting back on calories can also leave dieters lacking in nutritional requirements. Vitamins are a way to fill dietary gaps, curb cravings, boost metabolism, and increase strength. 4 popular weight loss vitamins include vitamin B, D, iron, and magnesium.

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Where Vitamin D Deficiency Could Affect Other Factors That Influence Weight

Because vitamin D influences so many facets of your health, a deficiency could contribute to other factors that may play a role in weight.

For example, a vitamin D deficiency is linked to mental illness. A review published in 2017 in the journal Neuropsychiatry found a significant connection between a vitamin D deficiency and depression.

Having a low mood is also associated with carrying extra weight. One review of research published in July 2017 in the Journal of Preventive Medicine & Public Health found that a higher body mass index was linked to experiencing more days of depression.

Its possible vitamin D helps maintain adequate energy and mood, says Dr. Agarwal. Again, those with low energy or low mood have been found to have low vitamin D, so not necessarily a direct cause and effect but a correlation.

Still, other factors, like poor sleep, have been linked to a vitamin D deficiency. For example, a meta-analysis of observational research, published in October 2018 in the journal Nutrients, found that vitamin D deficiency is associated with a higher risk of sleep disorders, though more high-quality research needs to be done to verify the association, researchers note.

While more research needs to be done to determine the cause-and-effect relationship among these factors, its clear that vitamin D supports other parts of health that could potentially influence weight.

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Obesity And Vitamin D Deficiency: Whats The Connection

Vitamins and Nutrients for Weight Loss

People who are overweight or obese have extra reason to be interested in their vitamin D levels.

Individuals with increased body fat have lower blood levels of vitamin D compared with lighter-weight persons, says Anne McTiernan, MD, PhD, professor at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and author of Starved: A Nutrition Doctors Journey from Empty to Full, who has done research on vitamin D and weight loss. An article published in September 2019 in Medicina backs this up, noting that while vitamin D deficiency isnt a cause of obesity, theres a strong link between the two. The authors theorize that one reason may be that excess fat, liver, and muscle mass prevents vitamin D absorption.

Another potential explanation, says Dr. McTiernan, it that people who are overweight or who have obesity might get less sun exposure and therefore have a lower level of vitamin D. Thats because they may be less able to go outside and take advantage of the suns vitamin D synthesis in the body.

Shilpi Agarwal, MD, a board-certified family physician in Washington, DC, says that even if they are able to go outside, they may be less likely to if their lifestyle is sedentary, which could contribute to a deficiency.

Whatever the reason, researchers are now looking into whether vitamin D supplementation to bring levels up to a healthy range could aid in weight loss.

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What Vitamins Do I Need To Lose Weight

If youve been thinking about taking vitamins to lose weight, we have some great news for you: There are a few vitamins out there that may help you reach your weight-loss goals. As you probably know already, no one vitamin will be a magic pill for weight loss, but ingesting the vitamins in whole foods can be especially beneficial, according to dietitian Keri Glassman of Nutritious Life. A diet rich in whole foods will be loaded with vitamins that naturally act as antioxidants in the body helping to reduce inflammation, she says, adding that supplementing vitamins cant hurt.

Keep in mind that a healthy vitamin intake is just one piece of the weight-loss puzzle. Shedding extra pounds can cut your risk of diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and joint pain by 50 percent, so its no wonder more than half of us say losing weight is our top health goal. The great news: You can pare those pounds and keep them off without going hungry by using the latest research-backed steps to weight-loss success.

Important: Always check with your doctor before starting a new supplement.


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