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Why Is Vitamin E Oil Good For Skin

Nutritious Addition To Your Diet

Vitamin E Oil for Healthier Skin

Consuming wheat germ oil has lots of nutritious benefits. The oil has no effect on your glycemic index, so if you’re concerned about blood sugar, you don’t have to worry about adding wheat germ oil to your diet. Wheat germ oil is a polyunsaturated fat, which, when substituted for a saturated fat, may boost heart health.

One tablespoon of wheat germ oil has 119 calories and 13.5 grams of fat. The fat content breaks down to 3 grams of saturated fat, 8 grams of polyunsaturated fat and 2 grams of monounsaturated fat. Although saturated fat isn’t as healthy, you still need some. Wheat germ oil provides 12 percent of your recommended daily intake of saturated fat, based on a 2,000 calorie daily diet.

By incorporating 1 tablespoon of wheat germ oil into your diet each day, you’ll get 135 percent of the recommended daily intake of vitamin E. Not only does vitamin E help your skin health, its ability to neutralize potentially harmful free-radicals in your body may protect you from some diseases.

What Is Vitamin E Oil

Vitamin E is both a nutrient and antioxidant, and the oil in its purest form is extremely versatile. Known as tocopherol, it has a light brown/reddish hue and is used in many skincare products.

You can find vitamin E at any drug or grocery store in either liquid or capsule form. Capsules can be punctured to release the oil for topical application. Also available, are products that contain vitamin E along with other ingredients made for skincare issues.

“Consumers should look for ‘tocopherol’ on the label when purchasing a product and make sure it’s combined with other antioxidants for the maximum benefits,” says Kononov. “Applying a little bit of vitamin E on a daily basis goes a long way.”

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Can I Leave The Vitamin E Capsule Overnight

If you want to be more thorough with the treatment and let it work for a longer period of time, then your best option is to apply the extract and leave it overnight. Your skin will be repaired and refreshed while you sleep, and you will wake up with a brighter complexion and the size of your pimple will be reduced.

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Natural Source Of Glycolic Acid

Yes, sugar is a natural source or glycolic acid, which is an alpha hydroxy acid. What is an alpha hydroxy acid?

The cosmetics industry generally uses synthetic AHA because of the positive effects on the skin such as wrinkle reduction, softening defining lines, and in chemical peels to reveal prettier skin.

The Best Foods To Consume For Vitamin E Include:

Excellent Substitute of Vitamin E Capsule, Serum
  • Sunflower Seeds
  • Spinach
  • Tomato

When eating these foods, you will want to keep in mind the amount of the food you are consuming to reach the daily value amount.

Eating 1 cup of sunflower seeds or almonds will provide 220% and 218% daily value, respectively.

Hazelnuts and wheat germ provide 133% and 118%, respectively, the daily value in 1 cup.

An entire raw mango weighing approximately 3 milligrams will give you 20% daily value while 1 whole raw avocado weighing about 2.7 milligrams will give you 18% daily value.

Eating the recommended daily amount is especially important for infants, children, pregnant and nursing mothers and the elderly. The reason is that of its ability to protect critical fatty acids and controlling inflammation.

In some cases, vitamin E must be consumed along with other elements to improve specific areas of health such as in the case of vision improvement. You must consume vitamin C, beta-carotene, and zinc while consuming vitamin E in order to be effective for vision.

These vitamins together help fight macular degeneration, which is known to cause blindness. Consuming selenium with vitamin E may lessen your chances of getting cancer. Also, consuming vitamin E with vitamin C may decrease the risk of dementia.

Research shows that tocotrienols in vitamin E protect against Alzheimers and may slow down memory loss.

When this is severe, holes begin to develop in the intestines, which leads to food elements literally getting into the bloodstream.

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Does Vitamin E Capsule Make You Glow

Considering the great work this supplement does to the skin and even within the body, it can be said and proven that vitamin E capsule makes you glow.

For a better result, make sure to include Vitamin E supplements in your diet and use the gel/oil as part of your daily skincare routine and you will be able to testify to the amazing glowing effect of Vitamin E capsules.

Vitamin E Rich Foods: A Glimpse

Instead of banking on vitamin e capsules for skin and hair, you should opt for natural foods that are rich in vitamins. Green leafy vegetables, nuts and seeds, fruits, and seafood are vitamin E rich foods.

  • Nuts: Sunflower seeds, pine nuts, almonds, all are great sources of vitamin E. Just 2 tablespoons of any of these nuts on a daily basis, can give you up to 7.5 mg of vitamin E, which is almost 90% of your daily requirement! Use them roasted in salads, make pastes for delicious dips, or add to gravies, or mix it into your morning muesli. You can also use pure sunflower oil or pine nut oil as a drizzle in salads.
  • Greens: Spinach, turnip greens, kale, mustard greens, swiss chard, or even parsley are some of leafy greens that work wonders to give your body its daily dose of nutrients like calcium, iron folates and vitamin E. In fact, a cup of boiled spinach or kale takes care of over 20% of your daily requirement. And, as nutritionists will tell you, eat greens in whatever quantity you wish they are low on calories too!
  • Avocado:Make a delicious avocado salad, or a guacamole dip. Half an avocado contains 2 mg of vitamin E, making it a great supplement.

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Why Rub Used Coffee Grounds All Over Your Body

This is one of my favorite parts of this recipe using coffee grinds in homemade body scrub! Its my favorite use of used coffee grinds too! Exfoliating

Coffee grinds are a softer exfoliating scrub that sloughs off dead skin with antioxidants and the caffeine that can improve collagen production in the skin.

Does Vitamin E Help With Scars

BEAUTY VITAMINS FOR GOOD SKIN HAUL – Vitamin C, Fish Oil, Vitamin E and Glutathione

Although vitamin E has a long history of use for healing scars, most research does not support this use.

A 2016 review of six studies concluded that there was insufficient evidence to recommend vitamin E for scar treatment. Three of the studies showed some reduction in the appearance of scars with topical use of vitamin E, while the other three showed no improvement.

The American Academy of Dermatology Association advises that keeping a wound moist could prevent the formation of scars. It recommends using petroleum jelly for this.

of vitamin E per day, although those who are breastfeeding or chestfeeding need about 19 mg. There is no evidence that additional vitamin E offers any benefits. Additionally, taking high doses can be harmful.

A person should always consult a doctor before taking any new supplement.

The best approach to using vitamin E products for the skin involves these steps:

  • talking with a doctor about any skin problems before trying vitamin E
  • following the instructions on the package and sticking to the recommended daily dose
  • considering experimenting with different forms of vitamin E to determine which one provides the best results
  • stopping the use of vitamin E if there are any side effects, such as skin sensitivity or an allergic reaction
  • wearing sunscreen when using vitamin E or any other skin care products

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Preventing Or Treating Fine Lines And Wrinkles

Dry skin tends to look more wrinkled than well-moisturized skin. The moisturizing benefits of vitamin E oil may help the skin look more youthful and less wrinkled.

Claims that vitamin E prevents or treats wrinkles, however, are unsupported by scientific evidence. The best strategy for preventing wrinkles is to avoid direct sunlight and to wear a quality sunscreen.

Benefits Of Topical Use

Wheat germ oil is readily absorbed by your skin, which makes it an effective moisturizer and an appropriate topical treatment. When applied to your skin, wheat germ oil delivers a healthy infusion of vitamin A, vitamin D, B vitamins, antioxidants and fatty acids.

These nutrients not only moisturize and heal dry or cracked skin, they also help prevent scarring. In particular, wheat germ oil is a rich source of vitamin E, which helps reduce skin damage, fight free radicals, support healthy collagen formation and maintain even skin tone.

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What To Keep In Mind When Choosing Vitamin E Capsules

These are the things you should keep in mind when buying capsules if you want to try out the methods mentioned above.

Be very careful when purchasing them, since there are two types of vitamin E natural and synthetic. If you want to use it on your face, the natural kind is recommended. In order to ensure that youre buying the natural kind, check the ingredient list! The natural ones are listed under the following names: d-alpha tocopheryl acetate, d-alpha tocopherol, or d-alpha tocopheryl succinate.

In addition, make sure the capsules dont contain a lot of additives and coloring. If the ingredient list is too long, then its probably not the right choice for you.

How To Use It

How to Use Vitamin E Capsules For Glowing Skin And Beauty ...

“As for the common concern about it having a pore-clogging effect,” continues Rouleau, “it’s important to note when used in skincare formulations, vitamin E is only offered in a small concentration. Using it that way is far from piercing a capsule and applying the ingredient in its pure form.” So if you want to try out the hottest new Vitamin E serum, go for it it’s likely been diluted enough that it won’t be an issue.

That being said, when looking at a product’s ingredient list, it’s challenging to know the percentage of purity that is usedor how your skin will respond to it. Though, this goes for any ingredient used in any product. According to Rouleau, it’s always best to get into the practice of performing a patch test whenever you purchase a new product.

“If you have a specific scar or area you want to treat, then puncture a Vitamin E capsule and apply the oil to that area for a few weeks,” Hamdan advises us. “It is a wonderful antioxidant and has been studied extensively in its ability to help with premature aging. Its part of the reason why I like getting my Vitamin E as part of an oil, instead of pure Vitamin E, which is usually an alpha-tocopherol version of Vitamin E. If you have sensitive skin, you can still use it just use very little and pat gently. If youre breaking out or have any redness, it might be a sign that your skin isnt tolerating it.”

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Vitamin E Treats Sunburns

Free radicals caused by ultraviolet radiation can lead to dark spots and sunburn. vitamin E neutralizes the damage, and repairs and soothes sunburnt skin. All you should do is take a couple of drops of the vitamin E oil, or even break a capsule of vitamin E and then massage it gently into the affected area.

Vitamin E Mask For Skin Ageing

To prepare an anti-ageing mask, you need a cup of green tea, two to three teaspoons of rice flour, one teaspoon of honey and two vitamin E capsules. In a bowl, add all of the ingredients mentioned above and form a paste. Apply this paste and wash it off after 10 minutes. The antioxidants present in green tea and vitamin E will promote new skin cell growth and delay ageing.

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How Vitamin C Supports Skin Care

Vitamin Calso known as ascorbic acidis a water-soluble nutrient that plays an important role in keeping your skin healthy. Topical vitamin C is clinically proven to have a wide range of clinical applications thanks to its antioxidant, antiaging, antipigmentary properties. This potent nutrient offers many benefits for the skin, including the potential to:

  • Make collagen, used to keep skin youthful and plump
  • Heal wounds
  • Reduce the appearance of dark spots
  • Prevent premature aging

Remove Dark Circles And Wrinkles Under The Eyes


Vitamin E capsules alongside almond oil have been proven to get rid of dark under circles and wrinkles under the eye effectively.

All you have to do is to mix 1 tablespoon of your almond oil with a vitamin E capsule and apply the mixture around your eyes in a circular motion before going to bed at night.

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Can Ingesting Vitamins Help Your Skin

Taking vitamins orally might be beneficial for your body, but it wont necessarily make a huge difference in the condition of your skin. This is because ingesting a vitamin doesnt have the same impact on your skin as targeted application. When you consume vitamins, they will be distributed everywhere in your body and your skin, lessening the overall impact.

So, the best option is to continue consuming vitamins by incorporating them into your diet and by applying to directly on your skin for targeted treatment.

Now you know that vitamins are important for your overall health, but you might still be wondering what the benefits are of applying them topically.

Well, here are some of the most important vitamins that your skin can benefit from.

Prevents Melasma Or Skin Hyperpigmentation

Topical application of Vitamin E oils and creams have shown effective results in reducing hyperpigmentation of skin caused by a condition called Melasma. Vitamin E to a certain extent prevents cell degeneration by interfering with lipid peroxidation. This in turn reduces skin pigmentation and benefits skin that is affected by melasma. Sun exposure is a potent cause for melasma and can be prevented by frequent application of Vitamin E. It is often used in combination with Vitamin C to enhance its medical value.

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Recommended Vitamin E Allowance

The amount of vitamin E you need daily is based on your age.

Teens, adults, and pregnant women should consume around 15 milligrams each day, according to the . Breastfeeding women need around 19 milligrams. Infants, babies, and children require less vitamin E in their daily diet.

Most people who live in areas where healthy food is available get enough vitamin E from food.

People with conditions that affect their ability to digest or absorb fat may need more vitamin E. These conditions include cystic fibrosis and Crohns disease. For these people and others concerned about vitamin E intake, supplements may help. Vitamin E is an ingredient in many multivitamin and mineral supplements.

Eminence Organic Skin Care Facial Recovery Oil

Vitamin E oil for face

Rich in vitamin E and other skin-healthy ingredients, the Eminence Organic Skin Care Facial Recovery Oil combats the visible signs of aging for all skin types with its versatile formula. Comprised of balancing clary sage oil, conditioning olive oil, rejuvenating sage leaf extract and calming ylang-ylang, this top-rated facial oil prevents excess sebum production and reduces the appearance of wrinkles as it works to deeply hydrate and improve the overall tone and texture of the skin.

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A Few Final Words About Using Vitamin E Oil On Your Face

Vitamin E oil packs a mighty punch, particularly when it comes to helping maintain healthy skin, protecting against everyday pollutants, especially the suns harmful UV rays, as well as repairing skin.

As with all skincare products, its important you do a patch test to make sure your skin gets on with it, and if it does, then youll probably wonder how youve got by without using it before now.

Its remarkable how this one oil alone, is responsible for so much skin goodness.

Do you want to eat more food that contains Vitamin E? Take a look at this article, A day of Vitamin E rich eating, which explains what you can eat to easily boost your Vitamin E intake.

The advice in this article is for information only and should not replace medical care. Please check with your GP or healthcare professional before trying any supplements, treatments or remedies. Food supplements must not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

15 June 2021

Vitamin E Oil Background

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble compound mainly found in certain plant oils and also in the leaves of green vegetables. Wheat germ oil is one plant oil that is especially high in vitamin E.

Vitamin E is both a nutrient as well as an antioxidant. As an antioxidant, it is known for protecting the body from free radicals that can wreak havoc on our health, both internally and externally.

There are eight major forms of naturally occurring vitamin E: alpha-tocopherol, alpha-tocotrienol, beta-tocopherol, beta-tocotrienol, gamma-tocopherol, gamma-tocotrienol, delta-tocopherol, and delta-tocotrienol. Alpha-tocopherol is the most abundant vitamin E in human tissue and is the only form recognized to meet human requirements, which means it is the form used to reverse vitamin E deficiency symptoms.

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Vitamin E As A Moisturizing Agent

As an oil-soluble nutrient, Vitamin E is heavier than water-soluble products. Applying it prevents loss of moisture, the cause of dehydrated skin, and restores and rejuvenates dull skin. Mix a couple of Vitamin E oil drops into your regular moisturizing lotion or into virgin olive oil, and apply on your skin at bedtime.


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