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Where Are Nature Made Vitamins Sold

Who Makes Spring Valley Vitamins

Nature Made Vitamins-Chews4Health

Recently, someone on social media claimed that Spring Valley vitamins are China-made products. Many consumers took the rumor seriously and refused to buy any Spring Valley supplements. Soon the FDA stepped into the situation and cleared their statements.

The FDA ensures that Spring Valley products are safe to use, and the origin of the ingredients is not questionable. Related authorities suggest the products are ready to market as long as the manufacturing information is on the label. So, you can remove this from your vitamin brands to avoid list!

However, there is no solid evidence of whether the Spring valley vitamins are made in China or not. The Spring Valley supplements come in the label of Natures Bounty, an American trust-worthy dietary supplement brand.

It is assumed that the vitamins are not bottled in an Asian country. Instead, the raw materials for the Spring Valley supplements are collected from those regions. Rather than going to the spring valley vitamins Wikipedia page its better to contact them directly if you have any confusion.

What Brand Of Vitamins Are Made In China

The video shows the label of a Spring Valley vitamin bottle that reads Product of China. Spring Valley is a well-known vitamin brand across the United States sold online and in person at Walmart locations, as well as Amazon. The brand has attracted controversy in recent years about its product labeling.

Ranking Of All Evaluated Multivitamins

The table below provides a summary of the Effectiveness Scores of some of the more popular vitamin supplement brands available on the market, including the Nature Made multivitamins.

Any vitamin supplement with a score that exceeds 8.0 is considered to be “excellent”. Unfortunately a quick glance at the table below reveals that the great majority of multivitamin products available on the market do not meet that threshold.

Using a multivitamin product with a score of 8.0 or above is strongly advised.


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Three Nature Made Products Receive Foods With Function Claims Labels Specify Benefits For Eyes And Inhibition Of Triglyceride Levels In The Blood

  • Three items from Nature Made, the leading brand for vitamins and supplements in the U.S., will be released as Foods with Function Claims. On sale from September 1, 2015 in new packaging: Lutein to support contrast sensitivity , Astaxanthin to support the eye’s ability to focus, and Fish Oil Pearl containing EPA*1 and DHA*2 to inhibit the elevation of triglyceride levels in the blood.
  • Originally launched in Japan in 1993, Nature Made has pioneered the Japanese supplement market over the course of 20 years and will continue to promote health and wellbeing through product-related information in stores and online.

Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has announced the renewal of Lutein, Astaxanthin, and Fish Oil Pearl supplements from Nature Made, the leading brand for vitamins and supplements in the U.S., as food with function claims for eyes and inhibition of elevation of triglyceride levels in the blood. The products will be available in their new packaging from September 1, 2015 at retailers in Japan and through the Otsuka Pharmaceutical’s official online store “Otsuka-Plus 1”.

  • 1Eicosapentaenoic acid
  • 2Docosahexaenoic acid
  • 3Basic information regarding scientific basis for function claims is available on the Consumer Affairs Agency website
  • Spring Valley Vitamins Vs Nature Made: Which One Is Better

    Nature Made Zinc 30 mg Dietary Supplement Tablets

    In the case of packaging and pricing, both brands offer similar services. Where Spring Valley vitamins were hit back to back with controversies, Nature Made paved a safe passage towards success. Due to those debates of the Spring Valley vitamin origin, many customers refuse to continue the brand. It sky-rocketed the sales of other dietary supplement brands, including Nature Made.

    When it comes to effectiveness and customer satisfaction, Nature Made is a step ahead of Spring Valley. The USP verified, and FDA standard products have gained the trust of the consumers. Also, the brand has been featured on many reliable sources.

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    Spring Valley Vitamins Vs Nature Made: Which One Is A Better Dietary Supplement

    An online survey poll discloses that around 86% of American adults take vitamins or supplements regularly. Do you want to fight mineral deficiency or eliminate the risk of diseases? Vitamins are your wild card to everything. But have you ever thought about what you are consuming in the name of dietary supplements?

    Considering the high demand, different companies have popped up and entered the supplement business. Are all of those brand labels serving you well or influencing you to put your health at risk without even realizing it?

    Recently, I have come across two different brands that sell vitamins, and my GOD! They are already dominating the market. I am talking about none other than the Spring Valley and Nature Made vitamins.

    When I researched them online, I noticed pretty shocking facts. It made me write these Spring Valley vitamins vs Nature Made supplement comparisons. Lets find out whether these brands serve what they preach and which company is better than the other one.

    Table of Content

  • 4.2 Final Thoughts On Spring Valley Vitamins Vs Nature Made
  • Choosing Nature Made Vitamins

    Many people take multivitamins on a regular basis, and the Nature Made vitamins line includes several formulations of multivitamins ranging from men’s vitamins to vitamins for seniors. Your doctor or healthcare professional may recommend antioxidants such as vitamin E for their potentially beneficial effects on your health, and Nature Made vitamins offers antioxidant vitamins in different strengths, combinations, and formats. Nature Made calcium supplements are among the many varieties of mineral supplements that are available from this highly respected manufacturer of natural supplements. Nature Made daily vitamin packs even include a special formula that is intended specially to preserve healthy skin. Order a sufficient quantity of every type of Nature Made vitamins so you always have enough for you and your family to take the recommended dose on a regular basis.

    *The total item count is approximate. The count will be inaccurate when sponsored products are displayed, when multiple sizes or colors of a product are grouped on a single product card, and when the in-stock filter is applied.

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    Nature Made: Customer Viewpoint

    The history of Nature Made takes us almost 50 years back. Founders of the brand used to believe vitamins and supplements can be the ultimate key to live a healthy life. The company still carries the heritage, which has led Nature Made to be one of the leading supplement brands in the world.

    Vitamins and other products of Nature Made have proven effective over time. 73 to 87% of consumers have found the vitamins helpful. Customers are also satisfied with the attractive packaging and affordable price of these products.

    The downside of Nature Made is involved with its misleading labeling. It is assumed that the vitamins and supplements miss essential ingredients. Hence, many customers question the validity of these products.

    Again, cases of mild toxicity due to the extended period or high dose of Nature Made vitamins are not uncommon. In many individuals, these vitamins and supplements show low effectiveness and negative impact.

    Vitamin Supplements From Nature Made

    Target Coupon Haul Free Nature Made Vitamin 10/9/12

    Vitamins and supplements from Nature Made include everything from prenatal supplements and single vitamins such as vitamin C and vitamin B-12 to daily supplement packs that contain a selection of Nature Made vitamins, minerals and other health supplements to be taken together every day. Nature Made products also include dietary supplements such as fish oil and acidophilus that may provide you and your family with special health benefits. All Nature Made vitamins and supplements are free of artificial colors and flavors, and they do not contain gluten and other ingredients that may cause allergic reactions.

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    What Is The Best Brand Of Natural Supplements

    What Are The Best Nutritional Supplement Brands?

    • Now Foods. Now foods represent an inclusive brand that sells different kinds of supplements starting from organic, non-organic and Non-GMO supplements.
    • Thorne research. Thorne research boasts of being a pioneer in Nutritional science and research.
    • Life Extension.
    • Flax or flaxseed oil

    Solution: Inmarket Implemented A Cross

    For Nature Made, or for any brand that needs that extra boost of discovery inside the store, InMarkets location-based advertising platform has become a magic bullet to drive awareness, purchase intent and sales. Using InMarkets full-service platform that reaches over 50 million active shoppers every month, Nature Made deployed a multifaceted online-to-offline ad solution that leveraged InMarkets unique ability to reach shoppers throughout the entire purchase funnel. The program focused on cross-digital promotion at the awareness stage, and then drove product interaction and sales via mobile while the consumer was walking inside the store and ready to make a purchase decision.

    Out of Store Solution: Segmenting Shoppers + Predicting Store Visits

    Leveraging InMarkets Audiences program, Nature Made used InMarkets best-in-class, SDK derived, first party location data to target custom audience segments based on their real-world store visit history. Creative was delivered to three audience segments outlined by Nature Made, as defined by InMarket Location Data.

    In-Store Solution: Driving Foot Traffic into the Preferred Retailers Where Nature Made Products Are Sold

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    Support Your Health With Daily Vitamins & Supplements

    Are you looking for ways to support your health? At Nature Made, we make it easy for you to take the right steps to create healthy habits. With a wide variety of vitamins and supplements like Vitamin C, Vitamin D, B Complex, and more, we offer everything you need to support a healthy diet and lifestyle.

    Spring Valley Vitamins: An Overview

    Nature Made Melatonin

    The affordable price and decent quality have made Spring Valley vitamins widely popular. You can not check out from a Walmart without noticing the pool of Spring Valley products. Due to the high demand, renowned e-commerce websites like Amazon, eBay, etc., have also welcomed this brand to their platforms.

    Over the years, Spring Valley vitamins have attracted enormous controversies. The debates have put the customers in a vulnerable position and led them to a state of disbelief. In the upcoming subsections, I am going to answer the two most asked questions about Spring Valley.

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    Background: Nature Made & Brand Boost

    An estimated $36.1 billion is spent on vitamins and nutritional supplements each year and this number continues to rise. While Nature Made is a legacy brand with nearly 50 years committed to health and well- being, standing out from similar brands can be difficult. Its crucial for the brand to ensure that digital spending has a direct impact on offline sales and success.

    What Vitamins Should You Take At Night

    Best Vitamins and Supplements for a Good Nights Sleep

    • Vitamin C. The first thing that comes to mind when you think of vitamin C might be that its a great boost for your immune system.
    • Vitamin D. It may come as a surprise that the main vitamin we get from sunlight, vitamin D, is also incredibly important to us at night.
    • Magnesium.
    • Vitamin B-12.

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    Should I Use Nature Made Multi Vitamins For Him

    If you are on a budget, then it is probably ok to take them for a short period of time. Please take into very serious consideration that they may contain potentially toxic substances. Taking the vitamins over an extended period of time may be detrimental to your health. Consult a doctor prior to taking the Nature Made Multi Vitamin for Him.

    If you can afford to get a slightly more expensive brand of vitamins, then it is recommended that you do that. And please take these vitamins as directed, and at your own risk. Although they are vitamins, there are still potential health risks. Especially I you are currently taking other vitamins or supplements.

    What Are Nature Made Multi Vitamins For Him

    Runnnn to Walgreens. Free & moneymaker Nature Made vitamins.

    These are affordable vitamins. Natures Made claims that their vitamins have all the key nutrients you need to support your overall health and wellness on a daily basis. The uniqueness of these vitamins is they are designed specifically for men. They claim these vitamins are good for the immune system, the muscular system, and heart.

    These vitamins contain 22 key nutrients to support a mans health. They specifically point out that there is a large amount of Vitamin A to support a health immune system.

    Vitamins C and E are antioxidants and essential nutrients, that vitamins C and E help reduce the level of free radicals in the body. Vitamin D, which is also in the vitamins is good for supporting healing teeth, bones and muscle as well as immune health.

    Nature Made Multi Vitamins for Him are supposedly made in the United States but the company who owns them is a much larger Japanese company. They are USP verified however so that means they are certified to be made here. There are no artificial colors or flavors in the vitamins. They also contain no preservatives or yeast and are 100% gluten free. They come in a 90 count per bottle and are designed to be taken be all men.

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    Are Natures Way Vitamins Made In China

    According to the Natures Way class action lawsuit, the Made in USA label on Natures Way products is deceptive because the supplements contain substantial ingredients that are manufactured in and sourced from foreign countries. McDonnell claims she paid more for these deceptively labeled supplements than theyre

    Who Owns Nature Made

    are vitamins made in china safe list of vitamin manufacturers in usa are naturemade vitamins made in china.

    Secondly, who is MegaFood owned by? MegaFood makers of Fresh from Farm to Tablet supplements, operates as a wholly owned subsidiary of Pharmavite. Based in West Hills, California, Pharmavite LLC is a subsidiary of Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. For more information, please visit

    Beside this, are nature made products made in the USA?

    Answer: All Nature Made products are manufactured to meet our high quality standards. Most all of our products are manufactured at our own facilities in Southern California.

    Are Nature Made supplements good quality?

    Nature Made is committed to making only those dietary supplements that science proves are safe and effective, and ensuring superior quality for each of the more than 140 products they make.

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    Spring Valley Vitamins: Customer Viewpoint

    Instead of all the fuss, many consumers stick to this Walmart brand. According to the available spring valley vitamin d3 reviews and data, the quality score of the vitamins lies between 6.8 to 9.2, which is pretty impressive.

    The packaging and price of the Spring Valley vitamins are reasonable. Also, the availability of the products in all Walmart stores makes it easier to shop.

    However, in many cases, the brand shows low effectiveness and causes mild toxicity among the users. What truly disappoints the Spring Valley customers is their labeling spuriosity. As the brand hasnt revealed an accurate ingredient list, it keeps the consumers in the dark, making the reliability of the products questionable.

    Researchers suggest that the brand products miss essentials. Producing high-quality vitamins is impossible without those elements. It is undoubtedly alarming news and risk for people with vulnerable health conditions.

    Lets continue the Spring Valley vitamins vs Nature Made comparison by discussing the overall impression of the second brand.

    Which Gnc Multivitamin Is The Best

    Nature Made Calcium Magnesium Zinc with Vitamin D3, 300 ...

    When youre looking for the best health and wellness supplements, a multivitamin should be at the top of your list. Not only is every GNC Mega Men® and Womens Ultra Mega® multivitamin complex created with the vitamins and minerals you need to live well, theyre also clinically proven to make you feel better.

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    What Are Customers Say About Nature Made Multi Vitamins For Him

    The customers scored the multi vitamin really low. So did multiple vitamin guide websites. Natures Made Multi Vitamins had an average of 4.3 out of 10. The multi vitamins are very inexpensive, but apparently when it comes to vitamins, you truly do get what you pay for.

    There is another report on the synthetic properties of the Vitamin A and B12 components of Natures Made. According to a study, the synthetic variants found within this vitamin may cause mild toxicity in the users if taken for an extended period of time. Its probably best, to use these vitamins sparingly and possibly cycle through them.

    Also, the low effectiveness of the synthetic ingredients leads to a low bioavailability. Considering that they possibly contain toxic substances makes these potentially dangerous to use. Its most likely best to consult your doctor or physician, prior to taking the multi vitamins. Also, make sure to keep the bottles out of reach of small children as they can cause very real complications.


    • Owned by a large pharmaceutical company


    • Full of synthetic ingredients

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    Challenge: Nature Made Needed To Engage With Multiple Consumer Segments And Stand Out From Competitive Vitamin Brands

    As more consumers are becoming mindful of their health, the VMS category is growing extremely cluttered with little differentiation among the competing brands. This leads to a lack of loyalty among consumers: since there are buy-one-get-one offerings almost all year round, they gravitate to wallet- friendly deals.

    The challenge then becomes reassuring shoppers that when they choose Nature Mades high-quality and trusted products, theyre choosing the right brand. This message needs to be communicated to shoppers during their peak moments of receptivity, both before shopping and at the moment of truth: inside the store, in the vitamin section.


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