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Vitamin K Cream For Dark Circles

Do Creams For Dark Circles Really Work


Yes and no. Certain ingredients in eye creams, such as caffeine and vitamin C, can help brighten and depuff the under-eye area. But if you have bags under your eyes, it might be hereditary. This means no amount of eye cream will minimize their appearance. Under-eye fillers may be of more help in that case.

You can try making small lifestyle changes, like reducing salt intake, but theres no guarantee these methods will work.

Biopelle Dark Circle Relief Cream 1 Percent Vitamin K Oxide

A concentrated treatment cream for discolored and congested under eyes.

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  • Biopelle Dark Circle Relief Cream 1 Percent Vitamin K Oxide is specially formulated to visibly improve the appearance of dark circles. Vitamin K and phospholipids target the cause by stimulating circulation in the delicate microcapillaries of your eye area while light-diffusing mineral pigments provide instant cosmetic coverage of imperfections for a clear and luminous finish.

    After cleansing the skin apply Dark Circle Relief Cream liberally to affected areas twice daily, morning and evening.

    Skin Care:Eye Care

    Water, Ethyl Alcohol, C12-15 Alkyl, Benzonate, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Parafinum Liquidum, Cyclomethicone, Glycerin, Lecithin, Sodium PCA, MICA, Phospholipids, Phytonadione Epoxide Hexane, Titanium Dioxide, Polysorbate 20, Acrylates/Acrylamide Copolymer, Phenoxyethanol, Acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl Crosspolymer, Triethanolamine, Carbomer, Disodium EDTA, Propylparaben, Methylparaben, BHT, BHA.

    Using Vitamin K For Dark Circles

    We have a variety of Vitamin K creams that you can purchase over the counter. Since most of these products have no FDA regulation, it is a great idea to go for ideas that have the USP certification. This will ensure that you will get a vitamin that is pure and effective.

    This short video shows you How to Take Vitamin K for Dark Circles.

    For individuals who would want to take a more natural approach to the use of the vitamin K in getting rid of the dark under eye circles, you should go for the products that contain no artificial ingredients.

    For instance, pumpkins contain rich sources of vitamin A, Vitamin K, and vitamin C, which are crucial to getting rid of the dark circles. Similar to the way you put the cumbers slices over your eyes, placing the pumpkin slices will help you get these vitamins.

    Doing this will help reduce the swelling and puffiness of the eyes, eliminating the dark shadows. In addition, using warm compresses will help in stimulating the blood flow in these areas eliminating the dark circles.

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    What Are The Best Products With Vitamin K

    Here comes the tricky part. If youre willing to give Vitamin K a go, youll have a hard time finding a product that contains more than a drop of it. These are your best bets:

    Dark Circles Are Essentially Bruising

    Best Vitamin K Cream For Dark Circles Under Eyes 2020

    A bruise is the result of damaged blood cells pooling under the skin. When blood vessels are traumatized or broken, blood leaks out into the surrounding skin. Your body begins its clean-up process and the part of the body that sustained the trauma is left a bruise. Dark circles under the eyes are the result of the same process.

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    Acwell Licorice Ph Balancing Intensive Eye Cream

    The Licorice pH Balancing Intensive Eye Cream, crafted in collaboration between Acewell and K-beauty marketplace Soko Glam, harnesses the power of licorice water and extract to brighten under-eye circles. The featured antioxidant-rich ingredients and peptides will combat puffiness and sagging, as well.

    Pair Vitamin K With Retinol

    Another ingredient that can be used with a vitamin K eye cream is retinol, which is a vitamin A derivative and is believed to get rid of acne and stimulate collagen production. With the collagen boosting properties of retinol, along with the vascular benefits of vitamin K, you can treat the skin around the eyes more completely and create greater plumpness and reducing redness. Researchers believe that the redness around the eyes comes from damage capillaries that release tiny amount of blood. Vitamin K eye cream can help keep the capillaries healthy, but an overall change in diet and sleep patterns may also be necessary for greater results.

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    Side Effects Of Vitamin K

    Here’s the thing, though: Although the jury is still somewhat out, vitamin K has no known side effects. “Unless someone has an actual allergy to it, it’s safe for all skin types,” says Russak. Oh, and one other contraindicationbecause of the effect it can have on blood clotting, anyone with a risk of blood clots should consult with their physician before using vitamin K, she advises. The bottom line: If you want to give it a try and see if it can help knock out dark circles, there’s no real harm in doing so.

    Naturopathica Vitamin K Brightening Eye Serum

    How to FADE DARK CIRCLES| Dr Dray

    The vitamin, while often used in medical settings, has also become a very popular addition to eye creams and serums. The reasoning follows that since the antioxidant is often used to reduce swelling and discoloration, it can help tend to these common issues in the delicate area. This serum also includes light-reflecting particles to enhance the illuminating effect.

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    Tips For Applying Eye Cream

    Incorporating an eye cream with vitamin k into your daily skin care routine keeps the capillaries strong and makes them less prone to damage. Here are our tips for making the most of your eye cream.

    • Keeping your eye cream in the fridge is a great way to quickly depuff in the mornings.
    • Applyeye cream on freshly cleansed skin before any other products so that the eye area is protected before applying anything else.
    • Use your ring finger to apply- its the lightest one to touch which means less pressure on the capillaries.
    • Be careful not to drag or pull the delicate skin around the eye as this leads to sagging and wrinkles.
    • Dont overdo it. Three dots the size of the tip of your finger should be enough. If theres excess after patting those dots into the skin, youre using too much.
    • Avoid getting eye cream too close to your eyes or eyelashes. The cream will travel as it warms up with your body temperature and can seep into your eyes, irritating them.
    • Press theeye creamgently into the skin under your eyes in light taps starting from your brow bone out towards the outside of your face.
    • Give youreye cream about a minute to sink into your skin before you put anything on top of it.
    • Use the same finger to gently pat the cream into the skin around your eyes once again. This will get the blood moving underneath and help to de-puff the area.

    Got a question about this product?

    What Causes Dark Circles And Puffiness Under Eyes

    Dark circles can be difficult to treat without knowing their root cause. Ultimately, Polla notes that dark circles are a vascular problem.

    The skin in that area is fair and very thin, and thus the deeper blood vessels are more visible to the naked eye, he explains.

    Blood vessels in the under-eye area can become more noticeable due to fatigue, eyestrain, and other reasons.

    Below, we spoke with dermatologists about the most common causes of dark circles they see in patients.

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    How To Use Vitamin K

    Its a smart addition to your arsenal but it works best when combined with other proven ingredients.

    If its dark circles youre looking to tackle, choose a cream, lotion or serum that boasts vitamin K along with caffeine or retinol. The latter is proven to increase collagen production making the skin less thin and transparent. In turn, dark purple blood vessels underneath will be less visible.

    When taken orally, vitamin K has many benefits including building strong and healthy bones, protecting the cardiovascular system, preventing premature ageing and enhancing memory function, explains Daya who recommends Victoria Healths Life Extension Super K with Advanced K2 Complex, £22. Its been known to work in synergy with vitamin D try Holland and Barrett Calcium with Vitamin D and K Capsules, £4.99.

    What Skin Type Is Vitamin K Best For

    Best Vitamin K Cream For Dark Circles Under Eyes 2021

    Vitamin K is not likely to cause problems if your skin is sensitive and there are no restrictions on how to use it in your skincare routine.

    Most of the products containing vitamin K are designed to be used twice a day morning and night and, unlike vitamin A there arent any side effects or known issues with it making skin more sun-sensitive.

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    Can Vitamin K Treat Purple Discolouration

    A 1999 study found that vitamin K may help treat the purple discolourations pulse-dyed laser treatment can leave behind. .

    In this study, the researchers asked different groups of patients to try several types of treatments to reduce the purplish hue.

    A cream containing 1% vitamin K and 0.3% retinol turned out to be the most effective treatment of all, speeding up healing time to 5-8 days .

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    Skinbetter Interfuse Treatment Cream Eye

    Both Hartman and Idriss recommend the Skinbetter InterFuse Treatment Cream Eye because of its blend of peptides, vitamin C, and caffeine to brighten and depuff. Even more, Hartman explains that this also gives skin a huge boost of moisture with its use of humectants. Its my go-to reliable eye cream that will protect the skin and make it look even better.

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    What Is Vitamin K

    Vitamin K is a fat-soluble vitamin. Its naturally produced in the intestines, and can also be found in several foods.

    Its a vital vitamin for a number of bodily functions. For starters, its a blood-clotting factor, making it vital in the coagulation process.

    This is actually where it gets its name from, with the German word for coagulation being koagulation with a K.

    Vitamin K also plays a crucial role in bone health, blood calcium regulation, wound healing, and the healing of bruises.

    Uses Of Vitamin K And Other Vitamins That Can Help In Boosting Your Skin Health

    How to Get Rid of Dark Circles

    Besides being actively involved in the improvement of your skin, vitamin K is also useful in speeding the healing of injuries, removing the spider veins, healing of bruises as well as eliminating stretch marks.

    Some of the other vitamins that will boost the effectiveness of the vitamin K in the elimination of the dark circles include vitamin C vitamin A as well as Vitamin E. ensuring that you have received enough levels of the above-mentioned vitamins will help you to have a gorgeous skin that you have always loved.

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    Why Are Dark Circles Under The Eyes So Visible

    There are capillaries all over your body leaking small amounts of blood all the time, that dont show up as bruising, so why is it so visible under the eyes? Its because the skin around your eyes is the thinnest, skin of your entire body. That means the capillaries are much closer to the surface of the skin there. The skin around your eyes is also more translucent. This makes any capillary damage and discoloration much more apparent there.

    How To Use And Apply Vitamin K

    As a general rule of thumb, you can go ahead and use it once or even twice daily, given that it’s most often found in eye creams. For the best results, search for it in formulas where it’s paired with other brightening ingredientsthink caffeine, arnicaor even with retinol, which may help to improve the penetration of the vitamin K, according to Russak.

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    Vitamin K Side Effects

    Being an ingredient that the human body synthesizes itself means that there are very few side effects associated with vitamin K, which is yet another of its benefits.

    The main issues would be an allergy to the vitamin itself, which is very rare, or an increased risk of blood clots if you have a blood clotting disorder.

    It could potentially interfere with blood thinning medications or weight loss drugs speak to a doctor or a board-certified dermatologist if youre on any medications.

    Other than that, the ingredient is safe to use on every skin type, even on sensitive skin.

    Sunday Riley Auto Correct Eye Cream

    Horbaach Vitamin K Cream 4 oz

    New York Citybased esthetician Sean Garrette tells Vogue that the Sunday Riley Auto Correct is one of the first eye creams he ever finished. It helps to depuff, brighten, and hydrate the under-eye with ingredients like caffeine, horse chestnut, watermelon extract, and antioxidants like lutein. This also has very fine light-reflecting particles that help the eye look more lifted and awake.

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    Slowly But Surely Seeing The Results

    I saw Dr. Dre’s Youtube video about this eye cream and efficacy of Vitamin K for under eye dark circles. My dark circles were bad before this eye cream. I have been using this for a month now, I start noticing the brightness under my eyes. I do not need to put so much concealer anymore! I’m very happy with the purchase.

    However Exactly What Is Vitamin K

    You can get this fat-soluble vitamin from a variety of foods. The best thing about this vitamin is that it is fat-soluble. This means that our body can store it for later use. The name Vitamin K arises from coagulation, which is a German name.

    Another great thing about the Vitamin K is that it comes from both animals and plants. This means that even pure vegetarians can get this vitamin without having to consume meat products.

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    Allies Of Skin Peptides Omegas Firming Eye Cream

    For many, bakuchiol is a worthy retinol alternative for those with sensitive skin or who simply crave gentle formulas. If that sounds like you, consider this Allies of Skin eye cream, which features not only the plant-derived ingredient but also a blend of peptides, vitamin C, and ceramide to revive fatigued eyes.

    Benefits Of Vitamin K

    Vlog: Eye creams + Big Lots & Sprouts shopping| Dr Dray

    Brightens eyes: If tired-looking eyes count as one of your bugbears, you could benefit from a vitamin K eye cream. Studies looking into the effects of creams containing both vitamin K and retinol found that participants showed a reduction in dark circles after several weeks.

    Boost skin elasticity:In another trial that tested a blend of vitamin K, caffeine and emu oil, testers also showed an improvement in dark circles and skin elasticity within three weeks.

    Aid skin healing:Further research has found vitamin K to speed up the natural heal and repair process in damaged skin while others have shown it to clear up bruises more quickly. That could explain why the ingredient is often found in creams used post-aesthetic procedure such as laser treatment.

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    Choosing A Vitamin K Eye Cream Or Serum

    If your aim is to treat dark circles, then look for eye creams or eye serums that have been designed specifically to treat the delicate skin in this area.

    A contouring eye cream containing vitamin K along with other ingredients that can plump, repair, and brighten would be a good addition to your skincare routine. Look out for the following on ingredient lists:

    Youll also find a different, but equally beneficial, form of the vitamin in certain animal products, including meat, cows milk, cheese, and eggs.

    If youre struggling to eat enough vitamin K, then supplements are worth considering. Most people need about 90-120mg per day.

    Vivid Revival Vitamin K Contouring Eye Cream

    Diminishes appearance of dark circles.

    Hydrates and plumps to soften fine lines.

    Fights inflammation and puffiness.

    Radiant, bright, awake and youthful-looking eyes.

    Powerful botanicals target dark circles, puffiness, and signs of aging to deliver plump skin and radiant, youthful eyes. Vitamin K targets dark circles by boosting circulation and supporting the bodys healing process. Green tea and gingko biloba both hold anti-inflammatory properties, reducing puffiness and also fighting signs of aging. Hyaluronic acid plumps skin and softens fine lines, while aloe and nourishing oils hydrate and keep the delicate undereye area looking youthful.

    Gently pat a small amount around the eyes after cleansing and toning. Use morning and night.

    This product is expected to ship in 1-2 business days.

    Just Started

    I have just started using the cream . It is small but I guess you just need to use just a little like the directions say. I will give it 2weekd to see how its doing

    Thanks so much for your review. We recommend using the Vivid Revival® Vitamin K Contouring Eye Cream for 4 to 6 weeks consistently for best results.

    Love it!

    I Love This brand is wonderful and I love the natural ingredients they use,this eye cream it really helps with my dark circles and fine lines it’s wonderful highly recommended!

    We’re so happy you’re loving the Vivid Revival® Vitamin K Contouring Eye Cream. Thanks for your review!

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