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Vitamins That Help With Anxiety

Viva Naturals Premium Non


This is the best vitamin C brand for preventing oxidative stress in the body, which triggers anxiety. Viva Naturals is one of the very few brands that offer consumers a high-quality serving of Scottish Quali-C, which is made by one of the worlds leading manufacturers of this essential nutrient. This supplement is formulated with an ample amount of antioxidant support derived from citrus bioflavonoids and rose hips, which helps consumers be confident that this product is effective.

Each batch of this product is third-party tested to ensure quality and provides a strong dose of 1,000 mg of immunity-supporting vitamin C. The vitamin C blend that is used includes citrus bioflavonoids and rose hips, which offers users even more antioxidant support with each serving. These capsules are also non-GMO and vegetarian, which makes them an easy addition to anyones diet.


  • Best vitamin C to prevent oxidative stress.
  • It contains a high-quality European vitamin C.
  • Supports collagen production, helping improve the health of your hair, skin, and nails.


  • It contains rice powder, which many are opposed to.
  • Large pills are hard to swallow.
  • May turn urine bright yellow.

Let Us Help You Establish A Healthy Happy Sober Life

If you are recovering from drug or alcohol addiction and youre struggling to manage triggers like anxiety or personal issues, you may be a good candidate for a sober living program. Eudaimonia Recovery Homes offers safe, supportive sober living homes for men and women in Texas and Colorado. Our structured programs and recovery support services are designed to help people thrive in recovery instead of just barely getting by or living miserably in sobriety.

Life in recovery doesnt have to be miserable and a healthy, sustainable sober life shouldnt be.


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Biological Systems Involved In Anxiety

Due to the complex biology of anxiety, its unsurprising that SSRI medications like Zoloft or Lexapro, which only target one of these systems , are ineffective for 30-40% of patients. Benzodiazepines like Klonopin or Ativan may work for more people, but their adverse effects can include memory problems, dependence, and addiction.

On the other hand, natural herbs and supplements for anxiety can address multiple systems at once without potential for dependence and addiction.

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Vitamins For Anxiety And Depression

Those with anxiety, depression, or both may also benefit from taking specific vitamins, including:

  • Vitamin D: This important vitamin plays a crucial role in mood regulation, brain health, and nerve health.

  • Vitamin B complex: B vitamins help with energy levels and may reduce stress.

  • Magnesium: Take this mineral to help with sleep and to help you feel calmer, reducing the effects of anxiety.

  • L-theanine: This unique amino acid is found in green and black tea. It can help you relax, feel calmer, and help to reduce stress levels when taken as directed.

Top Vitamin B Complex Foods

Can You Fight Depression and Anxiety with Supplements?

Below youll find a list of the top food sources of each of the 8 B vitamins.

Note that no one food is an excellent source of all of them a good reason to eat a wide variety of foods.

Some B vitamins are well represented in both plants and animal foods, while others are found mainly in plants or exclusively in animal foods :

  • Vitamin B1 whole grains, meat, fish, legumes, seeds, nuts
  • Vitamin B2 eggs, meat, organ meats, milk, green vegetables
  • Vitamin B3 meat, fish, poultry, fish, nuts, legumes, grains
  • Vitamin B5 meat, dairy, eggs, mushrooms, avocados, broccoli, potatoes, whole grains
  • Vitamin B6 poultry, fish, organ meats, potatoes, starchy vegetables, non-citrus fruits
  • Vitamin B7 meat, fish, poultry, eggs, dairy, sweet potatoes, spinach, broccoli, seeds, nuts
  • Vitamin B9 green leafy vegetables, liver, yeast, black-eyed peas, Brussels sprouts
  • Vitamin B12 clams, liver, animal foods of all kinds, nori

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What To Consider Before Hitting The Shelves:

  • Anyone can benefit from supplements, but they may not work the same for everyone.
  • Changes arent always immediate.
  • While certain supplements may help manage symptoms, they will not act as a cure.
  • Some supplements are proven to have dangerous interactions with other medications.
  • Supplements arent FDA-approved, and you should always talk to your provider before taking any.

Supplementing Vitamins With Counseling

If youre still struggling with anxiety, vitamins can help to reduce the severity of your symptoms, but therapy is still the most important treatment you can receive because it will allow you to work through the underlying issues and learn helpful coping mechanisms. To that end, BetterHelp can help you find a licensed counselor to support you.

BetterHelp is an online counseling platform that connects you with certified therapists and simplifies the counseling process. When youre ready to get started, all you have to do is to answer a short questionnaire on their website, so you can find the licensed therapist most suited for your needs. Then, you can join therapy sessions from the comfort and privacy of your own home . Below are some reviews of BetterHelp counselors from people experiencing similar issues.

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Anxiety Symptoms Can Be Overwhelming While Professional Treatment Can Help People Living With Anxiety Disorders Manage Their Symptoms Clinicians And Physicians Often Leave One Key Component Out Of Care: Vitamins And Supplements

Anxiety disorders affect 40 million adults in the United States every year, making them one of the countrys most common mental health conditions. When left untreated, anxiety disorders can make it difficult to relax, succeed at work, maintain close friendships and participate in fulfilling activities.

While there are no medications that cure anxiety, there are many ways to manage symptoms and find more peace in your daily life. If you live with anxiety, one measure you can take to reduce your symptoms is to include supplements and vitamins for anxiety in your diet.

What Vitamins Might You Be Lacking If Youre Stressed Or Have Anxiety

Study: Vitamin B6 may help people who suffer from anxiety, depression

You may have inadequate levels of B vitamins, vitamin D, or magnesium if you are feeling stressed. However, this is not the case for everyone.

The best way to know for sure is to ask a healthcare professional for a blood test or purchase a home micronutrient testing kit to check your blood levels of these nutrients.

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What Calms Anxiety Naturally

Anxiety can be calmed naturally either using a cognitive approach, a body-based approach, aromatherapy, or through natural supplements. The cognitive approach entails challenging negative thoughts and identifying patterns in them.

In a body-based approach, one focuses on reducing cortisol levels and increasing relaxation to come out of fight-or-flight. Aromatherapy uses the fragrance of certain essential oils known to calm and induce sleep. Finally, natural supplements can help in similar ways by changing our biochemistry.

Natural Vitamins For Anxiety

Its a well-established, scientific fact that what you eat can dramatically impact your mood. Nutritional deficiencies can exacerbate mental health disorders, while a nutritionally complete diet can help alleviate symptoms. Certain natural vitamins or vitamins obtained by consuming whole foods are thought to positively affect anxiety. While most natural vitamins also exist in supplement form, theyre more effectively absorbed by the body when ingested by eating whole foods.

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Garden Of Life Vitamin Code Raw B

This is the best vitamin B-complex brand, due to its high absorption rate. Having a deficiency in one or more B vitamins is common, especially in people who follow a vegetarian or vegan diet, or people who are especially stressed.

The eight B vitamins are water-soluble, meaning the body is not able to easily store them, so they have to be replenished often. The functions of the B vitamins are so interrelated that it is best to take them together so they can work in unison to perform at their optimal levels. This product offers a full recommended daily value of all eight of the essential B vitamins, and it is specially formulated to have high potencies.

This supplement is non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, and has no binders or fillers in it. It provides mental and physical energy and supports healthy blood, a healthy cardiovascular system, immunity, and healthy stress response, making this B complex vitamin an essential nutrient for the body.


  • Great value for the money.
  • It provides a full B vitamin complex.
  • Aids in healthy digestion with live probiotics and enzymes.


Why You Should Trust Us

All Natural Anxiety Relief Supplement

Every brand and product on our list has been vetted to ensure that it aligns with Healthlines brand integrity standards and approach to well-being. Each product in this article:

  • adheres to allowable health claims and labeling requirements, per Food and Drug Administration regulations
  • is manufactured in facilities that adhere to current good manufacturing practices established by the FDA
  • is produced by a medically credible company that follows ethical, legal, and industry best standards
  • is made by a company that provides objective measures of trust, such as having its supplements validated by third-party labs
  • Best used for: stress, concentration

Rhodiola is an herb that grows in regions of Russia and Asia.

It has long been known as an adaptogen a natural, nontoxic herb that stimulates your bodys stress response system to increase stress resistance .

The adaptogenic properties of rhodiola are linked to two of the herbs potent active components: rosavin and salidroside .

A small 8-week study involving 100 people with chronic fatigue symptoms, such as poor sleep quality and impairments in short-term memory and concentration, found that supplementing with 400 mg of rhodiola extract per day improved symptoms after just 1 week .

Participants symptoms continued to decrease throughout the study.

If youre interested in trying rhodiola, HUM Nutrition Big Chill is one of the best options.

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What To Look For In A Supplement For Anxiety

If a person wishes to purchase a supplement for anxiety they may wish to consider:

  • Current diet: People should try to avoid purchasing supplements that are high in nutrients they already consume through their regular diet.
  • Current medications: A person should contact a doctor to ensure that the supplements will not negatively interact with any of their current medications.
  • Type of capsule: Some people may prefer gummies or smaller capsules that are easier to swallow.

There is some evidence that certain supplements may help anxiety. However, the effectiveness of supplementation is often slight, and more research is necessary to investigate how vitamins and minerals may help anxiety.

It is important to note that people should not use supplements as a substitute for medical care.

Quicksilver Scientific Liposomal Vitamin C

Price: $$$

Vitamin C is a nutrient that functions as a powerful antioxidant in the body, and researchers suggest that vitamin C may help combat damage caused by oxidative stress in people with neuropsychological disorders, including anxiety (

27 ).

For instance, one study in 42 high school students found that taking 500 mg of vitamin C per day for 14 days increased blood vitamin C levels and reduced anxiety levels, compared with a placebo .

Vitamin C supplements have also been shown to be effective in reducing anxiety symptoms in women and in adults with diabetes .

Quicksilver Scientific Liposomal Vitamin C delivers 1,000 mg of highly absorbable vitamin C per teaspoon .

The supplement contains liposomal vitamin C, a form of vitamin C thats encased in tiny lipid spheres and has been shown to be more bioavailable than non-liposomal vitamin C .

This vitamin C supplement comes in a convenient liquid form, which makes it an excellent choice for people who cant or dont like to swallow pills.

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Why This Isnt Another Post With A Long List Of Vitamins To Buy For Depression And Anxiety

Before I get into my top vitamins and minerals that can help depression and anxiety, I need to share with you why this isnt another article with a long list of nutrients to try with links to buy those nutrients.

Its to protect you.

Nutrients are powerful. In fact, its better not to take anything at all, than take something that could potentially be contraindicated for your chemistry, therefore making your symptoms worse. This is why I dont recommend multi-vitamins. Since every human on the planet has their own unique biochemistry, its best not to consult Dr. Google without proper testing before taking supplements. Even if you are an identical twin, you still have your own unique biochemistry and should be tested apart from your sibling.

Vitamin C For Anxiety

Vitamins to Help Manage Anxiety & Stress!

You might think of vitamin C as an immune booster, but its also excellent for your brain and one of the best vitamins for stress and anxiety.

This antioxidant plays a vital role in maintaining balance in your central nervous system. A study in the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry declared that “vitamin C deficiency is widely associated with stress-related diseases and notes that taking a vitamin C supplement may improve your mood and reduce anxiety.

Plus, chronic anxiety leads to elevated levels of cortisol . Vitamin C can help your body to better manage its cortisol levels.

NRV for vitamin C

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Supplements That May Help Ease Anxiety

There are many supplements that claim to help with anxiety. The process of finding the right one may be a bit of trial and error, but should always be done with a doctors help.

If my patient is considering a supplement, we review the known risks and benefits and then use a database to scan for any known interactions with their current medications, says Dr. Bauer.

A few common supplements that may help ease anxiety include the following.

What Happens When Youre Stressed

Our bodies are built for stressful events. When our ancestors were chased by predators, the sympathetic nervous system responded by switching the body into fight-or-flight mode. During this stress response, the adrenal glands release cortisol, which increases blood pressure and blood sugar for faster response and better survival.

When the predators were gone, cortisol decreased, and so did blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Normal balance was restored. However, ongoing stress doesnt turn it back off. This constant stress signal can cause intense adrenal fatigue, affecting your energy and health along with a slew of other health problems.

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How Else To Get Help For Anxiety

A simple thing you can have at home for anxiety, especially when it affects your sleep, is herbal tea:

  • Lemon Balm can help reduce anxiety and promote sleep
  • Lavender is useful for restlessness and nervous stomach irritation
  • Chamomile may help you feel calm and get to sleep

Some other things you can do to reduce anxiety include:

Sometimes anxiety can be a side effect of medications or a symptom of an underlying medical issue such as hormonal imbalances or neurological conditions.

If you experience a sudden onset of anxiety with no obvious cause it is important to check in with your doctor. Anxiety also often goes hand in hand with depression.

What Deficiency Causes Anxiety

#1 Anxiety Relief Supplements

Studies have shown that certain nutrient deficiencies can correlate with higher levels of stress, anxiety and depression. While there is still discussion around whether these deficiencies cause anxiety, the evidence suggests that they can play a role. Some of the most prominent nutrient deficiencies in this area include vitamin B12 deficiency, selenium deficiency, and omega 3 deficiency.

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How Can I Calm My Anxiety Fast

The fastest way to calm anxiety is to make sure that each and every muscle in the body is being relaxed. When the muscles are tense, it is almost impossible to control anxious thoughts. A relaxed body signals to the brain that it need not feel threatened. This activates the parasympathetic nervous system and thus restores our ability to regulate thoughts.

Vitamin B6 May Help People Who Suffer From Anxiety And Depression New Study Says

BOSTON â A new study finds vitamin B6, which is a common vitamin supplement, may help patients with anxiety and depression.

Researchers in the United Kingdom recruited 478 volunteers with anxiety and/or depression and randomly assigned them to receive high doses of vitamin B6, vitamin B12, or a placebo and screened them before and after taking the pills for one month. They found that those taking the B6 supplement saw a significant reduction in their anxiety and depression symptoms compared to placebo.

They say vitamin B6 supplements may allow some patients to avoid the unwanted side effects of prescription medications. But before starting a new supplement, discuss it with your doctor first.

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Supplements That Can Help Reduce Anxiety According To A Psychiatrist

Supplements can help manage countless health conditions, from high cholesterol to chronic stomach upset and more. While claims of physical benefits have been prevalent for years, conversations on how they can impact psychological well-being are more recently coming to light.

With cases of anxiety having spiked exponentially during the pandemic and now, cases of re-entry anxiety and pandemic-related PTSD we sat down with Leslie Madrak, DO, Jefferson Health New Jersey psychiatrist, to learn what supplements can work for anxiety. Board-certified in addiction medicine and integrative medicine, she shares which supplements to turn to and how you can make the most of them.

B Vitamins That Actually Work For Anxiety

Life with Anxiety: Daily Vitamins Anxiety Update
  • B-Vitamins are often marketed as a natural treatment for anxiety.
  • These vitamins should not be confused for medicine. Anxiety medications are more effective.
  • Only some B-vitamins may have an anxiolytic effect.
  • Be careful about taking any supplements that have not been substantially researched.
  • Other methods of reducing anxiety are likely far more effective.

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