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What Does Vitamin C Serum Do For Your Skin

Notice If The Product Has Changed Color

This Is What Vitamin C Serum Does To Your Skin

Your vitamin C serum should be colorless or a light straw color, Dr. Hogan says. If it is oxidized, it becomes yellow or brown and is likely going to be less effective.

You can still use it if you want, but it wont do as much for your skin and, very rarely, oxidized vitamin C products can even cause slight yellow discoloration of the skin, Dr. Hogan says.

So consider getting rid of any vitamin C products that have dramatically changed color since you bought them. Especially if it is brown, I would say to toss it, Dr. Lamb says.

How To Use A Vitamin C Serum

Natalie tells us: Vitamin C is essential in everyones routine. Your body doesnt make this vitamin, so the only way to obtain its benefits is to apply it topically. One of the best delivery vehicles for Vitamin C to the skin is a serum. Heres how to use a Vitamin C serum in your skin care routine.

Does Vitamin C Serum Help With Acne The Truth About Vitamin C Serum And Acne

Vitamin C serum can provide many benefits for acne. These include reducing inflammation, clearing clogged pores, promoting collagen production, fading acne scars, and increasing overall skin hydration.

This article explores what makes vitamin C serum an effective solution for acne and how this treatment works for those who want to try something different.

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Coui Natural Vitamin C Serum

Here is another C serum I really like and would absolutely recommend to anyone especially because of its anti-aging properties. The Natural Vitamin C serum, however, is suitable for the veterans, as the Vitamin C is in 20% concentration. This makes the COUI Natural Vitamin C Serum a very strong serum with superior anti-aging properties.

The Natural Vitamin C serum will create new collagens to restore the structure and elasticity of your skin caused by years of damage. The exfoliating effect will help in getting glowing skin once again. The anti-oxidants of the COUI Natural Vitamin C serum will protect your skin from sun damage and harsh environment.

If you are looking for something to shade the years of aging from your face, go with this serum. But of course, you need to make sure your skin is going to be able to handle the high concentration. If you have sensitive skin or are still a Vitamin C newbie, stay away.

How To Use Vitamin C Serum

What Does Vitamin C Serum Do for Your Skin?

As is the case with any other new skincare product, you will want to spot-test it before going all-in with the product. As long as your skin doesnt dramatically react to the serum, you can then begin using it daily. While everyone is different , cleanse your face, use a toner, then apply the serum prior to adding your daily moisturizer, or as directed by your skin health specialist, brands may differ as to how/when they recommend it be applied. You can also use it in the evening time before bed, although in general, you use it once during your AM routine to help provide additional environmental protection along with your broad-spectrum SPF.

Smart start, as you would whenever introducing a new skincare product to your routine, you should begin by only applying it to your skin every other day for the first week, then you can go every day. If you are adding multiple new products, test one at a time, that way if you do have a reaction you will know which one is a no-go.

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Firm Brighten And Protect With C+e

Infuse skin with a vitamin megaboost.

Do you covet skin that’s visibly youthful and glowing with good health? The healthy skin you crave is within reach. Vitamin C and vitamin E are two of the strongest, most protective antioxidants available. A serum delivering a daily dose of these powerful ingredients can provide visible improvement to skin. Even if youre not seeing visible signs of aging, supplementing your skin care routine with a serum containing vitamin C and vitamin E helps protect against invisible environmental stressors that can weaken skin health.

Vitamin C is essential.

Because the human body lacks the ability to produce its own vitamin C, it needs a daily dose of the vitamin, either from your diet or applied topically to skin. Vitamin C helps your body repair damaged skin cells and protects skin from exposure to oxidative stress created by pollutants like ozone or damaging UV rays.

What are the benefits of vitamin C serums?Why include vitamin E?Finding the best vitamin C serum for your skin.TimeWise Replenishing Serum C+Eto do even more

What Is Vitamin C Serum Anyway

Vitamin C serum is a topical skincare product typically in liquid or gel form. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that impedes the formation of free radicals. Free radicals can break down collagen and elastin, which are two proteins that help skin keep its elasticity.

Our Bright C Serum is made with magnesium ascorbic phosphate, an effective and very stable form of vitamin C. We also offer a complete anti-aging skin care kit, which includes our anti-aging serum.

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Switch To A Vitamin C Derivative

Skin Inc Supplement Bar Vitamin C Serum

Vitamin C derivatives are a good alternative to L-ascorbic acid because they are more stable and resistant to oxidation, so they’re less prone to degrading and changing colour in the bottle . They also tend to be gentler, due to their non-acidic pH levels.

Some of the best vitamin C derivatives include:

While vitamin C derivatives are great for fighting free radicals and brightening, keep in mind that they’re less proven than L-ascorbic acid in terms of increasing collagen.

The Benefits Of Using Vitamin C In The Morning And In The Evening

What does a medical-grade Vitamin C serum do for your skin?

Think of slathering vitamin C in the morning and night as the best of both worlds. You get to reap the rewards of vitamin C’s powerful antioxidant properties by essentially getting a double dose.

One thing that you need to consider is that the skin has a limit for absorbing vitamin C. In other words, once this limit has been reached any extra product is essentially wasted . So if youre using a product thats more gentle and has a lower percentage of vitamin C in it, youre good to use it twice a day. But if your chosen serum has a higher, more potent level in it then its best to adopt a less is more approach and stick to using it just once.

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Vitamin C Benefits For Skin

The benefits of Vitamin C for the skin are seemingly endless. One of its most important features is that it is able to mitigate skin problems before they occur. According to Natalie: One of the great things about Vitamin C is it both helps prevent and repair damage caused by our environment. During the day, Vitamin C can provide additional protection against the aging effects of environmental stressors such as pollution, blue light and UV rays at night, its rejuvenating properties can minimize the look of damage caused by free radical exposure. Heres a closer look at Vitamin Cs many skin care benefits.

Fiction: The More Vitamin C The Better

While it may seem like a higher level of Vitamin C would be better, these formulas can actually cause sensitivity or be less effective if they are not stabilized properly. When products have concentrations of L-Ascorbic Acid that are too high, skin can even experience irritation. Kiehls selects the best forms of stabilized Vitamin C at concentrations that are both efficacious and gentle. Our products are then dermatologist-tested for safety, demonstrating the suitability of our formulas for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

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Ways To Combine Retinol And Vitamin C

Similar to the process of combining BHAs and AHAs with these ingredients, Retinol and Vitamin C can provide a rather intense experience for the skin when used together. To avoid skin irritation and increased skin sensitivity, separate your Vitamin C routine from your Retinol routine, or allow your skin to absorb Vitamin C before applying Retinol.


Its optimal to apply Vitamin C in the morning as this ingredient can visibly brighten your skinand who doesnt want to start the day off with visibly brighter skin? Vitamin C also creates a protective barrier that defends the skin from the suns intense UV rays and the unpleasant photoaging effects they cause.

Apply a Vitamin C booster serum in the morning, followed by a sunscreen to preserve your skins youth and improve the appearance of dark spots. Dermatologists advise that you use Retinol at night since it increases the skins sensitivity, making it more susceptible to damage or irritation from heat and the suns UV rays.

At night, apply a natural Retinol serum that works to tighten the skin and mitigate wrinkles, fine lines, and other imperfections while you sleep. Using Vitamin C in the morning and Retinol at night provides your skin with the ultimate brightening and firming treatment.


Which Vitamin C Serum Should I Choose

How vitamin C serum will completely transform your skin

With so many products on the market, choosing a vitamin C serum can be difficult. Because not all serums are created equal, it is helpful to know what ingredients and brands to look for.

Vitamin C comes in a few different forms, including L-ascorbic acid, magnesium ascorbyl phosphate and ascorbyl-6-palmitate. Most serums on the market are L-ascorbic acid, the most studied and most biologically active. Look for serums with additional antioxidants and boosters such as vitamin E and ferulic acid. Combining vitamin C with these two ingredients can heighten its efficacy, delivering proven benefits.

Dr. Asha James recommends either Isdinceutics Melaclear or Obagi Professional-C Serum in 10% or 20%, depending on their skin type.

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Remember Serums Are Not The Only Option

Vitamin C serums are an excellent way to boost the efficacy of your skincare routine. Its also great if you want quick, noticeable results. However, serums are not the only option there are other ways to get vitamin C in your skin.

For example, you could try getting vitamin C supplements. You can also get it from food sources if you want a more natural dose of vitamin C.

The best food sources of vitamin C are fresh produce like kiwi fruit, broccoli, red peppers, cauliflower, and strawberries. You can also find it in canned fruits like mandarin oranges and pineapple chunks.

What Causes Vitamin C To Darken Your Skin

An oxidized vitamin C serum vs. a fresh vitamin C serum .

So, what’s going on when a vitamin C serum makes your skin look darker?

There are two scenarios for why you might see a colour change, and both have to do with oxidation:

  • The vitamin C has oxidized in the bottle
  • The vitamin C has oxidized on the surface of your skin
  • Here’s what to know about each…

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    What Are The Benefits Of Vitamin C

    One significant benefit of using a vitamin C serum, especially during the day, is the sun protection it provides. While you cant replace your regular daily sunscreen with a vitamin C serum, it can be a helpful tool to help protect your skin against harmful effects from the sun. Vitamin C serums can help reduce the damage caused by the sun by:

    • Reducing early cell death
    • Reducing the release of inflammatory compounds
    • Reducing damage from exposure to ultraviolet light

    A reduction in premature aging is another advantage of adding vitamin C to your skincare routine. Vitamin C helps to reduce premature wrinkles by stimulating the production of collagen, a protein that gives skin its strength and elasticity. Vitamin C serums help to thicken the skin by adding collagen. Collagen-rich skin is less likely to wrinkle than thinner skin.

    Vitamin C serums have also been shown to improve skin tone. It is often used to treat hyperpigmentation, a common skin condition that occurs when the skin produces too much melanin. Melanin is the pigment that gives skin its color and can be responsible for the darker spots of hyperpigmentation. Sun exposure and hormone levels are typically linked to these darker areas. Vitamin C will lighten these dark spots without lightening the skin overall.

    How Does Vitamin C Work

    Vitamin C Serum — How does it work with your Skin?

    Vitamin C, also known as L-ascorbic acid on a chemical level, is an antioxidant. This means its function is to neutralize free radicals, unstable molecules that damage not only our skin cells but all of our cells. Free radicals are known to cause cancer, diabetes, eye diseases, and various other life-threatening conditions. Unstable by nature, free radicals are missing an electron and all electrons need to be paired for them to function properly. This unpaired electron causes the unstable molecule to attack a stable molecule and steal an electron, rendering the stable molecule unstable. Thus, this electron-stealing behavior creates a chain reaction of unstable molecules taking the stable ones with them.

    Its important for us to neutralize these free radicals as quickly as possible, before they cause a mass chain reaction of damaging cells. Thats where antioxidants come into the picture. Vitamin C counteracts free radicals by providing them with their missing electron, which successfully neutralizes these damaging molecules.

    Vitamin C is the primary brightening ingredient in skincare. This means it has the ability to lighten hyperpigmentation, brighten skin dullness, reduce dark spots, and fill fine lines and wrinkles all of which contribute to a youthful and full appearance.

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    Research Behind Vitamin C And Vitamin C Serums

    Of course, you can source vitamin C through foods, namely fruits and vegetables like cantaloupe, oranges, pineapple, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts, according to MedlinePlus. Its an important nutrient to load up on because its essential for growth and development. It plays a role in forming and repairing body tissue, and delivering antioxidants to cut down on the presence of dangerous free radicals.

    Vitamin C is also naturally present in the skin, where it helps promote collagen and antioxidant levels, and protects the skin against UV-ray-induced photodamage, according to a study published in August 2017 in the journal Nutrients. Sounds great, right? You may be thinking about how to increase vitamin C in your diet to tap into these benefits. Unfortunately, simply eating more oranges and cantaloupe isnt going to cut it. Thats because the epidermis, the outermost layer of the skin, doesnt have blood vessels to send nutrients to the skin cells, according to the Nutrients study.

    Vitamin C can, however, be applied topically and thats where vitamin C serums come in. Vitamin C is best known for its ability to neutralize free radicals and improve aging skin, says Joel Schlessinger, MD, an Omaha, Nebraska-based dermatologic surgeon and RealSelf contributor. It can also improve collagen and elastin synthesis which can improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles help reduce inflammation, provide natural, mild exfoliation and brighten skin.

    Fact: Not All Vitamin C Serums Are Created Equal

    There are actually several different forms of Vitamin C that are used in skincare formulas. While they have overlapping benefits, Pure Vitamin C is absorbed into skin and starts working immediately upon contact while Vitamin Cg activates once absorbed into the upper layers of skin to boost Vitamin C activity over time. Kiehls Vitamin C serums and formulas effectively incorporate a form of topical Vitamin C that is carefully selected to maximize its targeted efficacy.

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    Make Sure To Store Your Vitamin C Products Correctly

    In topical skin-care products, vitamin C is sensitive to light and air. When exposed to these factors, it becomes oxidized to dehydroascorbic acid, which is less stable and less efficacious, Dr. Hogan explains. So these products should be stored in opaque containers that are either air-restrictive or air-tight, she says, like an airless pump rather than a tub or dropper bottle that requires being opened all the way.

    Luckily, many vitamin C products already come in opaque containers for this exact reason, Dr. Lamb says.

    Il Siero Alla Vitamina C Pu Essere Usato Di Notte

    Vitamin C serums can do wonders for your skin care regimen ...

    Assorbirà anche nella tua pelle in modo più efficace dopo che hai pulito ed esfoliato, quindi ha senso applicarlo durante la tua routine notturna. Quando usi il siero alla vitamina C durante la notte, lo farai anche evitare il rischio di fotosensibilità, che può verificarsi in alcuni casi con l’uso diurno.

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    Create An Even Skin Tone

    It is found that Vitamin C can be extremely beneficial for treating hyperpigmentation. When there are areas on the skin that appear darker than the others, Vitamin C serum can be helpful. Certain conditions like hormonal changes or sun exposure are generally linked with aging signs. Some resources have shown that Vitamin C use can reduce melanin production, which is responsible for the darker appearance of the skin.

    When Should You Expect To See Results

    There are multiple ways in which vitamin C serum can improve your acne, but its important to keep your expectations realistic.

    Dont expect vitamin C serum to clear up your acne overnight. It can take weeks or even months of regular use before you notice any significant improvements in your skin.

    The best way to ensure optimum results is to apply vitamin C serum every morning after cleansing and toning, as well as at night before bedtime.

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