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Important Vitamins For The Elderly

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5 Essential Vitamins and Minerals For The Elderly

These are crucial vitamins for seniors: Low levels of vitamin D can lead to health problems including bone and muscle pain, high blood pressure, and depression. A B12 deficiency can cause tiredness, weakness, constipation, loss of appetite, weight loss, and anemia.

Doctors will typically check your levels if theres an identifiable change in your health, says Dr. Starks. A change in your memory or thinking, and differences in your mooddepressed, low, or sad moodsmay lead your doctor to check your vitamin D levels. Unusual sensations, numbness or tingling, a difference in your gait, fatigue, and memory problems may lead them to check your B12 levels.

If youre deficient, your doctor may recommend you take vitamins as a dietary supplement, he adds.

13 Medical Reasons Youre Tired

Vitamin C For Immune System

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that boosts our immune system and protects cells from free radical damage and other environmental pollutions. It is also needed to produce collagen, a protein that promotes healing. Citrus fruits and uncooked fresh produce such as oranges, kiwi, and peppers contain the highest sources of vitamin C.

Elderly Are More At Risk For Vitamin B12 Deficiency

Our bodies are less capable of absorbing vitamin B12 as we age. This then puts older adults at a higher risk for vitamin B12 deficiency . Older adults are at an even higher risk for vitamin B12 deficiency if they:

  • Have anemia
  • Have a history of gastritis, gastric surgery, or other gastrointestinal disorders affecting absorption
  • Are taking certain medications* to treat gastroesophageal reflux disease and peptic ulcer disease , famotidine , nizatidine and ranitidine , omeprazole , lansoprazole , rabeprazole , pantoprazole , and esomeprazole )
  • Mood disturbances, such as depression

We recommend talking to your doctor about getting blood tests if you think you or an older adult you know has a vitamin B12 deficiency.

Before your appointment, it may be helpful to figure out how much vitamin B12 is being consumed and any other risk factors. Be sure to share the information with your doctor!

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Top 5 Vitamin B12 Benefits For Elderly

Top 5 Vitamin B12 Benefits for Elderly was written by Lauren Whitman, RDN& edited/reviewed by Aly Bouzek, MS, RDN.

Are you looking for information on vitamin B12 benefits for elderly? If so, youre in the right place!

It is estimated up to 43% of older adults have a vitamin B12 deficiency . .

Its very important for older adults to get enough vitamin B12 to avoid deficiency in the vitamin, but its also important that older adults get enough vitamin B12 to get the benefits!

This article will explain the signs and symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency, how to get more vitamin B12 from food and supplements, and the top 5 vitamin B12 benefits for elderly.

Are Dietary Supplements Safe

Essential vitamins and minerals for seniors

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration checks prescription medicines, such as antibiotics or blood pressure drugs, to make sure they are safe and do what they promise. The same is true for over-the-counter drugs such as pain and cold medicines. However, the FDA does not have authority over dietary supplements, which do not have to be approved by this agency for safety or efficacy before being sold to the public.

The federal government does not regularly test what is in dietary supplements, and companies are not required to share information about the safety of these products with the FDA before they sell them. So, just because a dietary supplement is on a store shelf, that does not mean it is safe, does what the label says it will, or contains what the label states.

If the FDA receives reports of possible problems with a supplement, it will issue warnings about the product. The FDA may also take supplements that are found to be unsafe off the market.

The Federal Trade Commission investigates reports of ads that might misrepresent what dietary supplements do. A few private groups, such as the U.S. Pharmacopeia, NSF International,, and the Natural Products Association, have their own seals of approval for dietary supplements. To earn such a seal, products must be made by following good manufacturing procedures, must contain what is listed on the label, and must not have harmful levels of ingredients that dont belong there, such as lead.

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How To Choose Quality Supplements

There are several factors to consider when deciding whether to take supplements.

For one thing, some ingredients can interact with certain medications and may negatively impact people with specific health conditions.

Therefore, its very important to talk with a trusted healthcare professional before adding any supplements to your routine and to use products only as directed.

Additionally, keep in mind that not all supplements are created equal. For this reason, its best to buy only from reputable brands that use high quality ingredients.

Be sure to also check the label carefully and steer clear of any products that contain high amounts of fillers, additives, or artificial ingredients.

Opt for products that are tested for safety and quality, ideally by a third-party organization such as USP or NSF International. Looks for a seal from one of these organizations on the product label.

Should You Take Vitamin Supplements

Many of us choose to take supplements, because we think we’re not getting the right amount of vitamins in our body – but you might not realise that taking a high dosage, or taking them for too long, can do more harm than good, especially if youre already taking prescription medication.

Not only that, vitamin supplements can be expensive – and unnecessary. Your kidneys will simply flush out what your body doesnt need, which could mean that your expensive supplements end up going straight down the toilet.

GP Dr Liz Green says: ‘Its always good to ensure that you take supplements only in the recommended daily allowance amounts and discuss with your GP why you’re taking them and why they’re needed.’

Nevertheless, vitamin supplements can be helpful for some people, so we asked the experts to help us identify the most common deficiencies to look out for in older people, along with some advice on how to prevent them.

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The 6 Best Multivitamins For Older Adults

Your nutritional needs evolve as you age â your body will require higher amounts of certain vitamins and minerals and lower amounts of others. That’s why the best multivitamin for older adults looks different than a daily vitamin a younger person might take.

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Here’s a look at recommended multivitamins for older adults, along with tips about what to look for in the vitamin aisle.

Our Picks

  • âBest Overall:â Equate Complete Multivitamin 50+
  • âBest for Men:â Member’s Mark Men 50+ Multivitamin
  • âBest for Women:â Thorne Womenâs Multi 50+
  • âBest for People Going Through Menopause:â Bayer One A Day Womenâs 50+
  • âBest Women’s Gummy: âSmarty Pants Masters 50+ Multivitamin
  • âBest Men’s Gummy: âSmarty Pants Menâs Formula Daily Gummy Multivitamin

Important Vitamins For The Elderly: Best Guide For You

The MOST Important Vitamins For Eye Health Dr.Berg

Important Vitamins For The Elderly. Theres no doubt that your bodys nutritional needs change significantly as you get older, and you may become less efficient at absorbing vitamins, minerals, and nutrients from everyday meals.

And bearing in mind that certain vitamins become more vital as you approach your retirement age due to physiological changes connected with aging, it goes without saying that seniors must supplement with the right food additives.

Vitamin B12, Folate, Calcium, and Vitamin D are among the most important vitamins for seniors.

Each of these nutrients has a role to play. Vitamin C, for instance, is necessary for urinary tract cleanse, aside from being a reliable immune booster herbal. And thats just scratching the surface. Heres a detailed outline of this.


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Vitamins And Minerals For Older Adults

Vitamins help your body grow and work the way it should. There are 13 essential vitamins vitamins A, C, D, E, K, and the B vitamins .

Vitamins have different jobs to help keep the body working properly. Some vitamins help you resist infections and keep your nerves healthy, while others may help your body get energy from food or help your blood clot properly. By following the Dietary Guidelines, you will get enough of most of these vitamins from food.

Like vitamins, minerals also help your body function. Minerals are elements that our bodies need to function that can be found on the earth and in foods. Some minerals, like iodine and fluoride, are only needed in very small quantities. Others, such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium, are needed in larger amounts. As with vitamins, if you eat a varied diet, you will probably get enough of most minerals.

A Guide To Supplements And Vitamins

20th April 2015

As we get older it can prove more difficult to obtain all the vitamins and minerals that we need to remain healthy. Vitamins and minerals are essential nutrients that the body needs in order to work, but as we get older sometimes it is harder to absorb some particular vitamins and certain vitamins can prove a real life transformer for the older body.

Here we look into some of the vitamins and supplements that are often recommended for stairlift users and the older generation to help improve mobility and overall health.

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Stay Healthy And Active

Staying healthy and active as we age doesnt have to be complicated. Focus on eating a well-balanced diet and getting proper nutrition. If you find its hard to get the right nutrition, talk to your doctor about incorporating supplements or vitamins into your daily routine.

Besides a healthy diet, its important to stay connected and get regular exercise. Whether that means long bike rides, a virtual yoga class, or short strolls with a friend, its important to stay connected and keep moving. Use Snug to check in with friends and family and get support when you need it.

The Best Supplements For Healthy Aging

Multivitamin Men Women Seniors 42 Fruits Vegetables Blend 21 Essential ...

As you get older, your body goes through a number of changes.

In addition to changing the way you look and feel, the aging process alters the amounts of nutrients your body needs.

Fortunately, there are supplements available to boost your intake of important nutrients, support healthy aging, and help you feel your best.

The products included in this article were selected based on the following criteria:

  • Quality of ingredients. We chose products that contain high quality ingredients and are free of fillers, added sugar, and artificial ingredients.
  • Third-party testing. Many of the supplements featured here have undergone third-party testing for purity, safety, and quality.
  • Brand quality. Each brand and product has gone through Healthlines vetting process to ensure that it adheres to our strict business and medical standards.

Here are 10 of the best supplements to support healthy aging.

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Get Vitamin D And Dont Forget Vitamin B12 Liquid For Sale

Vitamin D is well-known for its role in bone health. The immune system, heart health, blood sugar levels, and mood control are important factors to consider.

Vitamin D insufficiency has also been linked to increased pelvic floor diseases in many studies. In one research involving elderly women, for example, those with normal vitamin D levels had a 45 percent lower risk of developing urine incontinence.

Sun exposure is the greatest way to acquire most of the vitamin D you need, but its also available in many dairy products, including milk, yogurt, and eggs, as well as fish and supplements.

Natural Vitamins That Can Aid In The Cleanse Of The Urinary Tract

Your urinary tract aids in the excretion of otherwise toxic elements from the body and oversees the balance of minerals and water.

Heres the fact that most people arent aware of urinary tract issues among the elderly are more common in women than in men.

That being said, the urinary system eliminates waste products from the body, such as excess salt, urea, and water.

Urinary system problems might occur when your bodys system is out of equilibrium, which occurs more often as you get older. Fortunately, there are a few supplements that can assist you, such as


The most well-known substance for urinary assistance is cranberry. Cranberries are high in water and carbs and contain important vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, manganese, and magnesium.

Cranberries aid in the cleansing of the urinary tract and the removal of undesirable substances. Cranberry benefits both mens and womens urinary health.

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How Can I Track My Medications And Dietary Supplements

You may be taking a handful of different medicines, dietary supplements, or over-the-counter drugs. Use this form to help keep track of your medications. Bring a completed and updated copy of this form to every appointment with your doctor.

Track your medications or dietary supplements with this form .

Vitamin C And Vitamin E:

The Most Common Nutrient Deficiency in the Elderly

Vitamin C helps the body form collagen which is needed for healing wounds and repairing bones and teeth. It is also used to make skin, ligaments, tendons and blood vessels.

Vitamin C and E are antioxidants – they help protect a person from free radicals released when food is turned into energy. Antioxidants are thought to prevent heart disease and cancer.

Recommended dose :

  • Vitamin C: 90 mgs or 75 mgs with an extra 75 mgs for people who smoke
  • Vitamin E: 15 mgs for both men and women

Good sources of dietary Vitamin C are:

  • Oranges/ orange juice

Good sources of dietary Vitamin E are:

  • Avocados
  • Nuts and nut butters
  • Wheatgerm
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Papayas

You can take too much Vitamin C and Vitamin E. Likely a multivitamin is all your loved one needs. They should not take more than 2000 mgs of Vitamin C per day and no more than 1000 mgs of Vitamin E per day.

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Vitamins And Mineral Supplements Are Important For Older People

Research has discovered that as we age, our diets and our need for dietary supplements become more. Doctors are increasingly concerned about boosting the levels of vitamins and minerals that we need as we grow older.

As most people get older, they tend to eat less due to a loss of appetite. As a result, many elderly individuals do not take in adequate amounts of vitamins and other nutrients as they did when they were younger. Other factors that can affect appetite and the inadequate uptake of vital nutrients are medications, medical complications, certain disabilities, diabetes, changes in the digestive system and even the changes in our skin as we age. One study estimates that one-third of the elderly are alarmingly low on important vitamins and minerals. Another study indicates that two thirds of the elderly patients admitted to a hospital are mal-nourished, resulting in low levels of vital nutrients. When a person is vitamin and mineral deficient, he or she is more susceptible to illness and infections. It is estimated that deaths due to infections are ten times more likely in the elderly.

Minerals Unlike vitamins, minerals are not manufactured by plants or animals. Minerals form in the earth, and are absorbed by plants and found in animals that eat the plants. Listed below are some of the essential minerals needed to maintain a healthy body.

Vitamin K2 Helps Protect Your Arteries

Most of the vitamin K obtained from food is the plant version, vitamin K1, which is found in cauliflower, broccoli, lettuce and other dark green leaves.

Less than 10% of our vitamin K intake is in the form of vitamin K2, which is found in the liver, egg yolk, meats, and fermented foods such as live yoghurt, cheese and natto.

While your liver uses vitamin K1 to make clotting proteins, other tissues such as the bones and arteries prefer the vitamin K2 form. In the circulation, vitamin K2 activates proteins that transport calcium away from the arteries.

In the bones, vitamin K2 activates proteins which bind calcium. So, as well as protecting against osteoporosis, vitamin K2 helps to guard against unwanted calcification of the artery walls.

While your tissues can convert some vitamin K1 to vitamin K2, your liver hoards vitamin K1 when it is in short supply. Thus a supplement is a great idea for people in later life. Ive certainly started taking it.

Now Foods Supplements Vitamin K2 on

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The Most Important Vitamins As You Age

Disclaimer: Results are not guaranteed*** and may vary from person to person***.

In part two of my series on nutrition in the older adult, Ill hone in on the vitamins that are extremely important in shielding the body against disease.

Nutritional deficiencies are quite common among older adults. Getting improper nutrition for less than one year can lead to full-fledged deficiencies in vitamins B and C. More than a year spent not getting proper nutrition would result in deficiencies in vitamins A, D, E and K, as well as B12. The more frequent chronic illnesses and medication use further compromise the nutritional status in older individuals. One study found that there was a high number of vitamin deficiencies found even among those who claimed to be taking multivitamin supplements on a daily basis.

Here are the main vitamins all adults, particularly older adults, must consider on a daily basis.

Vitamin A: A powerful antioxidant, important in the prevention of cancer and immune function reduces the risk of heart attack, stroke, and macular degeneration a deficiency is uncommon. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables containing carotenoids, including beta-carotene or pro-vitamin A, and organ meats, milk, oysters, and mackerel is recommended.

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