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What Vitamins Are In Emergen C

Does It Prevent Colds

Emergen C Vitamin C – Review

Since Emergen-C supplies nutrients that interact with your immune system, many people take it to fend off colds or other minor infections.

Here is an in-depth look at each of Emergen-Cs major ingredients to determine whether the contained vitamins and minerals really boost immunity and increase energy levels.

No You Shouldn’t Mix Emergen

There’s no doubt that Emergen-C’s fruity, citrusy flavor is a large part of the dietary supplement’s appeal. However, as tasty as you may find the fizzy vitamin drink mix, it should never be used to add a flavorful, vitamin-rich punch to your favorite cocktail. And, if you don’t believe us, take it straight from Emergen-C’s mouth er, Twitter account.

On March 12, 2020, Twitter user Marilyn Starkloff took to the social media platform to show off her beverage of choice while self-quarantining during the global coronavirus pandemic. Posting a photo featuring an open packet of Emergen-C, a mini-bottle of Aviation American gin, and martini glass containing a pale-orange liquid, Starkloff wrote, “Time for a quarantini.”

Considering the photo got a significant number of likes, it’s safe to say other Twitter users approved of Starkloff’s clever creation. However, a day later, the official Emergen-C Twitter account issued a warning in the form of a comment on Starkloff’s post. “We do not recommend taking any of our products with alcohol,” Emergen-C tweeted in response to Starkloff.

Medical Professionals See Emergen

Many may look to Emergen-C to get an energy boost or use it as a preventative measure to reduce the length of a future cold. Others may use it to replenish their bodies with vitamins and nutrients after drinking the night away. Regardless, it’s important not to rely on the fizzy drink mix for all of your health needs. Specifically, doctors warn that Emergen-C shouldn’t be considered an alternative to getting your flu shot.

Amesh Adalja, infectious disease physician and a senior scholar at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, told Women’s Health that Emergen-C has not been proven to work as a flu preventative, despite the supplement’s “immune boosting” claims. “Emergen-C is a vitamin C supplement, and there’s no evidence that it benefits people with the cold or influenza or affects your propensity to get the cold or the flu,” he explained.

The doctor continued, telling Women’s Health he worries that the marketed benefits of taking Emergen-C will deter the general public away from the one thing that has actually been proven to help prevent influenza during flu season: the flu vaccine.

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May Improve Mood And Reduce Symptoms Of Depression

Vitamin B6 plays an important role in mood regulation.

This is partly because this vitamin is necessary for creating neurotransmitters that regulate emotions, including serotonin, dopamine and gamma-aminobutyric acid .

Vitamin B6 may also play a role in decreasing high blood levels of the amino acid homocysteine, which have been linked to depression and other psychiatric issues .

Several studies have shown that depressive symptoms are associated with low blood levels and intakes of vitamin B6, especially in older adults who are at high risk for B vitamin deficiency .

One study in 250 older adults found that deficient blood levels of vitamin B6 doubled the likelihood of depression (

12 ).

A controlled two-year study in approximately 300 older men who did not have depression at the start found that those taking a supplement with B6, folate and B12 were not less likely to have depressive symptoms compared to the placebo group .

Summary Low levels of vitamin B6 in older adults have been linked to depression, but research has not shown that B6 is an effective treatment for mood disorders.

The Dangerous Truth About Emergen


Emergen-C® is a vitamin C-based powder that you consume by mixing it into a glass of water.

Its heavily advertised as being the ultimate cold prevention and cure and is often given to children.

Although naturally-occurring vitamin C can have great health benefits, the same cannot be said about the synthetic version of the vitamin.

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Vitamin C And Skin Health

To help maintain skin health, make sure you consume enough vitamin C in your diet. As an antioxidant, vitamin C plays an important role in skin health. Antioxidants help fight free radicals to help maintain healthy skin at a cellular level. Vitamin C also helps your body create collagen. In one study on vitamin C and skin health, vitamin C was shown to support collagen synthesis. Collagen is a protein your body produces, which helps give your skin its firmness and elasticity. To incorporate vitamin C-rich foods into your diet, try foods like broccoli, strawberries, kale, kiwis, orange juice, and red peppers. The Recommended Dietary Allowance for vitamin C is 90 mg/day for men and 75 mg/day for women.

Warnings If You Want To Take Emergen

18 December, 2018

If you’ve ever felt a cold coming on, only to have it thwarted by a high dose of vitamin C, you may be tempted to take it every day to prevent ever getting sick. After all, who has time to be sick?

But just as with any dietary supplement, there are precautions you should take before incorporating Emergen-C into your daily health routine. First, consult your doctor, and second, consider if you can get sufficient vitamin C from the food you eat.


Although you can take Emergen-C on a daily basis, you may wish to limit the supplement if you are exceeding the recommended allowance of certain nutrients in your diet.

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May Promote Brain Health And Reduce Alzheimers Risk

Vitamin B6 may play a role in improving brain function and preventing Alzheimers disease, but the research is conflicting.

On the one hand, B6 can decrease high homocysteine blood levels that may increase the risk of Alzheimers .

One study in 156 adults with high homocysteine levels and mild cognitive impairment found that taking high doses of B6, B12 and folate decreased homocysteine and reduced wasting in some regions of the brain that are vulnerable to Alzheimers .

However, its unclear if a decrease in homocysteine translates to improvements in brain function or a slower rate of cognitive impairment.

A randomized controlled trial in over 400 adults with mild to moderate Alzheimers found that high doses of B6, B12 and folate decreased homocysteine levels but did not slow decline in brain function compared to a placebo .

In addition, a review of 19 studies concluded that supplementing with B6, B12 and folate alone or in combination did not improve brain function or reduce the risk of Alzheimers .

More research that looks at the effect of vitamin B6 alone on homocysteine levels and brain function is needed to better understand the role of this vitamin in improving brain health.

Summary Vitamin B6 may prevent a decline in brain function by decreasing homocysteine levels that have been associated with Alzheimers disease and memory impairments. However, studies have not proven the effectiveness of B6 in improving brain health.

What’s Even In Emergen

Emergen-C 1,000 mg Review – Does it Work?

Aside from its fun, fizzy effect, Emergen-C has a tangy, citrusy taste that makes it all the more appealing to consumers. Unlike the myriad of other products that claim to fight colds and boost immune systems, Emergen-C seemingly manages to pack a nutrient-dense punch in an arguably yummy flavored way.

If you’re wondering about the exact ingredients that make-up Emergen-C supposedly fighting illness while tasting kind of like an orange creamsicle treat you need not look further than Emergen-C’s website, where the manufacturer has dedicated an entire page to detailing the vitamins and minerals packed within the powdery substance.

According to the exhaustive ingredients list, Emergen-C contains a mixture of antioxidants , B vitamins , electrolytes , probiotics , as well as other nutrients . It’s hard to imagine fitting that much good stuff in one little dose of powder, but Emergen-C manages to do the job.

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Can The Vitamin C In Emergen

Using vitamin C to help combat the common cold or flu is a tale as old as time but how effective is it really? Dr. Amesh Adalja, an infectious disease physician and a senior scholar at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, told Women’s Health, “Emergen-C is a vitamin C supplement, and there’s no evidence that it benefits people with the cold or influenza or affects your propensity to get the cold or the flu.”

Adalja’s assessment is shown in a study that looked at the effect of vitamin C supplements on preventing colds. Published in Cochrane Database Systematic Review, the study found a “failure of vitamin C supplementation to reduce the incidence of colds in the normal population.” As such, the study revealed that the use of “routine mega-dose prophylaxis is not rationally justified for community use.”

Adalja told Women’s Health he fears that people may put too much stock in vitamin C supplements and avoid getting a flu shot, an actual proven preventive measure to avoid catching the flu.

Functions Of Vitamin C

Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is a water-soluble nutrient found in various foods.ii As mentioned earlier, vitamin C is a remarkably versatile nutrient, though its most well-known function is helping to support the immune system. In the body, vitamin C works as an antioxidant and helps to protect our cells from free radicals and the damage they cause.ii,iii The wonderful thing about vitamin C is that it can do more for the body than just support the immune system. In fact, vitamin C plays a role in:ii,iii

  • Healthy skin and bones, collagen, cartilage, and blood vessels which are important for your childs growth and development.
  • Neurotransmitters these are super important as they help to signal important chemicals to the brain.
  • Carnitine this chemical helps to support the movement and breakdown of fatty acids that then generate energy for the body.

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May Treat Inflammation Associated With Rheumatoid Arthritis

Vitamin B6 may help reduce symptoms associated with rheumatoid arthritis.

The high levels of inflammation in the body that result from rheumatoid arthritis may lead to low levels of vitamin B6 .

However, its unclear if supplementing with B6 in people with this condition.

A 30-day study in 36 adults with rheumatoid arthritis found that 50 mg of vitamin B6 daily corrected low blood levels of B6 but did not decrease the production of inflammatory molecules in the body .

On the other hand, a study in 43 adults with rheumatoid arthritis that took 5 mg of folic acid alone or 100 mg of vitamin B6 with 5 mg of folic acid daily showed that those who received B6 had significantly lower levels of pro-inflammatory molecules after 12 weeks .

The contradictory results of these studies may be due to the difference in vitamin B6 dose and study length.

While it appears that high doses of vitamin B6 supplements may provide anti-inflammatory benefits for people with rheumatoid arthritis over time, more research is needed.

Summary Inflammation associated with rheumatoid arthritis may lower blood levels of vitamin B6. Supplementing with high doses of B6 may help correct deficiencies and reduce inflammation, but more research is needed to confirm these effects.

May Prevent Clogged Arteries And Reduce Heart Disease Risk


Vitamin B6 may prevent clogged arteries and minimize heart disease risk.

Research shows that people with low blood levels of vitamin B6 have almost double the risk of getting heart disease compared to those with higher B6 levels .

This is likely due to the role of B6 in decreasing elevated homocysteine levels associated with several disease processes, including heart disease .

One study found that rats deficient in vitamin B6 had higher blood levels of cholesterol and developed lesions that could cause artery blockages after being exposed to homocysteine, compared to rats with adequate B6 levels .

Human research also shows a beneficial effect of B6 in preventing heart disease.

A randomized controlled trial in 158 healthy adults who had siblings with heart disease divided participants into two groups, one that received 250 mg of vitamin B6 and 5 mg of folic acid every day for two years and another that received a placebo .

The group that took B6 and folic acid had lower homocysteine levels and less abnormal heart tests during exercise than the placebo group, putting them at an overall lower risk of heart disease .

Summary Vitamin B6 may help reduce high homocysteine levels that lead to narrowing of arteries. This may minimize heart disease risk.

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Emerge And See Everyday Nutrition

Emergen-C Original Formula is our most popular product for immune support and with good reason! Every fizzy flavor features essential nutrients, including 1,000 mg of Vitamin C and other immune supporting antioxidants , 7 B Vitamins to enhance energy naturally, and electrolytes to replenish post-workout.* Emerge and See more great days!


Don’t Give Adult Emergen

It’s only natural that kids would be drawn to the bright color and sweet taste of Emergen-C. Luckily for them, Alacer Corp has them covered. Emergen-C offers a version aimed at younger people, Emergen-C Kidz, which is aimed at 4- to 13-year-olds and delivers 250 milligrams of vitamin C per serving, as well as high amounts of B vitamins too.

While your kids may love the taste of Emergen-C, it would be wise to avoid giving them the adult version. Regular Emergen-C, which contains a 1,000-milligram dose of vitamin C, shouldn’t be given to children under 15, according to the Pediatric Urgent Care of Northern Colorado. The facility explained that the high dosage of vitamin C “can cause upset stomach in children.” They continued, writing, “Instead of giving your child Emergen-C or a similar supplement, seek to provide enough vitamin C through a balanced diet.”

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Some People Use Emergen

Anyone who’s ever spent a night on the town drinking with their friends knows the value of a tried-and-true hangover cure. While taking a couple Tylenol and drinking a glass of water before going to bed after an alcohol-fueled night out may work for some, other people need a little something extra to fight the next day’s hangover headache and general tiredness.

Speaking with Insider, Los Angeles-based bartender Kellie Norris said her go-to hangover fix is a fizzy cure-all. “One packet of Emergen-C and one packet of Alka Seltzer dissolved in a glass of club soda works as a next-day cure,” Norris revealed.

And it seems Norris is not alone in using Emergen-C as a hangover remedy. Cosmopolitan dubbed the dietary supplement a “hangover hack every twentysomething should know,” recommending readers to combine the orange powder with a vitamin B complex pill. “The vitamin B complex replenishes what alcohol depletes and the fizzy vitamin C helps with overall wellness,” Cosmopolitan writer Laura Beck explained. Of course, these and really all other hangover hacks should be taken with a grain of salt.

What’s In Your Emergen

Emergen-C Immune System Supplement Unboxing

Vitamin C, B Vitamins, electrolytes…what are the ingredients in Emergen-C and how do they help you be your best self? Emergen-C products contain a combination of selected minerals and vitamins for immune system support along with other nutrients* so you can keep feeling the good.

Antioxidants help protect your cells against the effects of free radicals, which can damage cells.*


Vitamin C is essential in maintaining a healthy immune system, and is critical to the formation of collagen, a structural protein that supports the skin and internal organs.*


Zinc is crucial to the immune system. It helps maintain white blood cell activity, and helps support antioxidant protection.*


Vitamin E is a key nutrient for helping support your immune system, as well as healthy skin and eyes.*


Manganese is an essential trace mineral needed for healthy skin and bones, cartilage formation, and immune system support.*

B Vitamins play a key role in energy metabolism.*


Thiamin plays a key role in the body’s metabolic cycle for generating energy helps in the metabolism of carbohydrates and helps maintain a healthy nervous system.*


Riboflavin is critical in breaking down carbohydrates, proteins, and fats so your body can use them for energy and repair.*


Niacin is a component of coenzymes that are involved in producing energy and building larger molecules such as fatty acids and some hormones.*





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Health Benefits Of Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6, also known as pyridoxine, is a water-soluble vitamin that your body needs for several functions.

Its significant to protein, fat and carbohydrate metabolism and the creation of red blood cells and neurotransmitters .

Your body cannot produce vitamin B6, so you must obtain it from foods or supplements.

Most people get enough vitamin B6 through their diet, but certain populations may be at risk for deficiency.

Consuming adequate amounts of vitamin B6 is important for optimal health and may even prevent and treat chronic diseases (

May Prevent And Treat Anemia By Aiding Hemoglobin Production

Due to its role in hemoglobin production, vitamin B6 may be helpful in preventing and treating anemia caused by deficiency .

Hemoglobin is a protein that delivers oxygen to your cells. When you have low hemoglobin, your cells dont get enough oxygen. As a result, you may develop anemia and feel weak or tired.

Studies have linked low levels of vitamin B6 with anemia, especially in pregnant women and women of childbearing age .

However, vitamin B6 deficiency is thought to be rare in most healthy adults, so there is limited research on using B6 to treat anemia.

A case study in a 72-year-old woman with anemia due to low B6 found that treatment with the most active form of vitamin B6 improved symptoms .

Another study found that taking 75 mg of vitamin B6 daily during pregnancy decreased symptoms of anemia in 56 pregnant women who were unresponsive to treatment with iron .

More research is needed to understand the effectiveness of vitamin B6 in treating anemia in populations other than those at increased risk for B vitamin deficiency, such as pregnant women and older adults

Summary Not getting enough vitamin B6 can lead to low hemoglobin and anemia, so supplementing with this vitamin may prevent or treat these issues.

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