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Where Are Puritan Pride Vitamins Manufactured

Are Puritan Pride Vitamins Good Quality

Vitamin C-500 mg with Bioflavonoids & Rose Hips by Puritan’s Pride |

Puritan’s Pridegoodgoodsupplement

. Also, how good is Puritan Pride?

With an Effectiveness Score of 6.5 on a 10 point scale, the Ultra multivitamin line by Puritan’s Pride ranks number 27 out of the 103 multivitamins we have evaluated. Even though this multivitamin is affordable, we believe it does not provide good value for money.

Beside above, what brand of vitamins are the best? Top-rated Supplement Brands on Overall Consumer Satisfaction:

  • Grocery Store Brand: Trader Darwin
  • Healthcare Practitioner Brand: Klaire Labs.
  • Health Food Store Brand: Herb Pharm.
  • Pharmacy Brand: Walgreens.
  • Vitamin Store Brand: Vitamin Shoppe.
  • Canadian Brand: Natural Factors.

Beside this, where are Puritan Pride Vitamins manufactured?

Puritan’s Pride is headquartered in Long Island, NY, and has state-of-the-art facilities across the U.S. Puritan’s Pride has been in business for more than forty years and manufactures over 1,200 high-quality vitamins, minerals, and other nutritional supplements with ingredients sourced from around the world.

Are Puritan Pride Vitamins natural or synthetic?

Puritan’s Pride Organic. Manufactured in the USA, using only the highest quality ingredients from around the world, our first fully certified USDA Organic line is clean nutrition at its best. By clean nutrition we mean all Puritan’s Pride certified USDA Organic products are free of gluten, dairy and synthetic dyes.

Puritans Pride Is A Good Brand For Sleep Help

The following Puritans Pride product has a good 66% of reviewers rating it 5 out of 5 stars

Get your best nights rest using the same fast-acting well-known Melatonin technology used in the healthcare industry to treat sleep disorders. This fast-acting formula provides Pure Melatonin to promote sleep in as little as 20 minutes.

Start enjoying better sleep now with Puritans Prides fast-acting sleep support with a Super Snooze with Melatonin Rapid Release Capsules.

Awaken to a better morning: enjoy a better nights sleep with Super Snooze with Melatonin Rapid Release Capsules. This tasty, non-alcoholic liquid supplement is formulated to help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake up energized. Each serving provides a full 10 mg of melatonin, a hormone produced by the pineal gland that helps sync your bodys internal clock for optimal sleep and maximum energy!

Super Snooze with Melatonin Rapid Release Capsules is a daily sleep supplement that calms the body and aids in relaxation so that you can feel refreshed upon waking

Super Snooze with Melatonin Rapid Release is a sleep aid that helps you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. The dual action formula combines 600mg of pure melatonin with phenobarbital to target multiple pathways in the central nervous system. This potent dose of sleep-inducing ingredients work together to help you get the sleep your body and mind deserve.

One Important Note On Ethics

One of our testers noticed that Puritans Pride still sells shark cartilage. Theyre hardly alone – you can find these products at GNC and on Amazon – but in our opinion no company should be selling shark cartilage at this point. We know of no scientific rationale for it there are no legitimate studies showing a health benefit, and anti-cancer benefits have been debunked. In fact, shark cartilage contains chemical compounds that may be toxic to people, including one that research suggests may be linked to Alzheimers disease. Meanwhile the shark cartilage industry is contributing to dangerous declines in shark populations and harming ecosystems as a result. Puritans Pride needs to hear from its customers, in order to realize that the company should discontinue the sale of this type of product.

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Can I Get A Puritans Pride Student Discount

There isnt a Puritans Pride student discount, but dont be discouraged because there are many other ways to save. Puritans Prides prices are already reasonable. They sell a wide range of wholesome energy supplements to help you get through finals. Use Puritans Pride discount codes for extra savings.

The Company And Its Quality


Founded in 1973, Puritans Pride has a nearly 50-year history in the supplements industry, something that comforts many longtime customers. The company makes their products in the United States and carefully source their ingredients from over 100 different countries around the world.

Theyre committed to rigorous testing during the process of making their products – sometimes testing a product as many as fifteen times – in order to ensure end quality for the customer.

There several brands under the Puritans Pride umbrella:

  • Aromappeal®
  • Puritans Pride Fitness
  • Puritans Pride Pets

In our testing and analysis, we find Puritans Pride to offer good-quality products. If you intend to shop on the Puritans Pride website because you trust this company, keep in mind that the website sells other brands too. So if youre concerned about sourcing and manufacturing standards and only want to purchase from the brand you know and trust, you may find the need to do some of your own research for unfamiliar brands as well. Then again, you may in fact discover new, high-quality brands by browsing the extensive selection of products on the website.

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Puritan Pride Vitamins And Supplements

When you go to, the companys official website, you will find a range of vitamins and supplements categorized into herbs, minerals, beauty, food, and pet products.

All these products are manufactured using pure ingredients the company owners say they scour the world to find the best raw materials.

Available information shows that the companys ingredients come from 106 countries worldwide. The owners use strict procedures to purchase them, ensuring that they get the best quality and potency.

For example, flax is grown in the Dakotas while fish oil comes from South America this makes the Puritan Pride manufacturing process special.

The company also has a team of scientists that formulate, test, and inspect all minerals, vitamins, and supplements. They do everything to ensure strict respect for the manufacturing process.

Full control The company controls the sourcing, manufacturing, packaging, and distributing of all products to ensure respect for established standards and customer satisfaction.

Respect of FDA standards Given that The Food and Drug Administration regulates vitamins and supplements strictly, Puritans Pride has defined high standards as requested by this regulatory authority.

The future vision The company has established close working relationships with the Council for Responsible Nutrition and other institutions.

Gtf Chromium 200 Mcg 100 Tablets

GTF Chromium is derived from specially grown yeast cells. Puritan’s Pride GTF Chromium is highly absorbable and provides 100% pure GTF Chromium factors.

  • Puritan’s Pride products are made with the highest quality ingredients available.
  • Over 40 years in business and 19 million customers served with Puritan’s Pride vitamins and supplements
  • Puritan’s Pride Vitamins supports healthy immune function and promote well-being.
  • Our vitamins help promote healthier lives

Directions: For adults, take one tablet up to four times daily, preferably with meals.

WARNING: Not intended for use by pregnant or nursing women. Avoid this product if you are allergic to yeast. If you are taking any medications or have any medical condition, consult your doctor before use. Discontinue use and consult your doctor if any adverse reactions occur. Keep out of reach of children. Store at room temperature. Do not use if the seal under the cap is broken or missing.

No Artificial Color, Flavor or Sweetener, No Preservatives, No Sugar, No Starch, No Milk, No Lactose, No Soy, No Gluten, No Wheat, No Fish, Sodium Free.

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Can I Get Free Shipping At Puritans Pride

There is always free shipping at Puritans Pride when your order comes to $49 or more. Smaller purchases ship for a flat fee of $3.95, but you can find Puritans Pride coupons to cover that. If youve reached Health Warrior status in the Puritans Perks program, youll enjoy free shipping with every purchase.

Are Nature Made Vitamins Nsf Certified

Probiotic 10 by Puritan’s Pride |

Only a handful of brands carry the seal. A few of them are Nature Made, Kirkland Signature and TruNature, for example. Another nonprofit group that independently certifies some supplements and their ingredients is NSF International. The group certifies such supplements as fish oil and multivitamins.

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Selection Of Plant Based Vitamins

The company offer 232 vitamins and supplements marked as vegetarian, plus a shorter list of certified kosher products free from shellfish. All of the ingredient labels can be viewed on the company’s website, making it easy to double check each vitamin supplement to ensure it meets your dietary needs.

Among the many vegetarian, plant-based vitamins and supplements are:

The company’s herbal supplements are of course plant-based. They offer pill forms as well as liquid tinctures.

All of the company’s plant-based vitamins use a vegetable base of cellulose for the pill covering instead of gelatin, which is an animal-based coating for capsules. Many vegetable extracts are used in the manufacturing of each supplement.

Puritan Pride Vitamins Supplements Review

Disclaimer: Please note that this post includes affiliate links. You can read my affiliate privacy policy statement under the footer menu for more information.

I feel compelled to share the Puritan Pride Vitamins supplements review. You will get detailed information about quality vitamin supplements sold by this brand.

This multi-level marketing company also has an affiliate program you can join, choose the products to promote, and earn a commission every time you generate a sale. We will examine if such an opportunity is the most appropriate to you.

  • Parent Company: Natures Bounty Co
  • Headquarter: Oakdale, New York in the USA
  • Industry: Vitamins and Supplements

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What Is Puritans Pride

Founded in 1973, Puritans Pride is headquartered in Oakdale, New York, in the United States. Its purpose is to provide you with quality vitamins and supplements, caring service, and value pricing.

Since its inception, the company has grown so rapidly that it is present worldwide. Its range of products is of the highest quality and available at the best value.

The company owners have established excellent relationships with their customers, suppliers, and employees. They are proud to say that it is the core of their business.

These core values have developed loyal customers over the past 40 plus years. The oldest and youngest customers receive a service level that shows how much they are respected and appreciated.

When you purchase Puritan Pride products, be confident that each mineral, supplement, or vitamin contains pure ingredients.

All products are manufactured and bottled concerning every products integrity and purity. The label reflects precisely the component of the related product.

Also, Puritans Pride uses the multi-level model to sell its various products, as is the case for other similar MLM companies such as Purity Products and FoodScience of Vermont.

What Is The Best Zinc Vitamin


First Look

  • Best Overall: Thorne Research Zinc Picolinate at Amazon. …
  • Best Budget: Nature’s Bounty Zinc 50 mg Caplets at Amazon. …
  • Best Liquid: NutraChamps Liquid Ionic Zinc at Amazon. …
  • Best Vegan: Garden of Life Vitamin Code Raw Zinc at Amazon. …
  • Best Gluten-Free: MegaFood Zinc at

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How Can I Find The Best Deals At Puritans Pride

Begin with Puritans Pride’s attractive prices and increase your savings with sales, a rewards program, and Puritans Pride promo codes.

  • Order multiple jars for buy one, get two free pricing.

  • Order during sales when vitamins are reduced by 20% to 85%.

  • Join the Puritans Pride Perks program to earn free supplements.

  • Use Puritans Pride coupons to save 25% or more.

Which Brand Of Zinc Is Best

  • Best Overall: Thorne Zinc Picolinate. Price: $ …
  • Best Chelated: NOW Foods Zinc Glycinate Softgels. Price: $ …
  • Best Vegan Option: Garden of Life Vitamin Code Raw Zinc. Price: $ …
  • Best Lozenges: Life Extension Enhanced Zinc Lozenges. Price: $ …
  • Best Organic: NutriGold Zinc Gold. Price: $ …
  • Best Gluten-Free: Pure Encapsulations Zinc.

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Clinical Studies And Research

Unfortunately, the Puritan’s Pride website does not offer detailed information regarding any clinical studies that have been performed on their supplements. While all of the product pages do include a list of potential benefits respective to each included ingredient, these statements are not backed by citations to actual clinical tests. This seems like a missed opportunity, given the fact that many of the ingredients utilized by Puritan’s Pride have undergone extensive scientific study. To find this information, however, you’ll need to venture outside of the Puritan’s Pride website.

The Puritan Videos section of the Puritan’s Pride website includes several videos that give insight into the research process utilized by the company. All ingredients are carefully screened in order to ensure that they’re pure and free of contaminants. When the ingredients are pressed into softgels or tablets, they’re checked for proper weight, size and hardness. The tablets also undergo visual inspection before returning to the laboratory for additional disintegration and dissolution tests, which determine how easily the human body will absorb the nutrients.

What Are The Major Puritan Beliefs

ABC Plus Multivitamin and Multi-Mineral Formula by Puritan’s Pride |

The Puritans believed that they had a covenant, or agreement, with God, who expected them to live according to the Scriptures, to reform the Anglican Church, and to set a good example that would cause those who had remained in England to change their sinful ways. However, there was dissent within the colonies.4 oct 2015

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What Criteria Do We Use To Evaluate Home Health Products And Services

We customize our evaluation criteria depending on the type and nature of the health service or product. For most products and services, we have five areas that we use for our evaluations, including:

Quality: How well does the company deliver its core service to the customer? Is the quality of the product or service high enough that we would recommend it to loved ones without hesitation? Does the company have a high quality medical review board with oversight? Are their treatment options or products FDA-approved?

Value: Are you getting your moneys worth? Are there any hidden costs or charges? Does the provider offer discounts or free services to our readers?

Customer Support: How well does the company provide information about its product or service? How clearly are options presented?

Privacy: Are all products sent in discreet packaging? Will your data be stored securely? Could your data ever be shared without your permission?

Speed: How fast will you receive your product from the moment you click buy? Are the waiting times stated by the company accurate and consistent?

Why You Should Trust Us

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This review, like all medical-related content on Innerbody, is thoroughly vetted by one or more members of our Medical Review Board for accuracy. Additionally, we extensively analyze each medical service we review. We evaluate the entire patient experience from signing up to receiving medicine in the mail and then offer unbiased, marketing-jargon-free analysis based on the latest scientific evidence and medical standards.

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What Do I Get For Joining The Puritans Pride Rewards Program

The Puritans Pride rewards program is called Puritans Perks. Youll earn 10 points for every $1 you spend and get a $5 reward for every 1,000 points. Youll get an anniversary gift with your Puritans Pride membership. It doesnt take long to reach the higher levels of Perks membership and earn even more benefits.

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The Shopping Experience If You Aren’t Sure What You Want

The Puritans Pride website is robust and navigation is very user-friendly. The company gives you many different ways to interface with available products – more on that below.

However, the available products are so varied and sprawling that it can almost be overwhelming if youre not sure what you want or need. Many customers have already done their research and know what theyre looking for. Some have spoken with their primary care provider and have determined the dosages they need to find. For these kinds of customers, Puritans Pride is a great company and shopping experience.

But what if you arent sure what dosage of calcium to buy, or what your optimal supplemental balance of calcium and vitamin D3 should be? Or for instance, lets say youre looking for magnesium supplements. You can find magnesium oxide here as well as magnesium citrate, and in different dosages. Which should you choose? If you know something about the differences between magnesium oxide and magnesium citrate, as well as how deficient you likely are in magnesium from dietary sources, then the sheer variety of options here is perfect for you because youre very likely to find the exact product you need. But if you arent sure about the differences, it may not be clear which product is right for you.


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