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What Vitamins Can I Take To Help Lose Weight

How The Body Obtains Vitamin D

Could Vitamin D Help You Lose More Weight?

Your skin synthesizes vitamin D as a hormone while absorbing the ultraviolet rays of sunlight, and many dieticians encourage getting vitamin D as a nutrient from enriched or fortified foods. Since vitamin D does not occur naturally in many foods, some experts recommend obtaining the vitamin from natural supplements.

The risk of skin damage from sun exposure and ozone-layer depletion also causes many people to opt for vitamin-D pills and supplements instead of sunbathing. At the very minimum, most adults need at least 400800 IU of vitamin D each day. An even more popular recommendation is the intake of 1,000 to 2,000 IU every day to remain on the safe side.

Will Eating Fish Help Me Lose Weight

Up to 66 percent of us battle diet-sabotaging cravings and hunger pangs when were stressed, and Indiana University researchers have discovered how to overcome them: Eat 18 ounces of fish or seafood weekly! Salmon, tuna, and other fish are rich in healthy omega-3 fatty acids, which calm your brains anxiety center, reducing the urge to eat when youre stressed, Kohnke said. Dont eat fish regularly? Try taking 1,000 milligrams of fish oil daily.

Will Eating Salad Help Me Lose Weight

Salads are part of most weight-loss plans, and now researchers know its not only because they are filling for few calories. Research in the journal Appetite reveals eating a heaping cup of leafy greens daily can help you shed up to 24 pounds in one year, thanks to the natural pigments that give those greens their colors. They increase your production of leptin, a hormone that helps you feel comfortably full for up to six hours after each serving, said study co-author Rick Kohnke, PhD.

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Can Taking A Vitamin D Supplement Help You Lose Weight

You might have heard some buzz lately about vitamin D. For one, having too little of the vitamin may affect your mood , according to the Cleveland Clinic. Meanwhile, researchers are studying whether vitamin D may help prevent or manage COVID-19, notes research published in May 2020 in the Irish Medical Journal.

So while there are various health reasons to go outside this summer and get your level of this critical vitamin up, could weight loss also be another incentive?

More studies are needed, but early research suggests promise. Heres what you need to know before popping a supplement to whittle your waistline.

Blood Sugar Balancing Supplements

what supplements should i take to lose weight_

Many people who carry extra weight, especially around the midsection, struggle with insulin resistance. Insulin resistance can also contribute to excessive hunger and sugar cravings. Therefore, restoring insulin sensitivity, especially in the muscles, can help with fat loss. For this reason, supplements that support healthy blood sugar levels may help with weight loss.

Insulin is a hormone that takes glucose from the blood and into the cells for energy. High blood glucose levels can damage certain insulin receptors, such as Glut4, in muscle cells, making them unable to take up glucose. This unmetabolized glucose remains in the blood or travels to the liver or fat cells where it will be converted to fat. This results in weight gain.

Better insulin sensitivity results in more glucose being used by muscle cells rather than being converted into fats. This can support healthy body composition.

Mitochondria are the cells energy factories. Some blood sugar balancing supplements increase a process known as mitochondrial uncoupling . The uncoupling of mitochondria can increase energy expenditure and thus help with weight loss.

If you are struggling with weight loss, even though you are dieting and exercising, then it is time to try Blood Sugar Breakthrough. This supplement contains chromium which has been shown to regulate carbohydrate and fat metabolism, increase lean body mass, and accelerate weight loss.

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Can Increasing Vitamin D Help You Lose Weight

Its too soon to say whether supplementing with vitamin D would aid weight loss, but scientists are currently exploring this use.

For example, in a study published in March 2014 in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 218 postmenopausal women were given either a placebo or a supplement of 2,000 IU of oral vitamin D3 per day, which is considered a high dose. Participants, who were overweight or had obesity, were also put on a weight loss program, which consisted of an exercise program in addition to a reduced-calorie diet. The authors, including McTiernan, discovered an association between vitamin D and greater weight loss. We found that those women who received vitamin D and whose blood levels got up to normal lost more weight than women whose blood levels remained low, says McTiernan. This suggests that keeping vitamin D in a healthy range could indeed help with weight loss.

One hypothesis on why: Vitamin D has a direct role in suppressing the parathyroid hormone, which promotes and triggers fat accumulation in the adipose tissue, suggests Dr. Perna. He authored a Medicina that cites research to support this potential mechanism. His paper also suggests that vitamin D supplementation is a potential option for weight loss programs but that further studies are needed to confirm the validity of these findings and delineate potential underlying mechanisms, he says.

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What Is Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 plays a major role in how well your body can function. Vitamin B12 is a water-soluble vitamin that exists in many other different forms. It contains the mineral cobalt, so compounds with vitamin B12 activity are collectively called cobalamins. Methylcobalamin deoxyadenosylcobalamin are the forms of vitamin B12 that are active in human metabolism. Vitamin B12 is required for proper red blood cell functionas well as DNA synthesis and helps convert your bodys fat and protein into energy.

Some of its most crucial functions include:

  • Supporting the development of red blood cells
  • Strengthening the brain and nervous system
  • Enhancing immune reactions and functions

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Ginger Cinnamon And Garlic

Are all believed to have a thermogenic effect on the body too, which increases the bodys internal temperature and results in you using more energy.12

A 15-week study of garlics ability to reduce body weight in mice found that garlic did lead to reduced body weight and high-fat diet-induced abnormal plasma and liver lipid profiles.

The mice were fed a high-fat diet for 8 weeks, followed by a high-fat controlled diet supplemented with 2%, or 5% garlic for 7 weeks.13

How Much Vitamin D Is Needed To Lose Weight

5 Weight loss supplements that actually work (to turn OFF fat storing hormones)

To lose weight, you would have to do several things other than supplying your body with enough vitamin D. However, to answer your question, approximately 20ng/ml or 50 nmol/L of vitamin D levels is the optimum value. To get the best out of your weight loss journey, also consider eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly. Getting Vitamin D naturally, which is through sun exposure is highly suggested.

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Speed Up Your Metabolism With These Vitamins

Even though you may be overweight, you might not get all the nutrients you need. Dr. Ahmed and our knowledgeable team at Weight No More in Newport Beach, California, determine which vitamins and supplements help fill these gaps in your nutrition. We also recommend certain supplements to speed up your metabolism, which may be sluggish due to a variety of health issues, poor diet, or insufficient exercise.

What Vitamins To Take To Lose Weight

5 Vitamins to Boost Your Metabolism and Promote Weight Loss

  • B vitamins. The B vitamins include:
  • Vitamin D. Your body can get all the vitamin D it needs courtesy of the sun.
  • Iron. Iron plays a role in helping your body create energy from nutrients.
  • Magnesium.
  • 3 Nutrition Facts to Know.

Likewise, can Vitamin b12 make you gain weight?

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What does vitamin b12 help with weight loss?


Can Vitamin b12 speed up metabolism?

vitamin B-12vitamin B-12your metabolismvitamin B-12vitamin B-12

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Vitamin D Can Help Counteract The Effects Of Insulin Resistance

Studies have shown that people with type II diabetes or who are at risk for the condition may increase insulin secretion through vitamin D intake. The nutrient can also help with the hunger and overeating associated with insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome.

A study at the University of California at Davis found that high vitamin D levels result in the release of the hormone leptin. This hormone tells the body that it is full and may improve insulin sensitivity toward healthier foods.

Can Vitamins Help You Lose Weight

Vitamin d to lose weight

So, no, there’s no one vitamin you can take to help you lose weight. That said, Rissetto noted that some vitamins can have an indirect effect on your weight. Vitamin B, for example, keeps your metabolism fully functioning, allowing your body to continuously convert calories into energy. Having low levels of vitamin B means your metabolism won’t be working as efficiently as it could, which can hinder your weight loss goals. And if you’re low in iron, Rissetto added, you might experience fatigue, weakness, and low energy levels, which could make working out more difficult and lead to difficulty with weight loss.

Some research has also found a correlation between vitamin D and weight loss, with one 2011 study noting that overweight people who took calcium and vitamin D supplements lost more belly fat than people who didn’t take supplements. Exactly how vitamin D relates to weight loss and management, though, is unclear. It can help ease symptoms of depression, Rissetto pointed out, which can include weight gain or a change in eating behaviors, but the reason behind the the vitamin D-weight loss connection remains unknown.

While these vitamins could all be factors in weight loss or weight gain, “saying that one vitamin is going to help with weight loss doesn’t really tell the entire story,” Rissetto said, “and we haven’t seen that to be the case.”

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How Does Vitamin D Help In Weight Loss

Many theories hypothesize the relationship between obesity and low vitamin D levels. Many researchers have found that people who are overweight and obese tend to consume fewer vitamin D-rich foods. Whereas some researchers point out their behavioral differences, and obese people tend to expose themselves less to sunlight. Therefore, they may not be absorbing enough sunshine vitamin from the sun.

However, recent studies concluded that vitamin D can help in weight loss, and people with vitamin D deficiency had a higher body fat percentage and higher body mass index. Furthermore, certain enzymes that are essential to activate the vitamin D may vary between nonobese and obese people.

Another research shows that vitamin D requirements depend on body size, and there is no difference between vitamin D levels in nonobese and obese people. This goes to say that overweight and obese individuals need more vitamin D than people with normal body weight. This is why obese people might have vitamin d deficiency.

Moreover, losing weight can impact your vitamin D levels. A theoryalso states that a reduction in body size would decrease the requirement of vitamin D. As the amount of it remains the same in the body, weight loss would increase the vitamin D levels. Some evidence shows that people with an increase in levels of vitamin D in the blood lost more weight and body fat.

Vitamins And Weight Loss

Food is one of the top factors when trying to lose weight. Poor diets can prevent the body from performing at optimal levels. Cutting back on calories can also leave dieters lacking in nutritional requirements. Vitamins are a way to fill dietary gaps, curb cravings, boost metabolism, and increase strength. 4 popular weight loss vitamins include vitamin B, D, iron, and magnesium.

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Dhea Supplements For Health Conditions

DHEA supplements show some promise for easing mild to moderate depression. But more research is needed.

In a small, six-week study, researchers from the National Institute of Mental Health found that treatment with DHEA supplements helped relieve mild to moderate depression that occurs in some middle-aged people. DHEA may also be effective for improving aging skin in the elderly.


As for other conditions, both National Standard and the NIH say the evidence is unclear whether DHEA has any significant benefit in treating conditions such as:

Some of these side effects can result from DHEA raising the level of testosterone and estrogen in a person’s body. Medical experts caution that little is known about the long-term effect of the elevated hormone levels. DHEA supplements should not be taken long-term without consulting with a health care professional.

Vitamin D May Improve Lean Muscle Mass Strength And Bone Mineral Density

Vitamin D & Calcium: How They’re Related To Obeisity & Weight Gain

In addition to reducing belly fat, taking vitamin D for weight loss has important implications in musculoskeletal health. A 2017 study found that combining vitamin D with aerobic exercise and resistance training can result in more calorie loss than exercise alone.

Vitamin D may also help with energy output during strenuous workouts, and the nutrient can increase lean muscle mass over the course of a year. In men, vitamin D can greatly raise internal testosterone levels that prompt weight loss.

Along with exercise benefits, the body stores vitamin D and enables it to play an important role in muscle repair. Muscle tissue has special receptors for vitamin D that enable the nutrient to strengthen muscle fibers and help facilitate recovery from cellular damage.

For example, since the heart is a muscle, this organ also has special receptors for vitamin D. A study published in Circulation Journal found that people low in vitamin D are significantly more likely to develop cardiovascular disease. Therefore, taking vitamin D for weight loss also may help lower the rate of heart-disease risk markers like triglycerides.

Vitamin D may also inhibit the collection of scar tissue and fibroblasts following heart-related trauma. Overall, the vitamin can compound the benefits of cardiovascular workouts and benefit cardiovascular health.

Serotonin may also reduce intermittent feelings of uncontrollable hunger and increase the feelings of fullness after meals, protein shakes or snacking.

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Vitamins That Can Help You Lose Weight

Vitamins are the all essential micronutrients we need for various roles within the body organs, skeletal structure and external structure, such as our hair and skin. But in addition to giving us the essential micronutrients our bodies need, vitamins can aid towards weight loss too.

Vitamins are divided into two groups: water soluble vitamins, which are B-complex and C and fat soluble vitamins, which are A, D, E and K. In a nutshell, water soluble vitamins need regular replacement in the body, while fat soluble vitamins are stored in the liver and fatty tissue, ready for use at a later stage. These can take a lot longer to be flushed out from the body.

As we grow older, we may slightly lack in certain vitamins that work effectively towards maintaining a healthy weight, or weight loss. But in the UK, certain vitamin supplements can be taken as an aid to lose weight, generally coupled with a controlled dietary plan. Medical practitioners can prescribe pills known as fat binders or carb blockers, for example. Small dosages of these are available over the counter, which include certain vitamins for weight loss. There are also other products, called extracts, which include vitamins that can play a role in shedding the pounds.

Here are a list of the best known vitamins to help with losing weight.

Choosing The Right Diet Pill For You

Be sure to look at the ingredients list so you know you are not intolerant to any of the ingredients.

Fat loss products contain thermogenic aids and caffeine. So if you know that any of these ingredients affect your digestion, mood, or sleep, find a more suitable product.

Take extra care to use the right dose every day, and always take your diet pills with food and water, as directed.

Choose from a store and a brand you trust. And make sure the product is all-natural.

Youve found the right weight loss supplement when:

  • It has a clear ingredients list with no confusing ingredients.
  • You understand everything on the label and are 100% clear on what you are putting into your body.
  • None of the ingredients give you any side effects like sleeplessness or an upset stomach.
  • It gives you a gentle boost of energy for your workout.
  • You notice that you feel less hungry and are able to manage your fat loss diet better.
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    Vitamin D Has Antioxidant And Anti

    As one of the 24 micronutrients necessary for survival, vitamin D affects genes within nearly every organ of your body. Vitamin D is responsible for the synthesis of numerous peptides that reduce stress and help the body fight off infection.

    The nutrient also engages in molecular signaling to inhibit inflammatory substances from adhering to cell walls and causing stress and inflammation. In addition, the bodys organs also have receptors that turn vitamin D into the activated or hormonal form known as calcitriol.

    This hormonal version of vitamin D helps repair cells, fights oxidation, and may even increase longevity. Notably, many of the top antioxidant and anti-inflammatory foods are also great natural sources of vitamin D.


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