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When To Use Vitamin C Serum Day Or Night

Tips For Using Vitamin C And Retinol

Correct Order of Using Vitamin C Serum in Day & Night SkinCare Routine

While using vitamin C and retinol was considered harmful in the past, now you know that its perfectly okay. Just ensure you follow these tips:

1. Start Slowly

As with any skincare ingredient or product, start slowly and observe how your skin reacts.

Thats because although very effective, vitamin C and retinol are intense ingredients and so you need to give your skin time to adjust before you go all in. Integrating them too quickly can cause dryness, flakiness, or inflammation.

You could begin using them once a week and if you dont notice any reaction, use them twice a week, then thrice a week until you reach the most suitable frequency for you.

2. Wear Sunscreen

Yes, vitamin C builds a barrier that protects the skin from UV rays, but this doesnt mean you shouldnt wear sunscreen.

And no matter how much you change specific ingredients in your routine to meet your skincare concerns, you should always include SPF.

Sunscreen application applies too to when you introduce retinol to your skincare. As mentioned earlier, retinol is a form of vitamin A. This vitamin thins the skins barrier, increasing its susceptibility to the suns UV rays, so its vital to wear SPF when using retinol.

3. Hydrate

Your skin needs regular hydration and moisture for it to be healthy. And the fact that retinol can have a considerable drying effect on the skin, causing flakiness and dryness, is more reason to hydrate often.

How To Use Vitamin C Serum On Face At Night

  • 6. They are safe for all skin types
  • It wasnt long ago when Vitamin C serum became Ranveer Singh of the Beauty industry. Vitamin C serum is the serum made up of Vitamin C gets applied during skincare routine.

    Nowadays, every product contains the essence of Vitamin C to make their product effective. After all, it provides numerous benefits such as delaying aging, increasing collagen production, brightening the skin, reducing pigmentation, etc.

    However, the debate that confused all of us is whether to use it at night or day. After doing some research, we found that using Vitamin C serum on the face at night is more effective.

    That is why we are here to tell you need-to-know info on applying Vitamin C Serum on your face at night. So, lets get started.

    How To Combine Vitamin C Retinol And Hyaluronic Acid

    Unless your skincare routine doesnt go beyond using the most basic cleanser and moisturizer , theres already a strong possibility that youre using vitamin C, retinol and/or hyaluronic acid to help keep your skin looking its best. These popular ingredients can be found in loads of skincare products and offer compelling complexion benefits. To find out how to use them together, we consulted with board-certified dermatologists and Skincare.com consultants Dr. Erin Gilbert, Dr. Dendy Engelman, and Dr. Ted Lain.

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    How To Use Vitamin C And E Serums

    As with vitamin C serum, vitamin E serums help to fight skin issues and the use of both serums will help to clear dark spots and brighten up the skin for a natural glow.

    Compared to using them separately, the two serums are most effective when combined. Here is how to apply both serums:

    • Cleanse the skin first
    • Proceed to dry the skin with a clean cloth or towel
    • Squeeze out drops of both serums into your palm
    • Use your fingertip to mix
    • Rub the mix on your skin and massage gently for your skin to absorb it
    • Apply moisturizer on your skin now

    You can as well just look for a product that contains both serums instead of having to mix the serums yourself. Apply vitamin C and E to enjoy flawless skin.

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    How Does Vitamin C Work

    How To Use Vitamin C Serum in Day or Night?

    Vitamin C, also known as L-ascorbic acid on a chemical level, is an antioxidant. This means its function is to neutralize free radicals, unstable molecules that damage not only our skin cells but all of our cells. Free radicals are known to cause cancer, diabetes, eye diseases, and various other life-threatening conditions. Unstable by nature, free radicals are missing an electron and all electrons need to be paired for them to function properly. This unpaired electron causes the unstable molecule to attack a stable molecule and steal an electron, rendering the stable molecule unstable. Thus, this electron-stealing behavior creates a chain reaction of unstable molecules taking the stable ones with them.

    Its important for us to neutralize these free radicals as quickly as possible, before they cause a mass chain reaction of damaging cells. Thats where antioxidants come into the picture. Vitamin C counteracts free radicals by providing them with their missing electron, which successfully neutralizes these damaging molecules.

    Vitamin C is the primary brightening ingredient in skincare. This means it has the ability to lighten hyperpigmentation, brighten skin dullness, reduce dark spots, and fill fine lines and wrinkles all of which contribute to a youthful and full appearance.

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    Vitamin C Treatment Regimen

    For the best outcome, use vitamin C serum daily. And because a primary benefit of using vitamin C is it helps protect skin by shielding it from pollution, radicals, and ultraviolet light, you want to use it in the morning rather than the evening.

    After applying vitamin C, give your face 90 seconds to absorb and follow with a moisturizer. The moisturizer seals the benefits of your serum and boosts your skins protective lipid barrier.

    To get the most out of a vitamin C serum:

    • Apply it and also sunscreen to bolster protection as SPF absorbs UVA and UVB rays. Teaming up vitamin C serum with sunscreen can also reduce signs of premature aging.
    • Use it after cleansing and toning, then apply moisturizer and SPF.
    • Vitamin C serum works best on exfoliated skin. Otherwise, when you dont exfoliate, and theres a build-up of dead skin cells, it makes it difficult for the product to penetrate. However, especially chemical exfoliates can irritate your skin, therefore avoid using them at the same time. Instead, apply one in the morning and the other at night.

    Keep an eye on the products ingredients list and percentages to get an idea of its effect on your skin, more so after exposure to sunlight. We understand these lists can sometimes seem like a foreign language, so if youre unsure how strong a percentage is, contact the company.

    Vitamin C Serum And Retinol

    Next to vitamin C, retinol, a form of vitamin A, is a most common and effective skincare ingredient. It encourages collagen synthesis, thus tightening the skin, treating acne, and leveling skin pigment.

    When you use vitamin C and retinol separately, each of them will target specific skin disorders. But when combined, they form the ultimate beautifying duo.

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    Give Your Face The Benefit Of Exfoliation

    Our skin is the largest organ of the body. It consists of water, minerals, protein, lipids, and other chemicals. Its there to protect us from infections and just generally keep the insides in and the outside out. With the weight of all those responsibilities, its no wonder our skin cells tap out after a certain amount of time, and hand the job over to the next shift.

    We already know that our skin changes as we age, but we may not all be aware that it regenerates itself around every 27 days. That means the older cells wither and die , and fresh cells are exposed, leading to a healthier, more youthful glow. Skin cell regeneration is a naturally occurring process, but sometimes we need to nudge it along to allow the newer cells to make their way to the surface sooner.

    Heres where vitamin C comes in to save the day once again. Since vitamin C is acidic, using vitamin C skin care products will help slough off dead skin cells. This exposes fresher cells and enhances the skins ability to regenerate new ones. When you use vitamin c topically it can also accelerate elastin and collagen production, adding to the overall anti-aging benefits for your face.

    As you can see, the roles of vitamin C in skin health are varied and very important. If all these benefits dont persuade you to use one or more forms of vitamin C for your skin and face, then Im not sure what will.

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    Does Vitamin C Cause Skin Reactions

    How to use Vitamin C Serum on Face Day and Night

    Product formulation and packaging are paramount to a serums stability. And to retain effectiveness longer, l-ascorbic acid, magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, and ascorbyl palmitate, which are vitamin C derivatives, are used.

    The l-ascorbic is formulated at a low pH , and this low acidity may cause you to experience tingling.

    Its why you should always conduct a patch test before full application, as its the only way to know how your skin will react.

    If you experience a reaction, lower the frequency of use, spacing it out until your skin acclimates and youre comfortable using it. And if you have very sensitive skin, then avoid any products with l-ascorbic acid.

    Generally, magnesium ascorbyl phosphate is gentler, and products with it are less likely to cause a reaction.

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    What Are The Benefits Of Using Retinol

    Retinol supports our bodys cellular turnover .

    How is this beneficial?

    It rids old, dead skin cells, which cause the skin to look dull, and replaces them with new, healthy cells, reinvigorating the skin and making it appear radiant.

    Remember, our skin cells go through a lot with the pollution and dirt they face every day, which makes the skin dry, flaky, dull, and generally undesirable and prescribed retin A or non-prescription retinol can help.

    What Is Your Cant Live Without Product

    60% of people in my Instagram stories said they had a skincare routine. And so I asked them a number of questions, including what they couldnt live without in terms of their skincare routine. These products are also listed above but I added them in their own category as a good reference to what has been tried and true and loved.

    A few Cant Live Without answers I received that werent specific products:

    • Retinol
    • All Korean skincare products
    • SPF Everyday

    Thanks goes to all of you who participated and shared your favorite skincare products with me! I hope this is helpful for you to get an idea of what may be missing in your routine, learn more about the chemicals and vitamins that are good for your skin, and maybe see a few tried and true products from just your normal average Jane.

    My goals for my skincare routine is to brighten my skin and under my eyes for a nice dewy glow, and to just add sunscreen in general since Ive never had that in my routine.

    Below are the products I heard multiple times, were raved about insistently, or that I saw missing in my routine. I will be slowly adding to my skincare routine!**UPDATE: After just 2 months of consistently using these products, my skin was totally glowing and I felt so much more beautiful in my own skin! I thought for sure it is just a placebo effect but Ive gotten compliments on it! The photos dont even do it justice, but look at that before and after!

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    Serums You Should Use In The Evening

    The big daddy of anti-ageing ingredients, retinol is a skincare powerhouse. Originally researched as an anti-acne treatment, this vitamin-A derivative increases cell turnover to bring fresh cells to the surface, eradicating wrinkles and hyperpigmentation as well as blemishes.

    As incredible as it is, retinol shouldn’t be used while the sun is shining. Ironically, this potent damage-reversing ingredient dramatically increases sensitivity to sun damage. Don’t apply retinol during the day unless specifically noted on the product youre using, or present in very low concentrations.

    A great example of a retinol serum that should absolutely be worn at night is La RochePosay Redermic Intensive Anti-Ageing Treatment. This product contains not only retinol but also a retinol booster, so it has quite a bit of power behind it. Its a super product, but only for bedtime.

    Benefits Of Vitamin C For Skin

    Wumal Day And Night Serum 2

    Vitamin C is an impressive skincare ingredient that is shown to be effective in the following areas:

    • Protects against environmental stressors: As an antioxidant, one of vitamin Cs main functions is protecting the skin. “Normal cellular processes, as well as environmental insults like ultraviolet light and pollution, create free radicals in the skin,” Herrmann explains. “Free radicals are inherently unstable molecules that damage cells, promoting skin dullness, wrinkles, and even cancers.” Guanche adds, “Vitamin C is an antioxidant, which means that it can protect to skin from damaging free radicals caused by UV exposure.” By scavenging these free radicals, vitamin C protects the skin, keeping it healthy and improving visible signs of aging.
    • Promotes collagen production: Vitamin C also plays an important role in collagen synthesis. “Collagen gives our skin support and structure, and as it degrades with age, we begin to notice wrinkles and lines,” Herrmann explains. “Vitamin C is a necessary cofactor for building collagen bundles, without which this process halts.”
    • Lightens brown spots: Vitamin C is also helpful in lightening unwanted brown spots and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, or decreasing brown discoloration by blocking the pathway of pigment synthesis, according to both Herrmann and Guanche.

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    When To Use Vitamin C Serum: Day Or Night

    Since weve covered a lot of the Hows and Whys, it seems to be moment for a When. There are always questions about when and what time of day to apply the various beauty products and in what order. Well, as we mentioned above in #1, you should first wash your face and apply toner, if thats part of your routine.

    Then, you can apply your serum and let it set before moving on to your moisturizer with SPF, or your night cream. You can use your serum at any time, day or night, but if you apply your vitamin c products in the evening, you can sleep easy knowing that your serum is working its magic while you dream.

    Whether you use it everyday in the morning, at night, or both, your skin says thanks for the love.

    In addition to the products we put on our face, its important to remember that there are also simple and effective treatments we often overlook, even though theyre literally at our fingertips. One idea is a do-it-yourself face-massage!

    Side effects may include a sense of overall relaxation, loss of headache, and sensation that you should have been doing this every day of your life. Massage can improve blood flow and stimulate the cells that help produce certain connective tissues like elastin and collagen, and as you probably already know, both of those aid in keeping the skin firm. Its advice thats actually easy to take.

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    How To Incorporate Vitamin C In Your Day And Night Routine

    Everyone is familiar with Vitamin C, especially during covid times. Vitamin C is not only good, to be consumed as a dietary requirement but also in the form of skincare. It helps to fend off the signs of aging because of its vital role in the bodys natural collagen synthesis. It helps to heal damaged skin and, in some cases, reduces the appearance of wrinkles. Adequate vitamin C intake can also help repair and prevent dry skin.

    But no one told you, how to use Vitamin C products correctly? Worry not, we are here to tell you how and when to use the Vitamin C infused products, to get the maximum benefits of Vitamin C?

    1. Organic Face Cleanser Vitamin C An Organic Face Cleanser Vitamin C can be used every day, and at both night and morning time. Take a small amount of the product on your palm and apply thoroughly to the wet face, for up to 1 minute and rinse with water.

    2. Organic Day Cream Vitamin C An Organic Day Cream Vitamin C as the name suggests should be applied in the daytime. It will provide you the goodness of Vitamin C, all day long. Just make sure, to apply a good sunscreen afterward because Vitamin C can be sensitive to the sun.

    3. Organic Face Toner Vitamin C Organic Face Toner Vitamin C can be used every day, but just once a day, because using it twice a day can dry out your skin a lot, which is not good even for an oily skin type. Just apply generously after cleansing using a spray pump or cotton pad.

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    Potential Side Effects And Risks Of Vitamin C Serums

    Vitamin C is a safe and generally well-tolerated ingredient. The only risk is some of these serums have so many different ingredients in them, Saedi says, adding that these extra ingredients may result in an allergic reaction for some.

    Most of the studies mentioned above reported that study subjects had no irritation or negative reactions. The only exception is those with sensitive skin. The 2015 study published in Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigational Dermatology found that 6 percent of study participants experienced itchiness, which the researchers said was likely due to the acidity of vitamin C. Schlessinger says people with very sensitive skin should consult with a dermatologist before use since potent forms of vitamin C can sometimes irritate sensitive skin.

    According to the Indian Dermatology Online Journal study, a vitamin C serum may result in yellowing of the skin or clothes, stinging, or dryness, though those effects are rare. The researchers advise people take caution when applying around the eyes.

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