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Best Vitamin C Facial Serum

Tree Of Life Vitamin C Brightening Facial Serum

11 Best & Worst Vitamin C Serums & How They Work
  • Brighten, Firm and Smooth: Packed with antioxidants to visibly brighten skin and reduce the appearance of dark spots to give you that all over glow Skin will be left looking hydrated, smooth, and positively radiant
  • Only the good, none of the bad: Certified Cruelty Free Certified Vegan No Parabens
  • Clean Conscious Formula: Vitamin C brightens, certified organic aloe and jojoba for moisturizing, witch hazel minimizes appearance of pores, dark spots, and redness, and vitamin E to soothe skin
  • Quality at the Core: Founded by a scientist with the mission of making a better product that was affordable tested by dermatologists loved by customers love it or return within 30 days for your money back
  • Make Vitamin C Part of Your Daily Routine: Our serums are lightweight, not sticky or oily so wears well underneath makeup For best results, use every morning followed by your favorite sunscreen

Usage Of Vitamin C Serum

Before applying the serum, you should be aware of the application procedure. Always cleanse your face before applying anything. Applying the serum on an unwashed area leads the dirt to penetrate your skin and block your pores, causing further damage. After washing, gently dab a few drops of serum onto your cheeks and the T-zone and massage in circular motions. Let the formula set in followed by moisturiser or sunscreen. Sunscreen is a must, if you are going out.

Revision Skincare C+ Correcting Complex 30%

If youre looking for brighter, more even toned skin, consider adding the Revision Skincare C+ Correcting Complex to your beauty routine. Using the brands MelaPATH technology, this is meant to deliver antioxidant benefits, protect against free radicals, and support your skins production of vitamins C and E.

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Azure Naturals Vitamin C Serum

The Azure Naturals Vitamin C Serum contains super 22% strength Vitamin C, 11% Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E, Ferulic Acid, an Amino Complex, Aloe and Jojoba Oil.

These Vitamin C Facial Serums dramatically boost the production of collagen in your skin and increase the rate of cellular renewal. Your skins texture looks more refined, firmer and plumper and with consistent use you will see a noticeable reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. This serum is also perfect for sun damaged skin and with three of the most powerful anti-oxidants you have an eight-fold antioxidant protection, resulting in a significant improvement in sun damaged skin, less noticeable age spots and other skin discolorations. Your skin looks brighter, fresher and more youthful.

The Best For Leaving The Skin Plump: Tarte Youth Or Dare Multi

Pure Best Vitamin C Serum with 20% Hyaluronic Acid For Face
  • Pros: Gave my skin an all-day shine, has a pump dispenser
  • Cons: Requires more blending than other serums, due to it initially coming out orange

Well, hello oranges that somehow made their way inside Tartes Youth or Dare Multi-Acid & C Serum its good to see you.

As a pure-orange serum that blends translucent, it was cool to try this one out. The less-than-$50 serum, aside from vitamin C, contains hyaluronic and glycolic acids and apple extract that work in tandem to give an all-day glow and healthy plump.

  • Pros: Incredible at eliminating dark spots on consistent use, brightens the skin well, sleek packaging, precise application
  • Cons: None to speak of

Nobody likes dark circles and when you need it most , Josie Marans Argan Bright Skin Vitamin C Serum is the one we recommend most.

Despite not having chronically dark circles or spots, I did notice a difference underneath my eyes when I used it consistently. And, at $65, I would have guessed it was more than $100.

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How Should You Incorporate Vitamin C Into Your Skin

Sara Hogan, M.D., a dermatologist at UCLA Medical Center, Santa Monica, previously told SELF that the right time to add vitamin C into your skin-care routine depends on what kind of product it is. As far as serums are concerned, theyre best applied directly after cleansing your skin but before moisturizing it.

Since vitamin C is available in a number of concentrationsfrom below 5% up to 30%its important to choose yours wisely depending on your skin type. Dr. Hogan suggested those with dry or sensitive skin stick to lower concentrations, which are usually less irritating, as we mentioned above. Oily skin types, or those who deal with extensive pigmentation issues, can likely handle higher serum intensities to improve tone and texture.

If you use retinol or benzoyl peroxide on a regular basis, dermatologists advise steering clear of using a vitamin C serum at the same time, as the combination can cause it to lose potency. Since its more effective to use vitamin C in the morningit becomes unstable once the ingredient is exposed to light, and thats when UV radiation is at its highestprofessionals recommend using benzoyl peroxide and retinol at night, or on different days of the week for the best results. And if youre wondering about the effects of using a vitamin C serum along with a different active ingredient you rely on in your skin-care routine, be sure to do some research into whether it makes sense to combine them before you dive in.

Whats The Best Way To Incorporate Vitamin C Into Your Skincare Routine

Experts recommend using it as a first step. As with most actives, I recommend using a vitamin C after cleansing but before non-active topicals, says Pritzker. So you should use it before you moisturize and always before SPF, which you should be using every day. We typically recommend using it in the morning.

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Cerave Skin Renewing Vitamin C Serum

In addition to its antioxidant properties, CeraVe Skin Renewing Vitamin C Serum contains three essential ceramides , hyaluronic acid, and vitamin B5. The ceramides will help to replenish and maintain a healthy skin barrier, says Atlanta dermatologist Tiffany L. Clay, MD. The skin barrier is the outermost layer of skin that protects it from irritants in the environment. Plus, the hyaluronic acid will help hydrate the skin, while vitamin B5 has anti-inflammatory properties, Dr. Clay adds. Apply this serum once daily, preferably in the morning after cleansing, and follow with a moisturizer and broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least SPF 30.

Our Best Overall Pick Is Drunk Elephant C

Best affordable vitamin c facial serum: for acne , dark spots and for clearer skin

We independently research, test, review, and recommend the bestproducts. Healthcare professionals review articles for medical accuracy. Learn more about our process. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a commission.

When it comes to over-the-counter topicals, theres often a limit to just how much of a difference you can see from products without a prescription. Serums containing vitamin C are the exception, according to board-certified dermatologist, Diane Madfes, MD. “They work to stimulate collagen, lighten dark spots, and protect against sun damage,” Madfes tells Byrdie. “They’re also great for fine lines, melasma, and rosacea.” Vitamin C in serum form is so effective because it attacks free radicals that can damage skin DNA.

Our best overall pick is Drunk Elephant C-Firma Fresh Vitamin C Day Serum, which contains ferulic acid and vitamin E to boost vitamin Cs efficacy and stability, and glides on without a sticky finish. For a more affordable pick, consider CeraVe Skin Renewing Vitamin C Serum, a drugstore favorite that contains l-ascorbic acid, the purest form of vitamin C, plus ceramides and hyaluronic acid to create a silky skin-feel.

Ahead, find the best vitamin C serums to brighten your complexion.

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What To Watch For With Vitamin C Serum

Finding the best vitamin C serum isnt always a slam dunk, as this antioxidant can be unstable and breaks down quickly when exposed to light. Heres a tip: Choose products with opaque bottles to keep your product fresher longer, such as TruSkin Vitamin C Serum. If the color of the product turns dark or yellow, its time for a new bottle.

Another potential problem? With supplements like vitamin C serum, you dont always know if youre getting the real deal, since theyre not closely regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Heres a trick for your inner science geek: Mix betadine, a golden-brown antiseptic used before surgery, with vitamin C. If the mixture turns clear, theres C in your serum, says New York City dermatologist Doris Day, MD. This simple experiment can tell you if theres actually vitamin C in your serumbut it still cant tell you how well the serum will be absorbed by your skin. This experiment wont give you information on the quality of the vitamin C, its Ph , or the overall efficacy of the formula, Dr. Day explains. Enter our experts picks.

Vitamin C Suspension 23% + Ha Spheres 2%

The Ordinary Vitamin C Serum for Evening Skin Tone and Fighting the Signs of Aging

The Ordinary Vitamin C Suspension 23% + HA Spheres 2%

This is one of the best The Ordinary products to add to your skincare routine, because it contains a potent concentration of vitamin C , which brightens and evens out overall skin tone while fighting the signs of aging.

Those looking to brighten their skin tone while also fighting against the signs of aging should turn to this product, which has the highest concentration of antioxidant-rich vitamin C of any of the products the brand offers. Since vitamin C has been shown to help with hyperpigmentation, this option is also great for those looking to even out dark spots. In addition to vitamin C, this product contains sodium hyaluronate , which increases moisture in the skin.

  • May irritate sensitive skin

Since this product contains such a high percentage of vitamin C, some users may experience tingling as their skin adjusts, particularly if theyre newer to topical vitamin C.

Ascorbic Acid, Squalane, Isodecyl Neopentanoate, Isononyl Isononanoate, Coconut Alkanes, Ethylene/Propylene/Styrene Copolymer, Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Silica Dimethyl Silylate, Sodium Hyaluronate, Glucomannan, Coco-Caprylate/Caprate, Butylene/Ethylene/Styrene Copolymer, Acrylates/Ethylhexyl Acrylate Crosspolymer, Trihydroxystearin, BHT.

  • National Center for Biotechnology Information. “Vitamin C in dermatology”

    Accessed Aug. 11, 2021.

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    What To Look For In A Vitamin C Serum

    Turns out, not all vitamin C serums for the face are created equal. Check the label for L-ascorbic acid, says Chicago plastic surgeon Julius Few, MD. L-ascorbic acid, also just called ascorbic acid, is the most well-researched form of vitamin C with respect to the skin, and naturally occurs in our bodies, he explains. The abundant research on ascorbic acid demonstrates that it can reduce signs of aging, including hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, fine lines, and loss of elasticity.

    Other helpful vitamin C derivatives found in skin care products include sodium ascorbyl phosphate, ascorbyl palmitate, retinyl ascorbate, tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate, and magnesium ascorbyl phosphate. Some vitamin C serums also contain other antioxidants like ferulic acid and vitamin E, which help supercharge their skin-rejuvenating effects.

    When Do You Apply Vitamin C Serum

    Pure Vitamin C 20%+ E + Hyaluronic Acid Face Serum BEST Anti

    Vitamin C serum is a hydrating skincare product that soaks under the top layer of your skin and is a great part of a daily skincare routine. There are several times a day that you can apply vitamin C serum for faces to your skin. Here are some options:

    • In the morning as a lightweight, anti-aging moisturizer
    • In the morning underneath your favorite daily lotion
    • At night underneath a night cream for an extra dose of protection and renewal

    Serums should also be applied to damp skin so they absorb quicker. You don’t need much serum either, usually just one or two drops to cover your whole face.

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    Alina Vitamin C Serum

    Unlike most other Vitamin C serums, the Alina Vitamin C Serum contains an ester of Vitamin C, which is the highest quality of vitamin C on the market. So instead of containing 20% Vitamin C, it contains a 5% ester that has been clinically proven to provide better results than other formats of Vitamin C.

    IThis serum has an amazing tangy scent, due to the Mandarin and Grapefruit extracts, and it also contains vegan Hyaluronic Acid, Green Tea, White Tea, Vitamin E and Aloe Vera. The result is that this serum is chocked full of antioxidants that protect your skin from the ravages of free radicals, smooths the texture of your skin, evens out your skin tone , reduces fine lines ad wrinkles and plumps up your skin by stimulating collagen. The Alina Vitamin C Serum is made in the USA, and is paraben, sulfate and phthalate free.

    How To Apply Vitamin C Serum

    First, youll want to test the product to make sure your skin doesnt react negatively to it. Heres the three step process:

  • Choose small area of skin thats easy to conceal
  • Apply a small amount of product, then wait 24 hours.
  • If you dont notice any side effects, the product is safe to apply to your face. Do not use it if you develop a rash, redness, hives or feel itching or burning on the test site.
  • Once you are ready to apply, check the product label for detailed instructions. Typically, you will apply twice a day after cleansing and toning, then put moisturizer over the vitamin C serum.

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    The Type Of Vitamin C

    Vitamin C in its pure form is L-ascorbic acid, but when it comes to topical products it can vary. Some of the most effective ones to look out for are L-ascorbic acid, ascorbyl 6 palmitate, disodium isostearyl 2-0 L-ascorbyl phosphate, tetris palmitoyl ascorbic acid, ascorbic acid sulfate, magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, and ascorbyl glucoside2.

    Some forms are prone to oxidation , so if your product takes on a yellow-ish appearance once opened, chances are its lost its efficacy.

    Which Vitamin C Serums Are Best

    How To Choose The Best Vitamin C Serum

    When it comes to finding the best Vitamin C Serums, there are so many online that it can make your head spin. So to help you decide which Vitamin C Serum is best for you here are the best Vitamin C Serums with the best online customer reviews, quality ingredients and all at an affordable price point.

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    Best For Dry Skin: Maelove The Glow Maker

    • Some users dislike the texture upon application

    • Its 3-month shelf life may be shorter than some would prefer

    A cult beauty favorite, the Maelove Glow Maker Antioxidant Serum frequently sells out of stockbut if you can, we highly recommend getting your hands on it. With 15 percent L-ascorbic acid, it has plenty of vitamin C to even out your skin tone, reduce lines and wrinkles, and fight acne. But because it also has vitamin E and hyaluronic acid, it wont dry out your skin in the process.

    Considering how budget-friendly it is compared to some other high-end brands, we think that its three-month shelf life is hardly an issue, especially since you’ll want to use this product every day. It also has a very mild scent that will leave your skin feeling and smelling fresh.

    Key Ingredients: 15% L-ascorbic acid, vitamin E, ferulic acid, hyaluronic acid | Usage: Apply 3-5 drops to face, neck, and chest after cleansing and drying | Scent: Yes, but mild

    Zo Skin Health 10% Vitamin C Self

    The silky serum boasts 10 percent L-ascorbic acid, the best type of vitamin C serum for your skin, plus other potent antioxidants including vitamin E and co-enzyme Q10, says Troy Pitman, MD, a plastic surgeon in Washington, D.C. It brightens and hydrates skin and can also diminish discoloration and age spots with continuous use, he adds. Our patients love the texture on their skin. Theres just one con: These products are only available in select doctors offices or ZOs website.

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    What Percentage Of Vitamin C Is Effective

    An effective vitamin C serum will contain approximately a 10% to 20% concentration of vitamin C. A product that has significantly more than a 20% concentration of vitamin C is more likely to irritate the skin. Vitamin C serums with under a 10% concentration will still deliver results, but likely wont be as effective as other options with higher concentrations.

    All About Vitamin C Serums And Your Skin

    Best Vitamin C Serum 20% for Face With Vit E + Hyaluronic Acid ...

    Vitamin C sits beside retinol serums as one of the most recommended skin care ingredients of all time. Dermatologists love the vitamins ability to brighten, lighten, tighten, hydrate, and protect skin from environmental threats like pollution, smoke, and the suns harmful ultraviolet rays. So in addition to noshing on foods containing the natural ingredient, vitamin C serum has become all the rage to apply topically to skin. Vitamin C serum benefits include boosting tissue repair and collagen production, which promotes the appearance of healthier skin. But with every brand quick to declare theirs is the best vitamin C serum out there, how do you know which one to choose? We asked skin care experts and dermatologists for their picks.

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    Best For Sensitive Skin: Vichy Liftactiv Vitamin C Serum


    • 15% pure vitamin C formulation

    • Easy to apply, absorbs quickly

    • Some users dislike scent

    If you have sensitive skin, you may want to be particularly careful when it comes to choosing a vitamin C serum.

    Its important to find a formulation that works for your sensitive skin type not all vitamin C serums are created equal and many formulations range from five to 30 percent , Dr. Palm explains.

    Dr. Saedi suggests avoiding more potentially irritating vitamin C serums, so starting with one like Vichy LiftActiv Vitamin C might be less likely to cause a reaction than most other effective products it contains a high level of pure vitamin C, but she points out that its a more hydrating form with a lower percentage of ascorbic acid. Because its formula is only made of 11 ingredients, there’s less of a chance for an irritating ingredient to trigger a reaction.

    That means its less likely to cause irritation to sensitive skin, and since the Vichy serum also includes hyaluronic acid, is made with clean ingredients, and is paraben-, fragrance-, and oil-free, its worth giving it a try if youve got sensitive skin.

    Key Ingredients: 15% vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin E | Usage: Apply four drops each morning after cleansing and drying face | Scent: Has a scent


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