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Where Can I Buy Smarty Pants Vitamins

Final Thoughts On Smarty Pants Prenatals During Pregnancy

Smarty Pants Kids Vitamins to Boost Your Immune System

Like so many other baby products and those directed at moms-to-be, you probably would have never guessed how much can go into looking at different chewable prenatal vitamins.

Obviously, the biggest downfall of the Smarty Pants Prenatal Vitamins is the fact that you need to take six of them throughout the day. Depending on your doctors recommendation, you may also need to take a separate prental dha supplement.

The good, however, is that the smell and taste arent nearly as strong as they seem to be for a lot of other prenatal gummies, and youre still going to get all of the vitamins and minerals you need in order for your pregnancy to progress smoothly.

Smartypants Kids Complete And Fibre

Veggies are awesome. So are beans. So are all the foods in our diet that provide soluble fiber. But for kids, these foods are sometimes, well, less awesome. Thats why we make a delicious gummy with a multivitamin, omega 3 fish oil, & soluble fiber. Non-GMO and allergen-free. No bribes required!

Each serving contains…

  • Omega-3 fish oil including balanced DVH & EPA fatty acids

  • Prebiotic fibre for disgestive health

  • Vitamin D3 as D3 for bone health

  • Folate as methylfolate supports proper DNA replication

  • Vitamin B12 as methylcobalamin for mental focus & energy balance

Our Gummy Obsession

We started SmartyPants because we believe the very best vitamins are all in one: premium ingredients delivered in a delicious package at a fair price. The people we care most about take these gummies, so we wake up every day trying to make them better and better. Our goal, good health for the real world. All of it.

Courtney & Gordon

Smarty Pants Prenatal Review Avoid This One At All Costs

| Initial Thoughts | Nutrient Forms | Nutrient Amounts | Beneficial Substances | Additives | Success Rate | |

This Smarty Pants Prenatal review is all about introducing you to the whole truth and nothing but the truth when it comes to the latest version of particular multivitamin of Smarty Pants .

In order to effectively do that, we will go through all the different nutrients the supplement contains, well look at the effectiveness of the nutrient forms used. Well also go over additional beneficial substances and additives . And to finish things off we will assess the global success rate and all thats related to it.

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Centrum Adults Fresh Fruity Chewables

Unlike many multivitamins on the market that provide very high doses of many vitamins, Centrum is slightly lower. This can be valuable for those who want to supplement their diets with additional vitamins rather than rely on multivitamins to get an entire days needs.

Those who want to avoid swallowing pills but are not looking for a candy-like gummy may want to check out these chewable tablets. They have an orange flavoring and feature over 20 vitamins and nutrients.

Difference Between Folic Acid And Folate And Why It Matters

SmartyPants Adult Complete and Fiber, 120 Delicious Gummies
  • Folates are members of the B vitamin family naturally occurring in foods, mainly leafy green vegetables.
  • Methylfolate is the form of folate that is most easily absorbed and used by our bodies.
  • Folic Acid , on the other hand, is a fully oxidized, synthetic compound , used in dietary supplements and in food fortification. The important difference to note is that folic acid does not occur naturally. –Designs For Health
  • Potential Causes of a Folate Deficiency
    • Inadequate dietary intake
    • Increased requirement, as in pregnancy and lactation
    • Malabsorption

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    Nutrient Forms Are Decent Most Of Time

    One of the most important things about any supplements is the particular vitamin and mineral forms that a supplement uses.

    This stems from the fact that not all of them are created equal.

    For example, both Dl-Alpha Tocopheryl Acetate and D-Alpha tocopherol provide vitamin E to our bodies. However, the first one is the synthetic form of the vitamin, which is also only half as effective as its natural counterpart .

    And the same applies for essentially all vitamin and mineral forms out there. Theyre often very different in their properties and characteristics, so beneficialness of them also consequently differs .

    When it comes to the Smarty Pants Prenatal Formula, it uses decent vitamin forms most of the time.

    Meaning, we have available the very beneficial forms for preformed vitamin A, D3, E, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, and B12. We also get Zinc in a decent one and Iodine in the best form possible.

    Vitamin C and B1 are also fine. Whereas for vitamin K1, Selenium, and Choline the forms of these Im not a fan of. But most of them can work.

    That out of the way, lets have a look at nutrient amounts more closely.

    Are Smartypants Vitamins Safe

    The team at SmartyPants Vitamins has worked hard to gain the trust of the customers, identifying transparency as one of the companys core values.

    They have decided to be completely transparent regarding their ingredients sourcing, testing, and manufacturing processes.

    Every SmartyPants product is non-GMO and all ingredients undergo a stringent screening process to verify purity and potency.

    Not only does SmartyPants use their own in-house laboratory testing facilities, but they also provide third-party lab testing on products and ingredients.

    Every product is provided with a certificate of compliance which tests batches of products and verifies the ingredients specified on the label correspond to whats in each dose of the product.

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    Vitafusion Prenatal Gummy Vitamins

    With a name that contains literally what the company is known for, Vitafusion Prenatal Gummy Vitamins are designed with your health and your babys development in mind to provide you with the most vitamins and nutrients as possible within the gummies.

    In addition to the many nutrients they provide, youd also be getting plenty of your daily need of folic acid, Omega 3 DHA, Vitamin B-12, and Vitamins B-6. They do not, however, contain any iron, dairy, high fructose corn syrup, gluten, or added artificial sweeteners.

    Not only do the latter tend to make foods almost too sweet, but its also not good to take in artificial sweeteners at all, let alone if youre pregnant. And just in case youre worried about what the taste is like, the vitamins are the recipient of the Chefs Best Excellence Award, which is given to brands that exceed all expectations of taste and quality.



    • There are sugar crystals on the outside of the gummies, so that can make them a little harder to swallow and get down than other prenatal gummy vitamins.
    • After a few weeks or a couple of months of taking the prenatal, you might tire of or start to get nauseated from the sugary coating on the outside.
    • Some consumers might notice a bitter aftertaste that they cant quite shake which cold, in turn, add to their nausea.

    Who Shouldnt Buy Smarty Pants Daily Gummy

    SmartyPants Vitamin Review 2020
    • People who want a smaller serving size .
    • Those who dont want sugar.

    Compared to the rest of the market, the eight grams of sugar in each serving of these multivitamins is pretty high. That may be a no-no for some. If you are okay with the additional sugar and 50 calories in each serving, then add these to cart and get those fish oils in your supplement cabinet.

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    A Terrible Example Of A Prenatal Multivitamin

    There are many various prenatal multivitamin supplements out there. In that sense, Smarty Pants Prenatal is a very popular option and many websites and organizations even mention it among the very best multivitamins for pregnant and lactating.

    But please dont give in to this outrageous raving.

    Evaluating Smarty Pants Prenatal as a whole reveals that the supplement is all about providing a tasty experience instead of actually serving you the nutrients youll need for a healthy baby and healthy yourself.

    Sure, most of the time it offers proper nutrient forms. However, it profoundly lacks nutrient amounts, as well as many of the very important nutrients it doesnt offer at all.

    Plus, this great taste is a result of having almost 10 times the sugar for every bit of vitamins or minerals you get.

    A sugar, which is likely to come in some of the most harmful and detrimental forms for your health out there.

    Personally, I would never let my wife take a supplement like this during her pregnancy or right after it. Its NOT a supplement with your well-being 100% in mind.

    That said if youre interested in learning about proper multivitamins that you could introduce to your routine during and right after pregnancy, take a look at the article on the best multivitamins for women.

    Above all, I hope this Smarty Pants Prenatal review helped you find the information you were looking for.

    What To Consider Before Buying

    Consult a medical professional about whether or not multivitamins are right for you. If taking multivitamins is the right decision, try to take them at the same time every day to ensure efficacy. The convenience of chewable vitamins can make it easier to be consistent. There are many different types of chewable vitamins on the market, particularly when it comes to different textures and flavors . Find the option that best suits your needs and make taking vitamins feel less like a daily chore and more like something to look forward to each day.

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    Who Are Smartypants Vitamins

    SmartyPants Vitamins is a US-based vitamin manufacturing and distribution company that is headquartered on the west coast of California with two offices: one in Marina Del Rey, and the other in San Francisco.

    The parent company is the personal and home care products giant Unilever.

    What started out as an enthusiastic collective of concerned parents and health and wellness leaders, is now a company that offers a range of supplements for kids and adults, formulated for the needs of the average American diet and catering to various life stages and dietary requirements.

    They offer a range of dietary supplement products in the form of capsules, chewable gummies, and tablets.

    SmartyPants has also begun to dabble in the pet dietary supplement market, with their aptly named SmartyPaws pet multifunctional support products.

    All of their products, whether for adults, kids, or pets, are available in a range of supply amounts, including 30, 60, 90, and 120-day supplies.

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    Who Shouldnt Buy Centrum Adults Fresh Fruity Chewables

    Free Sample of Smarty Pants Vitamins
    • People who want better nutrition label transparency.
    • Anyone who prefers avoiding sugar alcohol .

    An awkward encounter when purchasing this item is that the product listing on Amazon does not have the nutrition label listed. Be sure that the amount of each vitamin is in the range you are looking for before clicking buy. For reference, the only vitamin dose that exceeds 100 percent of the recommended daily intake is folate . This no-sugar option is a nice boon to most morning supplement routines.

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    Full Smarty Pants Prenatal Vitamins Review

    Anyone who has ever been pregnant knows the struggles of dealing with prenatal vitamins. More often the vitamins tend to look more like over-sized horse pills meant for a large animal instead of a person growing a baby inside of them.

    While this is likely because of all of the nutrients the vitamins are expected to have, its still no fun to take that daily vitamin for the duration of your pregnancy. Luckily, theres more than just the huge chalky pill out there now. So, you have the option to go with the Smarty Pants Prenatal Complete Gummy Vitamins.

    Thats right! Theyre actual gummy vitamins, not unlike the kind many parents use to trick their children into taking their daily vitamin dose. They are designed to have a flavor youll actually look forward to rather than dread. Plus, since theyre gummy, you can take them pretty much anywhere without the need of a glass of water to gulp them.

    Just because the Smarty Pants Prenatal Vitamins are gummy, it doesnt make them any less nutritional. They contain 15 essential nutrients for your body and for the development of your unborn baby, as well as Omega 3 fish oil and EPA and DHA fatty acids. All of these are beneficial to your babys development before it is born. Plus, you can take added comfort in knowing that the Omega 3 fish oil comes from wild-caught fish.

    The vitamins are also made without any peanuts, milk, eggs, shellfish, soy, gluten, or wheat and zero artificial sweeteners or flavors.


    Amount Of Sugars Contained In The Product

    It is very vital to consider the sugar content in the multivitamin before buying. When buying vitamins for children, this is a huge consideration that should be taken seriously. Even though you want the vitamin to be sweet enough to entice them, you do not want to give them excess sugar, especially when they already consume some in their regular diet.

    The world we live in today has sugars in almost everything, with people consuming many sugars that are even dangerous to their health I’m sure you do not want that for your kid. Be careful with the sugar content of the vitamin you are buying by making sure that you are not giving your child candies in the form of vitamins. The sugar content should be shallow, or if possible, the vitamin should not have any sugars.

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    Nutrition Inspired By Nature

    SmartyPants Vitamins are free from high-fructose corn syrup and artificial colors, flavors and preservatives. They are also free from many common allergens, including gluten, peanuts, tree nuts and dairy. Rather than artificial sweeteners, SmartyPants uses just a few grams of natural, organic sugar to sweeten their tasty gummy vitamin treats.

    To make the most of SmartyPants Vitamins, choose the product that best suits your needs. Vitamins for kids and adults are available, both with and without added fiber. You can take SmartyPants Vitamins at any time of day. Always use as directed.

    *The total item count is approximate. The count will be inaccurate when sponsored products are displayed, when multiple sizes or colors of a product are grouped on a single product card, and when the in-stock filter is applied.

    The Added Fish Oil Is Of High Quality Not

    What is the Best Multivitamin for Kids? | SmartyPants Kids Complete Vitamin

    Okay, there is something that seemingly somewhat helps to remedy the situation and make the supplement a little bit more viable.

    Its the presence of high-quality fish oil.

    In this regard, I have to admit that Im not particularly a big fan of the substance being added to multivitamin supplements and this is for two reasons.

    First, it kind of always ends up being not enough amount-wise what regards how much you should be taking daily. Thus, youre pretty much always forced to spend money on an additional proper fish oil supplement nonetheless. So, why should you bother looking for a multivitamin with omega-3 if youll still need to buy an extra fish oil one?

    To illustrate, in this particular case Smarty Pants Prenatal offers 132 mg of Omega-3 Fatty Acids per serving of which 66 mg is EPA and 48 mg is DHA.

    Whereas the best practices say that it should be 1000 mg of Omega-3 of which at least 300 mg is EPA and 200 mg is DHA twice daily. Hence 2000 mg of Omega-3 .

    This basically means that it doesnt really matter whether or not and how much exactly the multivitamin contains this crucially important fatty acid. You will still have to buy a separate supplement to make up for that which Smarty Pants Prenatal Formula doesnt provide.

    Second, these kinds of multivitamin-integrated fish oils tend to not be properly tested for quality, potency, and purity. Thus, at the end of the day, potentially bringing more harm than good.

    And that we will get into next.

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    Are Smartypants Vitamins Products Available And Ready To Deliver In Dubai Abu Dhabi Sharjah Al Ain Ajman

    Desertcart ships the Smartypants Vitamins products in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Al Ain, Ajman and more cities in UAE. Get unlimited free shipping in 164+ countries with Desertcart Plus membership. We can deliver the Smartypants Vitamins products speedily without the hassle of shipping, customs or duties.

    The Smartypants Combination Of Nutrients

    SmartyPants Vitamins contain multiple vitamins, as well as vital minerals such as zinc. These nutrients are essential for a healthy body. Some SmartyPants Vitamins also contain healthy omega 3, which is an essential fatty acid found in fish oil. SmartyPants also produces multi-vitamin gummies that are fortified with fiber to promote healthy digestion.

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    Where Are Smartypants Vitamins Ingredients Sourced

    SmartyPants Vitamins is one of the few companies offering such levels of transparency when it comes to ingredient sources.

    You can find the source location of every ingredient used in each particular product manufactured by SmartPants Vitamins on their website, under ingredients breakdown.

    No other company provides this level of ingredient sourcing, and it is utterly fascinating that so many different ingredients originate from all over the world.

    Where Are Smartypants Vitamins Manufactured

    Smarty Pants Kids Formula Gummy Multivitamins (120 gummies ...

    Do you know where SmartyPants vitamins are manufactured? this is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

    Customers are becoming more and more influenced by the processes and sources of ingredients used in the products they choose to buy.

    This is particularly the case for products like vitamins and supplements, which have for many years allowed brands to shroud their sources and supply chains in secrecy.

    With new legislation and international food labeling laws, this information is becoming more transparent, with some companies even offering the info on their website to build trust with prospective customers.

    To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to aweb browser thatsupports HTML5 video

    SmartyPants Vitamins is definitely the new kid on the block when it comes to vitamins. Founded in 2011, the US-based company decided from the onset to do things a little differently to their competition and provide extensive ingredient transparency information on their website.

    So, where are Smarty Pants vitamins manufactured? A quick check on the SmartyPants Vitamins website FAQs and its easy to discover that all SmartyPants products are manufactured in North America within a Good Manufacturing Practice compliant facility that uses domestic and imported ingredients.

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