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Does Garlic Have Vitamin D

Garlic May Help You Live Longer

Vitamin D levels advised

The potential effects of garlic on longevity are basically impossible to prove in humans.

But given the beneficial effects on important risk factors like blood pressure, it makes sense that garlic could help you live longer.

The fact that it can fight infectious disease is also an important factor, because these are common causes of death, especially in the elderly or people with dysfunctional immune systems.

Summary Garlic has known beneficial effects on common causes of chronic disease, so it makes sense that it could also help you live longer.

Is Black Garlic Better Than White Garlic

We all know a garlic lover or two in our lives you know, the ones who double the necessary cloves for every recipe!

And youll be pleased to know its benefits go much further than tantalising our taste buds.

Fresh garlic is hailed as a superfood thanks to its many health benefits.

Each little clove is packed with nutritious goodies like oligosaccharides, flavonoids, amino acids, and allicin a sulphur compound that both gives fresh garlic its distinct smell and has been well researched for its health benefits.

Allicin is one of garlics most significant active compounds. The fermentation process of black garlic actually reduces the allicin content which is why it’s not so smelly.

To compensate, the process also creates a high concentration of an antioxidant called S-Allycysteine , which makes the remaining allicin more bioavailable.

In addition to this, the reduced allicin is converted into other antioxidants like bioflavonoids and alkaloids, which help to reduce the damage oxidative stress poses to our cells.

Its official, black garlic is even more antioxidant-rich than white garlic!

The Naked Pharmacy Black Garlic With Vitamin D 4 Month Supply

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  • Adults and children take one or two capsules daily with food
  • Do not exceed the recommended daily dose
  • Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.
  • As with any supplement, check with your physician before taking if you are under medical supervision
  • If you experience an adverse reaction, stop taking the supplement and seek medical advice
  • Keep out of reach of young children
  • Do not use if the seal is broken

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Vitamin D3 And Garlic Pills


The past couple of months I have been having trouble with yeast infections and tearing during sex. I took the advice of Nancy KB and did some research for the yeast which introduced me to both vitamin D3 and Garlic. I now take 1000mg of garlic each day and take 2000IU of Vitamin D3. I have been doing this for about 2 weeks and this weekend had intercourse with my husband. I had NO tearing and No yeast infection!!!! I have also still been on limited carbs and no sugar diet. I think the vitamin D3 helped my vagina strengthen up and the garlic pills have kept my yeast at bay. So grateful to have found this combination, I hope someone else can start this and see if it works for them.

I will come back in a couple of weeks to update if anything changes.

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It May Help Protect Against Osteoporosis

Does Garlic (Or It

With aging, the risk for osteoporosis increases, particularly for women. Dr. Petersen says there is some evidence to suggest that consuming garlic can help protect against it. “Garlic can increase estrogen levels in women entering menopause, a time when bones are most at risk for developing osteoporosis. Some studies also showed it to slow the effects of osteoarthritis,” she says. While the preliminary studies are promising, more research needs to be done to confirm this connection.

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Side Effects Of Garlic Powder

There are common side effects of consuming too much of this powder, which include:

  • Bleeding Disorders: For people who consume an excessive amount of garlic powder, bleeding problems have been known to worsen, so always use this spice in moderation.
  • Bad Breath: As with any garlic product, this powder has a powerful smell, which can lead to bad breath, although it can also help eliminate oral infections!
  • Muscle Ache: When too much of this herb is ingested, or if you suffer from a mild allergy, it could cause muscle spasms or aches.
  • Stomach Issues: Stomach aches, cramping, and bloating can happen if too much of this powder is consumed.
  • Dizziness and Headache: Some people report symptoms of headaches and dizziness, as well as lightheadedness, sweating, fatigue, and nausea if they use too much of this spice at one time.

How Much Vitamin K Is In

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Health Benefits Of Garlic

Garlic has been part of the kitchens for centuries. This herb has curative and medicinal properties because of its antibacterial and antiseptic nature. The beneficial properties of garlic are because of a compound, Allicin. It is rich in minerals like phosphorus, zinc, potassium, and magnesium. Vitamins C, K, Folate, niacin and thiamine also are found abundantly in garlic.

May Reduce The Risk Of Heart Attacks

Get the Benefits of Vitamin D Without the Toxicity

Much research has focused on garlics potential in reducing the risk of heart disease and helping to manage cholesterol levels. Several studies suggest that garlic makes platelets less likely to clump together and accumulate on artery walls this means garlic acts like an anticoagulant and by so doing reduces the risk of heart attacks.

Garlic may also lower blood pressure through its ability to widen blood vessels, allowing blood to flow more freely.

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Garlic Is Good For Your Heart

According to clinical nutritionist and chiropractor Vikki Petersen, CCN, DC, CFMP, consuming garlic on a regular basis is directly linked to benefitting cardiovascular health. “Garlic has long been known to reduce cholesterol and normalize blood pressure,” she says. “Additionally, its anti-inflammatory effects are a big benefit to diminishing risk of our number one killer, heart disease.”

Fortified Milk Will Give You A Good Boost Of Vitamin D

Although cows milk doesnt naturally contain any vitamin D, milk in the United States is typically fortified with both vitamin A and vitamin D . In one 8-ounce glass of fortified milk, youll get up to 120 international units of vitamin D, about 15 percent of the recommended daily value of 800 IUs, according to the National Institutes of Health.

Of course, vitamin D isnt the only important nutrient found in milk. Its packed with calcium, phosphorus, potassium, and B vitamins. Its also a good source of protein, Healthlineexplained.

If you want to consume more milk but dont love the idea of just drinking it straight, there are so many other things to try. Turn your morning coffee into a latte by adding a whole cup of steamed milk instead of just a splash. Cook oatmeal with milk instead of water. Combine milk with a high-fiber, low-sugar cereal for a nutritious breakfast that takes less than a minute to prepare. Or, blend up a smoothie using milk as your liquid base.

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What Do We Know About Safety

  • Garlic is probably safe for most people in the amounts usually eaten in foods.
  • Little is known about whether its safe to use garlic supplements or apply garlic to the skin during pregnancy or while breastfeeding.
  • Side effects include breath and body odor, heartburn, and upset stomach. These side effects can be more noticeable with raw garlic. Some people have allergic reactions to garlic.
  • Taking garlic supplements may increase the risk of bleeding. If you take an anticoagulant , such as warfarin , or if you need surgery, tell your health care provider if youre taking or planning to take garlic supplements.
  • Garlic supplements may interfere with the effectiveness of some drugs, including saquinavir, a drug used to treat HIV infection. Garlic supplements may also interact with some dietary herbs and other supplements.

Taking Vitamin D And Magnesium Together


Magnesium plays a key role in determining how much vitamin D our bodies can make. Its suggested that people whose magnesium intake is high are less likely to have a vitamin D deficiency than people whose magnesium levels are low.

Its also claimed that magnesium supplementation increases vitamin D levels in people who are deficient in the vitamin, but causes a reduction in people whose intake is high. Too much vitamin D can increase calcium levels, which in turn can lead to certain health complications.

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Helps Your Heart Health

Animal tests have shown that black garlic can help to repair damage to muscles in the heart caused by lack of blood flow, aka, ischemia.

Another animal test was taken out in Korea which showed that black garlic can also reduce the risk of heart disease by lowering high levels of triglycerides and cholesterol.

Fresh garlic has also been seen to help prevent the hardening of the arteries by reducing the amount of fat in the blood and helping to curb cholesterols tendency to deposit fat in the arteries.11

Handpicked content:How to eat to beat heart disease

What Are The Health Benefits Of Nashi Pear

Boost your vitamin levels by thinly slicing garlic and tossing it into pasta or using a fine grater to add grated garlic to your salad dressing. Fresh garlic provides small amounts of several types of vitamins. Dried and powdered garlic loses some nutrients during processing, so if you’re looking to boost vitamin intake, opt for the fresh variety.

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How Should I Take Garlic

When considering the use of herbal supplements, seek the advice of your doctor. You may also consider consulting a practitioner who is trained in the use of herbal/health supplements.

If you choose to use garlic, use it as directed on the package or as directed by your doctor, pharmacist, or other healthcare provider. Do not use more of this product than is recommended on the label.

Do not use different forms of garlic at the same time without medical advice. Using different formulations together increases the risk of an overdose.

Do not crush, chew, or break an enteric coated pill. Swallow it whole. The pill has a special coating to protect your stomach. Breaking the pill will damage this coating.

Garlic can affect blood-clotting and may increase your risk of bleeding. If you need surgery, dental work, or a medical procedure, stop taking garlic at least 2 weeks ahead of time.

Store at room temperature away from moisture, heat, and light, or as directed on the package.

Potential Downsides Of Eating Raw Garlic

Vitamin D and COVID 19: The Evidence for Prevention and Treatment of Coronavirus (SARS CoV 2)

Although raw garlic may be associated with several health benefits, there are a few potential drawbacks to consider.

First, raw garlic has a much stronger taste and smell than cooked garlic, which some people may find unappetizing.

Additionally, those with gastroesophageal reflux disease are often advised to limit their consumption of garlic to prevent heartburn.

In fact, certain compounds found in raw garlic may irritate the digestive tract, which could cause a burning sensation in the chest or stomach .

Garlic may also increase the risk of bleeding by preventing the formation of blood clots.

While enjoying raw garlic in moderation is unlikely to cause any issues for most healthy adults, people taking blood thinners should check with their doctor before consuming large amounts of garlic or using garlic supplements .


Garlic could trigger heartburn and irritate the digestive tract. It may also increase the risk of bleeding, especially if consumed in large amounts or used in supplement form.

13 ).

In supplement form, doses of up to 3,600 mg of aged garlic extract have also been shown to be effective .

Be sure to talk to your doctor before using garlic supplements, especially if you have any underlying health conditions or are taking medications.

Consider reducing your intake or discontinuing consumption if you notice any negative side effects after eating raw garlic.

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You Only Think You Want A Chocolate Milkshake

Are you a slave to your food cravings? When you get this indescribable urge to run to the nearest Starbucks and order a Grande Brownie Frappuccino with whipped cream and an extra shot of java juice, do you ever think to yourself,

Wait a minutedo I really want to drink a sweet, cold, frothy caffeinated beverage right now, or is my brain just trying to tell me that I need to include more phosphorous and chromium in my diet?

Of course, you dont.

Before today, you had no idea that there was any connection between your craving for sweet iced coffee and phosphorous deficiency.

Now, you know.

How Much Vitamin D Should You Take

Public Health England recommends that adults take at least 10 micrograms of vitamin D each day, particularly during autumn and winter. Children under the age of five should take the same amount all year round.

Babies under one year old should have a daily supplement of 8.510 mcg, unless they’re consuming more than 500 ml of infant formula each day. Supplements should be administered from soon after birth as there isnt enough natural vitamin D in a normal diet, nor are babies exposed to enough sunshine to produce the vitamin naturally.

Without sufficient vitamin D, babies can develop problems with their bones and muscles.

The Department of Health highlights certain at-risk groups and recommends that they take a vitamin D supplement all year round. These groups include:

  • women who are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • elderly people
  • people who have little or no exposure to the sun
  • people who have darker skin

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Iu Of Vitamin D In Garlic

This list of 2 types of garlic, is brought to you by and ranges from Spices, garlic powder through to Garlic, raw where all food items are ranked by the content or amount per 100g. The nutritional vitamin d content can be scaled by the amount in grams, oz or typical serving sizes. Simply click on a food item or beverage from the list at the bottom of the page to give a full dietary nutritional breakdown to answer the question how much vitamin d in garlic.

The list below gives the total vitamin d content in the 2 items from the general description ‘garlic’ each of which show the vitamin d amount as well as Calories, Protein, Fat and Carbohydrate.

The corresponding Calories for garlic ranked by the amount of vitamin d per 100g is shown below in the garlic calories chart.

May Have Anticancer Properties

The Perfectly Paleo, Keto Asparagus Soup With Garlic ...

Several studies indicate a positive effect of black garlic in fighting cancer cells.

In a test tube study in the blood of 21 volunteers, black garlic extract showed stronger immune-stimulating, antioxidant, and anticancer activities than raw garlic extract .

In fact, the researchers found that the black garlic extract solution was toxic to lung, breast, stomach, and liver cancer cells within 72 hours .

Other test tube studies have found that black garlic caused cancer cells to start dying off in human colon and stomach cancers, as well as leukemia. It also reduced the growth of these cancer cells .

In one review of 25 studies, researchers found that aged garlic showed probable beneficial effects against cancer in most of the human, animal, and test tube studies the review examined .

This research is preliminary and scientists need to do more research on the potential cancer fighting properties of black garlic.


Black garlic has shown stronger immune boosting, antioxidant, and anticancer activities than raw garlic in a number of cancer-related studies.

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Egg Sandwich With Pastrami And Swiss

An egg sandwich for the win! Especially when you consider that two eggs can provide you with 74 IU of vitamin D, which is around 10% of your DV.

Get our recipe for an Egg Sandwich with Pastrami and Swiss.

Another vitamin D snack to considerdeviled eggs! They also make for a great appetizer.

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