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Where Can I Get Vitamin C Powder

Vitamin C Powder Benefits For Facial Skin

How to make Powdered Vitamin C at Home For Beginners

Not all forms of vitamin C can pass through your skin. In order for your skin to use vitamin C, it needs to be in a form called ascorbic acid. However, ascorbic acid is unstable and breaks down when exposed to heat, oxygen, or light.

The ascorbic acid in powdered vitamin C is than other forms, and its thought to retain more of its benefits than vitamin C found in serums or lotions.

Some of the benefits of applying vitamin C to your face include:

A Boosted Wellness Honey

Sit tight! This is one of my very favorite recipes. It’s a boosted wellness honey – bright rosy pink, vitamin C packed, and bursting with flavor. This honey tastes like a thousand Sweet Tart candies were crushed up and dissolved into it. It’s tangy, sweet and sour, and ups your honey game immediately.

I tend to make a big container of this Vitamin C Honey a few times a year with whatever powdery Vitamin C ingredient magic I have on hand. This batch has rose hips and hibiscus, and some echinacea. It’s an electuary of sorts.

Little jars of it make the best gifts. Or a little spoonful after a meal to satisfy a sweet tooth. If you love PB& J sandwiches. Make one with this honey in place of the jelly.

I’ll note this in the recipe down below, but use my recipe as a jumping off point. Play around! If you can’t find one of the ingredients I call for, no big deal. Leave it out, or add another spice or powder you like! Pitaya powder is tricky to source , you can totally leave it out, and maybe crush up some freeze-dried strawberries or raspberries instead!

You Can Use Vitamin C With Retinol But Be Cautious

In the past it was thought that you should avoid using vitamin C products with retinoids at all costs. And that is still sort of true. They work best in different skin environments, so using them at the same time may make both less effective. And because they can have similar effects on the skin, experts do still advise against using these two ingredients together, Dr. Hogan says.

Using them in the same part of your routine can cause irritation, Dr. Lamb says, but its okay to use them on the same day at different times. Experts generally advise using vitamin C products in the morning and retinoids at night.

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Vitamin C Acts As An Antioxidant

Vitamin C is the most abundant antioxidant in your skin. Your skin cells store vitamin C to prevent damage from environmental factors. UV rays, pollution, and smoking can all damage your skin by creating free radicals. Free radicals are unstable molecules that pull electrons from your cells and cause damage.

Dont Limit Yourself To Serums

Vitamin C Powder 100g (3.5oz)

The most common way to get vitamin C in a skin-care routine is in a serum. But you dont have to limit yourself! If youd rather not add an extra step to your regimen, know that you can also get vitamin C in cleansers, moisturizers, exfoliants, and even sunscreens, Dr. Hogan says.

Some of her favorite non-serum ways to get vitamin C include Ole Henriksen the Clean Truth Foaming Cleanser , Clinique Fresh Pressed Pure Vitamin C Powder , and Revision Vitamin C Lotion 30% .

All products featured on SELF are independently selected by our editors. If you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.


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Heart And Brain Health

Vitamin C intake may decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease by about 25%, according to a 2004 analysis published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition .

Any form of vitamin C supplement improves endothelial function, as well as ejection fraction.

Endothelial function involves the contraction and relaxation of blood vessels, enzymatic release to manage blood clotting, immunity, and platelet adhesion. Ejection fraction defines the percentage of blood that is pumped out of the ventricles when the heart contracts on every beat.

Together, these results suggest that vitamin C may play an important part in the prevention of cardiovascular disease and the improvement of heart health.

After a stroke or heart attack, its important to heal the tissues damaged by the lack of oxygen. Once blood flow is restored, the reoxygenation of previously oxygen-deprived cells leads to dtissue damage called “reperfusion injury” which is accompanied by excessive generation of free radicals.

When delivered intravenously, vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that can counteract and neutralize free radicals that cause the oxidative stress caused by reperfusion.

In one animal study, liposomal vitamin C prevented brain tissue damage from reperfusion when administered before blood flow was restricted.

Make Sure To Store Your Vitamin C Products Correctly

In topical skin-care products, vitamin C is sensitive to light and air. When exposed to these factors, it becomes oxidized to dehydroascorbic acid, which is less stable and less efficacious, Dr. Hogan explains. So these products should be stored in opaque containers that are either air-restrictive or air-tight, she says, like an airless pump rather than a tub or dropper bottle that requires being opened all the way.

Luckily, many vitamin C products already come in opaque containers for this exact reason, Dr. Lamb says.

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How Vitamin C Powder Can Save Your Skin

Our favourite Vitamin C product actually comes in powder form, AKA the most effective, potent way your skin can absorb the nutrients it needs. The Skinstitut Vitamin C Powder 100% is super high grade and very cheap compared to a lot of other vitamin products on the market currently. So, whats the catch?

From what weve managed to observe, absolutely nothing. This product is simply a miraculous little skincare gem that everyone needs to incorporate into their routine, ASAP! Of course, the powder isnt going to absorb into the skin if you apply it directly to the face. Heres a little run-down of how to make this cool, innovative product work best for your skin!

Skinstitut Vitamin C Powder How To

1. Grab your Skinstitut Vitamin C Powder and shake a tiny amount out onto your hand. Were talking the size of a few grains of rice. After all, you can always add more product, but taking it away is a far more difficult task.

2. Locate your favourite serum or moisturiser and squeeze out just a little, next to your Vitamin C powder on the hand. We recommend using any product that will stick to the skin, that is, wont wear off during the day but instead will absorb into the skin. A moisturiser is usually a safe bet! Our customers love mixing their Vitamin C Powder with the Skinstitut Moisture Defence or Retinol, but you can use any similar product from your favourite brands. Be careful not to use a product that contains copper.

Ways To Use Your Homemade Vitamin C

Can I Get Addicted To Taking Vitamin C Powder? | Ask Eric Bakker

Just one rounded teaspoon of your homemade vitamin c, mixed in your smoothie, juice, or on top of your salad Is more than your required vitamin C dose for the day, regardless of your size.

Note: Do not add it to hot drinks or foods, the heat will destroy the enzymes.

This homemade supplement can obviously be used to help treat the flu at home, the common cold, and just about anything else that involves your immune system.

In these cases, you can safely double your daily dose.

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Vitamin C Promotes Collagen Production

Collagen makes up the majority of the dry weight of your skin. Your body needs vitamin C to synthesize this protein. Many of the symptoms of vitamin C deficiency are caused by impaired collagen synthesis.

In a , a group of 60 healthy women applied a vitamin C-based solution to their face for 60 days. The researchers found that the vitamin C solution was highly effective at inducing collagen synthesis.

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    Who Should Buy Vitamin C

    You should buy vitamin C if you are looking for a simple, straightforward, and effective anti-inflammatory supplement that is very well-researched and has a broad range of applications. In contrast to products like a joint supplement, vitamin C is a supplement that has potent antioxidant effects across your body.

    Its used in a wide range of biological processes, so it finds applications in everything from boosting your immune system to preventing muscle damage and soreness during and after exercise to potentially reducing the risk of dementia and cognitive decline.

    However, since its been so well-studied, we also know that vitamin C exerts relatively small to moderate-sized effects in most cases where its been studied.

    So, in this sense, its an old school supplement that is just trying to nudge your body in the direction of better health. Its not a cutting-edge, innovative supplement thats going to radically change the direction of your health, and its definitely no substitute for a healthy diet and a physically active lifestyle.

    Looking for a supplement that could completely rewire your brain and boost your cognitive performance beyond its natural levels? Then vitamin C isnt going to do the trick .

    One final thing to note is that vitamin Cs antioxidant benefits arent confined to inside your bodyvitamin C also exerts cosmetic benefits when applied to your skin. See our article on vitamin C serums for more on the cosmetic applications and benefits of vitamin C.

    Vitamin C For Protecting Skin From Sun And Pollution

    H& B Pure Vitamin C 567g Powder

    Your skin is constantly exposed to damaging UV rays and pollution in the atmosphere that can cause oxidative stress. Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant to protect your skin from this stress. Applying vitamin C powder to your face may help saturate the amount of vitamin C your cells have available.

    Some people claim that powdered vitamin C may do the following, but these claims are based only on anecdotal evidence.

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    Thompson Vitamin C Powder 5000 Mg 8 Oz

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    Use Vitamin C Serums In The Morning

    Theres certainly no law against using vitamin C products in the evening, but you may get the most benefit from using them in the morning. In general vitamin C products should be applied in the morning before heading out for the day, when UV radiation is at its highest, Dr. Hogan says.

    But vitamin C becomes less effective when exposed to light, so its important to give it time to absorb into your skin before going outside, SELF explained previously. You dont need to wait a specific amount of timeas long as its absorbed, youre good to go.

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    Vitamin C Powder For Wrinkles

    As you get older, your skin tends to become less elastic and thinner, which can contribute to wrinkles. Although the formation of wrinkles is largely genetically predetermined, repeated exposure to UV rays can break down collagen and elastin and prematurely age your skin. Applying vitamin C powder to your face may protect it from sun damage.

    Use Your Vitamin C Products At The Right Point In Your Skin

    The Ordinary 100% L-Ascorbic Acid Powder – Morning Evening Skincare Routine / Vitamin C

    The right moment to use your product depends on what kind of product it is, Dr. Hogan explains. For serums, you want to apply your vitamin C product to freshly cleansed skin, but before you moisturize. But antioxidant-containing moisturizers are also becoming more common, Dr. Lamb says, and youd want to use those at the end of your routine.

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    Dont Use Vitamin C With Certain Other Ingredients

    Vitamin C is generally pretty safe and well tolerated, but if you have sensitive skin, it might sting a little bitespecially if you use it in the same part of your routine as exfoliating scrubs or acids.

    The one ingredient you should steer clear of when using vitamin C is benzoyl peroxide, which can oxidize the vitamin C and, therefore, make it less potent, Dr. Hogan says. You can still use your benzoyl peroxide products, just not in the same part of your routine as the vitamin C. Try using vitamin C in the morning and benzoyl peroxide in the evenings, or use them on different days.

    How To Make Homemade Wellness Gummies

  • Melt– in a sauce pan over low heat, melt honey into half of the juice.
  • Dissolve– dissolve gelatin into the other half of the juice to form a gel.
  • Thicken – slowly whisk the gelatin-juice mixture into the sauce pan until smooth. There will still be a few lumps, it’s hard to get it to fully dissolve however if the liquid is warm and not hot it will dissolve easier.
  • Add Supplements – stir in vitamin c powder or ascorbic acid and essential oils.
  • Fill Molds – use the dropper to carefully fill molds.
  • Chill – chill molds until firm about 30 minutes – 1 hour in the refrigerator.
  • Pop – pop the gummy vitamins out of the molds once they are completely firm.
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    How To Apply Vitamin C Powder To Your Face

    When applying a vitamin C powder to your face, its important to make sure that youre using a powder meant for topical use. Applying crushed-up vitamin C meant to be eaten as a supplement likely wont be effective.

    Heres how you can apply powdered vitamin C to your face:

  • Add a small amount of powder to the palm of your hand. The package will likely give you specific instructions on how much to use.
  • Mix the vitamin C powder with a serum or lotion in the palm of your hand. has found that for vitamin C to be beneficial, it needs to make up at least 8 percent of the solution. A concentration higher than 20 percent may cause skin irritation.
  • Apply the solution either to your entire face or as a spot treatment.
  • As with any skin care product, its a good idea to test a small amount of powdered vitamin C on a small section of your skin in a less-visible spot 24 hours before applying it to your whole face. This way you can see if youre allergic to it.

    Vitamin C Powder Benefits & Uses

    NOW Supplements, Vitamin C

    Vitamin C powder has many uses for total body health. When taken orally, vitamin C may help protect the body from immune system deficiencies. Vitamin C powder can also be used either orally or topically for its skin care benefits, which may include helping to fight wrinkles and discoloration. Vitamin C powder can even be used for hair care! Read on to learn more about vitamin C powder uses and how to get the benefits.

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    Use The Right Concentration Vitamin C For Your Skin Type And Concerns

    Different products may contain a wide variety of concentrations of vitamin C. In general, they range from below 5% all the way up to 30%, Dr. Hogan says, and this ingredient can have different effects at those concentrations.

    Those with dry or sensitive skin probably want to stick with lower concentrations, around 5%, which are less likely to be irritating. But those with more oily skin or with more extensive pigmentation issues to tackle can handle higher concentrations. However, as SELF explained previously, the effects begin to plateau after 20%, so theres usually no need to go higher than that.

    Vitamin C Powder For Preventing Skin Sagging

    Your skin naturally produces less collagen as you get older. A loss in collagen is one factor that causes your skin to sag as you age. Applying vitamin C to your face may help improve your skins production of collagen, especially if you spend a lot of time in the sun or are low on dietary vitamin C.

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    Bulk Supplements Vitamin C

    Bulk Supplements is a company that is widely known for their low cost, high quality philosophy. Bulk supplements sells its products in a loose powder form in a simple resealable foil bag, always in a highly purified form without any flavoring agents or adulterants.

    Thats the case with their vitamin C supplement too. Its 100% ascorbic acidin independent lab testing, it easily lives up to its claim.

    The advantage of this is that you can determine exactly how much you need, at what time, and in what format. Since ascorbic acid is water soluble, you can dissolve the exact amount of vitamin C that you need in water, a protein shake, a smoothie, or pretty much any other liquid you want.

    If you dont mind taking the time to measure out the supplement with a scoop or a scale, Bulk Supplements should be your number one choice if you are looking for bulk vitamin C.


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