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How Many Gummy Vitamins Does It Take To Overdose

What Are Gummy Vitamins

Are Gummy Vitamins as Potent as Traditional Vitamins?

Gummy vitamins are chewable vitamins that have a texture and taste similar to gummy candies and come in a variety of flavors, colors, and shapes.

Theyre one of the most popular types of vitamins. These vitamins appeal to children as well as adults who may not like swallowing pills.

Gummy vitamins are commonly made from gelatin, corn starch, water, sugar, and added colorings. Popular flavors include lemon, raspberry, cherry, and orange.

They may include several vitamins and minerals or just a few select nutrients, such as vitamin D and calcium.

You can purchase gummy vitamins online and at most supplement or health food stores. The price of gummy vitamins varies by brand but is comparable to the cost of other multivitamins, ranging from approximately $0.050.10 per gummy.


Gummy vitamins are chewable vitamins that come in different colors, flavors, and shapes. Theyre consumed by both kids and adults.

Gummy vitamins have several upsides, including their desirable taste and the nutrients they provide.

You Could Even Overdose On Vitamins Yes You Heard That Right Taking High Amounts Of Vitamin Supplements Can Have A Severe Impact On Your Body

Vitamin overdose can have lasting impact on your body

Everyone one of us grew up listening to how important it was to consume the right amount of vitamin. But did you ever think Vitamin could also create a problem for your body? Like everything in this world overdose of vitamin too could affect our bodies and we must be careful about it. Many often depend on supplements for their source of vitamin and despite the direction of consumption, people donât mind taking extra doses of the vitamin. So, what exactly happens when you overdose vitamin?

Vitamins are primarily defined in two categories: Water Soluble and Fat-soluble vitamin.

Water-Soluble Vitamin

Water-Soluble vitamins are easily excreted from the body and arenât stored in tissues by our bodies. These vitamins include Vitamin C and some of vitamin B. Since these vitamins are easily excreted from the body, they are least expected to effect even in case of overdose. However, taking a megadose of some water-soluble vitamins can lead to potentially dangerous side effects.

Fat Soluble Vitamin

Fat-soluble vitamins are stored by our bodies in tissues and are accumulated. Since they are accumulated in our bodies overdose of such vitamins can harm your body. Fat-Soluble vitamin includes: Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E and Vitamin 4.

Risk of overtaking Vitamin

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Is It Possible To Have A Vitamin C Overdose

Supplement marketers go into overdrive during cold and flu season, advertising products that promise to decrease your odds of getting sick. Vitamin C is among the best-known, most accessible antioxidants that have been touted to help prevent you from getting sick.

Also called ascorbic acid, vitamin C is one of the many water-soluble nutrients found naturally in fruits and vegetables. Many people also take supplements to ensure theyre getting enough of it. This has raised concerns over the likelihood of an accidental overdose.

Too much vitamin C can cause undesirable effects. However, a severe overdose is rare and unlikely. The key is to learn how much vitamin C you really need.

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Fat Soluble Vs Water Soluble Vitamins

So, lets begin by splitting the vitamins up into two categories: water-soluble and fat-soluble.

Most vitamins are water-soluble, which are not easily stored in body tissues and can be readily excreted. Examples of water-soluble vitamins include vitamin C which is necessary for the growth, development and repair of all body tissues, and the proper functioning of the immune system and eight of the B vitamins. Because theyre readily excreted youre extremely unlikely to overdose on these vitamins. However, mega-doses can potentially lead to dangerous side effects.

Its a slightly different case with fat-soluble vitamins though. As they do not dissolve in water, your body can more readily retain and accumulate fat-soluble vitamins and as such its easier to overdose on them. Fat-soluble vitamins include vitamin A, which is important for normal vision and a healthy immune system, vitamin D, which helps to keep your bones healthy and ward of depression and disease, vitamin K, which is important for blood clotting, and vitamin E, which helps maintain healthy skin and eyes.

While rare, taking too much vitamin A, D, or E can lead to potentially harmful side effects. Because of these side effects, upper intake levels are given to show the maximum dose of a nutrient, and adhering to these upper intake levels is unlikely to cause harm for most people.

How Many Vitamins Does My Kid Need

15 Things You Need to Know Before You Take a Multivitamin Gallery

Experts from the Food and Nutrition Board at the Institute of Medicine have developed guidelines that cover how much of each vitamin a child needs each day.

These guidelines include:

  • Recommended daily allowance :This is the average amount of each vitamin or mineral a child needs in a day.

  • Tolerable upper intake limit : This is the highest amount of vitamin or mineral a child can safely consume each day without it making them sick.

The American Academy of Pediatrics does not recommend vitamin supplements for most kids, because they can meet their RDAs from their diet. Its important to note that children with certain medical conditions may need extra supplements.

Here are the recommended daily amounts and upper limits of fat-soluble vitamins and iron for kids and some dietary sources:

Vitamins and minerals
Fortified cereal, beans, lean beef

mcg = micrograms, mg = milligrams, IU = international units

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Is 1000mg Vitamin C Too Much

What does the Department of Health and Social Care advise? You should be able to get all the vitamin C you need by eating a varied and balanced diet. If you take vitamin C supplements, do not take too much as this could be harmful. Taking less than 1,000mg of vitamin C supplements a day is unlikely to cause any harm.

What vitamin C does to your face?

Topical vitamin C is a science-backed, dermatologist-favorite ingredient that may help slow early skin aging, prevent sun damage, and improve the appearance of wrinkles, dark spots, and acne.

Does Olly really work? My Olly Sleep Findings

I took the recommended dose and found that they were effective with helping me fall asleep but not so good at keeping me asleep which is the main problem with most sleep supplements. If you want something more effective, take a look at Sleep Relief, although you would have to swallow pills.

Does Chromium stop sugar cravings? Chromium picolinate is the form of chromium commonly found in dietary supplements. It may be effective at improving the bodys response to insulin or lowering blood sugar in those with diabetes. Whats more, it may help reduce hunger, cravings and binge eating.

If You Suspect Your Child Ate Too Many Vitamins You Should Immediately Call Your Doctors Office Or Poison Control

Panicked, with a nurse and Poison Control on the phone, I rummaged through a trash can, searching for an empty bottle of vitamins. Minutes earlier, I had found out that my two young children had eaten what appeared to be a large number of gummy vitamins. I had no idea how dangerous this was. Now, I was trying to figure out whether I needed to rush my kids to urgent care and if there was such a thing as an overdose of gummy vitamins.

My nanny had walked into the bathroom that afternoon to find my 3-year-old daughter and 15-month-old son with a pile of gummy vitamins in their mouths and even more spilled across the floor. Our awesome nanny assumed the vitamins were harmless and didnt think to mention it to me. When I noticed the vitamins missing from the bathroom later that night, I casually asked my daughter if she knew where they were.

Me and Zane ate them all today, Mckenzie said, referring to her little brother.

I panicked. The next 25 minutes were a blur, but I was lucky to reach a helpful and compassionate nurse on the other end of the St. Joseph Health Nurse Advice Line. She asked many questions and told me to find the empty bottle of vitamins to determine exactly what the ingredients were. In the end, because the vitamins didnt have iron in them and my children werent showing any abnormal symptoms, we decided they were safe. I was able to calm down while my husband tucked them in to bed.

Dr. Bartlett said common symptoms of a vitamin overdose include:

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Care In The Emergency Room

If your child took a vitamin supplement with iron, they will often need an emergency evaluation.

Children get iron toxicity most often if they have an accidental vitamin overdose with an adult vitamin, like a prenatal one, versus a kids supplement.

Your child may need to be watched in the emergency room or hospital for a few days to watch for signs of iron toxicity. They may need:

  • Bloodwork to check for iron levels over time

  • X-rays to look at how many iron tablets are in their system

  • A procedure called GI tract irrigation to make the tablets leave the body quicker

  • Medications to bind the iron and remove it from the body

Iron overdoses can lead to liver failure and even comas.

Children who experience iron overdoses can develop symptoms very quickly so even if your child seems fine at first, dont wait to seek care.

Are Gummy Or Pill Vitamins Better

VERIFY: Are gummy vitamins as healthy?

Tod Cooperman, MD, president ofConsumerLabwhich independently tests and reviews vitamins and supplementssays, It is harder to make a good quality gummy than to make a good quality pill. As opposed to tablets, caplets, and capsules, we have found that gummies are more likely to contain more ingredients than listed.

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You Can Make Yourself Sick

Poon says the main concern with taking too many gummy vitamins is that vitamins can be toxic if you consume more than the recommended value. She says fat-soluble vitamins, such as vitamins A, D, E, and K, and iron, drive the most concern for overdose. And, some water-soluble vitamins can cause health problems in excessive doses, such as niacin, folate, vitamin B6, and vitamin C. Here are the Dangerous Side Effects of Taking Too Much Vitamin C.

Can You Overdose On Vitamins Watch For These Symptoms

Weve all heard the saying, Too much of a good thing is bad for you. But what about when it comes to vitamins? Can you ever really overdo them?

Yes, absolutely, said Dawn Gerber, PharmD, a clinical ambulatory pharmacy specialist with Banner Health. Basically, there are two types of vitamins: water-soluble and fat-soluble. Although your body can excrete large amounts of water-soluble vitamins, it holds onto fat-soluble vitamins, which can be toxic at high levels.â

Water-soluble vitamins, like vitamin C and B-complex, are carried to the bodys tissues and arent stored in your body. Fat-soluble vitamins, like A, D, E and K, are absorbed along with fats in your diet and are stored in your bodys fatty tissue and in the liver.

These get caught in our fat, the non-muscular parts of our bodies, Dr. Gerber said. The more supplements we take at high doses, the more that accumulates and isnt flushed out.

While its hard to overdose just eating these vitamins naturally with a well-balanced diet, vitamin supplements can have negative ramifications.

Heres what you need to know to avoid overdoing it in the supplement department.

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What Should You Do In A Gummy Vitamin Overdose

To be safe, its best to contact your healthcare provider or Poison Control immediately after you realize you or your child has eaten too many gummy vitamins. Chronic over-ingestion of gummy vitamins would likely be more problematic than a one-time incidence. But, according to theNational Poison Data System, in 2018 there were more than 41,000 phone calls made to poison control centers related to children that were 5 and up over-consuming vitamins.

Many multivitamin preparations contain water-soluble vitamins, which are eliminated relatively quickly through the urine, Dr. Wood says. So keeping a child hydrated after the consumption has taken place will allow them to clear the vitamins more rapidly.

And if you seek medical treatment, be sure to take the vitamin container with you. There are a variety of gummies marketed for children, with many different medicinal and non-medicinal ingredients. Its important for medical providers to know exactly what was in the specific vitamins that your child consumed.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that you talk to your doctor before giving your child any vitamins or supplements. Because of the high risk of overconsumption, the AAP doesnt recommend giving kids vitamins that are available through a food source.

What To Do If You Suspect A Vitamin Overdose

Taking too many gummy vitamins can lead to a plethora of health ...

Depending on the severity of the health issues, a vitamin overdose may not be cause for immediate alarm. If the health issues arent life threatening or life altering, simply reduce or discontinue the use of a daily multivitamin.

However, if you have any concerns for you or your family member, contact a healthcare professional sooner than later. Most vitamin overdose problems occur in children under six years of age.

If acute life threatening symptoms appear, seek medical assistance immediately.

Storage of supplements is also important for every household. It helps to select a product with a Child Resistant Cap for extra safety.

Vitamin supplementation could be an important part of a healthy lifestyle, provided there are no underlying health issues. The risk of overdose in many of the vitamins listed are low in fact, deficiency and insufficiency is the struggle with each most of us face.

Even so, overdose is a potential for those of us who, when attempting to correct our insufficiency, go overboard.

As always, before implementing any vitamin regimen, seek the advice of a healthcare professional to insure the safety of your health!

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Watch Out For These Fat

Here are details about vitamins A, E and K and the symptoms of overdose to look out for.

Vitamin A is a fat-soluble nutrient that is naturally present in many foods, like beef, eggs and many fruits and vegetables. An overdose of this vitamin can lead to problems with confusion, hair loss, liver damage and bone loss. It can also cause an increased risk for death and lung-associated issues for those who have a history of smokingparticularly female smokers.

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble nutrient found naturally in foods and added to some fortified foods that can help protect cells from damage caused by free radicals, such as air pollution. But taking too much of this supplement can increase your risk for bleeding and bleeding in the brain.

Vitamin K is a fat-soluble nutrient thats important for blood clotting, healthy bones and other bodily functions. Its rare that youll overdose on vitamin K by eating things like broccoli. But in supplement form, it can induce blood clots, which can lead to heart attacks and strokes, if you take too much.

Symptoms Of Vitamin Overdose In Children

Since you want your picky-eating toddler to get all the nutrition his growing body needs, you may consider giving him a daily multivitamin. But be cautious of the risk of your little one ingesting too much, which may cause a vitamin overdose with symptoms similar to those of food poisoning.

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Is It Possible To Die From Overdosing On Gummy Vitamins

Ask U.S. doctors your own question and get educational, text answers â it’s anonymous and free!

Ask U.S. doctors your own question and get educational, text answers â it’s anonymous and free!

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A Primer On Cannabis Edible Dosing

What Happens If You Eat Too Many Gummy Vitamins?

Keep in mind that is impossibleto fatally overdose on cannabis itself. No onehas ever died from taking too much cannabis or eating too many gummies. That said, it is most definitely possible to take too much and have an adverse experience.

The signs of having taken too much THC include:

  • Shaking or tremors
  • Paranoia
  • Psychosis

What is too much THC for one person may be fine for another. People with anxiety or depressionmay be more sensitive to THC and more likely to experience negative effects.

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What Vitamins Can You Od On

Watch out for these fat-soluble vitamins: A, E and K

Vitamin A is a fat-soluble nutrient that is naturally present in many foods, like beef, eggs and many fruits and vegetables. An overdose of this vitamin can lead to problems with confusion, hair loss, liver damage and bone loss.

Are Vitafusion gummies good for you? Conducted by researchers at the Medical University of South Carolina, the vitamin D study concluded that, vitafusion Vitamin D 3 gummies led to greater bioavailability than tablets did through better intestinal absorption. The vitamin C study, conducted by researchers from KGK Science, concluded that, both

What are the signs of vitamin overdose?

6 Symptoms may include kidney stones, nausea, recurrent vomiting, constipation, excessive thirst, excessive urination, confusion and weight loss. Taking high doses has also been linked to cancer risk, heart problems, and an increased risk of bone fractures.

Do you need to take vitamin D with vitamin C? Vitamin C and vitamin D are found together in many multivitamins, so taking them together should not be a problem for most people. However, if youre at risk for kidney stones, consult your doctor before taking supplements.


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