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What B Vitamin Repels Mosquitoes

Why Not Use Deet

Vitamin B1 as a Mosquito Repellent

The compound known as DEET, aka N,N-diethyl-m-toluamide, and now called N,N-diethyl-3-methylbenzamide, is the gold standard for mosquito repellents . That is why we suggest using it when mosquito bites might transmit a potentially lethal disease.

On the other hand, readers have reported that DEET can kill grass and dissolve super glue. Many people are concerned that it poses dangers to children.

Although DEET can keep mosquitoes from biting, so can picaridin and oil of lemon eucalyptus . In fact, these topical repellents are better than DEET at protecting people from ticks, blackflies, midges and sandflies. Perhaps someday soon, topical thiamine hydrochloride will join the list of effective alternatives to DEET.

Fact About Mosquitoes And Repellants

There are over 3,000 species of mosquitoes worldwide. About 200 can be found in the U.S., which all differ in their biting habits, persistence, and ability to transmit disease. Mosquitoes are attracted to certain compounds on your skin. They can sniff you from a distance of 50 yards. The majority of mosquito repellants in the market contain DEET, which many studies suggest that it may have potentially harmful effects. Mosquito bites can spread diseases such as malaria, encephalitis, dengue, West Nile virus, and yellow fever. According to the WHO estimates, between one and two million people die every year from mosquito-borne diseases, with malaria being the most common.

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Why Do Mosquitoes Bite Some People And Not Others

If you feel like mosquitoes bite you more often than other people, you may be onto something! Several specific factors can attract mosquitoes, including the carbon dioxide you exhale, your body odor, and your body temperature. A combination of these factors likely makes certain people more attractive to mosquitoes.

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Take This Vitamin To Repel Mosquitoes

The summer season is finally here and mosquitoes are all over, but there are some vitamins that can repel mosquitoes. You may not be affected because there are plenty of mosquito repellants in the market. However, if you dont want your house to smell like a chemical plant using mosquito repellant, then there is a vitamin you should incorporate in your regular diet.

What Can Reduce The Risk Of Mosquito Bites

Does vitamin B

Beyond wearing repellent, reapplying it when necessary, and choosing the right clothing, there are other things you can do to lower your risk of getting bitten by mosquitoes:

  • Hang out in screened areas versus open air. If screens have any holes or tears, repair them to eliminate leaks.
  • Switch on the air conditioning instead of opening windows to stay cool, if its an option.
  • Clean up any standing water in and around your home. Mosquitoes lay their eggs in standing water, so empty, scrub, or toss things like buckets, baby pools, pots, garbage cans, and bird baths.

Avoid being outdoors during peak mosquito times, between dusk and dawn.

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Vitamin B1 Or B12 For Mosquito Bites

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The phrase buzz off is used to describe a lot of annoyances today. From everything to that persistent telemarketer or your noisy neighbor, buzz off pretty much says it all. However, it doesnt apply to anything quite as well as humanitys nemesis: the mosquito.

Seeing as pretty much everyone on the planet cant stand the little bloodsuckers, it makes perfect sense that there is a sea of options when it comes to repelling them. And while we can certainly get behind a few of them, truth be told most leave us raising an eyebrow.

Take garlic, for example. Apparently, if you rub fresh garlic cloves all over your body, not only will you smell like delicious bread , but you can also avoid getting bitten by a swarm of ravenous mosquitoes for 20 minutes, according to a few recent studies.

Will Vitamin B1 Keep Mosquitoes From Biting You

Mosquitoes are persistent insects. They are everywhere, from Maine to Alaska. In fact, Alaska Tour & Travel states: Half-jokingly known as the Alaska state bird, mosquitos are a fact of summertime life in Alaska. The good news in Alaska is that the peak season for mosquitoes is shorter than in many other states. For most people, mosquitoes can bite from mid-April until late-October. With climate change, though, mosquitoes could linger through November. Is there any way to keep mosquitoes from biting? That is a question many readers keep asking.

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Natural Methods To Repel Mosquitoes

The most reliable way to naturally repel mosquitoes is to limit the things in your outdoor area that could draw them in. This first means covering or eliminating all sources of still water in or around your yard. Youll most often find standing water in birdbaths, pools, childrens playsets, buckets, and anything else thats concave. Make routine trips around your yard to look for still water. You can also turn on a fan when you are in your backyard to block mosquitoes with artificial wind.

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Vitamin B1 And Vitamin B12 Vs Mosquitoes: The Ultimate Showdown

Does Vitamin B Prevent Mosquito Bites?

Mosquitoes suck pun intended. These bugs carry and transmit life-threatening diseases contributing to over one million deaths each year. Not to mention the buzzy fliers uninvitedly drink our blood, leaving behind nothing more than a red itchy welt.

It isnt exactly a surprise that these dainty insects are considered the deadliest animal in the world. Awful allergic reactions, relentlessly itchy bites, and dangerous illnesses galore, mosquitoes are a true pest. So keeping them from us and our kids is of the utmost importance.

That being said, while there are many different methods to prevent itchy bug bites, have you ever considered using vitamins? Studies dating back to the 1960s suggest taking small doses of B vitamins three times a day during skeeter season just might be what you need to avoid getting bitten by a flock of peckish mozzies. Sounds pretty great, right?

Well, unfortunately, this old myth has finally been debunked.

According to a few recent studies, vitamin B supplements have proved to have no effect on mosquito attraction. In other words, both vitamin B1 and vitamin B12 do squat diddly to repel the icky buggers.

So, does this mean mosquito repellent patches and bracelets infused with B vitamins dont work? We hate to break it to you, but yes. B vitamins have been researched thoroughly over the years, and the truth of the matter is that they just dont work against the biting bugs.

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Beating Bloodsuckers With Vitamin B

Perhaps one of the most pervasive home remedies perceived to prevent mosquito bites is taking vitamin B. Anecdotal reports, and many personal testimonies, of the effectiveness of this approach abound, but there a few scientific investigations testing the claim.

Studies dating back to the 1940s failed to provide proof of protection from mosquito bites after taking vitamin B. More recently, a 2005 study showed there was no evidence it influenced the attraction of mosquitoes to human skin-derived chemicals from volunteers taking vitamin B supplements. There is simply no evidence taking vitamin B will offer any significant protection from mosquito bites.

In reality, if there was even moderate scientific evidence that taking a vitamin supplement could prevent mosquito bites, our supermarket shelves would be full of mosquito repellent pills. It would be wonderful to be able to pop a pill a day to stop mosquito bites but were unlikely to have that luxury any time soon.

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In fact, products marketed as oral insect repellents are not recognised by some government agencies given the lack of any compelling evidence to support the claims.

Dont use mosquito bite prevention as an excuse to boost your intake of vegemite either. It may be a staple in most Australian households, but it wont make our summer backyard activities any less bite-prone, no matter how much vitamin B it contains .

The Myth That Vitamin B Repels Mosquitoes

The myth that Vitamin B repels mosquitoes seems to resurface every Spring and Summer in mainstream media.

Videos are racking up millions of views claiming that taking a vitamin B1 supplement can help repel mosquitoes. Any evidence cited is purely anecdotal, with some people swearing it works and others saying it didnt do anything for them.

One thing we do know for a fact is that mosquitoes are attracted to us by scent, and theyre more attracted to certain people than others. This could be due to everything from blood type to how much someone sweats.

One could reason that this anecdotal evidence for vitamin B works well for some and not so well for others because those people are already naturally more attractive to mosquitoes for whatever reason. So, if mosquitoes arent easily drawn to them, its likely not the vitamin B supplements theyre taking.

With this much confusion surrounding the topic, we recommend using natural remedies that are proven to get rid of mosquitoes.

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It Can Keep Pesky Mosquitoes At Bay

Many tout Vitamin B12 as a simple, healthy repellent for mosquitoes. Anecdotal evidence suggests that taking a Vitamin B12 supplement could ward off mosquitoes by making you smell less attractive to them.

This exciting possibility still needs further conclusive studies, although many people already swear by the practice. If youre particularly prone to mosquito bites, its best to back up this method with a mosquito spray or patch, just to be safe.

Does Vitamin B Repel Mosquitoes

Take This Vitamin to Repel Mosquitoes All Summer Long (With images ...

Unfortunately, vitamin B does not repel mosquitoes.

The myth that vitamin B repels mosquitoes started circulating online, with publishers recommending it as a way to keep mosquitoes away. However, these statements lacked scientific evidence even though it became a common suggestion.

Many studies have proven this myth false, including this study posted in the Journal of the American Mosquito Control Association . The study looked at how effectively vitamin B repelled various species of mosquitoes. It concluded that vitamin B didnt have any effects on mosquitoes.

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What To Look For In Natural Mosquito Repellents

People are usually prone to mosquito bites due to a combination of scent, light, heat, and humidity. If youre a mosquito magnet, youre probably tired of having itchy, bumpy skin.

Different species of mosquitoes like the ones that carry malaria prefer bacteria and sweat. Others are attracted to carbon dioxide and certain hand odors.

Whichever species you encounter, you can protect yourself without having to use a DEET-based chemical repellent. DEET products have the potential to cause health and environmental problems.

You might choose to avoid using DEET products unless youre visiting places that have a high risk of mosquito-borne diseases like Zika. DEET is recommended for people at risk of mosquito bites carrying any disease.

If youre doing things like taking a hike, hanging out in your backyard, or taking a camping trip, natural repellents might be a better option. This can be especially true for children, who are more sensitive.

Read on to see which natural repellents work best to prevent mosquito bites.

Used since the 1940s, lemon eucalyptus oil is one of the more well-known natural repellents. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have approved eucalyptus oil as an effective ingredient in mosquito repellent.

A showed that a mixture of 32 percent lemon eucalyptus oil provided more than 95 percent protection against mosquitoes for 3 hours.

Snacking Your Way To A Bite

One of the most commonly suggested foods to eat to avoid mosquito bites is the humble banana. Problem is, it seems as many people think eating bananas will make you more attractive to mosquitoes than not! There isnt the science to support either claim, but its unlikely eating bananas would substantially change the way mosquitoes pick you out from a crowd.

If garlic can keep mythic blood suckers away, what about those buzzing about in real life? Nope. Our breath may smell a bit after a garlic-rich meal but a study has shown it does nothing to lessen our attractiveness to mosquitoes. It may actually make us more attractive to vampires, according to science!

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Responses To Do B Vitamins Keep Mosquitoes Away

  • GreenMomMay 29, 2012 at 8:21 am#

    Actually, the CDC has recommended use of Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus as an effective insect repellent, not eucalyptus essential oil. OLE is registered with the EPA and is proven effective for 6-8 hours, the same as 20% DEET. There are currently three products available in the US, Cutter Lemon Eucalyptus, Repel Lemon Eucalyptus, and Coleman Botanicals. OLE is produced from the essential oil, but goes through a manufacturing process which enhances the natural PMD content, which makes it much more effective than the essential oil itself.

  • Does Vitamin B Keep Bugs Away

    Nutrition & Diets : Do B Vitamins Keep Mosquitoes Away?

    vitamin Bdovitamin Bvitamin B

    Also, what vitamin do you take to prevent mosquito bites?

    Vitamin B1

    Also, does vitamin b1 keep mosquitoes from biting you? Some studies suggest that taking thiamine 25 mg to 50 mg three times per day is effective in reducing mosquito bites. A large intake of Thiamine produces a skin odor that is not detectable by humans, but is disagreeable to female mosquitoes.

    In this way, does vitamin b12 help with mosquito bites?

    Now, to answer your question, the notion that ingesting certain products like B vitamins might repel mosquitoes is common, but unfounded. Based on scientific studies I was able to dig up, B vitamins are not effective mosquito repellants, and vitamin B12, specifically, is not well-studied.

    What can you eat to keep mosquitoes away?

    These 7 mosquito repellent foods can be easily incorporated into your normal diet to combat your persistent insect bite problems.

    • Garlic and Onions. How it works: Garlic is perhaps the most well-known food linked to deterring mosquitoes.
    • Apple Cider Vinegar.

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    Does Vitamin B1 Repel Mosquitos

    As i sit here scratching a mosquito bite, I’m suddenly interested in a recent question from a patient. Do vitamin B-1 supplements repel mosquitos?

    Here’s what I learned:

    Mosquitos transmit several diseases, including malaria and West Nile virus. And they find their hosts mostly by their sense of smell, say experts. Thus, most effective repellents work – not by killing mosquitos with chemicals – but by preventing them from wanting to come close to you in the first place.

    Why do some people naturally attract mosquitos and others don’t? We all have natural chemistries that produce odors that are either attractive or repugnant to mosquitos. Pests are also drawn to sweet scents such as floral perfume, report some studies.

    The theory with vitamin B1 is that it changes the chemistry of the blood and alters one’s smell to make it less attractive to mosquitos.

    But does it work? A study in the Journal of Insect Science by researchers in the Department of Biology at New Mexico State University recruited brave volunteers to subject their hands to hungry mosquitos after using a variety of insect repellants – including a skin patch of vitamin B1.

    They found repellants with DEET reduced the attractiveness of the volunteers’ hands to mosquitos by the largest margin.

    Of the non-DEET repellants tested, one with oil of lemon eucalyptus and p-menthane-3-8-diol also worked well.

    So there you have it. Eat well. Live well. And use a reliable insect repellent.

    Take Steps To Control Mosquitoes Indoors And Outdoors

    • Use screens on windows and doors. Repair holes in screens to keep mosquitoes outdoors.
    • Use air conditioning, if available.
    • Stop mosquitoes from laying eggs in or near water.
    • Once a week, empty and scrub, turn over, cover, or throw out items that hold water, such as tires, buckets, planters, toys, pools, birdbaths, flowerpots, or trash containers.
    • Check for water-holding containers both indoors and outdoors.

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    It Aids In Cell Growth And Division

    Your cells depend on Vitamin B for healthy growth. Vitamins B-5 and B-7, in particular, are essential for cell division and for copying DNA information, while Vitamin B-9 is needed to make the DNA thats contained in all of our bodies cells. B-6 is needed for the formation of our red blood cells, which are responsible for transporting oxygen throughout all of our organs and tissues.

    In other words, some of the most important cells in our body depend on consuming the right amount of B vitamins.

    Whether youre a busy mom or growing teenager, its vitally important that you take enough vitamin B to support your bodys needs. Its hard to ensure we get enough from diet alone, especially in todays fast-paced environment. If youre experiencing lethargy, cardiovascular symptoms, short-term memory loss, or weight loss, you could be one of the 40% of adults suffering from Vitamin B deficiency, and its best to ask your health provider to run a blood test.

    If your doctor confirms that the culprit is, indeed, a deficiency of this super vitamin, a good Vitamin B supplement may be all you need to start feeling like yourself again. Remember that if youre pregnant, breastfeeding, or have any health conditions, its important to always consult with a medical professional before embarking on a new health regime.

    It Can Rapidly Heal Wounds

    Take This Vitamin to Repel Mosquitoes All Summer Long (With images ...

    Vitamin B1 and B5 have been shown to play a strong role in wound healing. A study on diabetic mice showed that those given a high-potency vitamin B supplement displayed accelerated wound closure when compared to the mice who went without. Many healthcare providers now recommend a high dosage of B vitamins to promote accelerated healing of different wounds.

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