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How To Apply Vitamin C Serum

How Do You Know If Your Vitamin C Serum Is Working

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One drawback to Vitamin C is that it can go bad over time. A telltale sign that your chosen Vitamin C serum has oxidized and become ineffective is if its changed color from a light clear golden hue to a darker, more orange-y color. At Epicuren Discovery, we make sure to pack our products that include Vitamin C in airtight, opaque containers to help the product stay effective for longer, with less exposure to oxygen that causes it to fail.

How Do I Apply Vitamin C Serum To My Face

‘Vitamin C should be applied after cleansing and toning, but before applying anything creamy in texture. I recommend applying vitamin C serum with your fingertips rather than the palm of the hand, as your will waste a lot of product on your palms. Dab small amounts over the cheeks, forehead, chin and nose before massaging in with the fingertips,’ advises Shotter.

Using The Serum Effectively

  • 1Do a patch test to check for an allergic reaction. Rub 1 drop of the vitamin C serum onto a small patch of your inner wrist. Since the skin is sensitive here, you’re more likely to notice a reaction to the vitamin C. Wait 24 hours to see if your skin is irritated or breaks out in a rash. If it doesn’t, you can use vitamin C on your face.
  • If you do have a reaction to the vitamin C, don’t use it as part of your daily skincare routine and mention it to your doctor or dermatologist.
  • If you also use AHAs and BHAs, such as glycolic, salicylic, or lactic acids, wait a few minutes before applying the vitamin C serum or you’ll risk irritating your skin.
  • 2Plan on using the serum in the morning or before bed. Because your skin can only absorb so much vitamin C in a day, you only need to apply it once a day. Decide if you’d like to make it part of your morning skincare routine and remember to apply sunscreen after using the serum. If you prefer, apply the serum in the evening before you apply your nighttime moisturizer.XTrustworthy SourcePubMed CentralJournal archive from the U.S. National Institutes of HealthGo to source

    Tip: If your nighttime moisturizer contains retinoids, you can use it with the serum as long as it doesn’t irritate your skin. Research has shown that vitamin C with retinol actually improved the appearance of aging skin.


  • If you’re doing the facial in the morning, consider using a daytime moisturizer that contains SPF to protect your skin.
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    Why Is It Recommended To Follow With An Spf Product After Application

    The high concentration of 15% Pure Vitamin C may make skin more sensitive to harmful UV rays and increase the risk of sunburn. SPF products of at least SPF 15 are recommended for daily usage to help prevent hyper-pigmentation and delay premature skin aging.We recommend LiftActiv Peptide-C Sunscreen SPF 30, Capital Soleil Ultra Light Sunscreen SPF 50, or Aqualia Thermal UV Defense Moisturizer.

    How To Use Vitamin C Serum And Niacinamide

    How To Use Vitamin C Serum

    Just as vitamin C, niacinamide also helps to tackle hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and helps to treat acne as well. You can use both vitamin C serum and niacinamide on your skin.

    The best way to do this is by following the rule of thumb, which is by layering the two products on the skin from thin to thick. Heres how to do it:

    • Clean your skin by washing it with a mild cleanser
    • Dry your skin with a clean towel
    • Apply your vitamin c serum now and let it sit on your skin till your skin absorbs it
    • Now apply your niacinamide after your skin must have completely absorbed the serum

    You can also use both serums in one product, simply lookout for a product that contains both ingredients to enjoy its benefits. Likewise, you can apply a hydrating moisturizer that contains niacinamide after applying the serum to your skin.

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    Prevents The Skin From The Development Of Acne

    Acne is caused by the inflammation that occurs on the skin as a result of attacks from free radicals and environmental aggressors. The anti-inflammatory properties in a vitamin C serum help to soothe inflammation on the skin.

    However, the antioxidant properties in vitamin C serum will help to protect the skin from free radicals that cause the formation of acne on the skin.

    The increase in collagen production in the skin which is promoted by the use of vitamin C helps to lessen the visibility of acne scars on the skin.

    They Are Safe For All Skin Types

    Overall, it improves the health of our skin you have to only apply it every night. However, all the Vitamin C serum is not the same!

    For instance, L-ascorbic acid is the purest, potent, and quickly absorbed by the skin, but it is also the least stable form of Vitamin C that can irritate. Instead of buying from the market, you can easily make Vitamin C serum at home with minimal side effects.

    The Bottom Line

    Vitamin C serum is a skincare product that you should definitely include in your skincare routine. There is no particular time to use the serum on the face but using it at night every day gives better and maximum benefits.

    So, what are you waiting for? Go and apply the Vitamin C serum on your face in the same manner mentioned above. Please share your experiences regarding Vitamin C serum in the comment box below.

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    Added Benefits Of Vitamin C Serum

    Aside from its antioxidant powers, Vitamin C also helps protect and treat the skin in a number of other ways. It plays a vital role in collagen production, which is a key process that slows down with age. Vitamin C also decreases production of melanin, or pigment, which helps to treat conditions such as age spots or melasma. Together with its friend Vitamin E, Vitamin C also helps to boost the ability of the skin to resist ultraviolet radiation-induced damage. Vitamin C substantially improves and accelerates the wound-healing process as well.

    Benefits Of Using A Vitamin C Serum

    How to Apply Vitamin C Serum for Face, Using The Best Vitamin C Serum

    Here are the benefits of using vitamin C:

    • Hydrating: Manganese ascorbyl phosphate, a precursor of vitamin C, hydrates the skin, helping it to maintain its moisture by reducing trans epidermal water loss .
    • Brightening: Using vitamin C can help reduce pigmentation and dullness, resulting in a youthful glow.
    • Evens skin tone: Vitamin C is known to treat several inflammatory conditions, including redness, leading to an even skin complexion.
    • Fades hyperpigmentation: Sometimes, excess melanin is produced in certain skin areas, resulting in dark spots, such as sunspots and melisma. Applying vitamin C in these areas hinders melanin production, removing dark spots much like hydroquinone.
    • Promotes collagen production: Over time, collagen depletes, causing fine lines and wrinkles to develop. Vitamin C bolsters collagen production.
    • Can help reduce under-eye circles: It plumps and hydrates the area under the eyes, smoothing out the discoloration causing the circles.
    • Helps prevent skin sagging: Collagen is tied to skin elasticity and firmness, and when its levels drop, the result is the skin sagging. But when you apply vitamin C serum, it helps boost collagen production, causing overall tightening.
    • Protects against sun damage: Because vitamin C is rich in antioxidants, it acts as a barrier against the damaging effect of free radicals.
    • Helps soothe sunburns: Vitamin C promotes cellular turnover, enabling the damaged sunburn cells to be replaced with new healthy ones.

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    Use Your Vitamin C Products At The Right Point In Your Skin

    The right moment to use your product depends on what kind of product it is, Dr. Hogan explains. For serums, you want to apply your vitamin C product to freshly cleansed skin, but before you moisturize. But antioxidant-containing moisturizers are also becoming more common, Dr. Lamb says, and youd want to use those at the end of your routine.

    Alumier Md Everactive C& e

    This collection is loved by WH beauty editor Perdita Nouril for their ability to wage war on dullness, uneven tone and fine lines. These waterless bottles contains 15% L-ascorbic acid powder that is stored in a separate cap above the serum so you only mix it as and when you want to use it, ensuring the vitamin Cs efficacy.

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    How Often Should You Use A Vitamin C Serum

    Using vitamin C serum two times a day enough to get significant outcomes. One in the morning while going out and second before sleeping. One time religious application of vitamin C serum is sufficient to protect the skin for the whole day. You can apply the vitamin C serum at night to heal the damaged skin. However, more than that is not needed.

    Frequency to use a vitamin C serum also depends upon the percentage of vitamin C present in the serum. Generally, serum from 5 to 15 % of concentration is best, but it should not be extended beyond 20%.

    A serum with 10-15% vitamin C concentration is enough to use one time a day. But serum with lower concentration can be used twice a day.

    How To Use Vitamin C Serum And Hyaluronic Acid

    90210 Naturals Releases Their Hot New Vitamin C Serum For ...

    If youre wondering how to use a hyaluronic acid serum and a vitamin C serum together, the answer isyou guessed it!go from thinnest to thickest. The HA serum I use has a slightly thicker, gel-like consistency, so I apply it after my vitamin C serum and before my moisturizer.

    Its completely fine to layer your serums, but make sure to give each one time to try before applying the next. Youre also going to want to make sure your products have settled into your skin before beginning your makeup routine.

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    How To Effectively Use A Vitamin C Serum For Skincare

    Are you looking for how to use a vitamin C serum routine to maintain a smooth and even skin tone? If yes, settle down. This article will reveal to you how to use vitamin C serum to up your skincare game.

    Vitamin C has the best anti-aging properties that make it very important to health. It helps to maintain a smooth, even, and shiny skin tone.

    Vitamin c has lots of skincare benefits, and you may already have vitamin C included in your diet, but using it is the best way to reap these benefits.

    Are you still in doubt? Or are you scared of irritation because of your skin type? Dont fret, vitamin C is safe for all skin types. Vitamin c is safe to use. It is very rare for irritation to occur, and these rare cases only happen with people with hyper-sensitive skin.

    Vitamin c helps to reduce dark spots, and it also helps to repair damaged skin cells. A vitamin C serum is made to be used as a moisturizer, as that is the best way for the skin to benefit from it.

    Apply Vitamin C Serum On Your Skin

    Now is the time to apply your vitamin C serum. Only apply two to three drops of vitamin C serum on your skin. Do not apply too much of it to avoid irritating your skin.

    How to do it:

    • Get hold of your vitamin C serum.
    • Squeeze out two to three drops of vitamin C serum from your dropper into your palm.
    • Dip the fingertips of your other palm into the serum.
    • Pat the serum on your fingertips on your forehead, cheeks, and other parts of your body.
    • Rub the serum into your skin.
    • You can also use your palm to rub in the serum instead of your fingertips.
    • Massage the serum for your skin to absorb it.

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    Vitamin C And Retinol On Alternate Nights

    Most dermatologists believe that retinol should always be applied at night, away from UV light. But did you know that you can apply vitamin C at night, too? This study found that DNA damage continues for hours after exposure to UV light, and suggests it could be prevented with a nightly antioxidant, like vitamin C.

    How Long Until I See Results

    How To Use a Vitamin C Face Serum

    This time frame will vary from person to person and will also depend on how much skin damage you currently have and the potency and freshness of your vitamin C cream or serum.

    In my case, I started to see results in after a few applications. My skin felt smoother and more hydrated. I use a 10% L-ascorbic acid that is mixed up fresh before each use, so it’s pretty potent.

    One of the nicest benefits to using this type of topical vitamin C is that it evens out the skin tone and improves texture. What I really noticed the most is that my whole face took on an even color and I need less makeup.

    UPDATE: I apply this pure vitamin C serum to my neck every day. I didn’t realize how well it worked to reduce brown spots until I found this old picture of my neck taken when I was about 53 yrs old. Notice those two brown spots are gone! Not to mention that deep line in the middle of my neck, which I attribute to weekly facial exercises.

    My neck looks younger now than it did when I was in my early 50s!

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    Sunday Riley Ceo Glow Vitamin C + Turmeric Face Oil

    This multitasking face oil contains skin-calming turmeric , ginger root to even out discoloration, and a stable form of vitamin C to smooth fine lines. Its standout quality? The gorgeous texture absorbs quickly without the stickiness of many serums. Just be sure to apply as your last step, as thinner products wont be able to penetrate through an oil.

    Get The Lowdown On The Age

    Is this the actual riddle of the Sphinx? It might as well be, with how many people it befuddles on a daily basis. This question has been circulated more widely as of late, as vitamin C serums continue to trend in the skin care market.

    Theres a reason why vitamin C serums have become so popular: Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant with incredible benefits for skin health. It can boost your circulation, brighten your skin, help to heal surface damage, stimulate collagen production, and even scavenge free radicals to prevent the onset of fine lines and wrinkles. The best news is that many dermatologists recommend vitamin C serum for all skin types.

    Though a natural vitamin C serum could undoubtedly take your skin care routine to the next level, theres some confusion surrounding the correct use of these serums. Specifically, theres a bit of controversy in the skin care world over whether vitamin C serum should be used in the morning, in the evening, or both. Lets discuss!

    Vitamin C Serum: Using It A.M. Vs. P.M.

    A.M. The light texture and fast-absorbing properties of serums make them ideal for layering underneath moisturizer, makeup, and other products. This, along with the benefits of vitamin C for skin, is probably why many of us are tempted to use our vitamin C serums during the day.

    If your skin tends to be reactive to products that contain retinol and similar ingredients, we recommend using your vitamin C serum as a PM-only product.

    How To Use Vitamin C Serum

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    Paula’s Choice C15 Super Booster

    This brand has a legion of fans and for good reason. Their no-nonsense formulas are slide easily into your routine and this 15% stabilised vitamin C is formulated at a skin-friendly pH of 3.0, so is good for sensitive skin types. It also boasts potent antioxidants such as vitamin E and ferulic acid as well as skin-smoothing peptides.

    Is Vitamin C Serum Good For Getting Rid Of Wrinkles

    5 Benefits Of Kanzy Vitamin C Face Serum For Glowing Skin

    Vitamin C is well known for encouraging the production of both collagen and elastin.

    We covered collagen above Elastin is responsible for allowing your skin to stretch and flex.

    As we age, Collagen and Elastin levels in our body decrease. This causes your skin to sag and wrinkle.

    Vitamin C boosts your body’s production of both proteins, helping keep your skin looking younger for longer.

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    Potential Side Effects And Risks

    Although irritation is unlikely, you should always do a patch test prior to full application. This is the only way to determine how your skin will react to the serum.

    If your skin is especially sensitive, avoid products with L-ascorbic acid. Products with magnesium ascorbyl phosphate may be less likely to cause irritation.

    Serum stability is affected by two things product formulation and packaging.

    The following vitamin C derivatives are designed to retain potency for longer:

    • L-ascorbic acid
    • ascorbyl palmitate
    • magnesium ascorbyl phosphate

    You should also ensure that the product has a water-free formulation. And the bottle should be opaque and airtight.

    Popular vitamin C serums include:

    Our Vitamin C Products

    The most potent of Epicuren Discoverys Vitamin C products is our original CXC Vitamin C Complex, with Vitamin C and complementary essential oil compounds that broaden the array of benefits provided by Vitamin C. You can also search for products by ingredient, which will also show you how we use ascorbic acid derivatives in products like the Defy Age Corrective Facial Oil.

    Our catalog features science-backed formulas with potent natural ingredients like Vitamin C and other antioxidants that can take your skincare routine to the next level. Find products that are designed for your unique skin type and goals by taking our Skin Quiz today.

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