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What Is The Best Vitamin D Pill

Best High Dose: Pure Encapsulations D3 5000 Iu

Best Vitamin D Supplement 2020 | TOP 10 Vitamin D Pills

Pure Encapsulations is a top-notch supplement with highly concentrated vitamin D3. Youre getting one of the highest doses currently available on the market 10,000 IU per soft gel capsule, thats double what youd get from many other brands.

The natural form of cholecalciferol in Pure Encapsulations D3 125 mcg is derived from lanolin, or sheeps wool wax. Cholecalciferol formulations are well-absorbed in the small intestine. This is where the body absorbs many nutrients from the foods you eat.

Pure Encapsulations D3 uses soy oil as an emulsifier instead of soy lecithin or corn oil . Soy oil also has omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential fats the body cannot make on its own. Therefore, it is important to get them from your diet.

This supplement is also non-GMO and free of gluten and dairy products – something that many people look for when choosing their supplements. For those seeking a high dose of vitamin D, the Pure Encapsulations brand is a good choice for supplementing your nutrition.

Best Gummies: Nordic Naturals Zero Sugar Vitamin D3 Gummies 1000 Iu

If you are looking for a gummy supplement, Nordic Naturals Zero Sugar Vitamin D3 gummies can give your body a vitamin boost. The gummies are gelatin-free, vegetarian and non-GMO as well. So Nordic Naturals D3 vitamins are all-natural. And they come in one flavor, wild berry, sweetened with a sour berry coating made from organic sucrose and fumaric acid.

The Council for Responsible Nutrition, an independent third-party laboratory, tests Nordic Naturals supplements for toxins and heavy metals. When you purchase a bottle of Nordic Naturals, you can enter the lot number from your bottle on their website to view a Certificate of Analysis report. The report shows the potency, purity, and freshness details of each bottle. This level of transparency shows the companys commitment to high standards.

The Nordic Naturals gummy is the best option because it gives you the potent, pure and fresh dose of the D3 want, without artificial flavors or additives you dont want.

Best Drops: Thorne Vitamin D/k2

Vitamin D drops are another convenient way to get your daily dose of vitamin D. Theyre great for the elderly or children with chewing or swallowing problems. Thornes supplement drops can also be added to food or mixed into beverages. Thornes D/K2 product is all-natural, gluten-free, and dairy-free.

What makes these drops unique is they feature a powerful combination formula of liquid cholecalciferol and menatetrenone . Vitamin D3 balances calcium levels, while vitamin K sends calcium to the bones and away from soft tissues. The D/K2 combo is a one-two punch for teeth and bone health.

Another benefit of this vitamin is that the Thornes Vitamin D/ K2 Liquid provides nutritional support for oncology patients. Research has also shown that the synergistic effect of Vitamin D and K2 may slow cancer progression and reduce hypercalcemia.

However, it may not be the best choice for everyone. Because this drop has vitamin K, it may interact with some medications, including blood thinners like warfarin or anticonvulsants like phenytoin. Talk with your doctor about taking this supplement if you take other medications.

Two drops of Thorne D/K2 have 12.5 mcg or 500 IU of vitamin D. The average adult needs between 600 and 800 IU daily. The product is labeled for use 13 daily, for 5001500 IU of supplementation each day.

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My Doctor Prescribed 50000 Ius Of Vitamin D Isnt That Too Much

A dose of 50,000 IUs of vitamin D once a week is a common prescription to boost your vitamin D level if it is low. Pay attention to how often your doctor wants you to take this. It is not once a day that would be too much.

Typically your doctor will have you take this dose once a week for 2 to 3 months and then recheck your vitamin D blood level.

Some doctors recommend that you continue the dose of 50,000 IUs every other week for long term maintenance rather than prescribing a daily dose.

Note that the prescription strength of 50,000 IUs is vitamin D2. Some online sources that do not require a prescription may supply vitamin D3. A dose of 50,000 IUs of vitamin D2 should be taken at intervals no greater than three weeks because the blood levels wane. One dose of vitamin D3 lasts longer but you should take 50,000 IUs of vitamin D no greater than one month apart.

Caltrate 600+d3 Bone Strength Supplement

The 8 Best Vitamin D Supplements of 2021

Designed to support bone health, the Caltrate 600+D3 Bone Strength Supplement combines 600 mg. of calcium with 800 IU of vitamin D3 to maximize calcium absorption while replenishing the bodys vitamin D levels. Together, these important minerals also work to maintain the health of your nerves and hormones.

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Buying Guide For Best Vitamin D Supplements

A walk outdoors on a sunny day isnt just a good way to lift your spirits, it also increases your bodys stores of vitamin D, the vitamin your body produces from exposure to the sun. However, for a variety of reasons, many people are deficient in this crucial vitamin, which plays an important role in the strength and health of your bones and teeth, among other benefits.

If you think you might not be getting enough vitamin D or blood tests have revealed a deficiency youve probably perused the many brands and formulas of vitamin D supplements on the market. With so many options to choose from, it can be a bit overwhelming separating the marketing hype from reality.

Luckily, at BestReviews, you can easily find the best products for you with our top recommendations and information-filled shopping guides. For everything you need to know about vitamin D supplements before you buy, just keep reading.

Where Does Vitamin D Come From

The Sun

Our bodies make vitamin D when our skin is exposed to the sun. Its hard to get enough vitamin D from the sun, though. Most kids and adults spend lots of time indoors at school and work. When outdoors, its important to protect skin to prevent skin cancer and skin damage from too much sun exposure.


Very few foods have vitamin D naturally. The foods with the most are fatty fish , liver, eggs and fish oils. Kids dont eat these foods a lot. Thats why food companies add vitamin D to milk, yogurt, baby formula, juice, cereal, and other foods.

Adding vitamin D to foods is called fortifying. Its helpful, but it still may not be enough.


To get enough vitamin D, children often need to take a multivitamin with vitamin D or a vitamin D supplement. Vitamin D is sometimes labeled as vitamin D3.

You can buy vitamin D pills, gummies, chewables, liquids, and sprays in stores without a prescription. Ask your childs health care provider for advice on choosing the right one.

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How Much Vitamin D Is Too Much

Because vitamin D is fat soluble, there have been repeated warnings against overdosing. In 2002, the Scientific Committee on Food of the European Commission released its position the safety of vitamin D.

The report stated that a daily intake of 2,000 IU for adolescents, adults, pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers, and 1,000 IU for children may be taken for extended periods during the first 10 years of life with no risk of side effects and without medical supervision.

Most experts consider a daily intake of up to 5,000 IU of vitamin D to be safe for adults.

Since direct sunlight produces 10,000 IU of vitamin D in the human body, this may be the physiological upper limit.

Since vitamin D is potentially toxic, the state-approved limit is 50 mcg . However, this is a conservative limit and is likely 5 times too low.

Known cases of vitamin D toxicity with hypercalcemia in which the 25D concentration and vitamin D dose are known all point to an intake of 40,000 IU a day or more.

Excessive intake of vitamin D can only occur by taking dietary supplements. But one would have to take some 40,000 IU per day for several months to cause vitamin D overdose.

One-time massive-dose therapy involving high doses do not result in an overdose of vitamin D, even at doses in excess of 100,000 IU.

The symptoms of vitamin D intoxication include nausea, high calcium and phosphate levels in the blood, irregular heartbeat and kidney stones.

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Can You Get Enough Vitamin D Without Supplementation

What is The Best Type of Vitamin D Supplement?

As mentioned, vitamin D can be found naturally – in everything from a glut of sunshine to a runny egg yolk. Theoretically, it is possible to get enough vitamin D naturally but for many this just isnt a reality as not enough people live in places or have lifestyles that support enough sun exposure . Also, people have varying diets and personal health challenges that also make it difficult to stock up on vitamin D. However, if you want to know more about how to boost your levels without the need to turn to a supplement, here are some suggestions.

Sunlight – you can get vitamin D from the sun, but you cant get too much of it this way without running the risk of skin damage and other issues. Short bouts are best and sunscreen with SPF is always a must. Studies have shown that noontime is the time that the body is best equipped to make vitamin D and its suggested that the more skin exposed, the more chance of enhancing your levels. For healthy blood levels its recommended to get 10-30 minutes three times a week for healthy adults, although these factors will vary depending on skin type, where you live, and other issues.

Egg yolk – Egg yolks are another great source of natural vitamin D although not as high as some of the other foods. Still, with 37 IU of vitamin D per yolk, you can enjoy a tasty top-up. If you want to improve these numbers, look for eggs from free-range hens or hens that have been fed a vitamin D rich diet.

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Natures Bounty Vitamin D3 Softgels

Image courtesy Natures Bounty

Vitamin D3 is an important component of the immune system. Vitamin D has 125 micrograms in each serving and may help to regulate T and B-lymphocytes by regulating T and B-lymphocyte activity.

Vitamins are organic compounds that assist the body in working properly. Vitamin D3 supplements are made from a form of vitamin D present in the body as a result of sunshine exposure. Nature’s Bounty Vitamin D3 helps to ensure that adequate vitamin D levels exist in the body.

How Much Vitamin D Should I Take Daily

Your recommended daily allowance of vitamin D, is based on age and sex. The current RDA is 400 IU for children up to 12 months of age, 600 IU for people ages 1-70 daily, 800 IU for adults over age 70, and 600 IU for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. We recommend consulting with your doctor or healthcare provider before starting any dietary supplement to understand your individual needs.

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Advice For Infants And Young Children

The Department of Health and Social Care recommends that babies from birth to 1 year of age should have a daily supplement containing 8.5 to 10 micrograms of vitamin D throughout the year if they are:

  • breastfed
  • formula-fed and are having less than 500ml of infant formula a day, as infant formula is already fortified with vitamin D

Children aged 1 to 4 years old should be given a daily supplement containing 10 micrograms of vitamin D throughout the year.

You can buy vitamin D supplements or vitamin drops containing vitamin D at most pharmacies and supermarkets.

Women and children who qualify for the Healthy Start scheme can get free supplements containing vitamin D.

See the Healthy Start website for more information.

Elm & Rye Vitamin D3 Capsules

The Best Vitamin D Supplements of 2020  ReviewThis

Image courtesy Elm & Rye

Get plenty of vitamin D3 with Elm & Rye. This fat-soluble vitamin has been shown to aid the body to absorb and retain calcium and phosphorus, which are important for bone and muscular development.

Vitamin D has been linked to decreased cancer cell development, infection, and inflammation in studies. Vitamin D is not found in many natural foods, although certain foods are fortified with the vitamin.

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Solar Essence Vitamin D3 + K2

Nuzenas formula offers a healthy dosage of Vitamin D3, while their formula also includes vitamin K2, calcium and bioperine.

One thing we are pleased to see is the inclusion of Bioperine, a natural stimulant that aids the absorption of nutrients and benefits the bodys metabolism.

We were impressed by Nuzena, who offer a wide range of products that cater for all dietary needs. Providing natural formulas, which are non-GMO, gluten free, vegan-friendly and also produced in FDA registered facilities ensuring quality certification.

Solar Essence Vitamin D3 by Nuzena takes a solid top-3 spot for the best Vitamin D3 supplement.

Why Certain People May Need A Vitamin D Supplement

Why are some groups at greater risk of low vitamin D levels? In most cases, it can be traced back to their diet or lifestyle. Take vegans, for instance. Many have low vitamin D levels because they avoid foods that are rich in vitamin D including meat, fish, egg yolks, and dairy products that have been fortified with the vitamin. One study published in February 2016 in PLoS One found vitamin D serum concentration was 34 percent lower among study participants who followed a vegan diet compared with those who ate meat and dairy.

But there are ways to get added Vitamin D into your diet as a vegan. For instance, plant milk beverages, such those made from soy, oats, and almond, are often fortified with vitamin D to the level found in fortified cows milk , according to the National Institutes of Health. Check the nutrition facts label for the actual amount.

People with obesity also may need a supplement. Research has suggested the possible reasons for deficiency include a lower dietary intake of vitamin D among obese men compared with nonobese men and women, the possibility that obese people expose less skin to the sun , and a decrease in the absorption rate of vitamin D among people whove had bariatric or gastric bypass procedures. Indeed, one study suggested recommendations for vitamin D targets should be based on body weight rather than simply suggesting 600 IU for everyone across the board.

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Best Vitamin D3 Supplements And Reviews Of 2022

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What Is Vitamin D?

  • Vitamin D3 . Found in some animal foods, like fatty fish and egg yolks.
  • Vitamin D2 . Found in some plants, mushrooms, and yeasts.

What is Vitamin D Good For?What is the Best Form of Vitamin D?Vitamin D2 vs Vitamin D3What is the Best Strength of Vitamin D to Take?dont consume more than 4,000 IU

Vegan: Nutrachamps K2 + D3 Vegan Liquid

Vitamin D Benefits | What is the Best VITAMIN D Supplement

Making the most of that K2 and D3 link, this 3 in 1 formula is a great way to boost your vitamins with the ease of a tasteless liquid form. Vegans will also be glad to know that this product is fully vegan friendly. Made from lichen and sunflower and with 5000 IU of vitamin D and 100 mcg of both vitamin K2 , Nutrachamps knows how to call on the synergy of nature for feel-good vibes.

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Best Multivitamin With D: Ritual

If youre worried about more than just your vitamin D intake, you might consider a multivitamin with D. Ritual designs multivitamins for your bodys needs at different life stages, so options range from kids to adults over 50. And they address the different needs of men and women. Each multivitamin contains 50mcg of vitamin D.

Ritual prides itself on using the best sustainably sourced ingredients. Ritual uses Vitashine, a certified vegan D3 ingredient made from sustainably-sourced lichen in the UK. One of the best things about Ritual is the mint packet they put in each bottle to give the vitamins a minty smell and taste.

Who Shouldnt Buy Natural Stacks Vitamin D

  • Folks using a Vitamin D supplement for the first time who want a lower dose.
  • Anyone unable to maintain a steady temperature for the supplement cabinet.

Overall, Natural Stacks checks a lot of boxes to reach the top of this list good value, high dose per serving, and strong third-party testing. Assuming the high dose is desirable, this is a solid choice.

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Can Too Much Vitamin D Hurt You

Yes, vitamin D is fat-soluble, meaning it can build up in your body if you take too much. This can lead to toxicity, which can cause nausea, vomiting, weakness, and impaired kidney function. If you experience any of these symptoms, stop taking vitamin D and call your doctor right away.

Taking too much vitamin D can also lead to more subtle symptoms, such as headache, fatigue, and loss of appetite. If you notice any of these symptoms, cut back on your vitamin D intake and talk to your doctor.

Betteryou D3000 Vitamin D Daily Oral Spray

Your vitamin D tests and supplements are probably a waste of money

BetterYou is a product that appears time and time again in health shops, and for good reason.

Their pill-free daily oral spray is extremely easy to use and can by shoved in a bag and taken on the go, without the need for water to wash it down. Its liquid formula is a great option for those who struggle to swallow pills and its subtle minty taste means no bitter flavour is left behind in your mouth. The sprays come in a variety of potencies and include ones specially formulated for vegans, juniors and infants.

If all that wasnt enough, half of BetterYous product range now uses plastic for their packaging that has been collected from the Jakarta and Java Seas a win on all fronts.

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