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What Vitamins Are Good For Strong Teeth

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Dental Visit On Pandemic: Vitamins & Minerals for a Strong Healthy Teeth

Vitamins and minerals are very important factors when it comes to your dental health. Not only are vitamins and minerals key to a healthy, functioning body, but theyre also essential to the teeth, gums, and jawbones that directly affect your oral health. Ensuring that you do your part to keep your teeth and gums healthy is crucial, but dont forget to see your Reno dentist regularly. At Well Beyond Dental, were dedicated to providing our patients with comprehensive dental plans that are specifically designed to meet their oral healthcare needs. Connect with our office today to schedule an appointment!

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Because your oral health can directly affect your bodys overall health and wellness, its important that you take proper care of your teeth and gums. And just as you would take vitamins and minerals to promote a healthy immune system or boost your body functions, theyre also great for strengthening your teeth. Fortunately, if you have a difficult time remembering to take a vitamin or mineral supplement in the form of a pill, there are other ways to incorporate helpful vitamins and minerals into your life. Consider adding the suggested foods below to your diet to utilize vitamins and minerals for your dental health. Also, be sure to visit your Reno dentist to maintain good oral hygiene and promote a healthy dental lifestyle.


You probably already know how beneficial calcium is for your bones, but what you might not know is what calcium can do for your teeth. Calcium is actually the most abundant mineral found in the body, with 99% of it being in our teeth and bones. Notably, the biggest benefit of calcium on the body is that it keeps teeth and jawbones strong and functional. Along with this, calcium also strengthens tooth enamel which is key to keeping teeth protected.

Where to find it: You can find calcium in several different foods including dairy products such as milk, cheese, and yogurt, green vegetables like broccoli, and it is also present in beans and almonds.


Vitamin A

Vitamin C

Vitamin D

Foods To Strengthen Teeth #: Butter

Butter is one of the best foods for teeth. Like cheese, its rich in the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, and K2. But it also has the advantage of being higher in fat. And believe it or not, fat plays a big role in your kids dental health.

For healthy kids, sugar is one of the biggest causes of dental health issues like tooth decay. Butter provides a great replacement for sweet sugary foods. It makes food taste great. But it also makes kids feel satisfied and full.

Butter is a great weapon against sugar. Which is terrible for your kids dental health. For kids who have allergies against the casein in cheese, they may be able to eat butter. Butter contains less casein than cheese. This works as a great substitute.

Cultured butter is also a source of probiotic bacteria that strengthen teeth.

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Essential Vitamins For Healthy Teeth And Gums

Eating healthy is important for every aspect of your life and your body, including your teeth. While avoiding foods such as sugar and caffeine can help improve oral health, there are also specific essential vitamins for healthy teeth and gums.

All of these vitamins can be found in food, however, for some people, it may not be possible to receive the recommended daily intake. In these cases, it is possible to achieve the recommended levels by taking supplements. It is recommended to consult your doctor and dentist before adding any supplements to your routine.

What Vitamins Are Good For Teeth And Gums

How to Get Strong Teeth and Gums

If you want to keep your teeth for a long time, you must practice good oral hygiene. You should also ensure your diet is rich in nutrients like vitamins.

Nearly 4 billion people around the world are affected by oral disease. Those who have it may not suspect the unwanted appearance has a strong relationship with their diet too.

What vitamins are good for teeth? You will learn which vitamins you need and why in the next few minutes.

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Foods To Strengthen Teeth #: Sardines

Seafood is rich in vitamins and minerals that are needed to strengthen teeth. Like all other foods though, whole fish have the complete nutrient spectrum. For healthy kids, eating the whole fish makes sure they receive all of these nutrients.

Youve heard the health benefits of eating whole foods. Well, this includes meats and fish.

With larger sea creatures and fish, its harder for kids to eat the bones, flesh, skin and organ meats. But smaller fish, you get all these in one serving. Thats why sardines are a great option for your kids health.

Fish bones are a rich source of calcium. The eyes, organs all supply vitamin A, D, and K2. They also a rich source of omega 3 fatty acids and the full range of other nutrients.

Minerals That Matter To Your Teeth

  • 15 Jul, 2020

Numerous organic substances make the human body’s everyday growth and function possible. In addition to the macronutrients you must consume , you also need micronutrients with vitamins and minerals. These nutrients can benefit every part of your body, including your teeth.

When you understand how certain key minerals play critical roles in keeping teeth strong and healthy, you can work on getting sufficient amounts of these minerals to help ensure a more attractive and durable smile. Learn about four minerals that merit special attention.

1. Calcium

You may have heard that calcium supports dental health without understanding exactly why or how. The body uses calcium to produce a substance known as crystalline calcium phosphate. This mineral compound makes up the hard tooth enamel that surrounds and protects the inner parts of your teeth.

Calcium also plays a key role in bone formation, lending your jawbone the necessary strength and structural integrity to contain the tooth roots in their sockets. Since both enamel and bone wear out with use and over time, the body must keep producing these materials.

Without sufficient calcium in your diet, your tooth enamel may break down faster than it can rebuild itself, making your teeth prone to cavities and other damage. Insufficient bone calcium may also allow the sockets in your jawbone to widen until the teeth become loose.

2. Phosphorus

3. Magnesium

4. Potassium

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Want To Know More About Food And Oral Health

Read about the best food choices for your childrens oral health in this article.

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Is Vitamin D Good For Your Teeth

Best Vitamin D Calcium Supplements for Children | Fitness For Kids Good Health Strong Bones & teeth

Vitamin D is very important for your oral health as it is what allows us to absorb calcium. Without it, your entire mouth would suffer from calcium deficiency, leading to underdeveloped teeth, gum disease, and tooth decay.

Which fruit is best for bones? Good-for-Your-Bones Foods Food Nutrient Canned sardines and salmon Calcium Fatty varieties such as salmon, mackerel, tuna and sardines Vitamin D Fruits and vegetables Collard greens, turnip greens, kale, okra, Chinese cabbage, dandelion greens, mustard greens and broccoli. Calcium

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What Vitamins Are Good For Teeth Health

Every vitamin is beneficial for the teeth in one way or another. Vitamins work together to keep your teeth strong, healthy. They help prevent dental and gum issues. Maintaining oral health with food is just as important as brushing.

If you have a vitamin deficiency, theres no need to fret. Thankfully, it is treatable so long as you correct it.

While you can consume vitamins at any time of the day, you will increase uptake when you separate water from fat-soluble vitamins. You can bring your vitamin levels back to maintenance much quicker this way.

Which Vitamin Makes Your Bones And Teeth Strong


Can a vitamin deficiency cause dry mouth? Vitamins B12 and B2 . A diet lacking or low in vitamin D will cause burning mouth syndrome. Symptoms of this condition include a burning mouth sensation, a metallic or bitter taste in the mouth, and dry mouth. Drink milk, and eat egg yolks and fish to increase your vitamin D intake.

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What Vitamins Are Good For Your Bones

Vitamin D

How can I strengthen my gums and teeth naturally? Here are a few ways you can help keep your gums healthy. Floss. Floss at least once a day. Get regular dental cleanings. Your dentist can detect early gum disease symptoms if you see them on a regular basis. Quit smoking. Brush twice a day. Use fluoride toothpaste. Use a therapeutic mouthwash.

Recommended Vitamins For Teeth

13 Essential Vitamins for Teeth

These vitamins can help improve the health of your teeth.

If you have a specific need, maybe just adding the right vitamins for teeth can help eliminate a nutrient deficiency is all you need to drive those bad tooth symptoms away.

So, match up the needs of your teeth with the proper vitamin below and you can make your teeth whiter, or eliminate tooth sensitivity, or just have better teeth in general.

WARNING: Make sure you ALWAYS read the label before taking any vitamins. Everyone is different and sometimes a specific vitamin doesnt mix well with conditions like pregnancy or other health issues. You should ALWAYS consult with your doctor so they can make an educated decision regarding whether any vitamin is safe for your specific health situation.

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What Vitamins And Minerals Are Needed For Healthy Teeth

Has we all know that a well-balanced diet provides the required minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients that our bodies needs and also essential for healthy teeth and gums.

Fluoride in the other hand is another option to keep our teeth healthy which can be found in natural foods and fluoridated water supply, and help us to reduce decay and fight harmful bacteria. This process has helped every individual reduce tooth decay and cavities by 60 percent.

Follow A Complete Oral Hygiene Routine

When it comes to preventing tooth decay and gum issues, a thorough oral care is best:

  • Brush twice a day with an electrictoothbrush like the Oral-B iO9which removes up to 100% more plaque than a regular manual.
  • Floss at least once a day with regularstring floss. Pair it with an irrigator like the Oral-B Water Flosser Advancedto reduce even more plaque buildup for healthier gums*.
  • Visit your dentist every six months for professional cleanings and checkups.

From Oral-B, the #1 dentist-recommended toothbrush, worldwide.

*Helps reduce plaque bacteria and inflammatory components associated with gingivitis, when used as an adjunct to brushing, flossing and regular professional care.



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Which Tooth Layer Do You Need Help With

The roots of your teeth rely on the gums to protect them. So, good gum hygiene is important to protect your roots.

citrus fruit by Jennifer Chait , via

A lack of Vitamin C can affect your gum health. Here are a few great sources of Vitamin C:

  • Citrus fruits
  • Cauliflower

This article lists 10 great ways to improve your intake of Vitamin C.

The dentin layer makes up the majority of each tooth and is the part of the tooth that is most responsible for the whiteness of your teeth.

So, if you looking for whiter teeth, you should pay closer attention to keeping this part of your teeth the healthiest.

The enamel is the hard layer that surrounds the tooth. If your enamel is weak, you might have tooth sensitivity.

People often think the enamel is what affects the whiteness of your teeth. But, your enamel can be translucent.

Especially when a lack of vitamins and minerals causes thinning of your enamel.

When this happens, the underlying dentin is what shows through to give your teeth the color they have.

How To Strengthen Your Teeth With Vitamins And Minerals

3 Reasons You Must Take Vitamin A For Teeth And Gums…

Having good oral health is not only beneficial for your teeth and mouth, but also good for your overall health as well. And just like you would take vitamins or minerals to promote a healthy immune system or boost your energy, they are also great for strengthening your teeth. Heres how to strengthen your teeth using vitamins and minerals.

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Important Vitamins And Minerals For Childrens Teeth And Gums

We all know that brushing and flossing are important for our childrens overall health, but the type of food and liquids we consume daily can have long term effects as well. Consuming a balanced diet of foods rich in vitamins and minerals will help ensure your little ones will have healthy teeth and gums to last a lifetime.

Here is a list of all the essential vitamins and minerals to include in your childrens diet to ensure their teeth and gums stay healthy and strong.

Calcium Calcium plays a vital role in the growth of bones. Our teeth and supporting jawbones are largely made up of calcium. When not enough of the mineral is consumed, our bodies take the calcium it needs from our bones, which can weaken them. The more calcium your kids consume, the stronger their teeth will become. It also maintains the function of organs, the brain, and skeletal muscles and strengthens the teeth. The main sources of calcium include milk, cheese, and yogurt. Other foods that provide calcium include fish with soft bones, broccoli, kale, most grains, fruit juices, and soy and rice beverages.

Vitamin D Vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium and strengthens the teeth and bone mineral density. Our bodies naturally make vitamin D when exposed to sunlight, but the vitamin can also be found in fatty fish, canned tuna and portobello mushrooms. You can also look for foods and drinks that have been fortified with vitamin D, such as milk, orange juice and some cereals.

Major Vitamins And Minerals For Your Healthy Teeth And Gum

Did you want healthy teeth and gums? Make sure your diet has these major key ingredients. These nutritional building blocks are essential for your oral health.

1. Calcium

Calcium is one of the most essential vitamins and minerals for stronger teeth and healthy body, this mineral helps us to build good bones and develops it while providing well structural support. In your mouth, calcium helps harden your enamel and strengthen your jawbone. You need lots of calcium for healthy teeth and gums. What to eat: Low-fat dairy products, fortified soy, and rice beverages, canned salmon or sardines , almonds, and dark green leafy vegetables are excellent sources of calcium. In addition to milk, good sources of calcium include cheese, yogurt, broccoli, and salmon.

2. Vitamin D

Vitamin D helps our body to absorb better calcium while boosting healthy bone mineral density, so its essential for you and your body to get an adequate amount of vitamin D too, to get the most out of your calcium intake. You need vitamin D to help absorb the calcium very well to maintain healthy teeth.

How to get Vitamin D into my Body

The recommended value of Vitamin D required for optimal maintenance of healthy teeth and gum is between 5000 6000 IU. If you live in a colder area you will need more vitamin D daily than someone living in a sunny climate.

3. Potassium

4. Phosphorus

5. Vitamin K2

Which Supplement is best for Vitamins K2

6. Vitamin C

7. Magnesium Vitamins

8. Vitamin A

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Top Tips For Oral Health

  • Brush Twice a Day: Brushing on a regular basis is hugely important for maintaining healthy teeth and gums. It is recommended that you brush for two minutes, twice a day. A quarter of UK adults do not brush twice a day. Brushing only once per day increases the risk of developing tooth decay by 33%. Manual toothbrushes should be replaced every three months.
  • Floss: Using dental floss can help to remove food that can’t be reached by brushing alone. Flossing before you brush can increase the effectiveness of brushing by removing trapped food from between the teeth.
  • Healthy Diet: Consuming a healthy diet can help to provide the necessary nutrients to strengthen teeth and gums. Fruits and vegetables are rich in essential vitamins, while moderate amounts of dairy can provide tooth-building calcium. Drink plenty of water, as this can help to keep the mouth properly hydrated and remove any excess food lodged between the teeth between meals.
  • Visit the Dentist: Many of us hate going, but a regular check up with the dentist can help to identify any underlying teeth problems and disorders and enable any necessary treatment to be arranged.


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