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Does Vitamin D Help Breast Growth

Progesterone: The Estrogen Balancer

Reduce breast cancer risk with Vitamin D

Progesterone is the sister hormone to estrogen, working in tandem with it to regulate and protect the health of the reproductive system throughout our fertile years. Among its many vital functions, progesterone governs the second half of the menstrual cycle and is essential to maintaining a pregnancy to term. It also plays a part in the regulation of blood sugar levels, has inherent calming properties, and protects breast, brain and bone health. When it comes to breast cancer prevention, progesterones most important role in the body is to balance estrogen.Like its teammate, estrogen, progesterone is primarily made in the ovaries but unlike estrogen it can only be produced at ovulation. The ruptured follicle that releases an egg upon ovulation then pumps out progesterone for the rest of the cycle. So if and when we dont ovulate, our bodies do not produce enough progesterone to keep estrogen levels in checkand that sets us up for estrogen dominance. In a nutshell: progesterone deficiency = estrogen dominance = heightened risk for breast cancer.

How To Increase Vitamin D

The most common way to increase your vitamin D intake is through sunlight. Short bursts of sun exposure, 15-30 minutes a few times a week, can easily give you the daily dose needed, and it’ll probably improve your mood. While spending some time out in the sun is easy enough, during long periods of sun exposure, it’s important to keep your skin protected Another way to increase vitamin D is through yourdiet. A diet rich in leafy greens, fatty fish like salmon or tuna, and drinks such as milk or orange juice all provide higher percentages of the daily recommended amount.

Daily vitamin D supplements are another option. You should meet with your doctor before starting a new supplement regime to talk over the pros and cons. Your doctor may want you to take a blood test to determine your vitamin D level and if supplements are right for you.

If you’d like more information about vitamin D and how it relates to your breast health, the professionals atCT Thermographycan help.Contact usto schedule an appointment.

How Is Vitamin D Being Studied Now In Clinical Cancer Research

Taken together, the available data are not comprehensive enough to establish whether taking vitamin D can prevent cancer . To fully understand the effects of vitamin D on cancer and other health outcomes, new randomized trials need to be conducted . However, the appropriate dose of vitamin D to use in such trials is still not clear . Other remaining questions include when to start taking vitamin D, and for how long, to potentially see a benefit.

To begin addressing these issues, researchers are conducting two phase I trials to determine what dose of vitamin D may be useful for chemoprevention of prostate, colorectal, and lung cancers . In addition, larger randomized trials have been initiated to examine the potential role of vitamin D in the prevention of cancer. The Vitamin D/Calcium Polyp Prevention Study, which has finished recruiting approximately 2,200 participants, is testing whether vitamin D supplements, given alone or with calcium, can prevent the development of colorectal adenomas in patients who previously had an adenoma removed. The studyâs estimated completion date is December 2017. The Vitamin D and Omega-3 Trial will examine whether vitamin D supplements can prevent the development of a variety of cancer types in healthy older men and women . The organizers of VITAL expect to recruit 20,000 participants and complete the trial by June 2016.

Selected References

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Vitamin E Nightly Massage Oil

Massaging your breasts with this vitamin E oil should be a requirement if you want to increase perkiness and lift rapidly.

So, you need to take five tablespoons of olive oil.

To which you are going to add two tablespoons of ground fenugreek seeds and one teaspoon of vitamin E oil.

The olive oil is going to act as a carrier oil.

In other words, its going to carry fenugreek seeds essential compounds and vitamin E oil deep into your breast tissue.

This will stimulate liquids and fats retention while also penetrating deep inside your skin.

Which is going to increase its elasticity and thus add more firmness to your breasts.

Does Being Sexually Active Increase Breast Size

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The body does undergo direct transformations as the nervous system getting all excited leads to activity in blood vessels which lead to breast swelling up. Breasts can actually become up to 25% bigger during sex and a while after that. The size and firmness can actually vary depending on the level of arousal.

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Clinical Implication Of The Study

The current evidence does not support the effect of vitamin D supplementation on decreased breast cancer risk. Although the observational studies found a significant protective effect of vitamin D on breast cancer, the Bayesian analysis implicated that such results from observational studies could be overestimated. However, some evidence has suggested the protective role of vitamin D in the progression and prognosis of breast cancer. For example, vitamin D was associated with increased effectiveness of anticancer drugs, reduced risks of metastasis and recurrence, and superior survival in patients . Besides, epigenetics modulations induced by vitamin D for breast cancer patients had been reported . Therefore, further interventional studies may be needed to clarify efficacy of vitamin D supplementation in both the prevention and treatment of breast cancer, using higher dosage of vitamin D, in participants of different MD and menopausal status, and especially in developing countries.

Vitamin E Oil For Breast Enlargement

I have been there, I had terrible estrogen levels throughout my whole life because I had poor genes.

I wasnt taking good care of my health, and I was eating poorly.

However, after looking after my diet and after taking good care of my physical health by practising breasts firming and shaping exercises and by focusing more on healing my body, I was able to level up my estrogen levels and unfortunately.

This didnt help me increase my breasts size and firmness!

This is definitely one of the perks of growing up with little estrogen in your body your female features do not develop properly.

And this is the reason why so many women are living with tiny breasts today, poor genes with a lack of natural breast enlargement and firming knowledge!

This is not only very damaging to the body!

It can also damage our self-esteem and self-image tremendously.

Evident as it may be, us women want to have beautiful and firm breasts, its a matter of liking and feeling good about ourselves.

So, after using fenugreek for just one month, I was able to see significant results in terms of breast growth.

More importantly, breasts firmness.

This made me try it with different other ingredients and other herbs as well.

And Im excited to tell you that it has developed other sexy features of my body as well such as my hips and buttocks.

I have advised so many women to start using ground fenugreek seeds when it comes to increasing breast firmness, and it has never disappointed me.

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Characteristics Of Included Studies

Characteristics of included studies are shown in Table 1. Among the 10 included RCTs, seven reported risk of breast cancer as outcome , while the other three reported MD . All studies were conducted in North America or Europe, with four in high-latitude countries . A total of 34,150 participants were randomized. The mean age of the participants ranged from 43 to 77 years. Five studies included post-menopause participants , three included pre-menopause , and the other two did not specify menopausal status . The participants’ mean serum 25D level at baseline ranged from 18 to 36.2 ng/ml. All the 10 studies used oral vitamin D3 supplementation as intervention, three among which involved cointervention . The dosage of vitamin D varied from 800 to 3,300 IU/day roughly. The duration of follow-up ranged from 4 months to 6 years.

Table 1. Characteristics of included studies.

Regarding risk of bias assessment, three studies were graded as high risk of bias , because of incomplete outcomes due to unknown reasons or loss of follow-up .

B6 Vitamin To Increase Breast Size And For Blood Cells

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Any woman who has been pregnant knows that during the pregnancy doctors suggest B6 to prevent neurological damage to the newborn during its development. The action of the vitamin is to prevent an excess of a naturally occurring substance homocysteine in the body. This substance is known to cause a hardening of the arteries in the body, which we all know is a serious issue when it comes to heart disease.

But for the purposes of breast enlargement, keeping the arteries pumping open and circulating new blood cells to keep your body oxygenated can promote a larger breast size. From a general health perspective, men are now being encouraged to take vitamin B6 as a way to promote a healthy heart.

You may hear the best sources of B6 are leafy vegetables, such as spinach. But our research showed the foods with the three highest concentrations come from different sources. Sunflower seeds are at the top of the list. In second place are pistachio nuts. Finally, assorted types of fish are in third place with tuna having the highest concentration.

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Estrogens And Breast Health

The hormone that is fundamental to the female of the species is actually a family of three: estradiol, the most active form of estrogen estrone, the inactive storage form of estrogen and estriol, the weaker of the estrogens.

Estrogen has been labeled the angel of life, because it makes cells grow, developing the uterus, breasts, periods, pregnancy and the egg within the ovaryand the angel of death, because in excess it becomes toxic to the body. As they say, too much of a good thing can be dangerous, and too much of an estrogen that causes cells to multiply out of control is a recipe for breast cancer. Determining symptoms of estrogen dominance is a smart move since an imbalance of high estrogen to low progesterone that goes undetected for too long is not a risk worth taking.

How Do You Know Whether Youre Getting Enough

There arent any hard and fast symptoms that crop up if your body isnt getting enough vitamin D, Dr. Pederson says. But youre more likely to have a deficiency if you live in a colder climate that receives less sunlight during winter months.

Youre also more likely deficient if you have a high body mass index , or if you have darker skin , she says.

With so many variables at play, how can you know for sure about your vitamin D levels?

Dr. Pederson recommends the following:

  • Start taking a daily supplement of 1,000-2,000 units of vitamin D.
  • Wait six months.
  • Ask your doctor to draw your blood to check your levels.
  • Maintain a vitamin D level in the normal range.
  • While taking a vitamin D supplement is safe for most everyone, you should check with your doctor first if you have a history of kidney stones, she says.

    Although many studies have addressed the relationship between vitamin D and breast cancer risk, there isnt agreement on just how much of the vitamin you need to reduce your risk. But Dr. Pederson recommends maintaining a normal vitamin D level because it is also shown to support bone density.

    Until policies and recommendations are made based on data, its reasonable to maintain your vitamin D level in a normal range, which may reduce your risk of getting breast cancer, and improve survival if you do get it, she says.

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    Vitamin D Can Help Prevent Type 1 And Type 2 Diabetes

    While studies are not conclusive, vitamin D may be helpful for preventing both type 1 and type 2 diabetes, says Newgent. One such study, published in 2006 in the journal Diabetes Care, found that while vitamin D on its own did not effectively lower the risk of an overabundance of sugar in the blood, a combined daily intake of > 1,200 mg calcium and > 800 IU vitamin D could effectively lower the risk of type 2 diabetes.

    Vitamin D Can Help Treat Hypertension

    Pin on Breast growth tips

    According to a 2019 review published in the journal Current Protein & Peptide Science suggests that vitamin D may play a role in treatment of high blood pressureone of the markers of cardiovascular diseasesays Newgent. According to authors of the review, even short-term vitamin D deficiency may directly raise BP and promote target organ damage. The researchers went on to add that, “due to the high correlation between vitamin D and hypertension, vitamin D supplementation therapy may be a new insight in the treatment of hypertension.”

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    Vitamin D: Are We Ready To Supplement For Breast Cancer Prevention And Treatment

    Katherine D. Crew

    1Department of Medicine, Division of Hematology/Oncology, College of Physicians and Surgeons, Columbia University, New York, NY 10032, USA

    2Department of Epidemiology, Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University, New York, NY 10032, USA

    3Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center, Columbia University, New York, NY 10032, USA

    Academic Editor:


    1. Introduction

    The earliest observations linking vitamin D with cancer came from ecological studies . Since ultraviolet B light is essential for cutaneous production of vitamin D, sunlight exposure may be a surrogate for vitamin D levels. One study suggested a potential link between increasing rates of certain cancers and geographic latitude, allowing researchers to postulate that decreased sunlight exposure, leading to less endogenous production of vitamin D, may in fact increase rates of malignancy . Other ecological studies have associated increased sunlight exposure with low breast cancer incidence and mortality . These studies laid the foundation for examining the hypothesis that vitamin D deficiency increases cancer risk and mortality, including breast cancer.

    2. Vitamin D Metabolism

    Vitamin D metabolism.

    3. Preclinical Studies of Vitamin D

    Together these preclinical studies point to specific mechanisms of action of vitamin D in cancer prevention and treatment.

    4. Vitamin D Status and Breast Cancer Risk

    5. Vitamin D and Mammographic Density

    7. Vitamin D and Breast Cancer Survival

    How Does Biotin Help With Beard Growth

    Biotin plays a good role in stimulating hair growth with the main function being the increased production of keratin, which is a structural protein of hair. Keratin is responsible for healthy skin, nails and hair. It is a protective protein less prone to scratching or tearing than other types of cells your body produces . This ensures hair follicles are protected and grow faster and stronger. Keratin works by smoothing down the cells that overlap to form your hair strands. The layers of cells, called the hair cuticle, theoretically absorb the keratin, resulting in hair that looks full and glossy. Keratin also claims to make curly hair less frizzy, easier to style, and straighter in appearance

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    What Happens If You Dont Take These Vitamins

    Lacking any of these vitamin in your daily diet will actually hinder the progress of your breast enlargement. Especially, the main vitamins including vitamin A, C, E and B6 is imperative for breast enlargement. They wont do much alone, but when consumed in combined, they will be a very powerful weapon in your arsenal for getting larger breasts.

    Vitamin A helps to rejuvenate the skin cells.

    Vitamin C produces collagen.

    Vitamin E ensures the fat are stored in the proper parts of the body.

    Vitamin B6 helps to stimulate the growth of estrogen which is directly responsible for breast enlargement in women.

    Thus, these vitamins combined can make your breasts larger and firmer!

    Among Breast Enhancement Vitamins Is Vitamin C For Collagen

    How To Increase Your Vitamin D Absorption? Dr.Berg On Benefits of Vitamin D

    We discussed the advantages of collagen and its biological importance when discussing vitamin A. With vitamin C the news only gets better. Vitamin C offers many of the same advantages as vitamin A, but has benefits that go directly to affecting your quest for breast enlargement.

    Balancing your hormone levels is always a good thing, and vitamin C helps in doing that. But specific to breast enhancement, vitamin C works to keep your breast tissue hydrated, making them appear fuller naturally. The added collagen it helps to produce reinforces connective breast tissue, keeping the inches you add in place. Finally, adding to the health benefits of vitamin C are its ability to reduce the risk of breast cancer.

    The popular and well-known sources of vitamin C are in fruits, especially citrus fruits. But we have to stop you there, as our research shows that citrus fruits rank number 7 in the actual concentration of vitamin C, only a third of our number one food. That food is the Yellow Bell Pepper. In second place is the guava. While high concentrations of vitamin C are naturally present, this choice can be on the pricey side for many women. As a slightly less concentrated alternative, but well within most womens budgets is kale, the dark, leafy vegetable recommended as a rich source of many vitamins.

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    What Vitamins Help Breast Growth

    What follows is a list of the most common breast vitamins that are essential for not only breast enlargement, but also keep your body and skin healthy. We are going to go into some technical reasons as to how each of the vitamins is beneficial to increasing your bust and cup size. Nothing that will require an degree in Biology, but enough so you understand how each vitamins works in your body to produce the desired result.


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