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Is Vitamin C Supplement Good For You

Improve Mood And Libido

You Need To Know – How to choose Vitamin C supplement

If you suffer from depression or other mood disorders, you may find that vitamin C helps to restore some emotional balance.

In one study , hospitalized patients took either vitamin C or vitamin D, and researchers measured the effect upon their mood.

No significant improvements in mood were recorded among those who tried the vitamin D therapy.

With the vitamin C therapy however, a 34% reduction in mood disturbance was reported.

Another study found that taking vitamin C led to improvements in mood and libido in participants, resulting in more sexual activity.

KEY POINT: Supplementing with vitamin C may help to reduce mood disturbances while also stimulating libido.

Ranking The Best Vitamin C Supplements Of 2021

Vitamin C plays an important role in keeping your immune system healthy, but it does far more than that. This essential vitamin also acts as a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, leading to a number of other impactful applications beyond keeping your immune system healthy.

Here are the best vitamin C supplements on the market, ranked. Afterwards, well break down what vitamin C does and how a supplement can benefit your body.


DACHA makes a tremendous vitamin C supplement that uses a unique approach to boosting bioavailability and absorption.

With over 1000 mg of vitamin C per serving, the dosage is fantastic, too, making it our number one pick of the year.

Integrative Therapeutics Buffered Vitamin C

Price: $$

Integrative Therapeutics is a supplement company that has held a strong reputation for quality for over 3 decades.

Each capsule provides a dose of 1,000 mg of vitamin C with added minerals that may improve digestive tolerance. This feature makes it a great option for anyone with a sensitive stomach or history of difficulty tolerating nutritional supplements .

Integrative Therapeutics holds itself to some of the highest ingredient sourcing and manufacturing standards in the industry, so you never have to wonder whether youre getting a good product.

Their manufacturing facilities are certified by NSF International, a third-party regulatory agency.

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Recommendation Intake For Adults And Kids

Here are the recommendation intake of Vitamin C


According to the research, the recommended vitamin C daily intake for adults over age 19 is:

  • men around 90 mg per day
  • women, 75 mg per day
  • pregnant women, 85 mg per day
  • breastfeeding women, 120 mg per day.


  • infants 0-6 months old, 40 mg per day
  • infants 7-12 months old, 50 mg per day.
  • toddlers 1-3 years old, 15 mg per day
  • children 4-8 years old, 25 mg per day
  • children 9-13 years old, 45 mg per day
  • male teens 14-18 years old, 75 mg per day
  • female teens 14-18 years old, 65 mg per day

Now Foods Chewable C 500

NOW Supplements, Vitamin C

Price: $

If youre not a fan of swallowing pills, NOW Foods chewable vitamin C tablets may be the product for you.

NOW Foods is a reputable brand that produces a variety of affordable, high quality nutritional supplements.

Each orange-flavored tablet provides a 500-mg dose of vitamin C and contains just 1 gram of added sugar. Theyre also 100% vegan and free of major allergens.

NOW Foods prides themselves on their meticulous testing protocols. Each supplement is tested in-house for purity and potency, and all of their manufacturing facilities are certified by the Food and Drug Administration .

Gummy vitamins are one of the hottest trends in nutrition supplements and understandably so. Whether youre a kid or a kid at heart taking your vitamin C has never been easier or more delicious.

However, although gummy vitamins are convenient and taste great, they should not be confused with candy.

Its important that you dont exceed the recommended dose, as too much vitamin C could lead to unintended side effects. Like other supplements, be sure to store them away from little ones to avoid a potential overdose.

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Buying Guide For Best Vitamin C Supplements

As society has grown increasingly health conscious, people have turned to supplements to make up for the nutrients their diet may lack. Whether or not its cough and cold season, vitamin C supplements are a great way to boost your immune system, improve skin cell health, and keep your memory in shape. You can take supplements when you feel a cold coming on or as a regular part of your diet. Vitamin C is naturally found in citrus fruits, but it can also be found in guavas, bell peppers, kiwifruit, strawberries, and broccoli.

Consuming Too Much Vitamin C

Everything might cause a risk if being consumed excessively, the same goes to vitamin C. While being consumed under recommendation intake, vitamin C is generally regarded as safe. Side effects are rarely reported, however minor effect might happen to certain people such as, diarrhea, nausea, abdominal cramps, and other symptoms.

Different case for healthy individuals for the body can only hold and use about 200-250 mg of vitamin C a day, and the rest go through urine. At times of illness, during recovery from injury, or under stress, the body can hold greater amounts. Be cautions that high doses of vitamin C may contribute to Kidney malfunction, as well as diarrhea, nausea, and gastritis.

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Doctors Best Vitamin C

Doctors Best Vitamin C is a pretty standard vitamin C supplement. Sometimes, however, standard is just what you need. As the saying goes, Simple aint easy.

Each capsule provides 1000 mg of vitamin C, in a proprietary form known as Quali-C. Theres nothing fancy about this form its really just ascorbic acid, but the company that supplies it guarantees its purity.

This is reflected in independent lab testing of Doctors Best Vitamin C. In analytical assays, its actual vitamin C content comes in at 1070 mg, just seven percent over the label listed amount. This means there is good quality control in the manufacturing process and youre getting exactly what you pay for.

What Dosage Of Vitamin C Is Too Much Anyway

Vitamin C – What is it & What is it Good For?

According to the National Institutes of Health, vitamin C has low toxicity and its rather unusual to cause serious adverse effects. Even at high intakes. The maximum dosage of vitamin C for adults is 2,000 mg daily.

Better consult your doctor before taking any supplements. Especially if youre taking other medication. Vitamin C supplements may interact with other drugs.

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What Does Recommended Daily Allowance Mean

The recommended daily allowance for vitamins and minerals is the average daily intake a person needs to avoid deficiencies and stay healthy. Men and women often have different vitamin and mineral recommendations.

There are different ways to measure the RDA. Vitamins and minerals that are needed in larger doses are measured in milligrams and those that the body needs less of are measured in micrograms. There are 1,000 micrograms in 1 milligram. Each vitamin and mineral has a specific RDA.

It Plays A Role In Enhanced Brain Function

Vitamin C also plays a role in neurotransmitter synthesis and cognitive function, Samuels says. Neurotransmitters are important for sending messages from the brain to the rest of the body, according to the University of Queensland, in Australia. And more vitamin C may be associated with increased brain function. A systematic review published in September 2017 in Nutrients found higher vitamin C concentrations in cognitively intact study participants compared with those with impaired cognition

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Health Solutions From Our Sponsors

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Brown Spots And Pigmentation Are No Challenge

Doctors Finest Vitamin C Gummies for Kids â Vegan, GMO ...

Vitamin C contains a property that inhibits your skins melanin production, which is what causes skin discoloration, such as dark spots and hyperpigmentation.

When applied consistently and continuously, Vitamin C has been known to: a) help prevent marks from forming and b) combatting existing brown spots.16

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Now Supplements Orange Chewable Vitamin C

People who do not like swallowing tablets may prefer a chewable vitamin. This product delivers 500 mg of vitamin C per chewable tablet. A person can take one or two per day.

The product is free from common allergens and suitable for vegans. It does contain some sugar and natural sweeteners, though this only totals 1 gram per dose. The tablets have a natural orange flavor.

According to the website, NOW exceeds GMP standards and tests all raw ingredients for safety and purity.

  • half a cup of raw sweet red pepper, which contains 95 mg of vitamin C
  • three-quarters of a cup of orange juice, which contains 93 mg of vitamin C
  • half a cup of broccoli and half a cup of strawberries, which totals 97 mg of vitamin C
  • one medium orange and half a cup of cooked cabbage, which totals 98 mg of vitamin C

Some companies also fortify their breakfast cereals with added vitamin C.

High heat, water-based cooking methods, as well as prolonged storage, can destroy some foods vitamin C content.

For this reason, the NIH suggests lightly steaming or microwaving vegetables to retain more of their nutrients.

Vitamin C deficiency can be fatal without treatment. A person should contact a doctor if they have symptoms that may indicate a vitamin C deficiency.

These symptoms include:

Oxygen Is The Breath Of Life But It Also Holds The Potential To Make Us Old Decrepit And Then Dead

In order to regain stability, free radicals wreak havoc on the structures around them, ripping electrons from vital molecules such as DNA and proteins in order to balance its own charge. Although inconceivably small in scale, the production of free radicals, Harman and many others posited, would gradually take its toll on our entire bodies, causing mutations that can lead to ageing and age-related diseases such as cancer.

In short, oxygen is the breath of life, but it also holds the potential to make us old, decrepit, and then dead.

Clinical trials are the only ways to reveal the effects of a drug – and investigations into antioxidants have produced some shocking results

Shortly after free radicals were linked to ageing and disease, they were seen as enemies that should be purged from our bodies. In 1972, for example, Harman wrote, Decreasing in an organism might be expected to result in a decreased rate of biological degradation with an accompanying increase in the years of useful, healthy life. It is hoped that will lead to fruitful experiments directed toward increasing the healthy human lifespan.

He was talking about antioxidants, molecules that accept electrons from free radicals thereby diffusing the threat. And the experiments he hoped for were sown, nurtured, and replicated over the next few decades. But they bore little fruit.

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Most Older Adults Take Some Kind Of Over

Over-the-counter dietary supplements are big business more than 90,000 products generate about $30 billion every year in the United States. Older adults make up a big part of these sales, too. A survey of almost 3,500 adults ages 60 and older published Oct. 1, 2017, in The Journal of Nutrition found that 70% use a daily supplement , 54% take one or two supplements, and 29% take four or more.

But are these pills good medicine, or a waste of money?

“Supplements are never a substitute for a balanced, healthful diet,” says Dr. JoAnn Manson, a professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School and professor of epidemiology at Harvard’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health. “And they can be a distraction from healthy lifestyle practices that confer much greater benefits.”

Helps Create Vitamin E

How is Vitamin C Good for Skin?

When our bodies perform certain tasks, e.g. fat oxidisation, by-products get left behind.

Some of these by-products can be upcycled with the help of vitamin C to make a reduced form of vitamin E. Clever eh!

Its hard for the body to scavenge them if too many accumulate, creating oxidative stress, so vitamin C is important to reduce the chance of this happening.9

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How To Take It

The best way to take vitamin C supplements is 2 – 3 times per day, with meals, depending on the dosage. Some studies suggest that adults should take 250 – 500 mg twice a day for any benefit. Talk to your doctor before taking more than 1,000 mg of vitamin C on a daily basis and before giving vitamin C to a child.

Daily intake of dietary vitamin C is listed below.


  • Men over 18 years: 90 mg
  • Women over 18 years: 75 mg
  • Pregnant women 14 – 18 years: 80 mg
  • Pregnant women over 18 years: 85 mg
  • Breastfeeding women 14 – 18 years: 115 mg
  • Breastfeeding women over 18 years: 120 mg

Because smoking depletes vitamin C, people who smoke may need an additional 35 mg per day.

The dose recommended to prevent or treat many of the conditions mentioned in the Uses section is often 500 – 1,000 mg per day.

Best Liposomal Vitamin C: Pure Encapsulations Liposomal Vitamin C Liquid

If you’ve done any research on unique delivery forms, you’ve likely already heard of liposomal vitamin C. This liquid format is the best design to achieve true vitamin-containing liposomes, thanks to the sheering force of shaking the liquid. This helps the active mix with the sunflower-derived phospholipids . The addition of fat helps aid vitamin C’s absorption. We love that this formula is GMO-free and vegan, but do note: It requires refrigeration and some amount of endurance .*

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Is It Ok To Take Vitamin C Every Day

While most other animals can make vitamin C, humans need a bit of help. Because we can’t synthesize vitamin C , we have to consume it daily.

Ferira, a nutrition scientist and registered dietitian, puts things in further perspective, sharing that, “almost half of American adults have a vitamin C deficit from their diet. As a nation, we are failing to meet these baseline levels, or basic needs, much less benefit from effective doses.” She goes on to explain, “We cannot assume vitamin C will just happen for us Monday through Sunday. It has to be an intentional nutrition approach with planning and strategy involved.”

Vitamin C Supplements Can Help Reduce The Length And Severity Of Illness

Vitamin C Immunity Supplements â The Good Vitamin Co

Its unlikely that vitamin C can protect you from coming down with a cold, but supplementing with it may help reduce the length and severity of your sickness, according to a review published in The Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews. Of the studies the researchers looked at, all of which involved supplementing with more than 0.2 grams of vitamin C per day, some found that vitamin C reduces the duration of colds. Even though the results were somewhat varied, with some showing no benefit, the researchers concluded that supplementing with vitamin C may still be worthwhile since its safe and inexpensive.

Vitamin C supplements may help you recover from more serious illnesses, as well. According to a meta-analysis published in April 2019 in Nutrients, vitamin C supplements reduced the length of intensive care unit stays by about 8 percent and shortened the duration of mechanical ventilation for patients by 18.2 percent. For the studies, vitamin C doses of 1 to 3 g were used.

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Health Benefits Of Vitamin C: Why Its Good For You

How many times did your parents tell you, “Drink your orange juice you need to get more vitamin C?.”

Chances are good you then went to school and heard more about the benefits of vitamin C in health class.

You also may have some hazy recollection from history class that a lot of sailors and explorers used to suffer from scurvy owing to a lack of vitamin C.

You may remember the tale of Jacque Cartier saving his men by boiling needles from a tree to make a tea rich in vitamin C back in 1536.

Thankfully, scurvy is a rare issue in First World countries nowadays. Not a lot of people have a vitamin C deficiency.

So what does vitamin C do for you on a daily basis?

In this article, I will share with you the scientifically backed benefits of this essential nutrient, as well as a few possible benefits which researchers still are not sure about.

But first, lets talk a little bit more about vitamin C itself.

Best Vitamin C Fruit Blend: Garden Of Life Living Vitamin C Antioxidant Blend

Another organic, fruit-focused, lower-dose vitamin C supplement, this Living Vitamin C Antioxidant Blend delivers a packed lineup of whole-food-derived ingredients. Acerola cherry leads the pack, providing the 250-milligram dose of vitamin C but also teams up with Camu camu plus two blendswhole citrus and antioxidant berrythat span a diverse array of organic botanicals in each two-caplet serving.*

Living Vitamin C Antioxidant Blend, Garden of Life

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