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Are Vitamin C Packets Good For You

Important Things To Look For In An Electrolyte Powder

Emergen-C 1,000 mg Review – Does it Work?


Choose powders that are made with natural components. Avoid those that include artificial flavors and colors since they might be harmful to your health. Look at the nutritional list to see what proportion each nutrient makes up in the overall composition of the packet.

It is indeed logical to evaluate several products to ensure you are getting the best mix of ingredients for your body. To keep you energized, the energy drink or electrolyte powder you choose must contain a few key ingredients like taurine, glutamine, and b-complex. Taurine is a compound that aids in the regulation of mineral salts and water in the blood. Glutamine protects your muscular tissues while supporting your immune system and protein production. B-complex vitamins are beneficial for optimal absorption of water and salt.

Total Number Of Packets

Some electrolyte powders come in a single tub that lasts a month or less, while others come in ten, twenty, or thirty packets per box. It makes sense to pick a powder that comes in separate sachets if you want an easy-to-use powder that you can take and consume on the go. With sachets, all you have to do is cut one open, drop the powder into a glass of water, mix it, and drink it to instantly relieve dehydration symptoms.

Contains No Sugar

Best Personalized Vitamin Subscriptions


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Personalized vitamin packs when paired with a quiz, or bloodwork, take the guesswork of your supplement routine.

Have you ever walked around the vitamins section of a store and thought you could use more than three or four types? You may have hesitated to get them all because of your budget and the thought of having to repurchase them.

This is where vitamin packs may come in handy, especially the packs that give you exactly what vitamins you may need and nothing in excess.

Weve tried all the brands, done all the quizzes, tests and punched holes in ourselves for blood work.

Here is what YOU need to know, and what is best for you.

Vitamin C For Peace Of Mind

Having the Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C on hand is also peace of mind knowing that in case of emergency, I have it on hand for one of the animals. My Solaray Vitamin C caplets are nearly out and Ive been researching affordable brands to start on my two seniors who are both around ten years old. I like this powder form, since Abby, my lab, isnt a fan of pills, but has no problem eating the powder inside them sprinkled over her food.

If you are interested in purchasing Dr. Goldsteins book, which overwhelmingly had more information than all of my other pet reference books combined on this subject, here is the link: The Nature of Animal Healing: The Path to Your Pets Health, Happiness, and Longevity. I also did a review of all of the holistic vet books I own recently, all of which at least touched on this vitamin C topic, here, if you are wanting to start or add to your own holistic pet care book collection.

If you have any experience with vitamin C, Id love to hear it in the comments below.

To see all the items Ive bought and/or researched for my cats and dogs and highly recommend, you can visit my Amazon store here, . Ive included notes next to the items. Any purchase you make through my links provides me a small percentage of the sale that goes toward keeping my blog online so I can continue to share what Ive learned to help others.

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Can You Take Too Much Vitamin C

The tolerable upper intake for adults is 2 grams of Vitamin C consuming more than that can result in diarrhea and other unpleasant GI disturbances, says Greaves. She admits that severe side effects from too much ascorbic acid are very rare, but you may experience some discomfort if you take too much. Its pretty much impossible to have a vitamin C overdose, but lets not test that out.

The real problem with taking more vitamin C than you need is that it all goes to waste. Up to 100 mg a day of vitamin C will get almost completely absorbed, says Francesco-Maria Serino, MD, PhD. Above 100 mg a day and the fraction of vitamin C absorbed is progressively smaller. If you take more than 1 gram of vitamin C per day, less than 50% is actually absorbed and its eliminated by the kidneys.

That literally means that a 500 mg vitamin C supplement mostly gets peed down the drain.

Medical Professionals See Emergen


Many may look to Emergen-C to get an energy boost or use it as a preventative measure to reduce the length of a future cold. Others may use it to replenish their bodies with vitamins and nutrients after drinking the night away. Regardless, it’s important not to rely on the fizzy drink mix for all of your health needs. Specifically, doctors warn that Emergen-C shouldn’t be considered an alternative to getting your flu shot.

Amesh Adalja, infectious disease physician and a senior scholar at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, told Women’s Health that Emergen-C has not been proven to work as a flu preventative, despite the supplement’s “immune boosting” claims. “Emergen-C is a vitamin C supplement, and there’s no evidence that it benefits people with the cold or influenza or affects your propensity to get the cold or the flu,” he explained.

The doctor continued, telling Women’s Health he worries that the marketed benefits of taking Emergen-C will deter the general public away from the one thing that has actually been proven to help prevent influenza during flu season: the flu vaccine.

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Maintains The Integrity Of Connective Tissue

Clinical trials have proven that vitamin C is helpful managing Ehlers-Danlos syndrome a condition where you experience joint hypermobility due to gene defects in collagen biosynthesis. As previously mentioned, vitamin C promotes the synthesis of collagen, working to maintain the integrity of connective tissue.

Best Vitamin Pack: Persona Vitamins

Persona Nutrition provides each of its customers with their own personalized, monthly subscription vitamin pack to best meet their specific health needs.

In order to best customize individual vitamin packs, customers should initially complete a quick assessment on Personas website to receive personalized, science-backed supplement recommendations.

Specific questions on this assessment gather information on specific types of diets, allergies and food sensitives, health conditions, medication use, and more.

Alternatively, customers may also use the option to filter vitamins by certain health needs on the products page.

All vitamins and supplements offered by Persona adhere to FDA certified Good Manufacturing Practices and several of the ingredients included within its vitamin packs are trademarked, providing customers with greater transparency and trust.


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Tl dr Personalized Vitamin Packs


Vitamin packs provide a targeted approach to health that enables people to fill-in their nutrient gaps and support all areas of their health. Vitamin packs generally contain higher quality nutrients and also include different types of supplements to help with specific health concerns.Most people do not consume all essential vitamins and minerals within their diet alone. Although adults and teens can use multivitamins to help correct this issue, standard multivitamins tend to contain cheaper and less absorbable forms of vitamins and minerals. Even worse, some multivitamins contain excessive amounts of nutrients which can worsen certain health conditions.

In this article well review what exactly vitamin packs are and go into further detail about how vitamin packs work, the ingredients they contain, what to look for in vitamin packs, and their overall health benefits.

Additionally, well discuss why we selected Persona, Care/of, and Rootine as the 3 best brands for personalized vitamin packs and highlight each brands key features and the products they offer.

Who Offers A Vitamin Quiz

Emergen C Vitamin C – Review

Although there are numerous companies that use a vitamin quiz as a part of their purchasing process, the best brands that offer a vitamin quiz include Persona, Care/of, and Rootine. All 3 of these brands are subscription-based multivitamin services that provide customers with a more personalized approach to health.

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Should I Take A Vitamin C Supplement

If you are eating a balanced diet, most likely you do not need to take a vitamin C supplement, says McGowan. Vitamin C is water-soluble meaning the body utilizes it but doesnt store it. For most healthy individuals, the body can only hold and use about 200 to 250 mg of vitamin C a day, and any excess is lost through urine, explains McGowan.

Despite this, you can overconsume vitamin C. This is most likely to occur with supplement use, so make sure your daily intake falls below the tolerable upper limit , or the maximum daily intake thats unlikely to result in negative health effects. That amount for a 1- to 3-year-old child is 400 mg, while its 650 mg for a 4- to 8-year-old child, 1,200 for a 9- to 12-year-old child, and 1,800 mg for a 14- to 18-year-old teenager. The UL for an adult is 2,000 mg. Keep in mind that if you take a multivitamin, youre getting vitamin C there, too dont forget to add that amount to your total supplemental intake.

How Does Vitamin C Degrade

Vitamin C is also known as ascorbic acid or ascorbate. It can undergo a type of chemical reaction known as oxidation, which changes its chemical form. The oxidized product of vitamin C is known as dehydroascorbic acid, or DHAA. Although this compound can be converted back into vitamin C, that chemical reaction does not occur naturally.

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Thoughts On The Secret Powers Of Vitamin C

  • Kathryn Ladick

    My dog Rocky was diagnosed with fibrosarcoma back in May 2016 and given 3 months to live.He is alive and well

    I gave him powdered vit C and Alpha Lipoic acid.He also eats a Ketogenic diet.

  • CCAuthorReply

    Kathryn, thats amazing! I love hearing stories like yours. Congratulations on going outside the conventional medicine box and saving Rocky. I hope you guys have many more happy, healthy years together!

  • Svetlana

    Kathryn, what was a dosage of lipoic acid for your dog?Thanks.

  • Reply

    I, too, am a fan of this product. We first used it when my brother was diagnosed with cancer. It gave him much needed energy and prolonged his life.

    I am a foster/rescue person as well. I presently foster seven cats and two dogs. One of my dogs has been diagnosed with heart disease as well as an enlarged liver and spleen. He almost died about a week ago and has been at the vet hospital since, stabilizing his condition. They offer little hope except to make him comfortable.

    I remembered using this product for my brother and had wondered if it could be given to animals as well. Because Vitamin C helps oxygenate the blood, I thought it, along with B12 would be helpful for my little friend. Thanks to your article, I feel comfortable in giving him this supplement, and because of what you wrote, I also now have a guideline to follow.

    This was very helpful. Prayers and good energy for your continued work with our four legged friends.

  • tk
  • Jean
  • Jackie Page
  • CC
  • Doesnt Include Genetic Testing

    The Dangerous Truth About Emergen

    Something important to keep in mind about Care/ofs vitamin quiz is that it does not provide customers the option to include genetic testing at any point. Thus, all final product recommendations are based solely upon how you answer the quiz and its important to answer as many questions as possible so that you receive the products that best fit your health goals and needs.

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    It Is A Powerful Antioxidant

    Besides being a powerful antioxidant in itself, vitamin C also helps boost the function of other antioxidants like glutathione and vitamin E. Antioxidants relieve cellular stress caused by reactive molecules of nitrogen and oxygen, which can damage cells.

    Free radicals, as theyre also called, play a large part in accelerating the aging process, so it is this action of vitamin C as an antioxidant that helps prevent the signs of aging.

    Which Vitamin C Packet Is Best

    If youre thinking of a supplement to boost your immune system, any product containing vitamin C should be top of mind. But knowing that vitamin C can support your immune system is just one piece of the puzzle.

    To choose a vitamin C supplement thats right for you, look out for great-tasting products that contain extra vitamins and minerals, such as Emergen-C Vitamin C Powder.

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    The Answer Is Complicated We Asked An Oregon State Researcher About The Effectiveness Of Everyone’s Favorite Cold Cure

    Image: Courtesy Dragon Images/Shutterstock

    In times of crisis, people look for anything that can help them. And locally, at least, that has meant stocking up on vitamins and supplements. The typically packed bottom shelf of Emergen-C at QFC and Fred Meyer now look sad and picked over. A single pack of Cold-Eeze lozenges is going for nearly $30 on Amazon. But in a world where very little is known about how to treat COVID-19other than the advice to treat it as you would any other cold or flucan you blame people for trying to regain some control over their bodies?

    We talked to Alexander Michels, a research associate at Oregon State’s Linus Pauling Institute, who has spent 20 years studying how vitamin C affects the body.

    Vitamin C. Coronavirus. What’s the deal?

    I’ve seen a lot of things online saying vitamin C will destroy coronavirus. Theres this pseudoscience that Ive been encountering lately. Theres absolutely no evidence for that in the scientific literature.

    Does vitamin C help our bodies at all?

    Absolutely. It helps. Let me start by saying, vitamin C is an important part of the immune system. It’s not alone in helping the immune system function properly. There’s lots of things that help but vitamin C is one of those things.

    How do you recommend doing that? Do you get enough vitamin c in a normal diet?

    But if youre going beyond that, thats supplemental range. If someone tells you need 1000 mg of vitamin c per day, theres no way you can do that through diet alone.

    Some People Use Emergen

    Emergen-C to fade hair color | Experiment

    Anyone who’s ever spent a night on the town drinking with their friends knows the value of a tried-and-true hangover cure. While taking a couple Tylenol and drinking a glass of water before going to bed after an alcohol-fueled night out may work for some, other people need a little something extra to fight the next day’s hangover headache and general tiredness.

    Speaking with Insider, Los Angeles-based bartender Kellie Norris said her go-to hangover fix is a fizzy cure-all. “One packet of Emergen-C and one packet of Alka Seltzer dissolved in a glass of club soda works as a next-day cure,” Norris revealed.

    And it seems Norris is not alone in using Emergen-C as a hangover remedy. Cosmopolitan dubbed the dietary supplement a “hangover hack every twentysomething should know,” recommending readers to combine the orange powder with a vitamin B complex pill. “The vitamin B complex replenishes what alcohol depletes and the fizzy vitamin C helps with overall wellness,” Cosmopolitan writer Laura Beck explained. Of course, these and really all other hangover hacks should be taken with a grain of salt.

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    Does Taking Vitamin C Help To Prevent Colds

    Studies have shown that taking vitamin C does not help to prevent colds.

    In a systematicreview, taking a daily dose of vitamin C was not shown to decrease the likelihood of getting sick with an upper respiratory infection . Commonly used over-the-counter vitamin C products like Emergen-C and Airborne have 1 gram of vitamin C per packet or tablet. It doesnt appear they prevent you from getting sick.

    Considerations For Taking Vitamin C

    Not all vitamin C supplements have printed expiration dates, and you can still take old vitamin C tablets. However, if they have changed color or begun to dissolve, they won’t be as effective. Do not take higher doses of the supplement to counteract this loss of potency, however, because you may accidentally take too much vitamin C. This can cause diarrhea and other health problems.

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    Vitamin C For Numerous Cat And Dog Ailments

    Dr. Goldstein also discusses how vitamin C can help deter hip dysplasia and other joint inflammation by enabling the immune system to properly mobilize calcium, which helps keep bones and joints from deteriorating. He also shares his protocol for cats diagnosed with leukemia and other cancers, as well as feline lower urinary tract disease , based on Dr. Wendell O. Belfields work. Dr. Belfield is a well-respected holistic vet known for treating pets with virtually every form of serious illness using massive doses of vitamin C intravenously.

    In addition to helping deter hip dysplasia and joint inflammation, and fighting cancer in cats, vitamin C is also recommended and has been used for, protection against heart disease and respiratory issues. As the body is subjected to more and more stress, the more it needs help with vitamin C supplementation to restore the balance.

    Stress can be emotional or physical, like relocation or getting vaccinated. Due to the stress, the vitamin C a dog normally produces on its own decreases. In younger dogs, common stressors include surgery, rapid growth, and vaccinations. With older dogs, it is more a need for antioxidants.


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