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Should I Take Prenatal Vitamins Before Getting Pregnant

When To Take Prenatal Vitamins

How Long Should I Take Prenatal Vitamins Before Getting Pregnant?

Its best to take the prenatal at the same time every day so you dont forget about it. You can adjust the timing when to take prenatal vitamins to address some of their side effects. For instance, if you have nausea, you can take the vitamin with food.

You can also take them before lunch A prenate pill that consists of iron, calcium, and folic acid is absorbed better if you take it on an empty stomach, as iron cant properly absorb if you have just eaten dairy food.

How Good Is Vitamin Water Zero For You

VitaminWater Zero doesnt have enough sodium or potassium to be used as an electrolyte-replenishing sports drink, and it doesnt provide enough vitamins or minerals to replace your daily multivitamin. But if you want something more exciting than water to get your fluid intake, this product is an acceptable substitute.

Why Take Prenatal Vitamins Before You Are Pregnant

What is the main reason to start taking prenatal vitamins before getting pregnant? Its for the folate. Folate supports early neural tube development from the time of conception and in the first 3-4 weeks after conception. This important time is when babys brain and spine start to form. Since folate takes some time to build up in the body and since most women dont know theyre pregnant until around 2 weeks after conception , taking folate regularly before pregnancy can help avoid a gap. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control recommends that women who could get pregnant should be taking the equivalent of 400 mcg of folate daily.

Another reason to take prenatal vitamins before pregnancy is to start building the habit! Add prenatals into your regimen today, and when youre pregnant it will already be a solid part of your self-care.

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Ask Your Provider If You Have Questions

Whether youre pregnant or not, feel free to ask your womens health provider if you have any questions about prenatal vitamins or how to supplement your diet to get the nutrients you need. A healthy diet is the best place to start, and were here to help you navigate where more nutrients are needed!

To schedule an appointment with a VPFW provider, you can call us at or set an appointment online.

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How Do You Find A Good Prenatal Vitamin What Brands Are Best

One A Day Pre

Most importantly, you need to find a prenatal vitamin that you can take daily. If you have issues with nausea or taking pills, you may want to consider a smaller pill or a gummy. Of note, gummies do not contain iron, so you will need to make sure you are getting enough iron in your diet or take a separate iron supplement.

Some common brands that you can get at your local pharmacy/supermarket are Nature Made, Olly, Smartypants, and One-a-day. Most generic prenatal vitamins are equivalent and just as good as brand names.

There are some other prenatal vitamins on the market that you can only purchase online through subscriptions, such as: Modern Fertility, Ritual, and Perelel. These tend to be more expensive but tend to have less additives with artificial dyes and colorants. They also include folate in the biologically active form of methylfolate, which makes them easier for your body to absorb.

Look at what nutrients are included in your prenatal vitamin and compare them to the recommendations, and look at your diet to determine which prenatal vitamin may be best for you. You can always ask your provider to make sure the one you choose includes the right amounts of nutrients to meet your needs.

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Take A Folic Acid Supplement

It’s recommended that you should take a daily supplement of folic acid when you’re pregnant, or there’s a chance you might get pregnant.

You should take a 400 microgram supplement of folic acid every day before you get pregnant, and every day afterwards, up until you’re 12 weeks pregnant.

A microgram is 1,000 times smaller than a milligram . The word microgram is sometimes written with the Greek symbol followed by the letter g .

Folic acid reduces the risk of your baby having a neural tube defect, such as spina bifida.

A neural tube defect is when the foetus’s spinal cord does not form normally.

You might be advised to take a higher dose supplement of 5 milligram every day.

You may need to take a 5mg supplement of folic acid if:

  • you or the baby’s other biological parent have a neural tube defect
  • you previously had a pregnancy affected by a neural tube defect
  • you or the baby’s other biological parent have a family history of neural tube defects
  • you have diabetes
  • you take anti-epilepsy medicine

Talk to a GP if you think you need a 5mg dose of folic acid, as they can prescribe a higher dose.

You can get folic acid tablets at pharmacies, or talk to a GP about getting a prescription.

Do not worry if you get pregnant unexpectedly and were not taking a folic acid supplement at the time. Start taking them as soon as you find out, until you’re past the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.

Should You Take A Prenatal Vitamin While Trying To Conceive

  • Take Your Vitamins In the past, medical professionals recommended that women begin taking folic acid as soon as they were pregnant.
  • Before trying to conceive a child, medical professionals recommend beginning a prenatal vitamin regimen that includes 400 mcg of folic acid.
  • Growing infants who receive enough amounts of this essential vitamin are less likely to have spinal abnormalities.
  • Check to see if the prenatal supplement youre taking contains DHA.

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    Tips For Taking Prenatal Vitamins

    Suspicious that your prenatals are upsetting your stomach? There are ways you can minimize some of the more unpleasant effects.

    • Ask your doctor about switching to another brand. Sometimes, a prenatal is formulated in a way that just doesnt sit right with you.
    • Try a different method. Prenatals are often available as capsules, beverages, gummies, and even protein shakes and ingesting them differently can aid the digestive process. Try switching from one large capsule to three gummies per day or splitting up two doses 12 hours apart.
    • Drink lots of water before and after. If youre having constipation, make sure you keep your GI system flushed out. You can also add a fiber supplement if youre really feeling backed up .
    • Experiment with food. If your vitamins are making you nauseated, try taking them with or without food. For some people, taking vitamins on an empty stomach is irritating others find that they can only take them on an empty stomach.

    What Are The Consequences Of Not Taking Prenatal Vitamins

    Can You Take Prenatal Vitamins If NOT Pregnant?

    It is very important to maintain optimal nutrition during pregnancy. Your baby needs enough minerals, vitamins and many other nutrients for a normal development, and you also need these to support your pregnancy. A balanced diet can provide you with good nutrition however, it is far from enough, and you need to take prenatal vitamins. What will happen if you are not taking them?

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    Six Reasons To Take Prenatal Vitamins Before You Get Pregnant

    Pregnancy is a unique stage in a womans life, and her nutritional needs during this time are different than at any other time. Not only do pregnant women need enough vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients to support their own health, they also must take in enough nutrients to support their developing babies. However, the time to start taking prenatal vitamins is actually before you get pregnant, and regardless of pregnancy status, women can benefit from taking prenatal vitamins because of the following reasons:

  • You can get pregnant at any time. The most critical reason to take prenatal vitamins when youre not pregnant is because if you are in your childbearing years and are able to conceive, you can theoretically get pregnant at any time, even when taking birth control. After all, the only form of birth control that is 100 percent effective besides abstinence is a hysterectomy, which means there is always a chance of pregnancy. Most women do not find out they are pregnant until at least four weeks into the pregnancy, at which point the babys development would already have been impacted by any nutritional deficiencies.
  • What Should You Look For In A Prenatal Vitamin

    Certain vitamins are crucial for supporting specific areas of a babys development and preventing birth defects. Your body especially needs extra folic acid for preventing brain and spine birth defects and iron to help make blood and deliver oxygen to the fetus. Other vitamins are important to supplement as well.

    The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends the following vitamins in the specified recommended daily amounts via diet and/or supplementation leading up to, during and after pregnancy:

    • Folic acid : helps to build a normal brain and spine, as well as general growth of the baby and your placenta.
    • Iron : helps red blood cells deliver oxygen to your baby.
    • Calcium :: helps build strong bones and teeth.
    • Vitamin D : helps with development of bone, teeth, eyes, and skin.
    • Choline : helps with brain and spinal cord development.
    • Omega-3 fatty acids : supports brain development.
    • B vitamins : both help with making red blood cells.
    • Vitamin C : helps with developing healthy gums, teeth, and bones.
    • Iodine : helps with brain development.
    • Vitamin A : helps with skin, bone, and eye development.

    Youll want to look for a prenatal vitamin that contains enough of these vitamins in the ingredients to supplement what youre consuming in your regular diet so that you can reach the recommended daily amounts.

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    Do I Have To Take Prenatal Vitamins Everyday

    Take a prenatal vitamin every day during pregnancy. If you’re planning to get pregnant, start taking prenatal vitamins before you get pregnant. Your body uses vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in food to strong and healthy. During pregnancy, your growing baby gets all necessary nutrients from you.

    Are There Any Side Effects Of Taking Prenatals While Not Pregnant

    colebrookdesign: Can My Doctor Prescribe Prenatal Vitamins

    Generally speaking, the vitamins and nutrients included in prenatals wont cause detrimental side effects if they did, pregnant women wouldnt be encouraged to take them!

    That said, prenatal vitamins do contain levels of nutrients specific to pregnant women, meaning they arent always the best choice for nonpregnant people on a long-term basis.

    Your iron needs, for example, increase from 18 milligrams to 27 milligrams during pregnancy. While the short-term side effects of too much iron include mild GI upsets like constipation and nausea, over time that excess of nutrients could become more problematic.

    Bottom line? If youre not pregnant or planning a pregnancy, you can hold off on prenatals until you really need them .

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    X In A Circle Excited About Getting Pregnant

    Prenatal nutritional vitamins are dietary supplements that comprise every day nutritional vitamins and minerals you want earlier than and through your being pregnant. Folic acid is a b vitamin that cells in your physique want for rising and growing. Your nurse, physician, or midwife can suggest the most effective nutritional vitamins for you, on high of folic acid.

    Essential Vitamins And Minerals In Pregnancy

    Good nutrition in pregnancy is vital for the healthy growth and development of your baby. You need to consume enough nutrients to meet your babys needs, as well as your own.

    When youre pregnant, you need more of some nutrients, including protein, folate, iodine and iron.

    Vitamin B12 and vitamin D are also particularly important since they support the development of the babys nervous system and skeleton . Adequate vitamin C intake also helps improve the adsorption of iron from your diet.

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    When Should I Start Taking A Prenatal

    Most doctors recommend starting a prenatal at least 3 months before getting pregnant. This is a minimum. It takes 3 months for your egg to mature, so making sure you have all the nutrients you need to boost fertility and provide for a healthy, new baby is one of the best things you can do .

    I recommend starting at least 6 months prior to trying to start a family for most women. If you are coming off birth control or have been tested for nutrient deficiencies, like iron, iodine, zinc, magnesium, folate, B12 or vitamin D, a prenatal can help restore your levels before you become pregnant.

    Possible Prenatal Vitamins Side Effects

    Pregnancy Tips : Taking Prenatal Vitamins While Trying to Get Pregnant

    The iron in prenatals can cause constipation, and you may also have low appetite, stomach cramps, dark stools, and diarrhea. You can ease your symptoms by:

    • Drinking a lot of fluids.
    • Eating more food rich in fiber.
    • Getting more physical activity.

    Other prenatal vitamins side effects that can appear include:

    • Teeth staining.

    Let your doctor know if you are taking pain relievers, heart medications, high blood pressure pills, sulfamethoxazole, or diuretics, as these can have negative interactions with prenate pills. Your healthcare provider can advise you on when to start taking prenatal vitamins.

    Now, we can move on to the next section: Do prenatals help you get pregnant? where we will address the following question: Do prenatal vitamins make you fertile? and also discuss when to start taking prenatals.

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    Do Prenatal Vitamins Affect Menstrual Cycle

    Some research has shown that taking a folic acid supplement can elongate your cycle. This can cause your period to arrive slightly later than usual. However, this is nothing to be concerned about. Research shows that women taking a folate supplement may have a lower level of amino acid homocysteine the ovaries.

    What Is A Prenatal Vitamin

    A prenatal vitamin is a blend of supplemental vitamins and minerals crafted to meet the needs of women who are pregnant or could become pregnant. Prenatal multivitamins can provide reliable nutrition in vital areassupporting babys healthy development as well as moms prenatal wellness. Prenatals provide peace of mind that your body is getting the right foundational support at such an important time.

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    What Are The Side Effects Of Folic Acid

    Folic acid supplements may be found over the counter in most pharmacies and come in both tablet and capsule form. You may experience minor side effects with one type or the other, such as nausea or constipation. If this occurs, you may wish to change brands.

    If you take more than one milligram of folic acid daily, other side effects such as abdominal cramps, diarrhea, or rashes may occur. If you experience any of these side effects, talk to your doctor immediately about lowering your daily dosage.

    What Happens If You Don’t Take Prenatal Vitamins While Pregnant

    abekdesignco: Can Taking Prenatal Vitamins Help With Conception

    What Happens If You Don’t Take Prenatal Vitamins? Taking prenatal vitamins before pregnancy can help prevent miscarriages, defects, and preterm labor. If you’re not taking prenatal vitamins, neural tube defects can appear: Anencephaly: This occurs when the baby’s skull and brain doesn’t form correctly.

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    How Does Vitamin A Affect Pregnancy

    Vitamin A is important for your baby’s embryonic growth, including the development of the heart, lungs, kidneys, eyes, and bones as well as the circulatory, respiratory, and central nervous systems. Vitamin A is particularly essential for women who are about to give birth because it helps with postpartum tissue repair.

    What Do Everyday Vitamins Do

    Even a complete diet may not be giving you the nutrients you need, when you need them. Thats where multivitamins come in. For starters, a daily multivitamin can help provide a good foundation for your health. It can also protect you when youre experiencing stress, sleeping poorly, or not getting regular exercise.

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    How Long Do You Have To Take Prenatal Vitamins Before Pregnancy

    Prenatal vitamins should be started approximately three months before attempting to conceive because the ovules begin to mature and grow three months before release.

    Pregnant women should start consuming Folic acid one month before pregnancy. They should continue their consumption throughout pregnancy. They could consume 400 micrograms of folic acid daily for at least a month before pregnancy and during the first trimester of pregnancy. In this way, it can decrease the risk of neural tube defects.

    If you are in the first days of pregnancy and still do not take vitamins, be sure to see your doctor.

    This Is What You Need To Know About Taking Prenatals Before During And After Pregnancy

    Why should a woman take a prenatal vitamin rather than a multivitamin?

    If youre growing a baby, youve probably been told by your doctor, sister, cousin, aunt, neighbour and favourite mum-influencer that taking daily vitamins is good for pregnant women. But, do you actually know why prenatal vitamins are important?

    In short, taking prenatal vitamins is the easiest way to give you and your baby a boost of all the vitamins and minerals you both need to survive and thrive during pregnancy.

    Just like your belly, we know your to-do list is ever-growing, but you should definitely add taking prenatal vitamins to the top of it.

    But, there are so many supplements on the market, so knowing what kind to get can be tricky.

    From why you need to take them to when you should take them and even a certain brand with the best ones, we are giving you the rundown on all things prenatal vitamins.

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