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What Does The C In Vitamin C Stand For

At The Heart Of The Mystery

What does Vitamin C do?

Like humans, other animals unable to synthesize vitamin Ccan always find a supply of it in other organisms that synthesize it on theirown, namely plants. Humans who consume regular portions of fresh fruit will avoid the consequences of not makingtheir own vitamin C. Inclusion of vitamin C in the human diet explains why ournon-synthesizing ancestors did not become extinct, as they found this aneffective compensation for the mutations in the gulonolactone oxidase gene.However, biochemists speculate that there may have been some concurrentadvantage of this mutation that caused it to persist and spread in the humanlineage. For instance, since one of the products of the reaction catalysed bygulonolactone oxidase is hydrogen peroxide, Halliwell suggested in 2001 thatthe loss of biosynthesis balanced the “cost” of production, since the advantageof producing one vitamin C molecule would be lost by the production of thisreactive oxygen species .

There is a third yet still unexplored possibility. We knowfrom other studies that pseudogenes are not inert, but can have a significantrole in epigenetic control of gene expression . Could this also apply to the human gulonolactoneoxidase pseudogene? Time will tell.

Functions In Healthy Skin

Vitamin C limits the damage induced by ultraviolet light exposure. Vitamin C is not a âsunscreenâ because it does not absorb light in the UVA or UVB spectrum. Rather, the antioxidant activity of vitamin C protects against UV-induced damage caused by free radicals. Vitamin C transport proteins are increased in keratinocytes in response to UV light, suggesting an increased need for vitamin C uptake for adequate protection .

UV light decreases vitamin C content of skin, an effect that is dependent on the intensity and duration of UV exposure . In cultured keratinocytes, the addition of vitamin C reduces UV-related DNA damage and lipid peroxidation, limits the release of pro-inflammatorycytokines, and protects against apoptosis. Vitamin C also modulates redox-sensitivecell signaling in cultured skin cells and consequently increases cell survival following UV exposure .

In two rodent studies, addition of ascorbic acid to the diet reduced the size and number of dermal neoplasms and skin tumors induced by chronic UV exposure . To date, no other studies with UV exposure and oral ascorbic acid supplementation in animal models have been published.

Wound healing

Vitamin C is included in oral therapies for pressure ulcers and burns, along with vitamin E, zinc, and other nutritive factors .

Dry skin

Other functions

Vitamin C Is A Cofactor In The Synthesis Of Collagen

In humans, vitamin C acts as an electron donor for eight different enzymes in the synthesis of important biochemicals . Three of these enzymes participate in the synthesis of the fibrous protein collagen, a major component of connective tissue . These reactions add hydroxyl groups to the amino acids proline or lysine in the collagen molecule, yielding hydroproline, an amino acid that gives the collagen molecule its triple-helical structure by forming intrastrand hydrogen bonds. Collagen synthesized in the absence of ascorbate has a lower melting temperature than that of the normal protein, making the molecule less stable. The abnormal fibers formed by insufficiently hydroxylated collagen contribute to the skin lesions and fragile blood vessels found in scurvy. Thus, vitamin C is essential to the development and maintenance of scar tissue, blood vessels, and cartilage .

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Vitamin C Serums To Consider

Keep in mind that a higher percentage of L-ascorbic acid doesnt always mean a better product. Sometimes it can be too strong for your skin, causing it to react via purging, breakouts, or itchiness. You dont want the product to sting and itch even after you apply moisturizer.

Beauty Shield Vitamin C Pollution Prevention Serum by e.l.f $16, drugstore grab and go The percentage is unknown, but for a drugstore product, the formulation of vitamin C, E, glycerin, and hyaluronic acid is primed for all skin types to apply freely.

Which vitamin C serums should you avoid?

If you have dry, dehydrated, sensitized, or sensitive skin, you may want to opt for lighter vitamin C serums that have less than 20 percent L-ascorbic acid, especially if you want to apply twice per day. If the serums you like are on the higher end, dilute it with a moisturizer with each use. Since your skin only uses 10 percent of vitamin Cs benefits, you may not need full power with each application.

Foods That Are High In Vitamin C

Vitamine: What Does The Acronym Vitamin C Stand For

Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin thats found in many foods, particularly fruits and vegetables.

Its well known for being a potent antioxidant, as well as having positive effects on skin health and immune function.

Its also vital for collagen synthesis, connective tissue, bones, teeth and your small blood vessels .

The human body cannot produce or store vitamin C. Therefore, its essential to consume it regularly in sufficient amounts.

The current daily value for vitamin C is 90 mg.

Deficiency symptoms include bleeding gums, frequent bruising and infections, poor wound healing, anemia and scurvy (

Here are the top 20 foods that are high in vitamin C.

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Whole Food Vitamins: Ascorbic Acid Is Not Vitamin C

Whole Food Vitamins: Ascorbic Acid Is Not Vitamin C

by Timothy OShea, medical researcher

Without further ado, heres the kernel: ascorbic acid is not vitamin C. Alpha tocopherol is not vitamin E. Retinoic acid is not vitamin A. And so on through the other vitamins. Vast sums of money have been expended to make these myths part of Conventional Wisdom. If you have several college degrees and all this is news to you, dont feel bad. Unless you think your education ended at Commencement. Which is generally true.

Wheels Within Wheels

Vitamins are not individual molecular compounds. Vitamins are biological complexes. They are multi-step biochemical interactions whose action is dependent upon a number of variables within the biological terrain. Vitamin activity only takes place when all conditions are met within that environment, and when all co-factors and components of the entire vitamin complex are present and working together. Vitamin activity is even more than the sum of all those parts it also involves timing.

Vitamins cannot be isolated from their complexes and still perform their specific life functions within the cells. When isolated into artificial commercial forms, like ascorbic acid, these purified synthetics act as drugs in the body. They are no longer vitamins, and to call them such is inaccurate.

Forgotten Trailblazer

Hasnt happened yet.

The History of a Crime Against the Pure Food Law,1912

Whole Vs. Fractionated

Fractionated = Synthetic = Crystalline = Fake

The Vast Pharmaceutical Conspiracy

The Vitamin C Foundation verified that almost all Standard Process’s vitamin C products do, in fact, use synthetic ascorbic acid. It then began investigating the origin of the “natural vitamin C” and “vitamin C-complex” articles that appear widely on the Internet. At first we thought that spreading the natural C-complex misinformation among naturalists who are prone to believe was a clever ploy to make these well intentioned nutrition advocates appear unscientific in the eyes of allopathic medical doctors. As we have documented elsewhere, there is a stream of media stories, disguised as news, that deliberately distort the science behind vitamins in favor of prescription drugs. One obvious purpose of such media propaganda is to encourage conventionally trained physicians to dismiss alternative claims regarding vitamin C.

However, given the stature and convictions of some of the nutrition authorities involved, who should know better, we now wonder if there is more to this. It is not inconceivable that the spread of the “Vitamin C isn’t Vitamin C” idea is more than a marketing ploy or merely an attempt to make the naturalists appear kooky. As far fetched as this seems to any student of Linus Pauling, if the “Vitamin C isn’t Vitamin C” idea somehow became generally accepted, then the FDA might be able to strictly regulate ascorbic acid under current law.

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What Precisely Is Vitamin C

When speaking about pores and skin, vitamin C is a water-soluble antioxidant and an important nutrient that protects your pores and skin towards free radical harm and improves your pores and skins well being. Vitamin C can be required for the expansion and restore of tissues in your physique. The human physique doesnt naturally produce vitamin C however sources it from vitamin C wealthy vegatables and fruits. Vitamin C skincare merchandise are a method of topically supplying vitamin C on to the pores and skin. Even when you eat all of the vitamin c wealthy meals, your pores and skin reaps the largest advantages when vitamin C is utilized topically in its most potent and concentrated type.

Conflicts With Prescription Drugs

What Does Vitamin C Actually Do?

Pharmaceuticals designed to reduce stomach acid such as the proton pump inhibitors , are among the most widely-selling drugs in the world. One PPI, omeprazole, has been found to lower the bioavailability of vitamin C by 12%, independent of dietary intake. This means that one would have to consume 12% more vitamin C to counteract the use of 40 mg/day of omeprazole. The probable mechanism of vitamin C reduction, intragastric pH elevated into alkalinity, would apply to all other PPI drugs, though not necessarily to doses of PPIs low enough to keep the stomach slightly acidic.

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Where Is This False Information About Vitamin C Coming From

The Vitamin C Foundation was disappointed, but not surprised, when the U.S. government’s National Institutes of Health turned down our grant request to study vitamin C and heart disease. We were shocked by the rejection of Bedell’s National Foundation for Alternative Medicine. NFAM did not, and perhaps still does not believe that ascorbic acid is vitamin C.

Mr. Bedell told us over the phone that what the Vitamin C Foundation were proposing in our study proposal was “not the real vitamin C.” He said he based this on the advice and counsel of his daughter with medical training. She had attended a lecture given by the highly respected Standard Process company regarding natural vitamins. Bedell and the leaders of NFAM became concerned that patients in the Pauling therapy study receiving the “synthetic” vitamin C might be harmed.

Causes Of Vitamin C Deficiency

In adults, vitamin C deficiency usually results from

  • A diet low in vitamin C

For example, vitamin C deficiency may result from a diet deficient in fresh fruits and vegetables. Also, cooking can destroy some of the vitamin C in food.

The following conditions can significantly increase the bodys requirements for vitamin C and the risk of vitamin C deficiency:

  • Pregnancy

  • Pregnancy, breastfeeding, fever, diarrhea, surgery, and smoking greatly increase the bodys requirements for vitamin C.

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Ive Read That Vitamin C Is Unstable What Does That Mean

That just means vitamin C is water-soluble and breaks down when exposed to oxygen.

This property makes products containing vitamin C tricky to formulate and their potency more difficult to maintain once the bottle has been cracked open. To keep your products as effective as possible, Humphrey recommends storing any vitamin C skincare at room temperature and out of direct sunlight. She also advises looking for formulas that are packaged in dark glass containers or opaque packaging, which will help improve stability and reduce oxidation.

If youre unsure of how long your vitamin C will last once open, ask an expert or look for the information on the packaging. There are formulations that will last just a month and there are others that will last up to three months, but its generally not a product that can stay on your shelf for six, nine, twelve months, she says.

Remember: fresh vitamin C products work better.

Examples Of Bioactive Antioxidant Compounds

Reventin Clinical Results Vitamin C Dark Spot Eraser Cream 1.5 Fl Oz ...

Antioxidants are classified into two broad divisions, depending on whether they are soluble in water or in lipids . In general, water-soluble antioxidants react with oxidants in the cell cytosol and the blood plasma, while lipid-soluble antioxidants protect cell membranes from lipid peroxidation. These compounds may be synthesized in the body or obtained from the diet. The different antioxidants are present at a wide range of concentrations in body fluids and tissues, with some such as glutathione or ubiquinone mostly present within cells, while others such as uric acid are more evenly distributed . Some antioxidants are only found in a few organisms and these compounds can be important in pathogens and can be virulence factors.

The relative importance and interactions between these different antioxidants is a very complex question, with the various antioxidant compounds and antioxidant enzyme systems having synergistic and interdependent effects on one another. The action of one antioxidant may therefore depend on the proper function of other members of the antioxidant system. The amount of protection provided by any one antioxidant will also depend on its concentration, its reactivity towards the particular reactive oxygen species being considered, and the status of the antioxidants with which it interacts.


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Tips For Making This Orange Strawberry Banana Smoothie

Here are a few of my favorite tips for making this smoothie creamy and delicious:

  • Use frozen strawberries and banana if possible as theyll help keep the smoothie cold and thick. Sometimes ice doesnt blend as well, so its best to skip unless absolutely necessary. If you only have fresh fruit, try adding 1 cup frozen cauliflower as it blends much easier than ice.
  • Dont be afraid to add more liquid if your smoothie is too thick or wont fully blend. High powered blenders tend to blend frozen fruit much better, so if you have a regular or personal size blender, you may need to add more milk.
  • Start the blender on low speed, then gradually increase the speed to high to help blend all ingredients. End with the blender on low speed.
  • How Will You Add Vitamin C Into Your Day By Day Skincare Regime

    Whereas vitamin C is protected to make use of for all pores and skin sorts, we advocate performing a patch check with any new vitamin C skincare product that you simply attempt for the primary time, particularly you probably have hypersensitive pores and skin. And if youre simply beginning with vitamin C merchandise, bear in mind to decide on merchandise with a decrease focus of vitamin C after which progressively work your method up. The Garnier Gentle Full vary of vitamin C skincare merchandise are dermatologically examined to be protected for all completely different pores and skin sorts. And bear in mind, consistency is vital with regards to any skincare product. Use vitamin C merchandise daily to get pleasure from the advantages of this skincare celebrity!

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    Symptoms Of Vitamin C Deficiency

    Adults feel tired, weak, and irritable if their diet is low in vitamin C. They may lose weight and have vague muscle and joint aches.

    The symptoms of scurvy develop after a few months of deficiency. Bleeding may occur under the skin , around the gums, and into the joints. The gums become swollen, purple, and spongy. The teeth eventually loosen. The hair becomes dry, brittle, and coiled , and the skin becomes dry, rough, and scaly. Fluid may accumulate in the legs. Anemia may develop. Infections may develop, and wounds do not heal.

    Infants may be irritable, have pain when they move, and lose their appetite. Infants do not gain weight as they normally do. In infants and children, bone growth is impaired, and bleeding and anemia may occur.

    How Do I Pick The Right Formula For My Skin

    Vitamin C, does it really cause kidney stones?

    For starters, both DuPéré and Humphrey say that using a vitamin C serum is the most effective way to make the most of the ingredients benefits. An aqueous base formula such as a serum is preferred for home use as it provides better absorption and is an easier application, says DuPéré.

    Since different skincare products contain different percentages of vitamin C, its worth seeking advice from a physician or skincare expert. But to get you started, DuPéré says you should look for stable 10% to 20% L-ascorbic acid mixed with vitamin E for better absorption.

    For first-timers, look for products formulated with tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate, which is a stable form of Vitamin CDuPéré says this form is less irritating to the skin and is generally tolerated by all skin types.

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    When Do I Use Vitamin C

    While some active ingredients can only be used at night, vitamin C can be used during the day. In fact, its usually recommended for daytime use because of its free radical protection, something your skin generally needs more of during the day due to pollution and UV rays.

    Humphrey says the best way to use it is to apply a few drops of vitamin C serum on freshly cleansed skin every morning, followed by moisturizer and broad spectrum sunscreen. Because vitamin C has a reservoir effect, using it once a day is sufficient as it will have an affect on your skin for up to 24 hours, says Humphrey.

    What Are The Skincare Benefits Of Vitamin C

    Vitamin C has long been considered a skincare staple because its not just a one-trick ponyit has multiple skin benefits when used properly. Vitamin C protects the skin from UV damage, it suppresses pigmentation and it also preserves the integrity of collagen and elastic fibres and even promotes synthesis of collagen, says Humphrey.

    Because it is such a powerful antioxidant, vitamin C is able to help minimize sun damage and inhibits melanogenesis, which is the process of pigment formation in the skin. detoxifies, brightens and evens out the complexion and strengthens the skins vascular wall providing an anti-inflammatory effect says DuPéré.

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