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Where To Buy The Best Vitamins

How We Select Supplements

How To Buy The Best Vitamins Available

Our team works hard to be transparent about why we recommend certain supplements you can read more about our dietary supplement methodology here.

We support supplements that are evidence-based and rooted in science, as well as clinically tested and approved for use in humans. We value certain product attributes that we find to be associated with the highest quality products. These attributes include non-GMO, Organic, and allergy-friendly products that are free of most artificial ingredients including colors, flavors, preservatives, and sweeteners. When possible, we recommend products that are third-party tested and certified.

It’s important to note that the FDA does not review dietary supplements for safety and effectiveness before they go to market. Our team of experts has created a detailed, science-backed methodology to choose the supplements we recommend.

Here, the best places to buy vitamins online:

Ways To Buy Vitamins Cheap

I was looking over my previous months expenses the other day, and I noticed that I was spending a ridiculous amount on vitamins. Last month alone I had bought prenatal vitamins, multivitamins, several supplements, and vitamins for my baby, which amounted to over $50. Yikes! I am all about living a healthy lifestyle and being proactive in preventing illness and disease, but $50 in one month seems a little steep.

So I did some research and brainstormed how I could reduce my spending on vitamins yet still receive the nutrients that my family needs, and I figured out a way for me to save approximately $150 per year. Here are 9 ways that you can save money on vitamins:

1. Take a Multivitamin

A multivitamin can cover most of your nutritional requirements, so talk to your doctor because this may be all you need. Some of you might think this is common sense, but I had a friend in college that had a vitamin for everything. I went to her apartment one day, and she had about 10 different bottles on her counter, and none of them were multivitamins. I cringe just thinking about how much she spent on all of those! Now Im not saying a multivitamin can eliminate needs for any other vitamins, but it can eliminate the large majority of them.

2. Go for Generics

3. Determine Your Needs By Talking to Your Doctor

4. Combine Supplements

5. Take Kids Vitamins

6. Shop Online

7. Buy in Bulk

8. Use a Tablet Splitter

Final Words

The Cheapest Places To Buy Vitamins Online

There are countless suppliers on the internet who specialize in vitamins and supplements, but it can be a challenge to find out which one is the cheapest, the best and the one that supplies the highest quality vitamins.

You may have a particular product in mind or maybe you havent made up your mind about which product that you need, there are lots of websites that meet all of your vitamin requirements.

Choosing an online retailer, you can count on for reliable shipping, quality products and affordable prices is a challenge. We have done some research and found some of the cheapest places to buy vitamins online and brought them together for you in this useful guide.

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What Are These Vitamins And How Do I Naturally Get Them

Although pills, capsules or vitamin packs there are easier ways to get your daily vitamin needs met. Getting nutrients through your diet is what is recommended for most people. Eating healthy foods, such as fruits and vegetables, is an amazing way to accomplish all of your health goals. Allowing your body to process the vitamins and minerals naturally is the smartest way for you to get all of your nutrients and keeps you from feeling like a 90-year-old taking hundred of pills every day.

See If It Has A Rewards Program

Buy Doctor

Most online vitamin stores offer a customer loyalty program with rewards you earn after enough purchases. If you plan to shop for vitamins or other supplements frequently, it pays to choose a company with a great rewards program.

  • Points per dollar spent: Many stores offer a free rewards program where you earn a set amount of points per pre-tax dollar spent. When you have enough points, you can redeem them for a product or a dollar amount off your next purchase. Find out how many points you need to earn a certificate and if points expire.
  • Paid memberships: Some online vitamin stores offer rewards programs that require a paid membership, usually purchased annually. These memberships offer benefits like discounts, free shipping and samples. Paid memberships are usually best for very frequent shoppers.
  • Referral programs: Some companies will provide rewards if you refer friends to their website. If someone you refer makes a purchase, you can receive a discount code or points in your rewards account.

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Garden Of Life Vitamin Code Raw C

Garden of Life uses naturally-produced ascorbic acid as the source for their vitamin C, but they go above and beyond other brands by including a huge range of extracts from fruits and vegetables like broccoli, apple, carrot, bell pepper, and kale.

These ingredients give you phytonutrients you wouldnt be getting if you just took pure vitamin C. And, at 500 mg of vitamin C per serving, youre not skimping on dosage, either.

Best Websites For Buying Supplements From

Food supplements are very popular. One study shows that more than 80% of athletes use some sort of supplement. However, even if you are not a professional athlete but rather a sport active person, you will probably benefit from some sort of food supplements.

High-quality food supplements can help you with:

Of course, there are also some side effects of taking supplements. You can read more about them at the National Institutes of Health website.

But the question is, where to buy supplements? What are the best supplements stores out there? And did you know that you can buy supplements in the US often at lower prices than anywhere else?

Check out our list of the most popular supplements online stores that our customers love. Which one is your favorite?

International shipping: yes

Besides transformation challenges and educational and motivational content, this online store offers also a huge selection of supplements. Since transparency is one of their main values, all important information about each product is provided. You can also find Q& A to health or fitness related questions on their blog.

US Free Shipping: on orders $150 or moreInternational shipping: yes

US Free Shipping: on orders $25 or moreInternational shipping: to selected countries only

International shipping: yes

US Free Shipping: on orders $49 or moreInternational shipping: yes

International shipping: to selected countries only

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Goal: Be Healthier Overall

The average American does not have a healthy diet, and a balanced diet helps in the prevention of diseases and life-long health issues. Obesity, poor heart health, diabetes, and other diet-related issues are a concern for thousands. Start with the basics: Does your diet contain these essential vitamins and nutrients?Vitamins and nutrients to include in your balanced diet: Vitamin D, Riboflavin, Magnesium, Calcium, Zinc, Iron, Folic Acid, and Vitamin B-12

Essential Vitamins And Nutrients

5 BEST Places To Buy Supplements

A good multivitamin should provide all the basic vitamins and minerals. Some important vitamins and minerals to look out for are listed below.

  • Vitamin C

  • Iodine

  • Iron

Blends vary from product to product and, of course, according to the specific type of vitamin in question. Consulting with a healthcare provider is recommended if you suspect you have a vitamin deficiency or you’re unsure of the most suitable vitamin blend for your personal needs.

“Not all vitamins provide a complete dose in a single pill, and some may need to be taken several times a day. If you prefer the convenience of a one-a-day vitamin, double-check the dosage instructions before buying.”

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How Do I Pick A Good Vitamin A Product

A good vitamin A product should be manufactured by a reliable brand using quality ingredients. It should also contain the best preformed vitamin A, because this is readily used by the body. It should also be affordable and free from unnecessary fillers, binders, and additives.

Preformed vitamin A can be found from animal sources, such as fish liver oil, or can be synthetically made. Synthetic vitamin A is called vitamin A palmitate and is good for vegans, vegetarians and those allergic to fish.

Contents of this Article

Nutrients In Foods Vs Vitamin And Mineral Supplements

Eating a variety of foods is the best way to ensure that youre meeting your vitamin and mineral needs.

After all, different foods contain varying amounts and combinations of nutrients. For example, citrus fruits are known for being high in vitamin C, while leafy greens are an excellent source of vitamin K (

10 ).

In contrast, supplements do not offer the same nutritional benefits. As theyre meant to supplement not replace a healthy diet, they generally provide only concentrated amounts of specific nutrients .

One observational study in 30,899 adults in the United States found that adequate intake of certain nutrients through food sources was associated with a reduced risk of death from heart disease, as well as death from any cause .

However, consuming the same nutrients in supplement form did not reduce the risk of death from heart disease or any cause .

Individuals with nutrient deficiencies or those at increased risk of inadequate nutrient intake, such as women who are pregnant, can benefit from taking supplements as recommended by a medical professional.


Whole foods contain more than just vitamins and minerals. A varied and balanced diet also provides other essential nutrients and important plant compounds for health. Supplements are meant to help fill gaps in your nutrient needs.

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Which Vitamin Form Should You Choose

Vitamins and supplements come in many forms, like pills, liquids, or powders. The one you choose depends on how they work in your body and how you prefer to take them. For example, some only work in a dry extract form, such as a capsule or pill. Others work faster and are more effective as a liquid. Ask your pharmacist or doctor if you are confused about the right form to take.

Certain supplements come in pills because they stop working, or become dangerous, if they come in contact with the acid in your stomach. Some people need to take a liquid if they have trouble absorbing vitamins from a pill, or even if its hard for them to swallow capsules or tablets.

And not all forms of a nutrient are the same. For example, vitamin D supplements come as either vitamin D2 or vitamin D3. Also, there are several types of vitamin E. When in doubt, talk with your doctor about which supplement suits your needs.


Consider Your Actual Vitamin Needs

Buy Best Multiple Fully Optimised Vitamin

Taking too many vitamins can actually harm you to varying degrees. For many people who live healthy lifestyles and get balanced diets, vitamins are completely unnecessary. Those individuals are likely getting all the vitamins they need from their diets.

Those who need vitamins the most are those who have a vitamin deficiency, whether because of lifestyle choices or a health condition. .

Beyond this, your vitamin needs arent going to be the same as your spouses or your childs, so a family should usually not be sharing the same vitamin gummies. Every family member should have their own gummies.

As with all healthy choices, its best to talk to a doctor before adding vitamins and supplements to your diet.

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Natural Vs Synthetic Vitamins

Does it really matter whether your vitamins come from whole foods or synthetic sources? Well, yes and no. Although many may find this less-than-straightforward answer rather disappointing, the jury is still out on this one. Some argue that natural vitamins offer improved bioavailability, and we cant fault them.

When it comes to vitamin E, for example, the body is able to absorb more vitamin E from natural sources than it is synthetic. On the other hand, synthetic forms of B12 are more easily absorbed by the body than natural forms of B12.

So, while the argument for either side can rage on, at the end of the day, it comes down to personal preference and your specific needs.

Why Trust Verywell Health

As a Registered Dietitian, Sydney Greene takes supplement recommendations seriously. Every product has been researched and vetted by her against clinical research, product reviews, and third-party testing websites. These are products she would not only feel comfortable recommending to her clients but she would take them herself if needed.

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Natures Way Vitamin A

Natures Way Vitamin A is a very solid vitamin A product that come encapsulated in soft gels. It does, however, contain soy and fish.


  • One Serving contains
  • 3,000 mcg Vitamin A

Who Makes It?

Natures Way is a natural supplement producer that is one of the first brands to be certified to be TRU-ID, meaning that their supplement facts accurately reflect their ingredients. They are partners with the Non-GMO Project and manufacture their supplements in a GMP certified facility. The company was founded by Tom Murdock in 1968.

Where to Get It

The 11 Best Vitamin Gummies You Can Buy Online

Best Multivitamin for Women to Buy in 2021

If you think that vitamin gummies are a good purchase for your family, check out these 11 best vitamin gummies that you can buy online no trip to the store required!

The best budget-friendly vitamin gummies come from NatureMade, a tried and tested brand thats been on the market for years, offering every kind of vitamin and supplement you can probably think up.

Nature Made Multivitamin Gummies come in three different flavors in each bottle: orange, cherry and mixed berry. While the gummies are made with glucose and sugar, they dont contain any yeast, gluten or preservatives.

The gummies are designed for adults ages 19 and over and contain B vitamins, zinc, iodine and vitamins A, C, D and E.

Depending on where you purchase your vitamin gummies, you can find this option from NatureMade starting at $13.

While the NatureMade gummies above are branded as a multivitamin, there are a few ingredients that some may want in their daily multivitamin, that NatureMade just doesnt include.

Kirkland Signature Adult Multivitamin Gummies contain vitamin A, C, D, E, B6 and B12, alongside niacin, folic acid and biotin, in addition to several other nutrients and minerals. Reviewers say that they taste great, and, as long as you leave them in a cool place, the texture stays just like that of your favorite gummy candy.

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Extra Ingredients: Animal Products

Likewise, some vitamin gummies contain animal products that arent okay for vegetarians or vegans. Gelatin is a common gummy ingredient thats made from a variety of animal parts, including animal skin, bones and tendons.

However, that doesnt mean that all vitamin gummies are a non-option for vegans and vegetarians. Some vitamin gummies are made using agar-agar, which is a seaweed product thats sometimes used in place of gelatin.

Who Should Buy Vitamin C

You should buy vitamin C if you are looking for a simple, straightforward, and effective anti-inflammatory supplement that is very well-researched and has a broad range of applications. In contrast to products like a joint supplement, vitamin C is a supplement that has potent antioxidant effects across your body.

Its used in a wide range of biological processes, so it finds applications in everything from boosting your immune system to preventing muscle damage and soreness during and after exercise to potentially reducing the risk of dementia and cognitive decline.

However, since its been so well-studied, we also know that vitamin C exerts relatively small to moderate-sized effects in most cases where its been studied.

So, in this sense, its an old school supplement that is just trying to nudge your body in the direction of better health. Its not a cutting-edge, innovative supplement thats going to radically change the direction of your health, and its definitely no substitute for a healthy diet and a physically active lifestyle.

Looking for a supplement that could completely rewire your brain and boost your cognitive performance beyond its natural levels? Then vitamin C isnt going to do the trick .

One final thing to note is that vitamin Cs antioxidant benefits arent confined to inside your bodyvitamin C also exerts cosmetic benefits when applied to your skin. See our article on vitamin C serums for more on the cosmetic applications and benefits of vitamin C.

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Do You Need A Supplement

If you are a healthy adult, chances are you don’t need a supplement. You can get all the vitamins and minerals you need daily by eating a balanced diet rich in whole foods: protein , fruits, vegetables, grains and dairy. Whole foods also give you healthy nutrients, such as antioxidants, that you can’t get from a supplement, according to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Some people may need to supplement their diet with a specific vitamin or mineral, and this is usually recommended by a physician or dietitian. For example, if you are recovering from surgery or illness, have problems absorbing nutrients or if you are on a calorie-restricted diet, you may need a supplement.

Learn how to fill your plate with healthy, nutrient-dense foods by logging your meals on the MyPlate app. Download now to fine-tune your diet today!

In addition, if you have increased nutrient needs such as pregnancy or are engaged in high-intensity sports, you may not be able to satisfy your nutrient needs with food alone. And those following a special diet, such as vegans, may need B12 supplementation because they don’t eat animal or dairy products, according to September 2017 research published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition.

Individual vitamin or mineral supplements should only be taken when you have consulted with your health care provider. Some vitamins are harmful if taken in excess, and some are simply not needed and will be excreted without being absorbed.


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