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How To Cancel Ritual Vitamins

But Cant I Just Buy All Those Vitamins

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Sure you can. But according to Schneider , if you were to buy the individual ingredients, it would cost you upwards of $200. Ritual comes with 60 capsules and costs $30 per month. Its also a subscription service, so every month they just show up at your door. Youll never have to worry about placing an order or heading to the store when you run low. They also make it clear that you can modify your shipping schedule or cancel your membership with just a few clicks, which makes this subscription truly stress-free.

How Are Ritual Vitamins Different Than Other Prenatals

When I first looked into Ritual vitamins, I thought the primary differences between their and other brands prenatal vitamins were convenience and wayyy better branding. Ive since learned, though, that the differences really do go far beyond marketing.

Ritual really hones in on clean and traceable nutrients. They want you to know exactly what youre putting in your body, and Im a big fan of the transparency. You can look on their website and see the ins and outs of Rituals supply chain for all of their products. Their vitamins are also vegan, gluten and major allergen-free, and non-GMO verified.

So, in short, the main differences are quality of ingredients, convenience, and wayyy better branding.

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Our Verdict On Ritual Vitamins Are They Worth It

Its opinion oclock at this point in my Ritual vitamins review. From what I found in my search, reviews on Ritual, both on and off their website, are promising. There were no skeletons hiding in other parts of the internet. This didnt surprise me though, given the extensive research and ongoing testing conducted on its supplements.

Though Ill admit some people may not be crazy about having to sign up for an automatic subscription. There are quite a few brands that make this mandatory for questionable reasons, but in this case, Ive found it to be integral to the Ritual philosophy: to make supplement taking a ritual, your multivitamins are delivered every month.

If I had to say, and I do, it appears that the biggest drawback with Ritual is its price points. You can find monthly multivitamins from big brands like Centrum and Jamieson for less than $10. That being said, they dont operate on the same level when it comes to sustainability and environmental impact.

All in all, I give Ritual a thumbs up. If you have the funds to invest in multivitamins with more focused and traceable ingredients, then I think this brand is a solid choice.

Does Ritual Allow Refunds Of Its Cancellations


Cancellations and any fees are nonrefundable for Ritual vitamins subscriptions. If you cancel your subscription, you will receive the remaining supply of vitamins, but you will not be refunded for any shipments not received. There is also no additional subscription fee associated with your monthly subscription service, so you are only charged for the cost of the product, shipping, and handling.

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How To Use Ritual Vitamins

The steps for taking Ritual Vitamins appear quite simple. Essentially, one takes two capsules per day, either in the morning or afternoon. Once you finish the 60 capsules, then you have completed one months supply.

The capsule makes it easier to use, as well. Beadlets within the capsule deliver the nutrients in their best format and their delayed release formulation helps prevent nausea from consuming on an empty stomach.

Additionally, since the ingredients are in one capsule, fewer pills are required every day, making it easier and more convenient, according to Ritual. There is also a mint tab in every bottle to ensure freshness and improve the pills taste.

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How Does Ritual Work

To order from Ritual, a person must first choose which multivitamins they wish to purchase. The company may automatically add other products, such as protein shakes, to a persons order at a discount. A person can remove the extra items at any time before checking out.

Then, a person must create an account or log in to an existing account. Purchasing a multivitamin automatically enters a person into a monthly subscription, which people can cancel at any time for free.

Ritual offers free shipping.

How Can I Cancel My Subscription


We’ll be sad to see you go! If your vitamin boxes are piling up, feel free to change your subscriptions cadence or delay your next box, so you can catch up on your boxes! To change your subscription cadence, head over to Account Settings, and select Manage Subscription> Edit> Edit Frequency. To delay a renewal order, simply go to Your Plan Details. Click Edit Delivery and choose the specific delivery date you have in mind for your next renewal order.

You can also cancel any time on our site or app by logging into your account and clicking Your Name > Account Settings> Manage Subscriptions > Edit> Cancel.

Cancelling your subscription does not cancel any in-process order. Any already-processed orders will still ship, so if you see it in your Order History it will come to your door. Once you pause the subscription, you can confirm its status by visiting the Upcoming Orders page. And don’t worry since we make canceling anytime so easy, there’s no need to email us.

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Ritual Vs Care/of Price

From my experience, multivitamins fall into two camps: multivitamins you can find at your local drug or grocery store that cost $15 to $20 for a month , and designermultivitamins which are a pricier.

If price is your main concern, Id go with Ritual, but Id recommend choosing one based on your health and wellness needs.


Ritual is $30.00 per month, or $1.00 per day. A perk of Ritual is that if you arent happy after your first bottle, Ritual picks up the tab.


If you order Care/of the minimum youre going to spend is $20.00. But the more supplements in your personalized pack, the more expensive the monthly fee. My personal recommendations, came to a total of $47.00, which is $1.56 per day. While $47.00 is a expensive for a multivitamin per month, the average price for a 30 day supply of probiotics is $20.00. Considering, I got both a probiotic and a vitamin-mix for the price, I think what I paid is fair.

I Know Not Everyone Needs A Multivitamin

It’s truethe best way to get your daily dose of nutrients is definitely through food.

“I recommend multi-nutrient supplements, but not for everyone,” says Sonya Angelone, R.D., and spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, who is not affiliated with Ritual. “I first look at food intake and help them maximize nutrient intake from food.”

Sharafi also says that people with nutrient gaps in their diet are the best candidates for multivitaminsthat could mean people following a vegan diet, or just the average person who doesn’t eat enough fruits and vegetables. Personally, I first started taking a multivitamin when I learned I had a vitamin D deficiency.

If you’re trying to lose weight, a multivitamin might also be a smart choice. “Often, I recommend a good quality, general multi-nutrient supplement for someone on any lower calorie diet,” says Angelone.

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How To Cancel Ritual Vitamins On Your Own

Ritual only offers monthly subscription-based purchases unless you cancel your subscription. You need to cancel your Ritual vitamins subscription before the end of your billing period .

You can cancel your Ritual subscription at any time without any additional fees, but only from their website. Ritual doesnt offer any other method of cancellation except their website.

If you are dissatisfied with your subscription, you can cancel it manually in the following way:

  • Some supplements more affordable

Ritual Vitamins Ceo Katerina Schneider

Ritual Vitamins Are the Supplement Women Over 50 Need Now

Katerina Schneider is the founder of Ritual Vitamins. She created the company in 2015 with a core commitment to helping women feel their best and lead a more healthy and happy life. Katerina is the Chief Executive Officer of the organization.

Ritual is the manufacturer of a daily multivitamin for women. The product has been scientifically researched and delivers a blend of nutrients designed specifically for a woman in all life stages. Katerina Schneider launched Ritual Vitamins when she had her first baby and discovered that other vitamins were not filling her needs. The Ritual supplement consists of the highest quality of ingredients, and it is vegan certified, non-GMO, and gluten-free.

Katerina Schneider is a graduate of Brown University.

Scroll below for one of the best products weve seen over the last year.

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What I Dont Like: Packaging

This one is a bit of a catch-22. I want a subscription product that is delivered to my door every month so that I dont have to think about it. But the act of delivering a product to my door every month has a very real environmental impact. Ritual speaks about sustainability on their website, and they use all recycled materials for shipping and for their plastic bottles. But a monthly delivery system means you receive 12 packages per year, 12 bottles per year, and are responsible for a deliver person driving around 12 times per year. I wish that Ritual offered bigger bottles of their multivitamins to help offset this .

How To Cancel Ritual With Donotpay

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Ritual is a company that produces and sells vitamins online, with a focus on daily prenatal multivitamins. If you are done with spending money on unused vitamins and want to cancel your Ritual subscription in an easy way, we can help you save money with our cancel service. How To Cancel Ritual Vitamins

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Ingredient Selection And Transparency

Rituals vitamins include only nutrients that many people may not get enough of . After all, why supplement something you dont really need?

Ritual also has a transparency process called Made Traceable to share the form, source, supplier, and manufacturing location for each ingredient in its products. You can view this information on the Traceable Ingredients page on Rituals website.

Ritual Vitamins Overview Just The Essentials


All of the varities of multivitamins that Ritual offers are formulated specificially to fill nutrient gaps in the diet. They specifically leave out certain vitamins like Vitamin C and Calcium and instead focus on helper-nutrients that arent easily met with diet alone.

Each delayed-release capsule is filled with only the essential nutrients for your age, and smells and tastes minty fresh! The mint scent is much stronger than I expected, but it is much preferable to most multi-vitamin smells.

On top of that, they are vegan, gluten-free and major-allergen-free with no artificial colors or fillers.

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Donotpay Can Cancel Your Ritual Subscription

You can cancel your Ritual vitamins subscription with our app and save yourself time, money, and energy. To cancel your subscription with our help, you should:

  • Open DoNotPay in your web browser
  • Open the Find Hidden Money tab
  • Enter Ritual as the subscription you want to cancel
  • Once you complete these steps, DoNotPay will cancel your subscription with Ritual. The app will notify you when the subscription has been canceled. You can also connect your email with DoNotPay to identify all of your subscriptions and cancel them automatically.

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    So What Is Ritual All About

    Made specifically for women, there are two types of Ritual vitamins: the “Essential for Women” and the “Essential Prenatal.” Each bottle contains 60 pills, and you’re instructed to take two of the vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO capsules per day. It’s a subscription service, which means a new Instagram-friendly bottle of vitamins will show up on your doorstep each month . You have the option to modify your shipping schedule or cancel at any time if you aren’t a fan, Ritual will pay for your first order.

    • Pricier than drugstore multivitamins

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    What Did We Notice From Taking Ritual

    Perhaps Rituals most attractive proposition is the lack of awareness it takes to keep up with the regimen. Its as simple as two pills a day, taken at any time, with or without food . The pills are relatively flavorless save for the infusion of mint from the natural preserver included in each bottle.

    As with any multivitamin, Rituals effects are not immediate. It takes about a week to let the body sync up with the introduction of the new product. After about a week, those who are generally active may notice a gentle uptick in energy and focus. Whether youre working straight through the day or taking a break for a workout, youll likely notice an increase in performance. With a sustained multivitamin routine, the results seem to sustain as well.

    Its likely that there are more internal benefits as well, but above all, this increase in focus and overall boost in productivity is by far the most noticeable.

    As far as side effects go, we didnt notice any. Sometimes, multivitamins will cause nausea or headaches, but the clean sourcing of Rituals ingredients is a major win and likely contributes to the neutrality of the regiment. Its a big plus in our book.

    How Much Do Ritual Essential Prenatal Multivitamins Cost


    Ritual Essential Prenatal Multivitamins cost $35 for a 30-day supply, which is significantly more expensive than most OTC options. For example, its roughly twice the cost of One a Day Advanced and roughly three times the cost of NatureMade Prenatal Multi + DHA. However, NatureMade doesnt contain vitamin K or choline.

    Why dont other prenatal vitamin companies include these ingredients? Wallace speculates that, Some of the bigger companies shy away from putting vitamin K in their product, since its involved with blood clotting. I dont really see a huge need to have vitamin K in a multivitamin, even though a significant number of people dont get enough from food, he says. Boron is a trace nutrient thats needed in only extremely tiny quantities. To my knowledge theres never been a reason to include it in a multivitamin, as deficiency is extremely rare, he adds.

    While your insurance company may cover the cost of prescription prenatal vitamins, most dont cover OTC formulations. You can usually use flexible spending account or health savings account funds to pay for prenatal vitamins. Ritual advises that you check with your provider to confirm eligibility.

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