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Vitamin D And Raynaud Disease

Treatment For Raynaud’s Disease

Raynauds Syndrome What Can you do for Raynaud’s Syndrome Dr.Berg

You could certainly go the doctor’s routes for treating Raynaud’s Disease.

Or you could just do nothing except avoid activities that makes things worse. That’s certainly valid.

Or you can look into how the body actually works, the function of raynaud syndrome and it’s mechanism in the body, and give your body what it needs to work properly. Adequate nutrition never hurt anybody, and while it may not cure you, it very well may make life far more tolerable, in a variety of possible ways.

Raynauds Symptoms Were Significantly Improved In People Taking Vitamin D

Rheumatology International Raynauds diseasevitamin D

Frozen fingers

Occuring predominantly in women, this condition affects the fingers , causing them to become cold and turn white, then bluish in color. Upon rewarming, the area becomes red and may throb or tingle, a sequence of events presumably caused by spasm in the local blood vessels.

The condition has two forms:

  • Raynauds phenomenon is associated with connective tissue diseases like scleroderma or lupus, smoking, certain medications, injury, and blood vessel disease.
  • Raynauds disease is the more common primary form. There is no known cause.

Cold temperatures and stress tend to bring on attacks in both forms.

Warming from the inside, out

Many people with either form of Raynauds also have low blood levels of vitamin D. Since vitamin D has a relaxing effect on smooth muscle that lines the blood vessels, and may inhibit substances that cause blood vessel constriction, researchers in Lebanon sought to determine if supplementation might help relieve Raynauds symptoms.

Forty-two vitamin Ddeficient people took part in the study. They were given 600,000 IU of vitamin D3 or a placebo at the beginning of the study, after four weeks, and after eight weeks. At each stage, people reported the degree to which they tolerated their Raynauds symptoms. Vitamin D levels were retested after 12 weeks, with these results:

If you have Raynauds

Clinical And Serological Data Of 161 Patients With Undifferentiated Connective Tissue Disease

The mean age at diagnosis of 161 patients with UCTD was 44.91 ± 12.7 years . The mean duration of symptoms at the time of enrollment into the study was 4.09 ± 2.36 years. The ratio of women and men was very similar in the two groups . There was no difference between the body weight, height, body mass index, and BMD values in patients and controls. The most frequent clinical manifestation of UCTD was polyarthritis . The frequency of skin lesions was 22.9%, and the frequency of Raynaud phenomenon was 17.3%. Xerophthalmia was observed in 15.5% of patients. Pleuritis , neuropathy , deep vein thrombosis , myositis , and pulmonal manifestations were less frequent among the first clinical symptoms of the patients. The prevalence of dysmotility was 13.6% in UCTD patients. The most frequent immune serological abnormality in the serum of patients was the presence of anti-nuclear antibody, which was found in 64.59% of patients. The earliest antibody at the onset of UCTD was anti-SSA, which was present in 43 patients . Anti-CL autoantibodies could be detected in 40 patients . Anti-U1-RNP antibodies were found in the sera of 29 patients , anti-Sm antibody in 8 , anti-CCP in 14 , anti-double-stranded DNA in 12 , anti-SSB in 9 , anti-neutrophil cytoplasmic antibody in 4 , and IgM RF in 2 patients at the initial diagnosis of UCTD.

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The Pain Actually Increased Slightly In The Group Taking The Placebo

RP who had vitamin D levels restored needed less Vasodilator treatmen – April 2022

Serum vitamin B12 and D levels in children with Primary Raynaud Phenomenon: a retrospective cohort studyEuropean Journal of Clinical Nutrition PDF behind $32 paywallRabia Miray Kisla Ekinci, Isil Ezel Taskin Karacay & Umit Celik

Primary Raynaud phenomenon is resultant from transient vasospasm of peripheral arteries and arterioles, is usually precipitated by cold exposure or emotional stress, without any clue for autoimmune connective tissue diseases. We aimed to determine the frequency of vitamin D and B12 deficiencies in pediatric patients with primary RP, and to investigate their roles on the disease course. Vitamin B12 and D were supplemented if the patients had deficiencies. The study included 40 children with primary RP, 29 female and 11 male. The mean and median age were 15.1±1.8 and 15.5 years. Symptoms were improved in 31 patients with warming procedures. Seventeen and 16 patients had low serum vitamin B12 and D levels, respectively. Vasodilator treatment requirement did not change by vitamin B12 status but was significantly lower in vitamin D deficient and replaced patients. Further studies are needed to clarify our results.Note: 12 references are online

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People Taking Certain Medication

The side effects of medication are no stranger to anyone who owns a television. The ads for medication that come across our screens bring along with them a whole slew of side effects. One such side effect is a decrease in your bodys ability to absorb and metabolize vitamin D.

The medications that seem to cause this vitamin deficiency the most are:

  • Drugs that lower cholesterol

If youre taking any of the above medications, you likely suffer from vitamin D deficiency.

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Vitamin D And Pathophysiology Of Rheumatoid Arthritis

RA is a chronic inflammatory autoimmune disease that affects joints bilaterally with synovial hyperplasia, cartilage erosion, bone destruction, and progressive loss of function . Systemic organ involvement is also present due to the intense B cell response in many patients.

The pathogenesis of RA is not completely understood, but it is the consequence of a complex interaction between genetic , non-genetic and epigenetic factors . The final result is the generation of neo-epitopes that stimulate the innate and adaptive immune systems, with the recruitment of mononuclear cells and release of pro-inflammatory cytokines that invade the synovial tissue. The concomitant production of auto-antibodies amplifies and perpetuates the joint damage and systemic involvement .

1,252D can act in this pathogenetic process at multiple levels. For example, estrogens are one of the major drivers of the systemic autoimmune response in course of RA. Moreover, estrogens play an intensive local B cell activity through the increased aromatase activity in human macrophages that convert androgens into estrogens in inflamed joints. 1,252D is able to downregulate the expression of macrophage aromatases, reducing the production of auto-reactive B lymphocytes .

Moreover, 1,252D downregulates the activity of antigen presenting cells, opposing both the release of several cytokines and the polarization of T helper lymphocytes towards a proinflammatory response .

Determination Of Vitamin D Levels

Perfect Home Remedy For RaynaudS Syndrome Is Ginger- Natural Remedy For RaynaudS Syndrome

Plasma levels of 25D3 vitamin of patients and controls were assessed at the Department of Clinical Biochemistry and Molecular Pathology Laboratory of the University of Debrecen Medical and Health Science Center. Samples were analyzed by a high-performance liquid chromatograph method using the Jasco HPLC system and a Bio-Rad reagents kit . The sample was purified from proteins, and 50 L of the cleaned supernatant was injected into the instrument. Separation was achieved with a reverse-phase C18 Bio-Rad column . The mobile phase had a flow rate of 1.1 mL/minute. For quantitative determination of the separated compound, a diode array detector was used. According to current recommendations, plasma 25D3 levels of less than 30 and 10 ng/mL were defined as vitamin D insufficiency and vitamin D deficiency, respectively .

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Common Conditions People Have *:

  • Narcolepsy : 21 people, 28.77%
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis : 17 people, 23.29%
  • Cataplexy : 11 people, 15.07%
  • Multiple Sclerosis : 7 people, 9.59%
  • Pain: 7 people, 9.59%
  • Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease : 6 people, 8.22%
  • Fibromyalgia : 6 people, 8.22%
  • High Blood Cholesterol: 5 people, 6.85%
  • Migraine : 5 people, 6.85%
  • Stress And Anxiety: 5 people, 6.85%
  • * Approximation only. Some reports may have incomplete information.

    Summary And Quick Facts For Raynaud’s Phenomenon

    • Raynauds Phenomenon is when blood flow to the fingers or toes is temporarily restricted. The reduction in blood flow causes fingers or toes to become pale, blue or red. Sometimes these color changes are accompanied by tingling or pain. Raynauds Phenomenon is usually triggered by cold temperatures or stress.
    • This protocol will help you understand the causes of Raynauds Phenomenon and how it is treated. Learn the differences between primary and secondary Raynauds Phenomenon and lifestyle considerations and supplements to support healthy blood flow throughout the body.
    • Ginkgo biloba extract has been shown to reduce the frequency of Raynauds Phenomenon episodes more than placebo in a clinical trial, and pre-clinical studies have shown it helps lessen blood vessel contraction.

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    What Therapies Does Dr Weil Recommend For Raynauds Phenomenon

    To prevent the symptoms of Raynauds, Dr. Weil recommends dressing warmly during cold weather: Wear thick socks, heavy gloves or mittens, a hat and scarf. If you smoke, stop along with all the other health hazards smoking presents, nicotine constricts the small arteries in the hands and feet and can worsen Raynauds symptoms. Other stimulants including caffeine can also aggravate Raynauds.

    Dr. Weil also recommends trying mind/body approaches. His colleague, hypnotherapist Steve Gurgevich, Ph.D., notes that Raynauds phenomenon is quite responsive to self-hypnosis and biofeedback training in which the subject is told to warm the hands. Using these methods, you can quiet the reactivity of nerves and blood vessels in your hands and feet and allow more blood to flow in them.

    Dr. Weils other recommendations for treating Raynauds phenomenon include:

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    Been studies to evaluate the effect of vitamin D supplementation on Raynauds phenomenon . 42 patients were deficient in vitamin D dosage and randomly assigned into either the vitamin D group or placebo group. Every 4 weeks , patients received their treatment and answered on a visual analogue scale basis about their RP.

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    Raynaud’s Disease And Tendonitis

    f you have Raynaud’s symptoms AND tendonitis then you’re experiencing the following:

    In general, except for ice dipping and ice massage, everything that will help Tendonitis will help Reynauds Phenomenon.

    What Is Tendonitis? If you don’t know, check it out.

    Triggers And Risk Factors

    Raynauds phenomenon attacks are usually triggered by cold temperatures or emotional stress . However, it is important to know that Raynauds phenomenon can be triggered not simply by exposure to cold, but also by a temperature change for example, moving from a warm environment to an air conditioned room, and sometimes even holding a cold bottle, can trigger the events. Therefore, vasoconstriction attacks may occur at any time of the year, not only during the cold season .

    Alcohol consumption and smoking may influence Raynauds risk.One study that included middle-aged participants found an increased risk in women with high alcohol consumption. On the other hand, moderate alcohol consumption was associated with a reduced risk in men, but it appeared that smoking could attenuate this effect. However, moderate red wine consumption reduced the risk in both men and women . This may be because red wine contains phytochemicals that support blood vessel health although some researchers suggest this compound may be of benefit for individuals with Raynauds, studies have yet to evaluate its effectiveness .

    Other causes of Raynauds phenomenon include hypothyroidism , carpal tunnel syndrome, certain cancers , thoracic outlet syndrome , atherosclerosis, frostbite, and hand-arm vibrations from operating certain machines or tools .

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    Those Who Suffer From Depression

    Though doctors arent sure of the true reason for the connection, studies have found that people who suffer from low levels of vitamin D are twice as likely to suffer from depression.

    It is possible that this is due to the fact that serotonin, the hormone in your brain that helps with your mood, rises when people spend more time in bright light and falls when sun exposure decreases. Thus, if youre not spending enough time in the sun and your vitamin D levels drop low, your brain is triggered to experience a corresponding drop in mood.

    If you happen to live in a place that does not have the option of the sun as much as others, its important that you take a supplement to make up for it. Research has shown that women who suffered from depression showed an increase in their levels of happiness when their intake of vitamin D was increased.

    Vitamin D Concentrations And Clinical Parameters

    Raynaud’s Disease Natural Treatment

    No correlation was found between vitamin D concentration and age, sex, autoantibody profile, SSc subset, skin involvement evaluated by the modified Rodnan skin score, articular involvement , presence or previous history of ischemic digital ulcers, activity and severity scores, and inflammatory syndrome.

    The mean vitamin D level correlated with pulmonary fibrosis and diffusing capacity for carbon monoxide . The vitamin D status had a negative correlation with diastolic dysfunction and a trend for negative correlation with pulmonary hypertension . Digital contractures and muscle weakness were also correlated with the 25D level .

    Correlation between 25D levels and diffusing capacity for carbon monoxide

    The figure shows the correlation between vitamin D levels and DLCO by Pearsonâs bivariate correlation.

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    What Are The Causes

    The cause of primary Raynauds, known as Raynauds disease, is unknown. Secondary Raynauds, known as Raynauds syndrome, is associated with another physical condition such as a disease or injury. It tends to be more severe than primary cases and can accompany or precede autoimmune phenomena such as lupus, scleroderma and rheumatoid arthritis.

    According to the National Institutes of Health, nine out of 10 people who have scleroderma also develop Raynauds syndrome, as do one out of three people who have lupus. Raynauds syndrome is weakly associated with carpal tunnel syndrome and sometimes can be triggered by medications, including beta blockers used to treat high blood pressure, drugs for the treatment of migraines that contain ergotamine, certain chemotherapy agents, and some over-the-counter cold remedies containing compounds that cause blood vessels to constrict. Other phenomena that can lead to Raynauds syndrome include atherosclerosis, certain blood disorders, and specific thyroid conditions.

    Still more possible causes of Raynauds syndrome are repetitive motions that damage the nerves that control blood vessels in the hands, injuries to the hands and feet and exposure to chemicals such as vinyl chloride.

    Raynauds phenomenon is most common among women, between the ages of 15 and 40. Additional risk factors include a family history of primary Raynauds and living in a cold climate.

    What Is Raynauds Phenomenon

    Raynauds phenomenon is a disorder in which blood vessels overreact to cold temperature or stress. Generally, blood vessels in fingers or toes are most affected. The blood vessels constrict, causing reduced blood flow to the affected extremity. Primary Raynauds phenomenon has no identified underlying cause and is generally not permanently damaging. Secondary Raynauds phenomenon, however, is related to an underlying cause and may be more damaging to the affected tissue.

    With primary Raynauds phenomenon, minor lifestyle changes may be enough to reduce symptoms. However, with secondary Raynauds phenomenon, medical treatment is likely necessary to address the underlying cause.

    Natural integrative therapies such as magnesium and N-acetylcysteine may help manage symptoms of Raynauds phenomenon.

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    Those Who Suffer From Chronic Headaches

    In a 2017 study, it was found that the people who had the lowest vitamin D levels were twice as likely to have chronic headaches.

    Though the connection between chronic headaches and vitamin D deficiency are not by any means clear, it is thought that this vitamin may play a major role in fighting inflammation that, left untreated, can cause migraines.

    Similarly, brain fog is something you may experience from a lack of vitamin D.

    When your levels of vitamin D are not high enough, according to a number of studies, brain fog sets in. It may not be extremely noticeable, but you will likely feel as if youre still partially asleep or in some serious need of caffeine.


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