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What Vitamin Can I Take To Make My Sperm Stronger

Antioxidant Vitamins C And E

Vitamin D – should I take it?

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that supports many functions of the body has been shown to support cellular health and integrity.

Furthermore, studies have shown that supplementing with vitamin C can support healthy semen parameters including sperm volume. In one study, researchers found that when men took vitamin C supplements twice daily for 2 months the mean sperm volume increased by more than 100%. Participants in the study also saw an increase in sperm motility and a decrease in the number of deformed sperm cells.

Other studies have looked at vitamin Cs ability to improve sperm parameters in combination with Vitamin E. In a 2016 meta-analysis of multiple studies, researchers concluded that supplementing vitamins C and E together can indeed help improve sperm volume.

Vitamin E is known to improve the function of other antioxidants, like vitamin D, in part because it helps prevent lipid peroxidation. As such, it comes as no surprise that when you combine vitamin E with other antioxidants shown to increase sperm volume, you are likely to see better results.

How Can I Check My Sperm Count At Home

Yes, you can perform a home sperm test. This evaluation provides an accurate measure of your sperm count following a semen ejaculation post-orgasm. These home tests involve you ejaculating semen into a collection cup. This test delivers almost immediate results, and you should know within a couple of minutes. The home sperm test will tell if the concentration of your sperm is positive or negative . If you receive a negative test, it would be wise to consult a doctor for a more comprehensive fertility analysis. A positive sperm count result does not always guarantee healthy fertility, however. The home sperm test only tests for concentration. It may miss critical factors such as:

  • Total number of sperm

Erection Foods That Work Like Magic For Blood Flow

Medical Review by Dr. Stefano Pizzo, MD

These days as our populations hormonal and cardiovascular health are on a steep decline, erectile problems are as to be expected on a steep incline.

Many are quick to pull the trigger on the doctors prescribed solutions such as Viagra or Cialis rather than seeking out natural erection foods that can alleviate erectile problems, but the honest truth is that neither one of those will fix the underlying problems causing the weakened erections. Sure they work in most cases, but its always good to remember that they deliver a chemical erection which your body still cannot naturally produce.

What if you forget the blue pill somewhere right before the big bang? Wouldnt it be better if your diet, training, and lifestyle habits were in check so you would not have to resort into pharmaceutical solutions with something as natural as sex?

In this article, youll discover nine scientifically proven erection foods that will naturally help you overcome erectile dysfunction and get back the lost mojo

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A Customizable Stack To Meet Your Individual Needs

CountBoost is a key part of Fairhaven Healths modular and customizable support for sperm health. The foundation of this male fertility stack is FertilAid for Men launched in 2003, as the first fully comprehensive fertility supplement. FertilAid for Men provides a male-targeted daily multivitamin plus fertility-specific ingredients you need for sperm health. Sometimes you will need an extra boost in your sperm count or motility or both. If this describes you, then layer CountBoost and/or Motility Boost on top of FertilAid for Men for the biggest boost to your sperm health.

Foods That Help The Body Come More Jizz

How Can I Make My Sperm Stronger With Best Natural ...

There are many foods one can eat for increasing semen load.

All of these foods work in unique ways and use different vitamins, nutrients, and minerals to maximize how much semen you can cum.

Some of the top foods for increasing seminal fluid include the following. Weve included the nutrients that work to maximize semen in each one:

  • Healthy Fish Omega 3 & Omega 6 fatty acids
  • Walnuts Fatty acids
  • Bananas Vitamins A, C, & B1
  • 85% or Higher Dark Chocolate L-Arginine
  • Matcha Green Tea EGCG
  • Citrus Fruits Vitamin C
  • Oysters, Red Meat & Poultry Zinc
  • Ginger Raises testosterone levels

See how many of these foods you currently eat and consider how many you need to integrate better into your diet on a day by day basis.

If your diet is poor, hopefully you can use these key food groups as a way to improve both your semen and your health!

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Folic Acid And Female Fertility

Women who don’t get enough folic acid in their diet are at a higher risk of having a baby with a neural tube defect. When we consider how a baby beginsa single cell that divides and dividesit makes sense that folic acid could help ensure the cell division, and therefore fetal development goes well.

Neural tube defects, which occur in about 3,000 pregnancies per year in the United States, include spina bifida, anencephaly, and encephalocele. At best, these birth defects can lead to lifelong disability, and at worst, they can lead to early death.

If you have a family history of neural tube defects, you have an even higher risk of having a child with one of these birth defects.

While folic acid can’t eliminate these birth defects, folic acid supplementation started before conception and continued through early pregnancy has been found to cut the occurrence of these birth defects by up to 60 percent. Other possible benefits of folic acid supplementation include:

There are many good reasons for women trying to conceive to be sure they get enough folate.

Do Fertility Supplements For Men Really Work

So, the question remains: are sperm supplements necessary to solve this issue? According to a study published in Urology within the National Library of Medicine, only 17% of the 90 total ingredients in the most popular fertility vitamins for men improve sperm quality. Doctors analyzed 17 of the top mens fertility vitamins available via online retail.

Based on the study, the top five most effective ingredients included the following:

  • Vitamin E
  • Zinc
  • CoQ10

While male fertility supplements will work for some men, they are not a guarantee for conception success. Due to the lack of consistent concrete evidence, it is best to do your research and consult with a male fertility specialist.

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What Causes Low Sperm Count

While there’s limited evidence, according to the Mayo Clinic male fertility supplements may help sperm health and boost fertility.

What the research says: A 2016 review found that antioxidant supplementation, including L-carnitine, vitamin E, and vitamin C, taken for 3 to 6 months prior to trying to conceive improved sperm health. This reinforces a 1996 study that saw increased fertility including motility, percent live, and percent normal sperm in men who took vitamin E for 6 months.

Alvarez says there is no studied timeline as to when males should start taking fertility supplements and vitamins, but at a minimum, he recommends 3 months which is the time it takes for sperm to mature to the point it can fertilize an egg.

There’s also no shame in trying to increase your chances of fathering a child. Men tend to be less likely to seek infertility treatment potentially due to a variety of stigmas related to the concepts of fatherhood, manhood, and the frustration or emotional stress of male factor infertility.

Take A Fenugreek Supplement

Improving Fertility in Men with Poor Sperm Count | Jesse Mills, MD | UCLAMDChat

Fenugreek has long been in use as a natural remedy for poor sperm health, and advocates suggest that it may help improve sperm count.

In fact, one 2017 study found that the patent-pending compound Furosap, which manufacturers developed from fenugreek seeds, significantly improved overall semen quality and sperm count.

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Fairhaven Health Motilityboost For Men 60 Capsules

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When Are Sperm Supplements Necessary

Infertility occurs when the male has a low chance of impregnating his female partner. The issue usually arises from weak or poor sperm cells. Therefore, it is valid to consider if vitamins to help sperm are effective. Due to the ineffectiveness of most sperm vitamin ingredients, these supplements are not always necessary. Here are several other healthy alternatives to vitamins for mens sperm health:

  • Exercise consistently: Regular physical activity improves many aspects of mens health, but it can also increase testosterone and enhance fertility. Exercising too much could have an adverse effect by decreasing testosterone levels, but sufficient zinc consumption can fix this.
  • Reduce and manage stress: It is difficult to perform sexually when you experience stress. High stress can also diminish your mood and motivation for sex, which can negatively impact fertility. When you take steps to reduce stress by meditating, taking walks, and exercising, it can reduce cortisol levels and boost fertility.
  • Tribulus Terrestris: Tribulus Terrestris is a medicinal herb that helps raise male fertility. It is also referred to as puncture vine. Based on a medical study, men took six grams of this root twice per day for two months, and it successfully improved libido and erectile function.
  • Vitamin D: This vitamin is influential in both female and male fertility. Not only does Vitamin D increase levels of testosterone, but it also boosts sperm motility.

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When To See A Doctor About Infertility

You should visit a doctor if you’re experiencing problems with erections, pain or lumps in your testicles, you or your partner is over the age of 35, or you’ve recently had surgery involving the groin, prostate, or testicles.

General advice: See a doctor about possible infertility issues if you’ve been trying to get pregnant for more than a year.

Sperm quality decreases with age, especially after age 40. Additionally, John Hopkins Medicine reports that sperm disorders where men have trouble producing healthy sperm can affect fertility. This may be caused by genetic diseases, infections, hormone problems, and lifestyle factors such as excessive alcohol, cigarette, and .

To examine male fertility factors, James Grifo, MD, PhD, the program director at NYU Langone Prelude Fertility Center and chief executive physician at Inception Fertility says you should see a fertility urologist for further evaluation and testing. This specialist can look for semen analysis abnormalities, anatomic abnormalities, ejaculatory problems, or any masses felt in the testicles.

“Any male who is experiencing infertility may benefit from a skilled urologic work-up,” says Grifo.

Get Enough Exercise And Sleep

Lets know how to increase sperm count

Several studies have suggested that weight loss and exercise among people with overweight or obesity can lead to an improved or increased sperm count. However, the science linking a healthy body mass index to a healthy sperm count is still weak.

One 2017 study examined the benefits of performing a 16 week aerobic exercise program of at least three 50-minute sessions per week. The participants reached 5065% of their peak heart rate.

In the study, regular exercise increased sperm count and motility in 45 men with obesity and sedentary lifestyles.

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Supplements That Improve Libido And Erectile Function

Erectile function and libido are both sensitive to stressors like relationships, work, anxiety, or depression. The pressure of trying to make a baby can also diminish sexual drive and fun. Therefore, herbal aphrodisiacs and vitamins like maca, ginseng, damiana, L-arginine, and B vitamins help elevate libido and erectile function. Herbal supplements and remedies positively impact the nervous system by facilitating blood flow to sexual organs and boosting energy. B vitamins are essential in the metabolism of energy. L-Arginine is also a proven influencer for optimal erectile function.

Male Fertility Is Just As Impactful As Female Fertility

The conversation about male fertility is hardly brought up when compared to women. Statistics show, however, that men are just as likely to be infertile as women. So for men and couples looking to start a family, reproductive health is critical. Anyone trying to get pregnant naturally without success for 6-12 months may be infertile. This is a sign to see a fertility specialist, who will look at sperm count, one of the essential markers in male-factor infertility.

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How Can I Help My Sperm

Fortunately, there could be a number of things you can do to increase the amount of healthy, quality sperm your body makes.

Exercise. We know that moderate exercise can boost your mood. But it turns out that it can boost your sperm count, too. Researchers found that men who exercise at least three times per week for 1 hour showed increases in their sperm count and the number of moving sperm, as well.

Stop stressing. Itâs easier than it sounds, but do it, especially if youâre trying to have a baby. In a study of 950 men, researchers found that males who had more than two stressful events before starting treatment for infertility were more likely to have low sperm count and motility.

If you smoke, quit. Men who smoke are more likely to have lower sperm count, density, and motility. They also produce less semen than men who donât smoke.

Say no to drugs. Certain ones, like cocaine and heroin, can affect your ability to get or keep an erection. Other drugs, like , can make it hard for you to produce sperm. They can also reduce your spermâs motility or prevent them from developing normally.

Eat right. Choosing a diet of fresh fruits and vegetables may boost your semen quality. Eating fewer fatty foods and a little less protein could also help.

Clinically Studied To Support All Aspects Of Your Sperm Health

Top 10 Best Vitamins for Your Nerves (Neuropathy Remedies)

In a recent prospective clinical trial involving 148 men, study participants were given FH PRO for Men for a period of 3 months. Compared to pre-supplementation results, there was statistically significant improvement in sperm parameters including sperm count, progressive motility, and normal morphology after 3 months of taking FH PRO for Men. Also, a significant improvement in DNA Fragmentation and Oxidation Reduction Potential was observed following supplementation. This study was performed at Hamad Medical Corporation in Doha, Qatar in consultation with the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, and presented at the 2019 annual meeting of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine. .

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Common Ingredients We Found In Sperm Volume Pills

Vitamin C: Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, can do wonders for your immune system. It can reduce your risk for chronic diseases, mitigate high blood pressure, and lower your blood uric acid levels. The antioxidant also has noticeable benefits for men’s sperm production and fertility.

Ascorbic acid combats oxidative stress in the body. This phenomenon occurs when reactive oxygen species hit harmful levels in the bloodstream. Risk factors like disease, old age, and smoking can exacerbate the condition. One study had men suffering from male infertility take two grams of ascorbic acid per day for two months. The researchers found a 92% improvement in sperm motility and a more than 100% improvement in sperm count. The supplements even reduced the number of malformed sperm cells by 55%.

Vitamin E: A steady diet of vitamin-E-rich foods can make a dramatic difference in your sperm count. The compound, which exists in fortified cereals, nuts, avocados, and soybean oil, influences sperm motility and morphology. That means that every time you have avocado toast, you’re making your swimmers stronger.

Doctors may recommend vitamin E to men with decreased male fertility. The fat-soluble vitamin helps sperm move more efficiently through the seminal fluid. As a result, infertile men should see an improvement in their partner’s pregnancy rates.

Limit The Consumption Of Soy And Estrogen

Some foods, especially soy products, contain plant estrogen. This can reduce testosterone bonding and sperm production.

A 2019 study of 1,319 males in China found that higher concentrations of plant estrogen in the semen meant lower quality sperm.

Many canned and plastic products are also high in synthetic forms of estrogen. Bisphenol A is a compound that binds to estrogen receptors in the body and may also impact male fertility after exposure, according to .

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