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What Vitamin Helps With Stretch Marks

Who Should Be Using Vitamin C Serum

use vitamin e oil for stretch marks

Vitamin C serum primarily protects the skin from a myriad of problems such as sunburn, photoaging, wrinkles, fine lines, hyperpigmentation, sagging, dryness, dullness, and uneven skin tone.

Individuals who are suffering from the skin conditions mentioned above should seriously consider adding Vitamin C serum to their existing skincare routine. You dont need to have problematic skin to take advantage of Vitamin C serum application. According to experts the best time to start an anti-aging skin routine is before the signs and symptoms set in. Younger individuals can include this in their skincare routine to prevent the occurrence of dryness, sagging, uneven skin tone, and dull complexion. Vitamin C with its rich antioxidant quality helps delay the appearance of aging signs, too.

Vitamin C serum is for everyone to use. People of all ages should use Mayerling Dermal Transfer Serum to control the extent of sun damage on the skin. Vitamin C has the ability to significantly reduce the amount of sun damage and other external pollutants. Not only do Vitamin C serums protect the skin from sun damage, but they also facilitate faster healing from photodamage, too. It promotes the bodys collagen formation ability while enhancing collagen production, too.

Boost Collagen With Laser

Wells suggested a skincare cocktail to accompany a round of laser treatments to best fade stretch marks. He explains, Since stretch marks are actually an area of the skin where the collagen is damaged, treatments to improve stretch marks are directed at rebuilding the integrity of the collagen in the area of the mark. Patients are placed on a skincare regimen that helps to support the rebuilding and restructuring of the dermis. At the same time, collagen-building lasers, such as the Palomar 1540 and Deep IR Lasers, are employed to stimulate dermal repair. The very best product, in my opinion, is a hyaluronic acid serum, which can absorb and hold in the skin hundreds of times its weight in water, thereby greatly increasing the skin’s elastic tolerance. We offer this proprietary product called Scott Wells MD Hy-Pep . Generally, several treatments are needed, but we have treated hundreds of stretch marks and have seen very significant improvement in their appearance using these modalities.

For smaller areas , expect to pay about $250, and for larger surfaces, $500. I didnt notice a difference at first, but over time, I can definitely tell the lasers are working. Plus, after doing my research, most doctors admit lasers are the most effective way to rid stretch marks .

Does Stretch Mark Cream Work

Theres a lot of hype out there about the supposed treatments for stretch marks. But when you look at what actually works and which ones dont, it becomes clear that many creams or lotions just tell lies they wont make your skin disappear!A few months ago I found this article on preventing them from getting worse rather than better if anyone has read any good suggestions please share with us below

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Treat Stretch Marks With Fillers

Poly-L lactic acid and dilute calcium hydroxyapatite are bio stimulatory fillers that work by volumizing and stimulating collagen from within the scars, Chang explains. “They can be used in combination with resurfacing lasers, microneedling, or micro-focused ultrasound to improve the appearance and texture of stretch marks.”

After a Radiesse injection, you can expect pretty immediate volumizing effects, which isn’t the case with Sculptra, but both yield some of the longest-lasting filler results on the market. Sculptra typically lasts up to 24 months and Radiesse sustains for about 12.

These in-office stretch mark treatments will typically require multiple rounds and three to four months to see any major improvements as the body takes time to rebuild collagen, Chang notes. However, a study found significant improvement in the appearance of subjects’ stretch marks in as little as two months with a combined treatment of Radiesse filler, microneedling, and a topical vitamin C.

Ive been using Bio-Oil‘s Multi-Use Skincare Oil religiously on the scars that showed up after a surgery I had a few years ago. Its really effective, especially at such a low price tag. Somehow, I never thought to apply it to my stretch marks until now. It practically melts into your skin, with rich moisturizers to hydrate and nourish for hours post-application. The cult-favorite formula is blended with purcellin oil to make the product especially easy to absorb and lightweight to the touch.

How To Hide Stretch Marks When Swimming

Vitamin E oil for Stretch Marks #StretchMarksRemoval

When youre shopping for your next swimsuit, consider buying one with separate pieces so that it can mix in alongside other clothes instead of a tiny bottom bikini. That way if there are any stretch marks on thighs and buttocks from weight gain or loss over time they will be hidden by this skirt/shorts combination

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What Vitamins Help With Stretch Marks

Vitamin C is the star of the show when it comes to caring for your stretch marks. But vitamin E deserves an honorable mention too. Dermatologist Dr. Maria Robinson explains that Vitamin C helps to support collagen production , while vitamin E works as an antioxidant. Fortunately, some innovative skincare ingredients combine the benefits of both nutrients, such as ice wine. The component is made from grapes that were frozen while growing and delivers both vitamins C and E. It leaves skin feeling more plump and hydrated and works in the long run to reduce the appearance of stretch marks pretty cool, right?!

Do Stretch Marks Itch When Losing Weight

Most stretch marks run vertically along your body, though they can sometimes be horizontal or at an angle. Healing skin might also itch because of this injury to the nerves in that area which causes it as well. This is why weight loss will often lead you having some new types of stretchy markings on yourself too!

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Is Vitamin E Good For Stretch Marks

Vitamin E is excellent in the treatment of stretch marks because it both heals damaged skin cells and encourages the appearance of new skin cells, which, over time, causes scars to fade considerably.

It is a powerful oxidant that boosts your bodys elastin and collagen production the two elements in charge of keeping your skin firm and bouncy and helping it heal.

The Top 4 Benefits Of Vitamin C Serum Use

Vitamin E Capsules: To Remove Acne Scars, Wrinkles and Stretch Marks

Vitamin C serums present a fast and effective means of delivering clear and healthy skin.

If you want to bring that youthful glow on the skin, drinking fresh orange juice simply wont cut it.

Including Vitamin C serum in your skincare regimen will deliver many benefits from treating skin aging signs to reducing the appearance of scars and stretch marks.

But before you buy a Vitamin C serum to add to your routine, it is best to learn more about Vitamin C and how it works.

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Is Vitamin A Good For Stretch Marks

Vitamin A is a fast favorite both in the fight against aging skin, acne, and stretch marks. Why? Because it encourages the regeneration of skin cells and stimulates fibroblasts . Vitamin A boosts your skins collagen production, which in time causes your stretch marks to fade, thus making it a potent ingredient in the treatment.

You can get vitamin A from food, as a supplement, or you can apply it topically on the skin .

The recommended daily intake of vitamin A is 5,000 IU.

Is Vitamin C Serum Good For Stretch Marks

Vitamin C is good for reducing the appearance of stretch marks, and theres science behind why it works so well. To explain this, firstly, we will need to look at what a stretch mark actually is and how it forms. Itll make sense in a minute, promise. Your skin is a structure supported by collagen and elastin, both of which can rupture under stress. These stressors include a rapid expansion or shrinking, creating these long, thin scars known as stretch marks. Like if you stretch a balloon really hard before inflating it, it gets those little wrinkles on it Its the same principle.

Some vitamins support collagen and elastin to help them heal better, one of which is vitamin C. In a 2001 study, scientists found that applying vitamin C to stretch marks daily would improve collagen and elastin production, leading to improved appearance of scars. When youre looking for products rich in vitamin C, look for oil-based products in particular. Marula oil, for example, is rich in vitamin C .

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Stretch Marks And Pregnancy

Genius Cure Stretch Marks Cream Daily Moisturizer

One of the most common times a woman would notice stretch marks is when shes pregnant. About 50 to 90% of women will develop stretch marks before delivery. Stretch marks during pregnancy have been speculated to be due to hormones during pregnancy. These may make you more prone to stretch marks.

Pregnancy hormones may bring more water into the skin, relaxing it and making it easier to tear when stretched. However this isnt 100% proven. Regardless, pregnant women will notice stretch marks starting in the sixth or seventh month of pregnancy. Youll find that a lot of these women used products to try and reduce the amount of stretch marks or prevent them altogether. Bio-Oil being the most frequently used product for stretch mark prevention.

However, the best known way to prevent stretch marks is to gain pregnancy weight slowly and steadily You can work with your doctor to find the right diet and exercise plan. This can help regulate your pregnancy weight and give you the right amount of nourishment for you and the baby.

Take comfort in knowing that if you happen to develop stretch marks during pregnancy, they will fade into a whiter paler or more silver color. Rather than the purple or red color they develop in.

Treating Stretch Marks

Its difficult to say what can prevent and treat stretch marks but there are many options you can use to make their appearance less noticeable.

Retinoid cream


Glycolic acid

Approach With Caution

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What Is Vitamin C Serum And What Are Its Main Ingredients

A Vitamin C serum is a skincare product that is rich in Vitamin C. Its consistency is ain to a liquid gel and is directly applied onto the skin. Manufacturers of Vitamin C serums claim their respective products can firm, brighten, boost cell regeneration, and provide a luminous glow like no other.

The major ingredients that contribute to the efficacy and potency of Vitamin C as a skincare product is its antioxidants. Antioxidants are compounds that fight free radicals from destroying our skin cells. As we age, the amounts of free radicals increase due to oxidative stress that occurs across all tissues and cells of the body. When free radicals invade the skin, it destroys both the collagen and elastin components of the skin. The main job of Vitamin C is to kill as many free radicals to slow down the aging process and induce healthy skin cell production so users can retain a youthful glow.

Proven Treatments For Stretch Marks

For a treatment to have a visible effect on the appearance of stretch marks, the treatment must increase collagen and elastin production, support fibroblast activity and blood circulation, and promote overall cell renewal in the affected area. While treatments cannot remove a stretch mark per se, those that meet the listed criteria can certainly diminish the appearance of stretch marks so they are no longer easily visible.

Topicals containing hyaluronic acid or tretinoin have been proven effective in treating stretch marks, though more time may be required to see desired results. There are also a variety of non-surgical medical aesthetics treatment options that offer substantial results. Microneedling is one such option, which works by creating microdermal wounds in the treatment area to spur reparation and promote healthy skin cell turnover for improved tone and texture.

Another option for reducing stretch marks is radio frequency-based skin resurfacing treatments, which are safe and effective for patients of all skin tones. Unlike microneedling, which only involves needles, this skin resurfacing treatment works with needles that also deliver heat to deeper layers of the skin. This enhances the production of collagen and elastin, and can produce faster, more noticeable results.

In fact, reports a noticeable reduction in the appearance of stretch marks, as well as a significant increase in collagen and elastin bundles within just three treatment sessions.

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Side Effects And Risks

People who try essential oils for stretch marks may experience skin irritation or allergic reactions, as these are the most common side effects. They should stop using the oil if it causes a rash, redness, or itching and see a doctor if symptoms persist.

People should be careful using citrus oils, as they can make the skin more sensitive to sunlight for 24 hours after use, which increases the risk of sunburn.

A person is advised to discuss the use of essential oils with a doctor before trying them, especially if they are taking other medications or using topical treatments.

Which Vitamin Is Good For Stretch Marks Can I Use Vitamin E For Stretch Marks

Stretch Marks Removal | Stretch Marks Treatment | Products Used For Stretch Marks

Yes, you can use topical vitamin E for stretch marks. According to P. Kim Phillips, doctor of dermatology at the Mayo Clinic, early application of vitamin E is the best way to avoid stretch marks from scarring.

Stretch marks occur during pregnancy when the skin is stretched so rapidly that the dermis, or middle layer of the skin, actually tears. Aside from weight fluctuations, dry, itchy skin and poor hydration also increase the likelihood of stretch marks appearing.

According to “Healing with Vitamins: the Most Effective Vitamin and Mineral Treatments for Everyday Health Problems and Serious Disease,” vitamin E oil boosts collagen production, a connective tissue that keeps skin elastic.

Related Products

With more elasticity, your skin will be less susceptible to tears and stretch marks. To help heal and fade new stretch marks, a topical application of vitamin E supports new skin cell growth and revs up cell regeneration.

To minimize stretch marks and reduce itchiness, choose a moisturizing vitamin E oil for stretch marks or belly butter that contains vitamin E, and rub it directly to stretch mark-prone areas daily. For pregnant women, these areas include the stomach, breasts, thighs, and buttocks.

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Does Vitamin E Really Get Rid Of Stretch Marks

While DIY acne treatments, facial masks, and other homemade beauty tricks might seem like a recent trend among millennials, consumers at large have always been curious about taking skin care into their own hands with simplified home remedies. But over time, it seems science is proving grandmothers favorite beauty secrets may not be performing as well as we believe. One such home remedy at question is vitamin E as a treatment for stretch marks.

While were all for taking control of your own beauty routines, were here to set the record straight on the vitamin E versus stretch marks debatedoes it work?

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What Does Help Get Rid Of Stretch Marks

Three things can produce more lasting results, according to Dr. King: Laser therapy, microdermabrasion, and microneedling. Laser therapy stimulates collagen and elastin using a specific wavelength of light, microdermabrasion gently exfoliates outer layers of skin to stimulate collagen production, and microneedling uses microneedles to make the skin produce more collagen. In all cases, “multiple sessions will be needed to produce more noticeable results,” Dr. King says.

In the meantime, creams can be a first start if you’re trying to use a less invasive, less expensive treatment on your stretch marksor, if you’re trying to keep from getting them in the first place. Keep scrolling for our top 16 picks.

A classic fave, this formula improves the skin’s moisturization and elasticity with key ingredients cocoa butter, argan oil, shea butter, almond oil, collagen, and elastin. And the best part? Unlike most stretch mark creams, it’s super affordable, so you can use it from head to toe if you want without feeling like you’re wasting it.


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