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What Vitamins Are Good For Beard Growth

How Should I Style My Beard

Beard Growth & Health – Vitamins for your Beard!

Unless you are styling yourself on Santa Claus, then you will need to embark on a little bit of trimming and treating to keep your beard on point.

Maintain your neck and cheek lines to keep things looking neat and give your beard definition.

As your beard grows, you will need to trim the length, which will have a degree of layering to it, as not all beard hair grows equally.

Growing a beard can be an itchy process, so a condition styler will help to soothe and keep your bristles soft and healthy, keeping flyaway hairs in place.

If your beard is on the longer side, then brushing will help to tame it and distribute the natural oils to nourish the hair throughout.

When it comes to beards, they might seem like the easy option, but they actually require quite a bit of time and care to make sure they look the way you want.

Keeping your beard preened, healthy and soft will make you look more like Chris Hemsworth than Tom Hanks in Castaway.

This dedication to your beard will make it much easier to live with and more kissable!

When you begin to grow your facial hair, have an idea of the style you want to achieve, and you can start the process of styling it as soon as that stubble starts to appear.

31 December 2020

Why Is My Beard Patchy

Its frustrating when, seemingly no matter what you do, you struggle to grow a thick, healthy-looking beard like the guy you work with, or a family member or someone with which you hang out.

Your first inclination may be to ask yourself what youre doing wrong. Thats understandable, because we are somewhat responsible for our patchy beard growth, at least in some cases. In other cases, well, its out of your hands.

Lets dig a bit deeper into the reasons for your inconsistent beard growth:

Does Biotin Help Beard Growth And Facial Hair

First off, let’s answer the biggest question of all. What is biotin? It’s not a miracle solution for a thicker beard made in a lab. It’s actually a naturally occurring substance known as vitamin B7 that is produced in small quantities by your small intestine. It is also ingested through healthy foods like bananas, nuts, seeds and cooked eggs. Egg yolks pack around 10 mcg of biotin per serving, but they are also high in cholesterol, so you should incorporate them into your diet but don’t overeat and expect faster results. Avoid consuming raw egg although some promote its health benefits, it carries a risk of salmonella poisoning. Biotin is also a key player in your body’s production of keratin, the protein responsible for healthy hair, skin and nails. In anatomy, all three of these are part of the integumentary system. If you have a biotin deficiency, then taking supplements could potentially improve your beard growth, as well as strengthen brittle hair and nails. It’s also important to human survival B vitamins affect your cell energy production, carbohydrate metabolism and the breakdown of fatty acids. Although biotin may improve the overall integrity of your hair and nail health, there is no strong scientific evidence that supports external consumption leads to lasting results. In other words, you need to ingest biotin in order for it to have the greatest effect, which means the wide range of biotin-infused shampoos on the market might not be as effective as they claim.

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Nu U Nutrition Biotin

At under £20, this year’s supply of biotin gives you plenty of bang for your buck . Each capsule contains 10,000mcg of bioton and is suitable for vegans and lactose, gluten and wheat free. Biotin aids your body with turning carbs, fats and proteins in your food into energy and is thought to contribute to healthy hair, skin and nails.

How Does Vitamin D Assist With Beard Growth

Big Beard Manlier Fuller Beard Bushy Hair Growth Herbal ...

Vitamin D can also be a accountable issue within the creation of recent hair follicles. It additionally helps new hair keep thickness and stop current hair from falling out prematurely. Every of those nutritional vitamins has distinctive features they typically assist your physique produce vitality and make necessary molecules in your cells. Other than B12, your physique cant retailer these nutritional vitamins for lengthy intervals, so you must replenish them often by way of meals .

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What Are Beard Growth Vitamins

Beard growth vitamins include any supplement that promotes facial hair growth, specifically for men trying to grow a longer, thicker beard.

These vitamins typically come in a single pack or multivitamin form, including all the vitamins responsible for maintaining healthy hair growth. While vitamins and nutrients are part of the issue, there may be some underlying reasons you have a slow-growing or patchy beard.

When Can I Expect To See Results

Please notice that dietary supplements are not magic pills that change your life in one night, they need a bit more time than that. Normally, with stable daily intake, you should start seeing results within 2-3 months, the best results within 6 months. Remember that with dietary supplements daily intake is the key to success, never skip a day.

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A New Look At Nutrition

Nutrient deficiencies can play a major part the healthy appearance of your hair and skin. Even if youve always been predisposed to a patchy beard and brittle hair, theres still hope for you. The Beard Clubs Growth Oil and Growth Vitamin supplements will go a long way toward helping upgrade your beard, but you shouldnt dismiss the tremendous benefits of maintaining a great diet, either.

If youre serious about boosting your beard, you should make an effort to to incorporate the following staple foods into your daily routine.

Spinach, for starters, provides an amazing natural source for iron. It can help stimulate the production of sebum, the oils responsible for keeping your hair soft and glossy. Spinach also comes jam-packed with omega-3 acids, potassium, and calcium. Its been classified as a superfood because it contributes so immensely to your overall health.

But you shouldnt just stop with impersonating Popeye. A good diet consists of a balanced mixture of just the right amount of proteins, carbohydrates, and essential fats. Fill your plate about halfway with greens at each meal, pairing a great protein source with fruits and vegetables of your choosing. Use seasonings and oils to supply the healthy fats your body requires.

Should I Use Beard Oil

4 Beard Growth Supplements

Beard growth oil is the new product that many men are reaching for, to make beard hair more supple and easier to style.

Beard oil helps to nourish both the hair and the skin, using ingredients such as Argan oil, baobab and jojoba.

It will hydrate and soften the hair, making it more comfortable to live with and much nicer for anyone who might be running their fingers through it!

A popular alternative is coconut oil for beard beauty as it is a fantastic hair softener, great for your skin and it smells fantastic too.

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Does Zinc Grow Facial Hair

Zinc for beard strength

Zinc helps to strengthen hair follicles, supporting natural growth of your beard. The mineral may also help with your scalp, skin, and fingernails. A lack of zinc in your diet can make it more difficult for your body to break down nutrients and proteins that aid in the production of beard hair.

Harvey & Coco Root Rehab Hair Vitamins

These capsules deliver nutrients to the blood vessels that nourish your hair, with the aim of maintaining healthy hair growth. They each contain 14 nutrients, including zinc, marine collagen, biotin, selenium, glycine and vitamins B5 C, D3 and E, which Harvey & Coco say prevent damaged and lacklustre hair. Take two capsules in the morning with water and if you don’t see any results, they offer a 100% money back guarantee.

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Why Certain Foods Can Promote Beard Growth

If you want to grow a beard and enjoy the numerous benefits it offers, then you have to look for a way to promote full and thick beard growth. One way to do that is to supply your body with nutrients that can stimulate the process of growing a healthy and great-looking beard.

It means that certain foods play a major role in beard growth. These foods perform such a function for your beard because the facial growth process is fully regulated by DHT and testosterone both of which are known for being male hormones.

You can eat certain foods that can significantly increase the level of such hormones in your body. Aside from that, some of these foods can increase the bodys use of the androgens, making them truly useful in growing a beard quickly and naturally.

Is It A Skin Condition

Beard Growth Vitamins &  Supplement

In rare cases, a skin condition is to blame for a lack of hair growth. Certain skin conditions like alopecia cause balding or hair loss. If you have symptoms of a skin condition, which likely affects your head as well as your hair, visiting a dermatologist could help.

In some cases, thin or slow-growing hair is the result of hypothyroidism, an underactive thyroid. However, this condition is more common among women over 50. Thin hair or hair loss can also be a symptom of an iron deficiency, or anemia.

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How To Grow A Beard Faster At 16

How to grow a thicker beard? Other than including the foods mentioned above that cause facial hair growth, you can follow the skincare routine given below for faster beard growth at the age of 16:

  • Exfoliate your face with a scrub or good-quality exfoliant once a week to avoid ingrown hairs.
  • Wash your face daily with a mild face wash to keep skin pores open.
  • Moisturize facial skin with eucalyptus-based cream or oil as it is known to boost facial hair growth.
  • Take proper rest and exercise daily to maintain adequate blood flow in the body and regular skin rejuvenation.

How Do Beard Growth Supplements Work

Male beard growth is stimulated in the follicles by testosterone, which primes the follicles1.

Linear growth of the beard is excited by an even more powerful male hormone, DHT1.

These are the androgens, and facial hair is purely androgenic-hair. If your androgens are low, beard growth is usually poor as well2.

Not only do you need high testosterone & DHT, but you also need sensitive enough androgen receptors so that the androgenic hormones can bind into it, enter DNA, and trigger beard growth.

Testosterone + DHT Androgen Receptors in your face = Growth of facial hair.

Now, this is what truly determines a real beard growth activator from fakes like Beardilizer or Vitabeard, I mean really, one of the most popular beard boosters, Beard Grow XL, actually contains ingredients that block DHT .

For any compound to really act as a beard growth enhancer it has to either increase DHT, increase testosterone, activate androgen receptors, or provide vital co-factors to fuel the hormonal processes.

These are the exact steps that can make you grow a thicker beard naturally.

As said there are a handful of scientifically proven facial hair growth supplements that can increase testosterone and DHT levels naturally.

And since the increased level of these hormones is directly correlated with increased beard growth rate3, you could go ahead and label these as facial hair growth accelerating supplements.

This is what the best beard pills need to do:

And Im not even done yet.

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What Vitamins And Minerals Help With Your Beard Growth

A beard says about a man much more than we think. There are a lot of studies that support the idea of how men with full and thick beards look more confident, powerful and experienced than men with weak beards. Therefore, it might be a good idea to start thinking how you can support your beard growth and grow the best version of your beard.

The main three things that you need to take into consideration with your beard growth are nutrition, time and lifestyle. These are the keys to success and help you to support your journey to become the beard king of your life. In this blog, we will go through all vitamins and minerals that we have chosen as active ingredients to our best-selling beard growth supplement, Beard & Hair Vitamins.

The idea of Beard & Hair Vitamins is to offer an easy and delicious all-in-one solution for you to ensure the daily intake of essential vitamins and minerals that help you to grow the best versions of your beard and hair. It is formulated with 13 active ingredients that will boost your beard and hair to the next level.

Amazon Solimo Mens Generic Vitamin

Beard Growth Vitamins That Work? | Chesapeake Beard Company

Solimo is a generic low-budget brand from Amazon.

Their Mens One Daily Multivitamin can be used as a beard vitamin for those who want the cheapest possible solution.

One bottle comes with 100 tablets, and since you take it once per day, the cost per tablet is as low as $0,08.

This is amazing, considering that dedicated facial hair supplements like Vitabeard or Beardilizer usually have ingredient lists pretty much identical to this one, but with a cost per capsule that is somewhere around $1 per capsule.

Choosing a dedicated beard vitamin would mean that you pay about 10x more just to have the word beard on the label. .

Key Specs and Details

  • Extremely cheap and works well for tight budgets.
  • Contains the most important vitamins and minerals.
  • No proprietary blends, all ingredients clearly visible.


  • Not the highest-quality ingredients, as to be expected.
  • Could be called a basic kitchen-sink multivitamin

Where to Buy it: Amazons own brand can, of course, .

Bottom line: If you want the cheapest beard vitamin possible, look no further. With just $0.08 per tablet, this price is hard to beat and the ingredients are decently good.

Okay, so we finally got to the first beard supplement here that actually says beard in it.

Its the VitaBeard facial hair support formula from Do Vitamins brand.

Is it any good you ask?

Not really, its decent but grossly over-priced.

Key Specs and Details

Where to Buy it: The Vitabeard facial hair growth formula is

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Can I Take Supplements For My Beard

There are a number of vitamins that help support the maintenance of normal hair, including biotin, copper, zinc and selenium. beard growth vitamins on the market now, that claim to give you a fuller, thicker beard, as they contain vitamin D, which can activate dormant hair follicles, and biotin and niacin, which help strengthen and condition hair.

These types of vitamins may help to improve the condition of your beard and leave it looking and feeling more lustrous.

What Happens If I Take Too Much Biotin

Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin, so any excess B7 you take is flushed out of your body through urine. Although there are rarely serious side effects, biotin is not something you should take without any research or precaution. Closely monitor your intake, including any supplements as well as biotin from your diet, to prevent symptoms like skin rash, high blood pressure, vitamin deficiencies and kidney problems.

Remember that any supplement you take gets filtered through your body, so it can have a long-reaching impact. The risk of many supplements, especially ones that promote miracle beard growth, are often far higher than the purported benefits. Use wisely and always conduct thorough research before you take anything.

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Will Beard Oil Provide A Thicker Fuller Beard

The short answer is no. Aside from clearing up acne and ensuring healthy beard growth, beard oils will have your beard looking healthier and feeling soft. However, despite popular myths propagated by infomercials and social media ads, beard oil isnt going to make your beard any thicker or fuller, even when used in combination with vitamin supplements. Fortunately, if a thicker, fuller beard is on your wish list, there are options, such minoxidil, though only roughly half of users have reported positive beard growth. However, to increase your odds, add more protein to your diet.

Taking Biotin For Beards: Before And After


These fine gentlemen combined biotin with other factors to improve their beard growth. Because there are additional elements at play, like a good care regime and proper nutrition, the results may not be entirely linked to taking biotin supplements.

Beard before and after: Took biotin supplements as well as improved beard care routineBiotin supplements were incorporated together with health and lifestyle changes

Be open to experimenting with potential solutions for your beard growth and thickness. There’s nothing wrong with naturally having less hair, and we at the Bearded Chap aim to help men rock every look from subtle, sleek stubble to a full-on lumberjack beard. Looking for more tips and tricks of beard growth? We share expert advice in our ultimate guide to growing a beard.

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Best Vitamins For Beard Growth

If you struggle to obtain all the nutrients your body needs, vitamins are a great way to supplement a healthy diet. These essential macronutrients carbohydrates proteins and fats from your diet, and micronutrients vitamins and minerals, will help support the function of your hair, skin and nails maintaining and repairing your existing hair follicles.

Which Essential Vitamins Help Your Beard Grow

You can clean and pamper your beard all you like, but no matter how active a role you take, a big part of your facial hairs growth is regulated by a few male hormones. Some of those youve definitely heard of, liketestosterone, while others tend to be a bit more obscure . While these invisible chemical couriers are largely determined by factors beyond your control, like genetics, you can still help shape the impact they have on your beard by tending to your overall healthbeginning with your diet.

Eating foods containing certain vitamins can give your beard a big boost. Many vitamins can help stimulate key hormones and increase your beards growth along with its overall health. In fact, a proper diet is probably the most effective way to stimulate growth naturally. Not to mention the fact that that it boosts your overall health in the process.

Foods that stimulate your beard should do the following:

  • Increase your testosterone levels
  • Contain the vitamins necessary to strengthen hair
  • Stimulate your testosterone and DHT levels and make them more active.

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