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Best Hair Growth Vitamins For Men

Hims Complete Hair Kit

Best supplements for HAIR GROWTH and THICKNESS

A subscription service created to make personal care easy and affordable for men, Hims offers access to prescriptions and products that manage hair loss and sexual wellness. The companys Complete Hair Kit features a powerful mix of anti-baldness solutions from supplements to topicals. This includes bottles of minoxidil, finasteride, shampoo, and multivitamin gummies. Signing up saves you hundreds a month, which is what you would normally spend on professional treatments or at your local pharmacy. Even better, HIMS sells each product individually on the site, in the case you’re a fan of one over the other.

Q: Does Biotin Help Hair Growth

A: Theres no definitive answer on whether biotin really helps grow hair. According to dermatologist Vivian Bucay, MD, clinical assistant professor at the University of Texas Health Science Center, if youre taking a stand-alone biotin supplement, youd need to take at least 5 milligrams daily for it to have the chance of affecting hair growthbut even then, theres no guarantee itll do anything.

Poor Hair Care Practices

Youd be surprised to find out excessive hairstyling and certain hairstyles do not favor your tresses.

Wearing your hair in a tight ponytail, for instance, is likely to trigger a condition known as traction alopecia, as are very abrasive hair treatments such as hot-oil therapies that have been known to cause hair to fall out.

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Q: Why Should You Buy Hair Growth Supplements And Vitamins

  • These supplements nourish and support healthy hair.
  • Hair vitamins and supplements often have immune strengthening benefits.
  • These hair growth products can decreases shedding and breakage.
  • Hair supplements and vitamins can thicken the hair and give it more volume.
  • The best hair growth products give your confidence a big boost.

Best Vitamins To Take For Hair Growth

HAIRtamin Man Hair Growth Vitamins


  • Some find the smell to be harsh

Promising review:I couldn’t be happier with this vitamin D supplement. I’m a night shifter, so I’m ordinarily deficient, and this provides enough that it helps stabilize my mood and keeps me feeling good. I like that it’s made with coconut oil instead of soy, too. You can’t beat the value Sports Research provides in this bottle, either: you get a year’s worth of quality vitamin D for ~$15.Warren

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Supplements And Vitamins For Hair Loss In Women

The life cycle of your hair follicles is very important to maintain your healthy hair. It consists of three major phases growing, resting, and falling out which then will be replaced by a new one. When this cycle goes awry, we can notice more hairs that fall out. And there are some supplements and vitamins to help cope with hair loss in women.

Amazon Elements Vegan Biotin

You’ve probably already heard that biotin can do wonders for hair regrowth in thinning hair and it does, thanks to the combination of water-soluble B complex vitamins. While biotin is available in foods like eggs, milk, and bananas, its easiest and most efficient when taken as a daily supplement.



  • May cause stomach aches in certain people

Promising review: Ever since Ive heard about biotin for hair growth I bought a bottle and it does as it claims. My hair was so short when I did my big chop back in 2017 that I couldnt put it in a ponytail but since then my hair has grown so thick and long.Robin

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Hum Nutrition Hair Sweet Hair

Hum Nutritions Hair Sweet Hair is a line of vegan gummies designed to make hair stronger and healthier, which encourages growth. Dr. Green recommends these gummies since they contain biotin, folic acid, vitamin B12 and zinc, as well as other ingredients that have been shown to promote the health of hair follicles and prevent hair loss.

These are formulated with all-natural and clinically-proven ingredients that can make a difference in your hair with consistent usage, she says.

Life Happens – And It Takes A Toll On Your Hair. Enter, Nutrafol.

Nutrafol’s hair growth and support products are created from patented formulas targeting six key root causes affecting hair health and are tailored to your ever-changing needs.

Are There Side Effects To Vitamins For Hair Growth

Best Vitamins For Hair and Beard Growth That Every Man Needs

I know what youre thinking: Whats the harm in taking hair growth vitamins and supplements, justin case they do end up helping? But sadly, thats not how vitamins work in a healthy human. Even if you were to ingest triple the vitamins your body needs , you still wouldnt reap triple, or even double, the hair growth rewards.

Why? Because your body keeps only the vitamins it needs and then gets rid of the rest, says Burg. It’s kind of like pouring water into a glass thats already 100 percent full. So unless youre actually missing some key nutrientsi.e., youre vitamin deficientyoull usually end up peeing out the excess vitamins pretty soon after you ingest them.

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Biotin 5000mcg Hair Growth Vitamin Supplements


  • Grow Longer & Stronger Locks Achieve lusher and healthier hair with Vytalife hair growth vitamin supplements. Formulated with biotin 5000mcg, these hair growth vitamins encourage keratin production which aids in healthy hair and nail growth.
  • Fight Hair Loss Our carefully designed hair vitamins contain B-complex and zinc, key elements to support hair follicle health, as well as iron and 11 additional vitamins to help prevent a variety of deficiencies that can cause hair fall.
  • Formulated by Doctors Our biotin and collagen supplements are formulated by experts to ensure your hair is restored to its natural glory. Non-GMO and made in the USA, it will also help strengthen your nails and boost healthier looking skin.
  • Take 2 Every Day Keep your hair lush and beautiful by taking 2 capsules every day after a meal, 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening, with this 45 day supply bottle. Each bottle includes 90 capsules of our hair loss treatments for women.
  • Recommendations If you are pregnant, nursing or taking any medication consult your doctor before use. Discotinue use and contact your health care professional if you experience any side effect or allergic reaction.

Hair Growth Vitamins By Physicians Choice

It may look like a laundry list of vitamins but examine it more closely. The supplement also has ingredients that boost absorption like Bioperine black pepper.

Theres a patented version of soluble keratin called Cynatine. Vitamin E in the form of EvnolMax tocotrienols is excellent for regrowing hair, too.

As you can see, its not just any old collection of random nutrients. This formula contains patented components that are proven to work.

Plus, who can resist iodine from Icelandic kelp?

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Hair La Vie Clinical Formula Hair Vitamins

Each hair-supporting ingredient was chosen for its promising benefits on scalp and hair health. These vitamins provide a comprehensive blend of nutrients to help achieve the gorgeous volume, incredible shine, and rejuvenated health that your hair deserves. Their ingredients include reishi mushroom , vitamin E, amla , flaxseed, bamboo stem, saw palmetto, hydrolyzed collagen and more.

Hair La Vie Clinical Formula Hair Vitamins

Formulated to protect and repair hairs natural beauty, Hair La Vie Clinical Formula is a supplement that promotes healthy hair using the power of total body nutrition.

Whats The Deal With Dht

15 Best Hair Growth Supplements For Men In India

Ive mentioned DHT a couple of times, but I havent explained it yet.

Depending on your point of view, its good or bad.

The good news is that DHT is a hormone, an androgen that creates male characteristics like beards and larger muscles.

But the bad news is that DHT makes hair follicles shrink.

Over time, this contributes to pattern hair loss, the classic balding that many men have .

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A Blend Of Organic Fruits And Veggies

The active ingredients of these gummies are sourced from the most absorbable vitamins worldwide and produced to the highest standards. Each gummy is made with a blend of 12 organic fruits and vegetables that are rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients.

The science behind the ingredient’s production is not outdated, unlike many vitamins, and you’ll be getting the actual food value from these gummies.

Hair Hero Powerful Hair Growth Formula

Hair Hero includes 5000 µg of biotin along with other vitamins and minerals plus DHT-blocking herbs in this supplement.

They are so confident youll love it that they offer a 365-day money-back guarantee.

When you look at the details on the label, you see that it contains collagen, saw palmetto, horsetail, and bamboo.

Bamboo and horsetail have high amounts of silica, which is essential for strong, shiny hair.

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Do Hair Loss Products Work

Thats the million dollar question, isnt it? The fact of the matter is, not all of them do. All our experts recommend focusing on tried and true, FDA-approved ingredients minoxidil and finasteride, both of which haven been shown through years of study to help control MPHL. For the record, these are the only two ingredients FDA-approved for hair loss. Thats not to say that other treatments, like supplements, natural remedies, and gadgets wont work at all, its just that the science supporting them isnt as robust . There is also something to be said about a multi-pronged approach, like using minoxidil and a supplement. The more ways you can act on the pathways contributing to hair loss the better and I often see patients on multiple types of therapy have better results, says Dr. Kash. But if youre using something and your hair loss isnt getting better or, yikes, getting worse, head to the dermatologist for an evaluation.

Important Nutrients For Hair Growth

Best Men’s Multivitamin For Hair Growth (Supplements For Hair Growth & Thickness)

If you want healthy, luscious locks, its important to maintain an overall nutritious diet.

In fact, theres very limited research to show that hair vitamins and supplements promote hair growth in generally healthy people.

However, some nutrient deficiencies have been associated with hair loss. In these instances, a supplement may offer some benefit .

Deficiencies in several nutrients including some B vitamins, vitamin D, vitamin C, iron, and zinc may contribute to hair loss.

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How To Choose A Hair Growth Supplement

Ideally, youll get enough of these and other nutrients your body needs through food, eliminating the need for hair growth supplements, says Dr. Boham. Diet is always best, since youre less likely to run into toxicity that way, she says. But if youre working with who can test your levels and know exactly what you need, supplementation can really be effective when diet alone doesnt work, she says. Know that its really good to have a targeted approach to supplementation so you know what youre taking and for what reason. Consider visiting a nutritionist or medical professional who can do an evaluation of your diet and nutritional status because that can help you know exactly what to take, and how much, says Dr. Boham.

That said, its generally safe to add more protein to your diet if you take stock of your eating habits and realize youre failing to meet the daily recommended amount. Generally, one gram of protein per day per kilogram of your bodyweight suffices, says Dr. Boham. There are lots of different protein supplements out there from collagen to pea protein and people will notice a difference, she says. And the amino acid supplements are the breakdown products of the protein. If its a blend of amino acids most people tolerate it pretty well.

When it comes to hair growth , iron, protein, and biotin are your friends. If youre failing to get enough of one of them through your diet, supplements may play a key role in your hair regrowth plan.

What Is The Best Vitamin For Hair Loss

When people ask which is the best vitamin for hair loss, youre likely to hear that its biotin or vitamin B-7.

A couple of studies from the past decade show that dosing with biotin improved hair growth and quality .

Its rare to have a biotin deficiency, though, because its available in a lot of different foods .

If youre experiencing thinner, more fragile hair, and youre pregnant, have inflammatory bowel disease, or take drugs that keep your body from absorbing biotin, you may benefit from a supplement .

Other B vitamins also help prevent hair loss as they keep hair follicles healthy. Vitamin B-12 is one of the B vitamins that might be lacking in your diet if youre vegan.

Plus, other vitamins like A, C, D, and E also have an impact on healthy hair growth. Thats why the labels on many hair growth pills look like an ingredients list on multivitamins.

To illustrate, Vitamin D might help you create new follicles on your scalp . And Vitamin E, which is a powerful antioxidant, helps fight alopecia .

Now, lets get to the reviews youve been waiting to see.

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Of The Best Hair Vitamins For Men Looking To Keep Their Hair Game Strong

According to American Hair Loss Association research, by the time we reach the age of 35, around 66% of men will experience some degree of hair loss. Often, the first reaction for men coming to terms with hair thinning or loss is a dramatic drop in confidence levels. But help is at hand, and the best hair vitamins for men will restore your hair to its crowning glory.

When it comes to boosting hair growth, vitamins, minerals, and supplements are what the body needs to stimulate failing follicles. Yes, its true you can get these following a balanced diet. For those who havent got time to stock up the store cupboard, let alone prepare daily healthy, vitamin-packed meals, hair growth vitamins are the perfect solution for men.

Here, our mens grooming experts know how important it is to look and feel good from the inside out. Whether you want a slick quiff or a classic crew cut, the key to rocking the best haircuts for men is a magnificent mane of healthy hair.

Not all hair vitamin formulas are the same. Some nourish, while others promote growth or help combat hair thinning. They may all look the same, but that doesnt mean their concentration of specific products is universal.

We have extensively researched the active ingredients in the 8 best hair vitamins for men, according to hair type, condition, budget, and more, doing all the hard work for you!

Does Taking Hair Growth Supplements For Hair Loss Actually Work

Best Men

All products featured on GQ are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Do vitamins and supplements for hair lossor for hair growth, however you want to look at itactually work? The answer is complicated. Maybe not always in the way you intend. But in general, sure. Well explain more, and recommend some of our favorites, but first, lets get one thing out of the way: If youre thinking about taking supplements for hair loss, then know that they are exactly thatsupplements. They should not be your primary plan. For that, you need to visit your dermatologist and ask about hair loss remedies like finasteride, minoxidil, and PRP. Or, if you want to cut to the chase, then meet with a digital dermo and sign up for an at-home hair loss subscription from Hims or a similar provider.

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How To Choose The Best Supplement For Hair Growth

When it comes to choosing the most optimal hair growth supplement, you want to look for clinically-backed products that have been tested for efficacy and quality. Keep in mind that most supplements take at least three months in order to build up stores of various vitamins, minerals, and compounds, so having patience is key.

Before buying a hair growth supplement, chat with your doctor or dermatologist. Get tested for any potential nutrient deficiencies and make sure you choose a supplement that wont cause allergies or other adverse effects. Furthermore, read all labels and steer clear of non-natural or chemical ingredients. Ideally, the ingredients are plant-based and come from organic sources.

Image by Belathée Photography

Look At The Ingredients

If you want to hedge your bets, look for tried and true minoxidil. Dr. Kash recommends products with 5% minoxidilthe maximum amount available over the counter. She also says there isnt much difference in the efficacy between name brand and generic products, as long as they all contain 5% minoxidil. Finasteride, the other FDA-approved medication, is usually taken orally, so youre less likely to find it in topical products. Any other ingredients, like collagen and antioxidants found in supplements, can be helpful to support hair health, but wont replace these two hair-loss all stars.

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Why Does Hair Start Thinning

Grow Gorgeous Partner Trichologist Stephanie Sey tells that androgenetic and telogen effluvium hair conditions are most commonly experienced, though loss often starts with general thinning. “Telogen effluvium is when you shed larger amounts of hair because your body has been shocked into moving your hair from the anagen or ‘growth phase’ to the ‘telogen’ resting phase, which causes excessive hair shedding,” Sey explains. “Usually the shock can be cause by high grade fever, childbirth, surgery, or emotional distress.”

Although the right growth vitamins can help mitigate hair loss with continued use, professionals advise speaking with an expert to find out the true root cause to prevent more thinning in the long run. “While someone might care about restoring their hair to its former luster and thickness, the cause of thinning ultimately determines the best method of treatment,” says certified aesthetics, hair transplant, and restoration treatment physician at Eternal Hair and EstheticsEdnan Sheikh. “If a person is unsure what’s causing their hair thinning, its best to consult an expert so they can determine the origin of hair loss and the right solution.”


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