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Food Sources Of Vitamin E

Should You Take Antioxidant Supplements

Vitamin E | Food Sources of Vitamin E | Dr. J9 Live

In an ideal world, youre much better off eating fresh and high-quality food than taking dietary supplements. Not only is your body better able to absorb them, but supplements arent cheap!

Nutritional supplements can provide isolated antioxidants, but not the total package we find in vegetables and fruit. The nutrient-rich fruits contain numerous secondary plant substances small miracle weapons against free radicals. No food supplement in the world can even come close to imitating this totality and the interaction of the health-promoting ingredients in real foods. But if youre in a place where youre not able to eat a healthy diet, a good quality supplement is better than nothing!

Top Foods Highest In Vitamin E

Youve probably heard of Vitamin E, right? Well, did you know that it could do a lot for you? The thing with vitamins is even though we all understand that we should take them because theyre good for us, but its hard to figure out how much to take, and where can get the natural vitamins we need. After all, vitamin supplements are great and all, but they are often too much for our bodies, or they are expensive and its easy to forget to take them. The list goes on. Vitamin E is great for our bodies, though, and there are ways you can look at getting it for yourself. Heres all the information you need to make the right choice:

Olive Oil: 19 Mg 13% Dv

There’s a reason olive oil is widely used in skin-care products: It contains the antioxidant vitamin E. But don’t eat hand lotion â instead, cook with olive oil, or use it for dipping or a salad dressing. A 1-tablespoon serving has 13 percent of the DV for vitamin E.

Olive oil is also an excellent source of heart-healthy unsaturated fat, which is why it’s the star ingredient in the Mediterranean Diet.

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Hazelnuts: 43 Mg 28% Dv

We know what you’re thinking, and no, hazelnut-based Nutella is not a healthy snack. But hazelnuts are a tasty nut that provides 28 percent of the DV for vitamin E per ounce plus healthy fat, fiber and magnesium.

Toss this top food high in alpha-tocopherol with your favorite seeds and dried fruit for a nutrient-packed trail mix snack.

Best Food Sources Of Vitamin E

Assortment food sources of vitamin E

Vitamin E is a collective name of 8 fat-soluble vitamins with powerful antioxidant properties. The naturally occurring vitamin E exists in 8 chemical forms, including gamma-, beta-, alpha, and delta-tocopherol and gamma-, beta-, alpha, and delta-tocotrienol. Alpha tocopherol is the single form of vitamin E that is recognized to satisfy the requirements of human beings.

Flawless and youthful skin, enhanced metabolism, healthy immune systemare all acquired with the sufficient Vitamin E content in the body. Are you aware of the functioning, the importance, and the best sources of vitamin E? Even if you say no, you will still have chance to get this by reading this article.

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We’ve Compiled A List Of The Top 10 Vitamin E Rich Foods To Improve Your Overall Health Skin And Hair

1. Sunflower SeedsIn search of a healthy snack? All you need is a handful of sunflower seeds to munch on. Nutty, packed with essential nutrients including vitamin E, magnesium, copper, vitamin B1, selenium and a whole lot of fiber, it will take you a long way. You can also garnish your usual chicken or tuna salad with sunflower seeds, spruce up your eggs with this super seed or sprinkle a handful on your one pot meals.

Vitamin E rich foods: A handful of sunflower seeds may help2. SpinachConsidered to be one of the healthiest green leafy vegetables, spinach is home to several essential vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin E. Just half a cup of spinach has 16% of your daily requirement of vitamin E. You can eat spinach raw or toss it up in salads. Note to remember: Cooking spinach or steaming it prior to a meal can actually increase the amount of its nutrients.

Vitamin E rich foods: Spinach is one of the healthiest foods

3. Vegetable Oils

Vitamin E rich foods: Avocado is rich in fibre6. AlmondsWhen you need a quick fix of energy, nothing beats a handful of almonds. 1 cup of almonds may be high in calories, but it provides almost twice the necessary amount of Vitamin E for the day i.e. 181%. Not a fan of raw almonds? You can drink up a glass of almond milk or top off a toast with almond butter.

What Does The Department Of Health And Social Care Advise

You should be able to get the amount of vitamin E you need by eating a varied and balanced diet.

If you take vitamin E supplements, do not take too much as this could be harmful.

Taking 540mg or less a day of vitamin E supplements is unlikely to cause any harm.

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Butternut Squash: 26 Mg 18% Dv

Butternut squash, a fall favorite, is known for its high levels of beta-carotene, or provitamin A, for healthy vision. The Thanksgiving staple is also a good source of vitamin E, with 18 percent of the DV per 1 cup cooked.

Because vitamins A and E are fat-soluble, cook it in olive oil to make sure your body soaks up the squash’s nutrition. Try one of these protein-packed butternut squash meals.

Food Sources Of Vitamin E

The Highest Vitamin E Food is…

The list of food sources of vitamin E is long and centers on nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables. Vegetable oils, such as soybean, safflower and sunflower, as well as nuts and seeds, like peanuts, peanut butter and sunflower seeds, are among the best sources . Just one tablespoon of wheat germ oil, for example, contains 100 percent of the Daily Value for the vitamin or 20.3 milligrams. Other important sources of vitamin E include fortified cereals and leafy green vegetables although, most Americans get the bulk of their vitamin E from sources such as vegetable oils like soybean, canola and corn .

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Red Bell Pepper: 33 Mg 22% Dv

Red bell peppers pack astronomical levels of vitamin C â 192 percent per 1-cup serving â but cooked red bell peppers are also high in vitamin E, with 22 percent of the DV per cup.

While all bell peppers contain antioxidants, the red variety has the most, per a March 2007 study in the âJournal of Food Scienceâ.

Ii Functions Of Vitamin E:

Vitamin plays many essential and important roles in human health, and here is a list of some most common functions of vitamin E you should know:

  • Adequate amounts of vitamin E can help to protect our body from age related macular degeneration, heart disease, and cancer.
  • It can help to decrease the premenstrual syndrome in women, improve healing ability, and maintain the circulatory system.
  • It plays an important role in fighting off a lot of degenerative health issues and preventing oxidative damage.
  • Scientists have confirmed the role of vitamin E in preventing degenerative mental imbalances such as Alzheimers disease and Parkinsons disease in the elderly.
  • Vitamin E is also needed for maintaining youthful and healthy skin.
  • It is also involved in the regulation of gene expression, the cell signaling and other metabolic activities.
  • Vitamin E is also needed for maintaining a healthy immune system in general.

Conversely, excessive intake of vitamin E-rich foods can cause hemorrhage and bleeding. It can also cause vitamin E toxicity due to its fat-soluble nature.

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Putting Vitamin E Absorption Into Perspective

We all need sources of vitamin E because our bodies do not manufacture the vitamin naturally. Food sources usually provide adequate absorption of vitamin E. Most people do not have a vitamin E deficiency, and therefore most individuals do not require a vitamin E supplement.

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin that protects vitamin A. Vitamin E protects the essential fatty acids from oxidation in the cells of the body. Vitamin E also prevents the breakdown of body tissues. There are many foods which provide adequate sources of vitamin E.

Roasted Shrimp Spinach Salad Recipe

Food sources of vitamin E, isolated on white  Stock Photo © belchonock ...

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Made with only a handful of fresh, healthy ingredients and one pan, this 10 Minute Roasted Shrimp Spinach Salad is a light, quick, tasty and easy meal!

Let us first talk about Vitamin E and why it is crucial to our body.

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Linus Pauling Institute Recommendation

The Recommended Dietary Allowance for vitamin E for adult men and women is 15 mg per day. Notably, more than 90% of individuals two years of age and older in the US do not meet the daily requirement for vitamin E from food sources alone. Therefore, LPI recommends that generally healthy adults take a daily multivitamin/mineral supplement, which usually contains 30 IU of synthetic vitamin E equivalent to 13.5 mg of RRR–tocopherol and 90% of the RDA.

Older adults

The Linus Pauling Institutes recommendation to take a daily multivitamin/mineral supplement containing vitamin E is also appropriate for generally healthy older adults. MVMs typically contain 30 IU of synthetic vitamin E, covering 90% of the RDA.

Benefits Of Vitamin E Foods

  • Hold Antioxidant Properties
  • Reduce PMS Symptoms
  • 1. Hold Antioxidant Properties

    Antioxidants are compounds that help neutralize harmful free radicals in the body to prevent oxidative stress and cell damage. Antioxidants are thought to play a central role in health and disease, with some research showing that they may be protective against several chronic conditions, including heart disease, diabetes and even cancer.

    Vitamin E has powerful antioxidant properties that can help prevent premature aging, reduce the risk of disease and protect the health of your cells. Alpha-tocopherol, in particular, is the most common type of vitamin E and has been shown to have both anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties in the body.

    2. Improve Skin Health

    Whether youre looking to speed up wound healing or fight acne, eating more vitamin E foods for skin may be able to help. Thanks to its wealth of potent antioxidants, vitamin E has been shown to aid in the treatment of a range of different skin conditions.

    One study published in the journal Cutis showed that combining vitamins A and E was able to help prevent the formation of comedones and milia, which are tiny bumps that form on the skin and are related to acne. Another study out of Italy found that vitamin E supplementation helped improve symptoms of atopic dermatitis.

    3. Promote Hair Growth

    4. Support Healthy Vision

    5. Reduce PMS Symptoms

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    Foods That Are High In Vitamin E

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    Vitamin E is a group of powerful antioxidants that protect your cells from oxidative stress. Adequate vitamin E levels are essential for the body to function normally.

    If you dont get enough, you may become more prone to infections, experience impaired eyesight or suffer from muscle weakness.

    Fortunately, vitamin E is widespread in foods. As a result, you are unlikely to become deficient unless your nutrient absorption is impaired.

    Nevertheless, everyone should try to eat plenty of whole foods rich in vitamin E.

    In the United States, 15 mg of vitamin E per day is considered enough for the vast majority of adults. This daily value is selected as a reference on nutrition labels in the US and Canada.

    Below is a list of 20 foods that are high in alpha-tocopherol, which is the most active form of vitamin E (

    This article also provides five lists of vitamin-E-rich foods, categorized by food group.

    How Much Vitamin E Do You Need

    The 5 Foods With The Most Vitamin E

    The recommended daily value of vitamin E for individuals 14 years of age and older is 15mg. You can generally get your daily dose of vitamin E through a balanced diet.

    Taking oral supplements are also available but you should exercise caution when taking supplements. Excessive vitamin E can create side effects.

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    What Is Vitamin E

    Vitamin E is an all-rounder when it comes to overall health and cardiovascular disease. This vitamin is a family of fat-soluble vitamins or compounds. This vitamin appears naturally in 8 distinct forms that include 4 tocotrienols and 4 tocopherols.

    Although it comes in many forms, alpha-tocopherol is the single one used by the human system. The primary role of vitamin E is to act as an antioxidant and scavenge for free radicals. These are what we call loose electrons capable of damaging cells.

    There is natural vitamin E and synthetic vitamin E. The natural one is derived from vegetable oil, like soybean oil. While the synthetic one comes from petrochemicals. Supplements can use both natural and synthetic forms.

    But, the natural ones outperform the synthetic version. Thats because the natural versions of this nutrient have higher purity. Their biological activity is more than 3 times that of the synthetic forms.

    How Can You Get Enough Vitamin E

    Vitamin E is found in nearly all foods to some extent. For this reason, most people are not at risk of deficiency.

    Yet, disorders that affect the absorption of fat, such as cystic fibrosis or liver disease, may lead to deficiency over time, especially if your diet is low in vitamin E .

    Increasing your vitamin E intake is easy, even without supplements. For instance, an excellent strategy would be to add some sunflower seeds or almonds to your diet.

    You can also increase the absorption of vitamin E from low-fat foods by eating them with fat. Adding a tablespoon of oil to your salad could make a significant difference.

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    Food Sources Of Vitamin E To Add To Your Diet

    The first thing people go for is vitamin E supplements. When managing the intake, vitamin E supplementation can help. However, vitamin E supplements are best reserved for deficiencies. Or if a doctor believes you need the help of dietary supplements to keep the vitamin in check. Otherwise, its best to take vitamin E foods instead.

    Of course, all foods have a different vitamin E content. You can pick those that work best. There are also those rich in healthy fat. With a healthy diet, you can maintain optimal overall health.

    Avocado Also Has Vitamin E

    Assortment food sources of vitamin e

    To get 14 percent of your daily value for vitamin E and keep you feeling full for longer, supplement your meal with half a medium avocado.

    You can add it to a salad, spread it on toast, make a sauce, and turn it into a sweet cream. Or cut the avocado in half, remove the seed, add lemon juice, salt and sprinkle with freshly ground black pepper. Despite being high in fat, avocados are healthy, and research shows that including avocados in your diet can help you eat fewer calories and lose weight.

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    Delicious Ways To Eat More Vitamin E

    Vitamin C? Youre likely eating all the vitamin C you need from your diet. Vitamin E? Now that might be a nutrient that you might not be consuming enough ofand it’s time to get on that.

    In terms of your general health, vitamin E is key. Vitamin E strengthens the immune system and helps your cells communicate with each other, but its best known for being a powerful antioxidant, says Kim Yawitz, a registered dietitian and gym owner in St. Louis, Mo.

    Its no secret that pollutants like cigarette smoke, ultraviolet light, and smog arent great for your health. This is partly because they expose your body to harmful molecules called free radicals, which can attack and weaken your cells, says Yawitz, adding that you might not realize that these molecules can build up in your body even if you tend to avoid environmental contaminants. For example, free radicals often form as byproducts of life-sustaining functions .

    This translates to not-so-great outcomes in the long-haul: Over time and in large amounts, these molecules can leave you vulnerable to heart disease, cancer, and other health conditions. And because it helps neutralize free radicals, vitamin E could help decrease the risk of certain chronic diseases, says Yawitz, noting that some studies have linked higher intakes of vitamin E with lower rates of heart disease,blood clots,age-related macular degeneration, andadvanced prostate cancer .

    Vitamin E Rich Foods And Recipes:

    Here are some vitamin E rich recipes that will be beneficial for your health.

    Cream of Almond soup

    Almonds are rich source of vitamin E. 1 cup of almonds provide more than 30 milligrams of vitamin E. It is actually double the required amount. Make this delicious cream of almond soup, and enjoy its mild flavor. See recipe.

    Spinach and corn curry

    One of the healthiest leafy green, spinach is rich in vitamin E too. Just 1 cup of cooked spinach has 25% of your daily requirement of vitamin E. Make spinach corn curry, that adds a spicy touch to otherwise bland spinach and makes it delectable. See recipe.

    Aam Panna

    This traditional mango drink is made with raw mango. Aam panna not only cools and hydrates the body with high water content, it is full of vitamins and minerals. It protects the body from loss of excessive sodium chloride, iron and water in summers that may occur due to excessive sweat. It is antioxidant, improves acidity problems and digestion. See Recipe.

    Tomato Rasam

    Rasam is a kind of spicy soup. It is made almost every day in South Indian homes. It is eaten with rice, or can be taken as soup. Tamarind pulp, tomato, and spices are the main ingredients, and it has a distinct sour taste. See Recipe.

    Cherry Tomato Lettuce Salad

    This cherry tomato lettuce salad is light and healthy. It is easy to make. Cherry tomatoes are combined with vitamin E rich olive oil and lettuce. This refreshing salad will be liked by one and all. See Recipe.

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