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Vitamin C To Start Period

Is It Sensible To Induce A Period

Induce Your Period with Vitamin C

As above, it’s possible to induce vaginal bleeding – but it’s uncommon, according to doctor Lee.

Matron Lythgoe on the other hand disagrees, saying nowadays it’s way more common for a woman to induce her monthly bleed. “For young people who havent yet started their period or those who want to support their fertility, then it’s worth discussing period induction,” she recommends. A robust consultation and sometimes other diagnostic tests may be required, but your doctor will be able to talk you through the right options for you, she says.

“The vast majority of situations can be safely managed with advice and medication. While not a 100% guaranteed outcome, period control is achievable for many. Having the option to plan your cycle can provide you with choices: lets just make sure those choices are safe, credible, and planned,” she adds.

How To Make Your Period Come Faster With Exercise

Exercise is highly recommended for anyone who wants to feel healthier and happier. You can make your period come faster by exercising regularly, although it should be noted that this may not be a preferred method for everyone. Some people find exercising during their period uncomfortable, even though it is one of the better nature methods.

Women who exercise regularly often experience a short, light period or no period at all. This is because the body expends a lot of energy during heavy workout sessions, and menstrual blood needs to be replenished by other bodily fluids. One of the better period tips is doing some light exercise. For example, walking for about 30 minutes every day can help with any symptoms you may have experienced before starting to exercise.

As with any new change in your lifestyle, it is important you speak with your doctor before starting an exercise routine so they can help you determine the safest and most effective workout plan for your body type. They can also help you identify if there are any reasons why you should not be exercising at the current time.

Can You Make Your Period Come Faster

There are various reasons why you might wish to induce your period. Perhaps you want to get your period over and done with before a holiday or a special occasion. Maybe you have an irregular cycle and want more predictability so that you can plan a pregnancy. Or maybe your period is delayed, causing you to feel stressed or worried.

If your period is delayed, or you stopped getting it, treating the cause may help you regulate your monthly cycle.

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How To Induce A Period With Vitamin C

Before I begin, I want to emphasize that this post should not be taken as medical advice. It is simply a remedy that I tried. DO NOT try if you might be pregnant as it could potentially cause a miscarriage. This is simply to induce a period.

There is nothing more frustrating that irregular periods, or even worse, when you know that your period is coming but it just wont start. Of course, you can always visit your doctor to induce a period by using medications, but sometimes taking drugs to regulate your period can lead to adverse effects such as fertility issues.

Over the years Ive struggled with irregular periods Brough on by stress, illness, or even when Im traveling. It can be frustrating, so I decided to try natural methods to induce a period. Ive previously written about how to taking parsley can help induce a period. However, if that method doesnt work for you, you can also try using Vitamin C to induce a period.

How Many Mg Of Vitamin C Do You Need Per Day

Induce a Period

You might be surprised to learn that the recommended dietary allowance of Vitamin C for adults is probably lower than you think. The recommended daily amount for adult men is 90 mg/day, but goes up to 125 mg/day for smokers, as smoking increases the need for more antioxidant support. While healthy women generally need 75 mg of Vitamin C per day, the recommendation goes up for women who smoke and for pregnant or breastfeeding women .2,

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How To Induce Your Period With Vitamin C

October 21, 2017 By Sruthika

Menstrual Cycle It is a natural monthly process of every woman that reflects their good health and it is important for maintaining the healthy reproductive system.

Most of the women are getting a period at their regular intervals but some are suffering from the problem of irregular or blocked periods, which takes even weeks to start after suffering from menstrual symptoms like soreness of breast and cramps.

The period cycles differ from one woman to another in terms of severity and duration from time to time. Women who rely on the drugs to regulate their periods should suffer from many side effects, including fertility problems.

Are you one among those women suffering from the irregular menstrual cycle? Do you want to know how to regulate your period in a natural way? Then have a look at this article, which explain you how to induce your period by using vitamin C.

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Taking Supplements In High Doses May Lead To Kidney Stones

Excess vitamin C is excreted from the body as oxalate, a bodily waste product.

Oxalate typically exits the body via urine. However, under some circumstances, oxalate may bind to minerals and form crystals that can lead to the formation of kidney stones .

Consuming too much vitamin C has the potential to increase the amount of oxalate in your urine, thus increasing the risk of developing kidney stones .

In one study that had adults take a 1,000-mg vitamin C supplement twice daily for 6 days, the amount of oxalate they excreted increased by 20% .

High vitamin C intake is not only associated with greater amounts of urinary oxalate but also linked to the development of kidney stones, especially if you consume amounts greater than 2,000 mg (


Consuming too much vitamin C may increase the amount of oxalate in your kidneys, which has the potential to lead to kidney stones.

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Vitamin C For A Faster Onset Of Menstruation

It has been said that Vitamin C can help the production of estrogen. Estrogen thickens the lining of the uterus causing the uterus to contract, helping to induce periods. It also deprives the uterus of progesterone, which in turn triggers the lining to shed.

You can easily do this by taking vitamin supplements or adding more vegetables and fruits that are high in Vitamin C to your diet. Oranges, grapefruit, papaya, broccoli, green bell peppers are just a couple of good sources of Vitamin C .

What Are The Risks Associated With Inducing A Period


Inducing a period via hormonal contraception can have many advantages – if taken correctly, according to Lythgoe.

“Being able to time your menstrual flow is definitely a plus. For the vast majority of healthy adults, it’s a safe medication to take. Hormonal medication risks, although very rare, can increase the risk of developing blood clots, strokes, or heart attacks. Overweight and older users are at a higher risk of complications,” she shares.

But doctor Lee is more cautious, saying that if you are worried about irregular periods and thinking of inducing a bleed, it’s always worth trying to get to the root of what’s causing those irregularities first. “Treating the underlying cause is the best way of getting your periods back,” she explains. “Sometimes women quite naturally find they do not bleed during their seven-day pill break,” she adds.

Fun fact: bleeding isn’t medically necessary. “It’s a strange thing in this modern world, that actually you don’t need periods at all to be healthy,” she shares.

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Natural Ways To Induce A Period

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Its fair to say that few women look forward to getting their period, so it may be surprising that so many have used methods to bring it on sooner.

There are various reasons why a woman might wish to induce her menstrual cycle. Perhaps she wants to get her period over and done with before a holiday or a special occasion. Maybe she has an irregular cycle and wants more predictability so that she can plan a pregnancy. Or her period could be delayed, causing her to feel stressed or worried.

Whatever the reason, there are a number of methods that may help.

How To Use Vitamin C For Inducing Period

The effects of high ascorbic acid or Vitamin C doses on women were first discovered by a Russian scientist in the mid 1990s. Through a research, the scientists discovered that high doses of vitamin C elevated the level of estrogen hormone in ladies. This, in turn, can be used to induce a delayed period or to disrupt a pregnancy and initiate bleeding. During the research, 20 ladies were tested to ascertain the effectiveness of using vitamin C in inducing period. Of the 20 ladies, 16 started bleeding 3 days after the vitamin C dose was administered. Throughout this article, the various aspects of this method will be discussed.

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Ginger Water To Induce Periods

Ginger tea is one of the most potent emmenagogues . Still, unlike parsley, it can have some side effects, like acidity. For extremely delayed periods, one recommends a combination of parsley and ginger tea. Ginger is thought to increase the heat around the uterus, thus promoting contractions.

How to use: One can consume ginger tea or fresh ginger juice with honey. One can also choose to incorporate raw ginger in their food. Drink a cup of fresh ginger juice, two parts with water, one part, every morning on an empty stomach for a few days before the regular date.

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Cinnamon Tea To Speed It All Up

Can Vitamin C Induce Your Period

Cinnamon won’t force your period to start overnight but it is a menses herbal powerhouse. Cinnamon has anti-spasmodic properties that helps to reduce cramps and menstrual pain. As an added bonus, cinnamon will act as vasodilator increasing the blood flow in the uterine area which efficiently helps in regulating irregular menstruation and inducing menstruation in women who have irregular menstruation periods. Cinnamon is also rumored to help induce labor!

Lastly, cinnamon will not only trigger your period, it will reduce symptoms of PMS and menstrual symptoms. “Cinnamon reduces pain, menstrual bleeding, nausea and vomiting with primary dysmenorrhea without side effects, it can be regarded as a safe and effective treatment for dysmenorrhea in young women”].

To make cinnamon tea, you can simply add cinnamon to some water and boil it for 15 minutes. For some sweetness, add in your preferred choice of milk or honey. That said, if cinnamon tea is not the thing for you, you can always opt to sprinkle them on to your smoothies, cereal, or yogurt.

Other methods that have also been linked to help induce periods are drinking teas like ginger tea or parsley tea and exercise.

These are just some of the ways that can help induce periods overnight. One very important step to help this process is reducing stress. Whether it be with meditation, yoga or taking a long needed nap, relaxing can really help you with your menstruation cycle.

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The Side Effects Of Too Much Vitamin C

There are actually quite a few side effects related to excessive Vitamin C consumption. Your digestive tract will probably be the first thing to notice that something isnt right.

Common side effects include nausea, vomiting, heartburn, and esophagitis. You may also notice stomach cramps, diarrhea or intestinal obstruction.

However, you can also experience symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, feeling sleepy or insomnia. Flushed skin is also a symptom.

A more serious side effect is kidney stones. And the longer you consume 2,000 mg or more of Vitamin C each day, it increases your risk of experiencing significant side effects.

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How Much Vitamin C Per Day To Start Period

Too much vitamin c can have unpleasant side effects like diarrhoea and insomnia, so dont take more than the recommended dose. To make put, put the seeds of three and a half pomegranates in a bowl and mix with one spoonful brown sugar.

Early Periods Can Too Much Vitamin C Lead To Early Periods In Girls

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How To Take Vitamin C To Induce Period

Here are 6 effective home remedies that can help you to get more vitamin C so as to help introduce your period.

1. Try Parsley Tea

The effectiveness of parsley tea may be attributed to its high vitamin C content about 133mg. To prepare a cup of this tea, you should place fresh green parsley into an empty cup until it is a quarter full. You should then fill the cup with boiling water and let the solution to stand for about 5 minutes. Strain the solution and take it 2 to 3 times a day to initiate your period.

2. Drink Cranberry Juice

Fresh cranberry juice is a good source of ascorbic acid of high concentration. For this method, you should opt for fresh juice, rather than the commercial juice because the commercial juice contains a large amount of sweeteners. To make the juice, you should acquire hard, bright red and fresh cranberries, wash them thoroughly and use a juicer to crush them. You may add some apple juice into it to combat the tart taste. You should not take more than a liter of the juice as it can lead to side effects.

3. Consume Guava

Guava is also very rich in ascorbic acid, containing about 228mg of vitamin C per fruit. To use guava vitamin C to induce period, you may eat the fruit or drink its juice. Alternatively, you may also take guava leaf tea of the plant.

4. Eat Citrus Fruits

5. Add Vitamin C-Rich Vegetables into Diet

6. Get Vitamin C from Animal Livers

Can Vitamin C Help Make Your Period Come Faster

Should You Take Vitamin C Supplements For a Cold? | Dr. Ian Smith Answers

Vitamin C is a great period medicine, and one of the best nature methods to get your period to come faster. However, there are some things you need to be aware of first. Vitamin C supplements can give you very unpleasant side effects if your body does not respond well, so its crucial you speak with your doctor before beginning this method for bringing on your period.

The most common side effect of taking high dosages of vitamin C for period assistance is diarrhea. Other symptoms may include nausea and vomiting and headaches, and dizziness. These symptoms will subside after stopping usage or once the dosage has been lowered.

Other than that, vitamin C is considered quite safe and an effective period medicine if you want to get it sooner. Symptoms may take around three days before they begin to subside.

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How Much Vitamin C Per Day Do I Need

Get Enough Of This Essential Vitamin To Help Support Your Health

Vitamin C is an important vitamin for good health and it plays many important roles including supporting the normal function of the immune system and the nervous system, increasing iron absorption, reducing tiredness and fatigue and supporting the skin.

Read more about the benefits of Vitamin C here.

Stress Reduction And Exercises To Get Your Period Early

High levels of stress can prevent your period from arriving on time, so its important to try and keep yourself stress-free if youre trying to induce an early period. Everyone has their own ways of de-stressing, but if youre stuck on how to chill your brain out, try some movement or exercise, a proven method to lower stress levels in the body.

Exercise releases endorphins in your brain that can relieve stress and also reduce your estrogen levels. This is a good thing because estrogen is what makes your uterine lining start to thicken .

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You Have A Thyroid Problem

Your thyroid gland is butterfly-shaped. It’s present in your neck and produces hormones that aid in the performance of many bodily functions, including your menstrual cycle.

Both hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism can disrupt your menstrual cycle. Hyperthyroidism is, however, more probable with late or no periods for a month or more at a time.

Other signs of a thyroid problem include:

  • Irregular heartbeats
  • Sleeping difficulties

How Much Vitamin C To Start Period Reddit

vitamin c to induce period

According to some sources, an average menstrual cycle lasts for 28 days, though a typical range is between 21 and 35 days.. A person should see their doctor if they regularly.

In that case knowing howto make your period come faster can give you a great peace of mind. The reason is that your body starts thinking of too much exercise as stress, which then chases away your period. 11. Take VitaminC. VitaminC is a sure shot way of speeding up the coming of your period. HowTo Get Your Period Faster. There are multiple ways to prepone period but going natural is the best alternative. Like sesame, these home remedies to startperiod early can regulate the balance of hormones. Take supplements of vitaminCto stimulate your ovary.

Jan 15, 2015 · Has omega-3’s, which are an essential fatty acid and are anti-inflammatory. Anti-cancer, heart health, blah blah. Good for rebalancing your omega 3:6 ratio . Take them if you don’t eat much fatty fish. article.

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