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Vitamins That Make You Happy

Vitamins Give You Energy For Endorphin

Do These Happy Pills Actually Work?

If you have enough vitamins to sustain optimal body function, you’ll have more energy to exercise. Better and more efficient exercise keeps you trim and eliminates the need for on-again, off-again dieting and exercising keeps you even healthier. By taking vitamins for energy, you’ll do more than get a blast of pep in your workday you’ll start a cycle that ensures a happier healthier life in many ways.

Which Vitamins Make Us Happy

Have you ever felt gloomy for no obvious reason? Like youre rocking your job, you just met your soulmate, you have everything you ever wished, but still cant enjoy life? Sometimes it seems like theres something in your brain that stops you from being happy.

There are some thoughts, no matter how successful you are, that bring you down and make you question yourself. Well, you might be surprised if I tell you that sometimes some vitamin deficiency can make you low-spirited. Its true.

So next time you feel blue, check if youve had enough of the nutrients below:

calcium, chromium, folate, iron, magnesium, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin D, and zinc.

All of these nutrients cheer us up in their own unique ways. But somehow, they all are involved in boosting serotonin, which is happiness neurotransmitter. B6, for example, is one of the key vitamins for synthesizing serotonin in our body.

You can take supplements or just try to correct your nutrition habits. Also be careful with the food you consume. Some foods block minerals and they dont let vitamins be absorbed. Especially drinks that are high in caffeine can decrease absorption of vitamins and minerals.

Who Makes The Highest Quality Multivitamin

There are many companies that make high quality multivitamins, including several of the brands featured above, such as Ritual and Nordic Naturals.

Look for brands that offer multivitamins catered to your needs, and opt for products that use high quality ingredients and are rigorously tested, ideally by an independent lab.

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Nutrients That Can Increase Your Happiness

Research has found eight nutrients, in particular, that make a significant contribution to supporting healthy brain function and to fighting depression and mood disorders.

Some of the studies focus on supplements because theyre easier to study than food. But these nutrients are all found in foods, too!

So lets take a look at these eight nutrients. And then, well review 16 mood-boosting foods that are rich in them.

Why Sugar And Fast Food Can Make Your Mood Worse

Vitamin C can help make you happy!

Weve known for some time that theres an association between added sugars and unhealthy fats with an increased risk of cancer, type 2 diabetes, Alzheimers, obesity, and many other ailments. But now were learning that theyre also bad for your mental and even your emotional health.

A 2012 study in the Public Health Journal looked at fast food consumption and depression. Compared to those who ate little to no fast food products, people who ate fast food at least twice a week were 51% more likely to develop depression.

And while it can bring short-term pleasure, in the long run, sugar seems to be especially bad for your mood. Studies have shown that it increases the risk of mood disorders and depression.

The Whitehall Study II looked at the diets and health conditions of 8,000 people over 22 years. Researchers found that men who ate 67 or more grams of sugar per day were 23% more likely to have a depression diagnosis in a five-year period than men who consumed 40 grams or less.

Beverages are one of the most under-recognized sources of added sugars in the modern diet. And now were learning that they can have a major impact on mental health.

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Foods With Probiotics Ie Kefir Yogurt Sauerkraut

Probiotics are bacteria living in our intestines and known for aiding in digestion, boosting the immune system and cleaning our gut.

Theyre a key contributor to the health of the gut-brain axis and have a calming effect on the body and specifically helps with aggression, notes Delbridge.

Fermented dairy foods contain probiotics, such as kefir, sauerkraut, kimchi, pickles and yogurt.

Best Happy Pills To Overcome Depression Anxiety And Stress

With the plenty anxious, or lackluster feeling- happiness can sometimes go out of your reach. The faded smile from your face might make your life the one you have chosen, but you are not here alone. In fact, as per the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, There are more than 20M American adults having a mood disorder.

Do you know the reason behind the not-so-good feeling you frequently have? It is the lack of the four major chemicals in your brain that influences your happiness, i.e., Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, and Endorphins. These chemicals are responsible for creating a desirable state of the brain altogether. While others also have a major role in making you happy, however, if youre in a good mood- youve mostly got Serotonin to thank for.

  • In Conclusion
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    The Great 8 Mood Support Supplements

    Prescription antidepressants may raise levels of both norepinephrine and serotonin. However, they also come with a long list of nasty side effects such as weight gain, constipation, and dry mouth. Turning to natural supplements to support mood may be a better option for many. As always, speak with your doctor before making any changes to your medications or supplement regimen.

    Mood is more than psychological it affects your entire body and well-being. Regardless of what is at the root of your mood imbalances, there are natural ways you can overcome them. These 8 supplements are a great place to start. Peace of mind and a positive outlook can be yours once again! Just remember to always consult with your doctor before adding supplements to your regimen, especially if you are currently taking any medications. I wish you all the best in your journey to optimal health!

    Some Vitamins Are Natural Energy Boosters And Pep You Up Without The Letdown Of Coffee Or Sugar

    Foods That Make You Happier

    Although all vitamins improve your energy to some extent , B-complex vitamins are known for their energy-boosting properties. The B-complex vitamins are B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, and B12. They all provide essential health benefits. If you need vitamins for energy, any B vitamin will help, but Vitamin B12 is often considered the best B vitamin for increased vitality.

    Vitamin B12, also called Cobalamin, is one of the most important vitamins to retain strength and energy. If you’re feeling fatigued or have developed anemia, taking Vitamin B12 supplement and adding more B12-rich foods to your diet will improve your energy level almost immediately. An extended B12 deficiency may lead to serious brain or nervous system damage. Vitamin B12 is found only in animal products. If your diet includes at least a moderate amount of meat, fish, milk, cheese, eggs, fortified soy or fortified breakfast cereal, you probably get enough B12. Vegans and vegetarians with strict diets may need to take a B12 supplement to prevent anemia or more serious damage to the brain or nervous systems.

    Vitamin B12, like other vitamins, contributes to overall health, making it easier for individuals to stay energetic and focused.

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    Go With The Flow Helps Female Hormonal Imbalance

    Think of this like a multivitamin for hormone balance.

    Go With the Flow features a curated blend of adaptogenic herbs and plants that help balance hormones related to PMS, mood swings, menopause, and even PCOS. The formula includes:

    • Black cohosh root, a proven relief for vasomotor menopause symptoms such as hot flashes.
    • Dong Quai, a root that treats the symptoms of PMS, including mood swings and cramps.
    • Chasteberry, a plant that contains hormone-like compounds that help alleviate issues like PCOS, early menopause, and infertility.
    • Maca root, a powerful hormone balance herb used to treat depression and fatigue, as well as provide a natural boost for your libido.

    Go With the Flow ingredients are 100% plant-based and non-GMO. Theyre highly bioavailable, which means that you can start bringing your hormones back into balance in just a few doses.

    Get Motivated And Stay Active

    The correlation between Vitamin D and staying active is similar to the age-old question, which came first, the chicken or egg.

    When you get outside to exercise, explore, and stay on the move, it has a direct effect on your Vitamin D levels. When you have enough Vitamin D, youll find yourself with more energy and be ready to spend some time outside and stay active. Needless to say, Vitamin D and staying active go hand and hand and depend on each other for the best results.

    Getting in a good outside workout in the sun will all help increase your mental health drastically, allow you to better control your feelings, and help with feelings of depression and anxiety that can increase your mood. But when you add sun and vitamin D to this mix, you will even find yourself able to recover quicker from your workout.

    Some of my personal favorite ways to soak in some natural Vitamin D while moving and getting some exercise include meditation, yoga, going for a nice long walk with my girls, or getting in some much-needed interval training. The short bursts of energy can help you lose fat, improve endurance, and build muscle, so it goes hand in hand with the benefits of Vitamin D.

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    Vitamins Give You The Energy To Think Clearly

    When you don’t get enough vitamins, especially B-complex vitamins, you’ll feel sluggish and won’t be able to “think on your toes.” This will lead to more mistakes at work or at school, and a slower reaction time when doing tasks, driving or participating in sports or hobbies. When you’re feeling energetic, you’re more apt to think clearly and make better decisions.

    For Now Heres A Quick Science Lesson:

    10 Best Happy Pills To Overcome Depression, Anxiety, and Stress
    • Vitamin B1 works to supply your bodys cells with energy. In Australia, it is mandatory for bread-making flour to be fortified with thiamin.
    • Vitamin B2 is also important in energy production. It plays a role in skin health, too.
    • Vitamin B3 is involved in energy metabolism. It is also important for your digestive system.
    • Vitamin B5 works to metabolise macronutrients and alcohol.
    • Vitamin B6 is involved in the metabolism of proteins and carbohydrates. There are six different forms.
    • Vitamin B7 is also needed for energy metabolism.
    • Vitamin B9 is vital for mums to be, as it is important to prevent neural tube defects. It also helps to form red blood cells.
    • Vitamin B12 is involved in DNA synthesis, as well as blood and nervous system function.

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    Does Vitamin B12 Make You Happy A Neurologist Explains The Benefits Of Vitamin B12

    Advertising Disclosure– Our content is free because we earn a commission when you click or make a purchase using our site.

    Ill never need a reminder to take a vitamin B12 supplement. Taking one is as routine to me as brushing my teeth – and I can thank a friend for this.

    My friend who would fall under the category of young and really healthy started periodically passing out with no warning. After she got some blood work done she learned that she had a vitamin B12 deficiency which was likely part of the cause. That stuck with me. Its one of those unfortunate situations that I didnt have to go through because I learned from someone elses experience.

    Vitamin B12 is an essential vitamin necessary for healthy brain function, nerve tissues, and red blood cell production. Vitamin B-12 and other B vitamins play a role in producing brain chemicals that affect mood and other brain functions. Low levels of B12 and other B vitamins such as vitamin B-6 and folate may be linked to depression.

    Vitamins Help Ward Off Energy

    Insufficient levels of Vitamin B12 and B6 are linked to depression, memory loss, and poor mental clarity. These B vitamins help individuals maintain a good mood and proper brain function. Without the recommended daily requirement of B6 and B12 through diet and supplements, you may feel sluggish and moody. In some people, a steady lack of B12 and B6, along with other factors, may lead to long-term depression.

    Water soluble Vitamin B6 must be introduced into the body daily through food and supplements. It leaves the body through urine and there’s no surplus stored in the body. It promotes normal nerve function and guards against disease-causing antibodies. It makes hemoglobin, which supplies oxygen to the tissues through red blood cells. B6 also helps break down proteins.

    Vitamin B6 is available in high quantities in turkey, tuna, chicken, salmon and beef. Sunflower seeds, bananas, sweet potatoes, potatoes and spinach are good vegetarian sources of vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 is included in B-complex vitamin supplements and many nutritional and weight loss supplements. Make sure you get enough Vitamin B6 daily to support proper brain function and mental clarity. Along with Vitamin B12, it’s one of the best vitamins for energy, and it also serves as a natural antidepressant and mood enhancer.

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    How You Can Favor The Formation Of Serotonin

    If you want to be happy, sometimes you have to give your body a boost. Researchers have found that depressed people have 50 percent lower serotonin levels.

    However, stuffing yourself only with serotonin foods will not get you anywhere.

    To be happy and content, you must meet at least three conditions:

    Zinc And Copper Orotate

    HAPPY PILLS? My Opinion Of Antidepressants

    Zinc deficiency triggers mood changes and memory disorders. It upregulates the expression of brain-derived neurotrophic factor, a protein used to regulate mood and stress.

    As per one Australian study, participants who had zinc intake in the diet has a 30-50% lower chance of having depression. Combined with copper, zinc doses can boost up your mood with the least side effects.

    • Dose: 15mg zinc orotate with 1-2mg copper orotate per day.
    • Intake Time: Once daily with a meal
    • Tips & warnings: Avoid combining with meals high in iron, calcium, and phytates , and higher does use to vegans is recommended.

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    Follow These 2 Simple Rules And Improve Your Health By Taking A Good Healthy B Vitamin

    RULE 1: Look at whats in it.

    There are eight known B vitamins. Good products have all eight in a balanced form. The eight are:

    All 8 are essential for human metabolism, growth, reproduction, general health, appetite, the normal functioning of the digestive tract, nervous stability and blood cell formation.

    B vitamins are competitive in the body. B vitamins must be taken together in a balanced, complex form in order for your body to use them correctly. Taking 1 or 2 of the B supplements alone can throw off your metabolism.

    Some B-complex components are expensive to produce. Others are cheap. Guess which ones are left out of discount vitamins. Trust me, not all vitamins are the same. It is worth your time and money to compare vitamins.

    Look at the back of the vitamin bottle. Do you see 6000% of the recommended daily allowance of one B, and 20% of the expensive one? Ask yourself if the company making that product is looking out for you health or it bottom line.

    B vitamins are like a sports team. There is no “I in TEAM”. Everyone must work together to achieve a winning combination. I can still here my coach, “You are only as strong as your weakest link.” “Win one for the Gipper” — but wait — I think I am getting off track….

    Vitamin companies are not required to do research on their products. Most companies don’t do any. It costs a lot of money.

    Vitamin K2 Metabolises Estrogen

    Vitamin K2 is a curious vitamin. Research is still ongoing but we so far know that it provides a significant boost for vitamin D production, which, in turn, maintains bone and cardiovascular health.

    When taken as a vitamin for hormone balance, however, vitamin K2 is the right solution if youre looking to decrease estrogen dominance.

    Studies show that vitamin K2 binds to the estrogen and androgen-converting enzyme 17 beta-HSD, which modulates estrogen metabolism. When estrogen is properly metabolized, less of the hormone remains in the body.

    Furthermore, the process inhibits the overproduction of estrogen, which not only lowers the effects of high estrogen in men and women, but is also a potent support in fighting estrogen-related breast cancer.

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    How To Choose The Best Vitamin Brand For You

    There are several factors to consider when determining which vitamin brand is right for you, including:

    • Personal needs. Consider your health goals to find a brand that offers products catered to your specific needs. For example, some brands provide products specifically for athletes, while others focus on meeting the needs of children, teens, or pregnant people.
    • Quality. Look for brands with products and facilities that are third-party tested or certified, which helps ensure the safety, strength, and purity of supplements.
    • Dietary restrictions or food allergies. Many products are certified vegan, gluten-free, or kosher, which may be a key consideration for some.
    • Cost. Some brands are more expensive than others, so be sure to look for a company that offers products within your budget.

    Note that certain brands provide personalized product recommendations or convenient subscriptions, which may be a good option for some people.

    Why Bananas Make You Happy

    Pills That Make You Happy (Really).

    At the top of the happy list are bananas. They naturally give us energy and optimism. And they do so in several ways.

    Bananas are rich in natural sugar. This gives us strength and helps us overcome bad moods.

    The sugar quickly enters the bloodstream and makes you incredibly happy. Fructose directly from fruit is much healthier than household sugar. At the same time, you also take in vitamins A, B6, C and K with every bite. All this promotes the formation of serotonin.

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