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Best Vitamins For Men Over 50

Do Men Over 50 Really Need A Multivitamin

Best Supplements For Men Over 50

As a man ages his nutritional needs change as does the ability of his body to effectively absorb nutrients. Simply drifting along without paying adequate attention to your specific nutritional needs can lead to nutrient deficiencies and an array of cascading health problems. A simple yet effective way to prevent nutritional shortfalls is the multivitamin supplement.

A good multivitamin can help fend off a loss of bone mass, loss of muscle mass and ensure you have the energy you need to meet the demands of your life. Multivitamins can also prevent free radicals from rampaging through your system, undermining your health at every turn. And there is some evidence that they can help prevent memory loss and perhaps lessen your chance of developing prostate, colon or other types of cancer. So do men over 50 really need a multivitamin? Only if they want to improve their chances of living a long happy life.

Which Multivitamin Should You Buy

Out of all the top multivitamins we have tested in the last several months, we kept going back to Ritual Multivitamin Essential for Men 50+.

It has also received positive feedback from many customers who said that the supplements left them feeling great and energized.

Ritual’s products are also guaranteed safe because each batch of their vitamins undergoes strict testing before being sold on the market.

Our #1 Recommendation

Rainbow Light Mens One Multivitamin

Rainbow Light earned a place on our list by virtue of the outstanding balance they bring to their Mens One Multivitamin. Though not marketed specifically as a 50+ multi it nonetheless manages to satisfy most all the requirements. And does so while retaining its vegetarian credibility.

What we like: We appreciate that there is plenty of vitamin A, C and D in this supplement. All important for older guys. And we like that they have not used genetically modified organisms at any point in the sourcing process. Its also a plus that there are no artificial ingredients of any kind included.

Flaws: In their attempt to be all things to all men they include a Vitality Blend that includes caffeine in the form of green tea leaf. Be aware.

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Are There Any Risks

The main risk for men over 50 is taking too much iron, so always look for a multivitamin that has no iron in it, and you should be fine.

The main risk for anyone taking a multivitamin is taking too much. For example, too much vitamin C can leave you feeling nauseous, and too much selenium can leave you fatigued. There are other dangers with taking too much of other vitamins too, but they are almost not worth mentioning as long as you are taking safe doses.

To ensure that you are taking the appropriate amount of multivitamins each day, always consult the instructions on the label. Most of the time, you will take one or two tablets a day, but some multivitamins may have you taking three or four.

Megafood Men Over 40 One Daily

5 Best Multivitamins for Men Over 50 of 2020

MegaFood Men Over 40 One Daily addresses the specific health needs of older guys without trying to bludgeon those needs into submission. In other words there are modest amounts of a wide array of important vitamins and minerals. Those include vitamins A, C, D and B12 as well as zinc, selenium and copper.

What we like: We were attracted to this multivitamin because of its more measured approach. Rather than bombarding you with huge amounts of this vitamin or that it stays within the lines and just makes sure it touches all the bases.

Flaws: Contains nary a whiff of calcium. And the nourishing food and herb blend is largely superfluous.

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What Is The Best Multivitamin To Buy

The FDA considers multivitamins a dietary supplement and so it doesnât have to approve or inspect themâthose the agency can issue recalls for dangerous supplements if problems arise after the product is on the market.

That lack of oversight is one of the reasons that you should look for a multivitamin with third-party certification from a trust entity . This certification verifies that whatâs on the label of the multivitamin is whatâs actually in the multivitamin itself, says Dr. Roizen.

And then, specifically, choose a multivitamin that contains the active form of folate called methylfolate, not folic acid. And consider taking half of your multivitamin in the morning and half in the evening to keep levels steadier, Dr. Roizen says.

Here are some good picks.

Klean Multivitamin

Why It’s a Good Buy: This multi contains methylfolate, not folic acid, which aids in nutrient absorption. Plus, it’s certified by the National Sanitation Foundation International. That NSF seal ensures product quality. Not many multivitamins feature both methylfolate and a third-party seal, as you’ll soon see.

Nature Made Mens Multi 50+

Nature Made Mens Multi 50+ offers a smart combination of vitamins and minerals designed to address the specific needs of older guys. That includes copious amounts of B12 to help boost energy and enhance memory. Along with key minerals like selenium, zinc and copper.

What we like: We like that they touch all the important vitamin bases . We appreciate that they didnt overlook the selenium or zinc and that the tablets are fairly easy to swallow. We also tip our cap to them for the extra copper, as that mineral is important in treating osteoarthritis.

Flaws: Vitamin A content is a little less than ideal. And, although we appreciate them lathering on the B12 its doubtful youll ever need anything close to what they provide.

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Chronic Illness Caused By Old Age

As we age, we are more likely to experience chronic illnesses like arthritis, osteoporosis, and Alzheimers disease. These chronic illnesses can make it challenging to get the nutrients we need.

These reasons are why men over 50 need to take a daily multivitamin. A multivitamin can help fill in the gaps of nutrients that you may not be getting from your diet or other sources.

How Much Do Multivitamins Cost

8 TOP Vitamins Men Over 50 Need (PT.1)

The price of multivitamins can vary depending on the brand you purchase and the types of vitamins youre getting. To see exactly what youre getting for your money, take the overall cost of the container and compare it to the number of servings per container. This number should come out somewhere between $0.50 to $4.55 per serving.

Best Multivitamin for Men
Smarty Pants Adult Complete Daily Multi $24.68

$0.82 per serving

The more comprehensive and personalized multivitamins are going to be more expensive than general multis with minimal ingredients. For example, Athletic Greens contains 75 vitamins and minerals and doubles as a greens supplement, and its one of our most expensive picks. The personalized multivitamin, Care/of, is also fairly expensive.

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The Best Multivitamins For Men Over 50

From joint issues and bone loss to becoming more susceptible to dehydration, when you hit your 50s your body begins to undergo changes that cant be ignored. Thats on top of things such as keeping tabs on heart, eye, and colon health. Yeah, theres the diminished sex drive, too, but saying healthy and mobile becomes more important than getting laid .

Were not saying that at 50 you become some decrepit old coot that cant velcro his loafers with assistance. Not at all, but to avoid becoming that there are certain things you have to do to keep the body firing on all cylinders.

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Just as it is when youre young, exercise is important. No longer do you need to worry about squatting heavy weights, but cardiovascular health walking or jogging and yoga can help increase stamina and mobility. Tightening up the diet is another must. Your metabolism slows as you age, so the bounce back from binging on greasy food or a weeklong booze bender is going to take longer.

CalciumMen who are between the ages of 51 and 70 need 1,000 milligrams of calcium each day, according to the National Institute on Aging. The mineral aids vascular contraction, nerve communication, and muscle function. It also helps hormonal secretions.

Vitamin AVitamin A supports good vision, and it stimulates your immune system. At 50-plus, aim for 900 milligrams per day.

Now check out some of the best vitamins for men over 50

Vimerson Health’s Mens Daily Multivitamin Supplement

Another affordable option, Vimerson’s daily multivitamin has vitamin A and lutein to help combat age-related eyesight decline and night blindness, plus B vitamins and spirulina for benefits that include healthy weight management and cholesterol and blood sugar control. And it’s made without sugar, dairy, or soy. The recommended dose of this supplement is two capsules with breakfast each morning.

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Why Do Men Over 50 Need Specially Formulated Vitamins

Since you want to feel your best at every age, you want to look for the right supplement matched to the right season of your life. For example, daily mens multivitamins are generally geared for adult men under 50 years old. But as men age, they often become less active, whether thats due to lifestyle or health issues that crop up over the years. Thats why vitamins for men over 50 are specially formulated for the unique nutritional needs of more mature men. The best vitamins for men over 50 provide all the essential vitamins and minerals you need to deliver daily nutritional support and bridge nutrient gaps that may be missing from your diet alone.

The Bottom Line

Depending on your age, lifestyle, and individual needs, you might benefit from taking a multivitamin for men over 50. This ensures youre hitting your daily target for a broad range of key nutrients. Or, you might be getting enough of certain nutrients from your diet, but your daily intake of other nutrients may be lacking where adding another supplement to your routine may be needed. If youre unsure what nutrients you need as an older adult, talk to your healthcare professional to see if one of our mens vitamins might be good for you.

This information is only for educational purposes and is not medical advice. Consult your health care provider for more information.


5 Food and Nutrition Board, Institute of Medicine. Dietary Reference Intakes for Calcium and Vitamin D. Washington, D.C. 2011

How Can I Get The Vitamins And Minerals I Need

Top 10 Best Multivitamins for Men Over 50

It is usually better to get the nutrients you need from food, rather than a pill. Thats because nutrient-dense foods contain other things that are good for you, like fiber.

Most older adults can get all the nutrients they need from foods. But if you arent sure, always talk with your doctor or a registered dietitian to find out if you are missing any important vitamins or minerals. Your doctor or dietitian may recommend a vitamin or dietary supplement.

Its important to be aware that some supplements can have side effects, such as increasing the risk of bleeding after an injury or changing your response to anesthesia during surgery. Supplements can also interact with some medicines in ways that might cause problems. For example, vitamin K can reduce the ability of the common blood thinner warfarin to prevent blood from clotting. If you do need to supplement your diet, your doctor or pharmacist can tell you what supplements and doses are safe for you.

When looking for supplements to buy, you may feel overwhelmed by the number of choices at the pharmacy or grocery store. Look for a supplement that contains the vitamin or mineral you need without a lot of other unnecessary ingredients. Read the label to make sure the dose is not too large. Avoid supplements with megadoses. Too much of some vitamins and minerals can be harmful, and you might be paying for supplements you dont need. Your doctor or pharmacist can recommend brands that fit your needs.

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Vitamins And Minerals For Older Adults

Vitamins help your body grow and work the way it should. There are 13 essential vitamins vitamins A, C, D, E, K, and the B vitamins .

Vitamins have different jobs to help keep the body working properly. Some vitamins help you resist infections and keep your nerves healthy, while others may help your body get energy from food or help your blood clot properly. By following the Dietary Guidelines, you will get enough of most of these vitamins from food.

Like vitamins, minerals also help your body function. Minerals are elements that our bodies need to function that can be found on the earth and in foods. Some minerals, like iodine and fluoride, are only needed in very small quantities. Others, such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium, are needed in larger amounts. As with vitamins, if you eat a varied diet, you will probably get enough of most minerals.

The Best Vitamins For 50 Year Old Men

Aging requires you to pay attention to specific vitamins to keep you healthy. As a man, certain vitamins can be especially beneficial for improving blood flow and reducing bone loss. Eating a variety of foods from all food groups helps you get all of the vitamins you need naturally, but in some cases your doctor may suggest taking a vitamin supplement to ensure you get everything you need.

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Q: Why Dont Multivitamins Offer More Potassium

A: The FDA has a regulation in place that states that if a supplement contains more than 99 mg of potassium it must carry a warning that it may not be safe . This is due to scientific evidence that suggests that excess potassium can lead to the development of small-bowel lesions . Because manufacturers dont want to scare customers off with dire health warnings they often voluntarily limit the amount of potassium in their supplements to 99 mg or less.

Most Important Vitamins For Men Over 50

Best Supplements and Vitamins For Men #Over 50

As we age, we tend to pay more attention to things like vitamins, supplements, and other means of maintaining our health. While this is a good practice at any age, it is especially important for men over 50.

Vitamins and minerals are essential for the body to function properly. They help us to maintain energy levels, keep our immune system strong, and protect our cells and tissues from damage. They also play a key role in developing and maintaining our joints, liver health, and more.

When thinking about which vitamins are essential for men over 50, it is important to consider both general health concerns and specific man-specific issues. Some of the most significant vitamins for men over 50 are things you might not be taking yet, so it is critical to consider adding them to your daily routine.

Vitamin D: The Sunshine Vitamin

For many people, vitamin D is best known for its role in strong bones and teeth. But vitamin D also plays a critical role in overall health, especially as we get older. Vitamin D is essential because it helps your body absorb calcium from food. Without enough of this essential mineral, you may be at a higher risk for developing osteoporosis, a condition in which your bones become weak and brittle.

Furthermore, research has shown that vitamin D can help to prevent cancerous tumors from growing unchecked. Specifically, it helps to reduce the likelihood of prostate or breast cancers metastasizing to other parts of the body.

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Recommended Sodium Intake For Older Adults

Sodium is another important mineral. In most Americans diets, sodium primarily comes from salt . Whenever you add salt to your food, you’re adding sodium. But the Dietary Guidelines shows that most of the sodium we eat doesnt come from our saltshakers its added to many foods during processing or preparation. We all need some sodium, but too much over time can lead to high blood pressure, which can raise your risk of having a heart attack or stroke.

How much sodium is okay? People 51 and older should reduce their sodium intake to 2,300 mg each day. That is about one teaspoon of salt and includes sodium added during manufacturing or cooking as well as at the table when eating. If you have high blood pressure or prehypertension, limiting sodium intake to 1,500 mg per day, about 2/3 teaspoon of salt, may be helpful. Preparing your own meals at home without using a lot of processed foods or salt will allow you to control how much sodium you get. Try using less salt when cooking, and dont add salt before you take the first bite. If you make this change slowly, you will get used to the difference in taste. Also look for grocery products marked low sodium, unsalted, no salt added, sodium free, or salt free. Also check the Nutrition Facts Label to see how much sodium is in a serving.

Desired Nutrients & Dosages

While purchasing the best multivitamins for me, you also need to consider what set of nutrients you need the most. Usually, men tend to develop nutrient deficiencies more than anyone. To combat that and boost immunity, you would have to supplement your body with crucial vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin D, Vitamin C, magnesium, and omega-3 fatty acids, among others.

Also, try to figure out the correct dosages for your body. You can do it by discussing it with a health professional after getting your vitamin status assessed.

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Whats The Best Multivitamin For Men On The Market

The best multivitamin for men depends on your nutritional and dietary needs.

For example, Ritual Essential for Men Multivitamin 18+ is one of the best multivitamins for men who are able to meet most of their nutrient needs through diet alone and simply need help filling gaps in their diet.

MegaFood Mens One Daily and NOW Adam Mens Multivitamin are good comprehensive multivitamins for men, while Nature Made Multi for Him is one of the best affordable mens multivitamins on the market. For men over age 50, Garden of Life Vitamin Code Men is worth considering.


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